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Source: Whaley will maintain control of 53 man roster

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

Doug Whaley still has - and will maintain - control over the Bills 53-man roster, according to a source familiar with the team’s head coaching search, putting to rest reports from over the weekend that stated otherwise.

Those reports said the Bills plan on giving the new head coach “more power,” and one stated that may even include overseeing the 53-man roster, which would be a change from the way the team has operated over at least the past seven years. 

Over that time, whether it’s been Whaley or his predecessor Buddy Nix, the general manager of the team has had control and final say over the 53-man roster.  The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that isn’t about to change, but did say that the new coach will have complete say over any changes in assistant coaches or support staff, including those still currently under contract.

That practice is fairly standard with a coaching regime change, although teams sometimes want the new coach to retain some of the previous staff since they are still under contract and will be paying them.

It would be odd if the Bills did give the new coach that much power, considering the team is likely to hire a first time head coach, judging by the list of candidates they’ve either already spoken to or are reported to be interested in.  Also, the new head coach may very well be reporting directly to Whaley, a change from the past two years when Rex Ryan and Whaley both reported separately to owners Terry and Kim Pegula.

Meanwhile, I’m told team officials were impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard, who they interviewed Sunday.  However, I’m still of the belief Bills offensive coordinator Antony Lynn and Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott are the front-runners for the job.  Those three, along with Cardinals offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin are the four known candidates the team has interviewed.

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01/09/2017 10:12PM
Source: Whaley will maintain control of 53 man roster
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01/09/2017 11:01PM
in other words.....
18 straight years.
01/09/2017 11:16PM
Good grief
They are gonna be worse next year. Look at their schedule. Probably finish 5-11.
01/09/2017 11:34PM
Adam Shefter reports...
the HC will have control of the roster.... Next day.... Adam Shefter reports the GM will have control of the roster. Tomorrow he will report that the parking lot attendant will have control of the roster. Yet we all already know that the person in charge of the roster is RUSS BRANDON - same as it's been for 10 years.
01/10/2017 12:41AM
This organization
Is a tire fire , thanks Kim Pegoffa
01/10/2017 12:49AM
They'll do it every time
Every time we have a glimmer of hope, it gets crushed again. The smart move is a fan boycott. Otherwise, Ground Hog Day will last at least another 3 years.
01/10/2017 6:50AM
hey Whaley!!
Draft Watson!!!!!
01/10/2017 7:12AM
Please God
Anybody but Lynn. What has he done to justify becoming a head coach? If nothing else, those gadget plays like the one to R Bush should even question if he's ready to become an offensive coordinator.
01/10/2017 7:15AM
where's Bon Jovi when you need him.
this franchise is still, "Tarnished" LOL
01/10/2017 7:40AM
Jacksonville will win more playoffs then the Bills?
The Jags hiring of Tom Coughlin will make them a winner and keeping Whaley here nothing changes?
01/10/2017 8:13AM
A Recipe For More Continued Disaster.......
More poor drafts, more questionable contracts and personnel moves, more media leaks, more futility. Sooner or later, the Pegulas will finally come around to what everyone else has been saying for quite some time now: that Whaley does not know what he is doing and should be fired.
01/10/2017 8:21AM
Jacksonville Jaguars have a plan.
Hiring of Coughlin will put them in the playoffs before the Bills. Not firing Whaley, everything stays the same around here or maybe worse?
01/10/2017 8:40AM
What Coach would want to work for Whaley?
Has to be a yes man with Whaley's losing reputation? Only bringing back Bill Polian can save this franchise along with Frank Reich as Head Coach being tutored by Marv Levy. Having Jim Kelly working with the new QB they draft would help for sure. Bring in special instructors to help, like Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, Steve Tasker, Thurman Thomas, Cornelius Bennett/Daryl Talley. This might save this team from getting worse?
01/10/2017 10:11AM
Think HC and GM must work together.
HC runs his schemes with his staff and the GM must supply the proper draft picks or free agents that can run those specific schemes.It first starts with the Quarterback and then the offensive and defensive line. If those three position are rock solid, then the team is on its' way to become good.If you look at the past Buffalo Bills successful teams they had the for mention positions that were solid and we made the playoffs and the Super Bowl.
01/10/2017 10:15AM
@ hey Whaley!!
01/10/2017 10:59AM
with the 10th overall pick in the 2017 nfl draft,the buffalo ILLS(OOPS BILLS) select...
01/10/2017 11:11AM
I see no benefit to bringing back the past to the franchise, come on fans put the past in the past and grow this team forward. How many former Raiders have been involved in there turn around? The game has moved on from the 90's...
01/10/2017 11:18AM
Why does it have to be an OC or DC
The best Bills coach ever was Marv Levy and he began his career as a special teams coach. Why not consider a special teams coach as a head coach? Jerry Rosburg for the Ravens has had great success as a special teams coach. Why not give him an interview?
01/10/2017 11:31AM
Like he has done
so well already. Heading for number 18!
01/10/2017 11:43AM
Goodbye 2017 Season
bye - bye
01/10/2017 11:47AM
Who's Whaley's QB is what every applicant wants to know. If D. Watson is available at #10 pick and Whaley doesn't take him he should be fired however I don't think he will be there at 10 and if he is it will take a couple of years to see if he can progress to the NFL. If he doesn't pan out Whaley would be gone. I just can't think of what Whaley can do to protect himself other than keep Tyrod. I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps EJ as a "backup". This whole thing is a mess created by Brandon and Whaley to keep their jobs when ownership was up in the air.
01/10/2017 12:08PM
Good luck ever finding a quality HC
Bills have no QB. The GM is an empty suit. The ownership is clueless. Bills fans will be lucky to see anything close to a .500 season.
01/10/2017 12:24PM
The Fracking King doesn't know what he's doing
Fracking King Pegula doesn't know what he's doing as an owner. By the way. Look at how tough the Bills schedule is next year. They'll be lucky to go 5-11.
01/10/2017 12:56PM
Nothing ever changes!
Yeah, because he's done such a great job up until now!
01/10/2017 1:05PM
7 years of...
Doug's been Pro Personnel Director or GM for 7 years, and was given an unlimited budget halfway through. And what do we have to show for it?? NO depth at all! Also we will probably never cut EJ or Kouandjio because they're his guys. And Doug Whaley likes Doug Whaley's guys.
01/10/2017 3:48PM
The Pegulas ought to hire the cheapest head coach they can find, and sign him for ONLY a 2 year contract. Then pick ONE person in their long-lasting CURRENT regime (i.e., NOT the newly hired head coach) and make that person 100% responsible for all football decisions other than practices, gameplans, and plays called during the game (i.e., whether it be Whaley or Brandon, that person will be 100% responsible for the team construction, training camp cuts, roster moves, free agents, trades, draft, etc. Then when we FAIL -- AGAIN, as we are CERTAIN TO DO until the Pegulas finally hire a REAL, PROVEN, CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING caliber football executive -- finally they will hopefully fire Whaley/Brandon and we can bottom out. We missed our chance to hire Coughlin (surely we had no need for a 2x Super Bowl winning coach who EACH time managed to find a way to stop a ridiculously favored New England Patriots team led by "unbeatable" Tom Brady, did we ??? ... The Bills have no need to beat the Patriots, do we ?????) !!! Since these owners only appear to want to hire someone virtually nameless who has NEVER been an NFL head coach before, the 2 year contract will save them $$$ when they have to blow it all up again in 2 years !!!!!!!!!!!! I once had hope, now all is lost. Wake me when the Bills get serious about winning -- until then, I'm BOYCOTTING them.
01/10/2017 4:00PM
lynn the puppet
the bills will hire Lynn! stating this will keep continuity of the team!! but reality is Lynn will be a puppet to whaley and the pegulas .. (they want puppets) the bill's will never be a contender until ownership steps back and clean's the house from top to bottom.. that would include management scouts ect ect ect... fans stop supporting a bad manage team.. HOW ARE THE SABERS DOING SAME OWNERS.... I DO APPRECIATE THE PEGULAS BUYING THE SABRES AND BILLS KEEPING THEM IN BUFFALO.. I WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY AND I CANT STAND BUY EVERY YEAR HOPING IS THIS YEAR. ITS NOT CHEAP TO ATTEND THIS EVENTS. FROM HERE ON FORWARD I WILL NOT SUPPORT THE BILLS ANYMORE FINANCIALLY UNTIL SOME GREAT CHANGES TAKE AFFECT I HOPE MORE FANS WILL JOIN ME IN THIS STAND.
01/10/2017 4:24PM
Get Over the 90s..
The game has changed. The 90s bills were fun to watch and amazing, but living in history will only extend what is already an absolutely miserable loosing streak... Draft a qb every year until we find our guy. Make due with what we have and continue to ride out mediocrity until we find our no kidding leader!
01/10/2017 4:31PM
Charmed life
I don't know what, but Whaley has something over the Pegula's. Anyone with IQ over 8 knows Whaley has to go
01/10/2017 5:04PM
another small market but a winner because they give the fans a winner always if nor SB always in the playoffs for which the Bills are clueless!
01/10/2017 6:39PM
Give me a Break!
I am glad to see the Bills looking at young coaches .. Tom Coughlin is 71 and if he was good the Giants would not have let him go........ Big mistake by the Jags,,,,Old coaches are out of touch with todays football. Look at Dallas and where they old coaching there... KC will fall,,,Andy Reed is over the hill.
01/10/2017 7:53PM
Whaley will maintain control of 53 man roster
There's a true shocker, The GM Guru will probably bring back Reggie Bush for another 500k p/-1 yards gained. OH, and Percy will be another huge contributor next season, he just needs to rest a bit and get into football shape!
01/11/2017 8:35AM
Whaley and Brandon need to go. Wake up Pegulla. Until there gone nothing changes.
01/11/2017 11:50AM
why hire a new coach if that idiot whaley is still in charge? why not let whaley be the head coach, general manager and president of football operations next year. then you only have to fire 1 guy when we go 0-16.
01/11/2017 5:54PM
After fifty years, I am gone. What a garbage organization.
01/11/2017 8:54PM
What a joke
Whaley is an embarrassment to the Bills and all of WNY. Thanks Kim...
01/11/2017 11:28PM
Sadly, it all begins with the Pegulas, and they are in way over their heads.
Nice people who see the Bills and Sabres as a rich men's toy. These teams are pastimes, diversions, where the Pegulas come around when times are good and disappear when times are bad. They have very poor judgment when it comes to pro sports. I thinkthey thought it was all about throwing money around and being charming. It's not! But hey, they could get lucky, just like throwing darts!!!
01/12/2017 1:03AM
Is going to draft another colored qb, and we'll be on our way to 3 more losing seasons
01/12/2017 6:17AM
How can we expect true change/improvement
When Whaley remains? They will remain a joke around the league. Starts at the top and the dumb decisions just keep coming.
01/23/2017 9:24AM
Hogan can't cut it... at least. So who's responsible for this stellar move. Hogan really stinks, doesn't he?
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