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NFL Draft Report

By Joe Buscaglia

TE Beau Reliford, Florida State

Beau Relliford, #88

Florida State

6'5", 265 lbs., 22 years old

Fort Lauderdale, FL

2011: 7 receptions, 69 yards

2010: 17 receptions, 198 yards, TD

2009: 11 receptions, 89 yards, 2 TD

2008: 1 reception, 8 yards



- Has the prototypical size you want for a tight end. Perfect blend of height and weight.

- A speedier tight end. Won't be the fastest at his position, but will certainly be above the mean.

- Able to withstand a big hit and hang on to the catch.

- A 'project' type, which usually isn't a favorable assessment most times. For tight ends, however, the chic thing to do is try and find the next big thing.



- Overall lack of football awareness at this point. Poor route running led to two INTs vs. Oklahoma. Didn't sell the chip block well enough on TE screen, allowing his man to tip the ball up and intercept it on the way down. Also ran the wrong route that left his quarterback throwing a fly pattern that was broken off of for a 10-yard out.

- Blocking is a bit off at this point. Has a solid frame, but doesn't seem to know how to use his body as effectively as he should.

- Lets the ball get in to his pads, leading to drops.

- Production tailed off. Unseated by a true freshman during his senior season.


Special Notes:

- Turns 23 in November.

- Basketball background. DId not play football until his junior year of high school.


Projection: 6th to 7th round

Reliford doesn't have the type of talent that indicates he should be drafted. But looking at him on paper, it's hard to believe that all 32 teams will pass on him through the seven rounds. He's raw, he's a project, and will require some heavy teaching.

Twitter: @JoeB_WGR

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