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Posted: Sunday, 29 June 2014 10:11AM

Sabres Buying Out Ehrhoff

BUFFALO, NY (WGR 550)  -- The Buffalo Sabres have already used their first Compliance Buy-Out on forward Ville Leino, and now they may be using their second one...

TSN's Bob McKenzie shocked the hockey world Sunday morning with this tweet. McKenzie then released the reason the Sabres have begun the process.
Ehrhoff's rights were traded to Buffalo just before the 2012 draft. The German defensman then signed a 10 year deal worth $40 million dollars. That deal payed him $18 million for the first two seasons then averaged out to be $4 million a season from years three to six and then $3 million to the seventh before leveling out to $1 million for the final three seasons.

Stay tuned to WGR for the latest..

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06/29/2014 10:20AM
Sabres Buying Out Ehrhoff?
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06/29/2014 11:17AM
I am sooo tired of this franchise that is headed nowhere quick.
Forget seeing anything at all worth watching for at least 3 seasons. I honestly believe I may be done as a Sabre fan. In 20 years this team has never been as devoid of talent as it is now. And 3/4 of the prospects in the system are AHLers at best. Terrible, I am thinking Murray is as much an unproven legend as Pegula. Maybe, just maybe Darcy was not the worst GM out there, LOL.
06/29/2014 11:22AM
Losing confidence in Murray, really-3 yearsto a fair hockey team?
He has a lot of self confidence, but doesn't inspire much of it. This team could be headed for an epic run of failure. How much losing can a fan take? Not 3 years, at least, more of this.
06/29/2014 11:24AM
The NHL has 29 teams and a Junior A squad
Hello Edmonton Oilers B team, lots of big draft names and total losers.
06/29/2014 11:29AM
Tim Murray has a plan........
I am sure we are going to be hearing all kinds of stuff about this now. I don't think Tim Murray is planning on tanking at all this season. I think he has wanted everyone to think that. If he can get a few things done on July 1st, I don't think we have to. If the Sabres are able to make a play for Paul Stasny and get him, it could change everything. Not to long ago Paul Stasny and Chris Stewart had a good thing going in Colorado. So much that Paul Stasny's father Peter blasted Colorado management at the time they traded Stewart to St. Louis. You put Hogdson on left wing, there is your top line. It is also no secret that Matt Moulson actually liked it here and is interested in coming back. If I remember correctly, the line of Ennis, Stafford and Moulson did very well being the Sabres "only" scoring line at the time. There is your second line not playing against the other teams best all the time now.You have Girgensons as your third line center with either a free agent left wing or perhaps Grigorenko as they showed some chemistry in they're first camp together. Alot depending on Griorenko of course. You also have Foligno as that option with a free agent RW. Fourth line you could resign Ott for center, Kaleta at RW and fit in a lw maybe Flynn and I think you have 4 very competitive lines. I think we also would need a free agent defenseman or 2 for experience reasons. This is not withstanding the fact that Zadorov and Ristolainen could make the jump, it is possible. It is also very possible that Reinhart and Lemieux could make this team. I don't think we are that far away. Besides, Ehrhoff didn't want to be here anymore and the only reason he could possibly be clearing the deck like this is that he is planning on spending some money on free agency, at this point he has no choice. Welcome to Buffalo Paul Stasny !!!!!
06/29/2014 11:30AM
3 more years watching the playoffs from the clubhouse.
Man, now the guys can book their golfing trips 2016-17! Nice. Exactly how long are we supposed to wait for decent, non embarrassing hockey team? Answer-----as long as they sell enough tickets. Who cares anymore?
06/29/2014 11:32AM
Must be getting ready to make a trade or a significant FA signing
Trading who was arguably your best defenseman last season adds up to being assured you will be the worst team in the NHL next year and will be assured Eichel if you don't win the lottery to get McDavid....it also means that the Sabres still need to get to the cap floor and this buyout certainly won't help them get there. It must be that a trade is about to happen that will bring back a notable player with a substantial salary. It's that or it's preliminary leading up to a big FA signing. I think a trade however, would be far more likely.
06/29/2014 11:43AM
It should have been Stafford.....
Not sure what "feared potential cap recapture penalties" means, but having a cancer earning over $4 mil. player that pouts as much as Leino did when he's not playing with who he wants and then plays like be can't bothered to try and looks so disinterested in the game would seem to be the logical move for another buyout on this team.
06/29/2014 9:49PM
Now get rid of Weber, Ennis, Stafford, Foligno, Flynn, and Ruhwedel. Clean out the rest of Regeirs mess and begin a new chapter.
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