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Sabres use compliance buyout on Ehrhoff

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550)  -- The Sabres have used their final compliance buyout on Christian Ehrhoff.
If they had traded him and Ehrhoff retired before the end of his contract, there would be the recapture rule against Buffalo’s cap. It's something Tim Murray has been thinking about since he got to Buffalo.
There were many games last season Ehrhoff just went through the motions of playing and I wonder if that at all played into this? I still get back to, how could there be no trade market for him? It also takes $4 million off your already low salary cap. The simple answer is the recapture rule if he retires.
John Vogl was lucky enough to be on Tim Murray’s plane Sunday morning when this news broke. Murray told John that Ehrhoff’s desire not to be a part of this team and his inability to improve this team are huge.  
Since Ehrhoff has a partial no trade, it’s up to him if he wants to have the Sabres waive him. Murray told John he will not waive him. According to Cap Geek if he’s waived and claimed, the recapture would be this, a 2017 retirement would cost the Sabres $2.5 million against their cap for four years. If it’s 2018 it would be $3 million for three years, 2019, $3 million for two years and 2020, $3 million for one season.
Ehrhoff has already made $22 million of the $40 million the 10 year contract calls for. That’s in just three seasons. According to Cap Geek, with seven years left on the contract the Sabres would be sending him a check in each of the next 14 years. The check would be for $857,143 in 10 of those seasons, $3,857,143 in three years and $1,857,143 in 2017-18. That’s $12 million over 14 years. That means Ehrhoff would be paid $34 million for three seasons of work or $11.33 million per season.
Murray said before Ted Nolan accepted his contract offer that he doesn’t want anybody in this organization that doesn’t want to be here. Ehrhoff played much of last season like he didn’t want to be here and Murray told John that Ehrhoff doesn’t want to be part of this team.

Later in the day Ehrhoff tweeted, "Thanks to the great community of WNY, sabres fans and sabres organization for welcoming me and my family with open arms these past 3 years!"


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