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I want to say it was one of those nights but then that means there were other nights like it and I'm not sure about that. Of course I just got home and I'm not thinking so clearly.

Sabres 6, Maple Leafs 5, overtime. That game wore me out. The stress kicked in early and never relented. That's what for me it feels like to be on a three-hour flight where the pilot can't find smooth air. Then you land and it's Miami or some place like that and the ride was worth it.

I can't remember an NHL goal anything like Jordan Leopold's game-tying tally tonight. It reminded of when Sabretooth plays goalie against little kids and the kids fall down and get up and fall down and get up and then finally get a shot off and Sabretooth moves out of the way. That's the closest thing.

What a memory this game will be if the Sabres make the playoffs now. To think this happened on the same night that Florida blew a 3-0 lead at home with its division title at stake and lost in overtime is hard to believe.

Give the Sabres credit. No doubt the losses of Christian Ehrhoff and Tyler Myers have messed with their minds. Andrej Sekera reminds me of a No. 3 starter in baseball that has to move up in the rotation and just isn't the same pitcher after that. Sekera is a good player but he's no ace. I still don't know who Alexander Sulzer is but that was one of the most interesting Sabres games I've ever attended and it seemed everything that happened involved him.

Marcus Foligno can run for mayor only it would be a step down. Make the playoffs or miss them, his energy and willingness to throw the body are long overdue for a winger on this team. Looked to me like the Leafs mocked Drew Stafford for when Foligno stepped in to defend him against Mike Komisarek early in the game. (Nodding.) Foligno is already a big-time fan favorite.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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