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Taylor back on field for Bills final practice

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

In what could be his final practice in a Bills uniform, Tyrod Taylor rejoined his teammates Friday after having a veteran’s day off Thursday.

Taylor won’t start under center when the team travels to New York to face the Jets Sunday, but interim head coach Anthony Lynn has yet to determine if he will be active for the finale.

EJ Manuel will start at QB for Taylor, who has an injury guarantee in his contract that would force the team to pay roughly $30 million if he were to get hurt severe enough to last into the new league year in March.  That would be the case even if the Bills decline to pick up his full contract extension.  If the Bills decide they don't want to exercise the extension, he will become an unrestricted free agent and free to sign with any other team.

Taylor has been listed on the team’s practice participation report every day about a month with a groin issue.  However, he has always been a “full participant,” not missing a practice or game.

Linebacker Zach Brown was not seen on the field for the brief media-available portion of practice.  Neither were tackle Cordy Glenn (back) or cornerback Stephon Gilmore (concussion), who have missed practice all week. 


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12/30/2016 11:29AM
Taylor back on field for Bills final practice
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12/30/2016 12:03PM
Rex Ryan took the People of WNY to the CLEANERS
It’s quite obvious that this T Rex Dinosaur coach didn't due his work along with due diligence necessary to coach a team to a championship level. He always played the excuse fiddle to the cameras. That alone should have been cause for termination and that he forfeit his remaining three years on a contract regardless of its guarantees. Even so I would not pay him and force him to go to court. Now that would be made for TV as to cross examine his daily, weekly and monthly coaching preparations under oath as it would present a picture of a genuine lazy slob. Guess what, there never was any preparation on the defensive side of the ball. It was the same thing week to week game to game and year to year. Sure bring in Crazy Ed who was passionate about telling guys to tackle with their bodies to preserve their career. Well that turned out just great didn’t it. Tire Fire. Put the blame in the locker room as almost half of the player’s coast. That right Mr. Snacks. No adjustments or squat. His excuse was that if they load the box to stop the run the others pass and vice versa. Really, what kind of a Pop Warner level statement is that? Obviously he was always in the film room to use it as an excuse for eating snacks and that’s how his belly grew exponentially in less than 6 months regardless of having the lap band removed in support of his brother. Oh sure he said the right thing for the cameras but it’s now quite obvious that it was Easy Company out there based on comments from guys who really want to win. Kyle Williams also needs to retire as we never could stop the run ever since he showed up here. The only player ever disciplined was Hughes for telling Robbie that his defensive scheme was a joke. As it was. So now the media vultures are circling in defense of Rex. Well guys the way this thing went down does reflect somewhat on the scorn of a woman. One who knew that she was played for a fool, cheated on and lied to. It’s also quite evident that all of the media has the playbook out to hammer on ownership as the reporters seem to be circling the wagons around a dumpy fat guy with a big mouth who rewards suck ups and lies, cheats, manipulates and steals from everyone around him. So they let him hang for several weeks. Oh I am about to cry. Rex is lucky to be able to get out of New York State in one piece and not have the Bills Mafia chase him down. He never put the appropriate time in and he was on cruise control ever since the Indy game last year. I will agree with the front office on that.
12/30/2016 8:32PM
Inury = $$$$$
Tyrod will "get hurt" in practice this week....$27M injury.
12/31/2016 5:47AM
Thanks, bu no Thanks
12/31/2016 6:17AM
Win or lose the Jets game next year this team will be a "tirefire". Whaley and company won't pay the best QB the Bills have had since Flutie because he's not his guy. He will try to resurrect EJ who has the physical skills but has yet to show he can react fast enough for the NFL. Tyrod's contract pays him about average QB play and is relatively low impact on the cap except that they have overpaid so many others that they can't afford it. Just keep buying those season tickets so losers like Rex and Whaley can continue their careers.
12/31/2016 8:49AM
For the last 17 years this time of the year is so depressing being a Bills fan. There were some years where we looked forward to the Sabres and the hockey playoffs. That's not happening this year as the Sabres are depressing also.
12/31/2016 11:37AM
Tyrod's injury big or small?
He's practicing and has played, so that should relieve the Bills of worrying about the cap hit in March, right? Except I read elsewhere that he requires surgery and wouldn't pass a physical by March. Hopefully that report is wrong. There is no way his play this year warrants the contract offered conditionally early in the year.
12/31/2016 12:30PM
Lynn's Presser Was Hilarious!
Cardale Jones! I mean EJ Manuel! It was my decision, I had some input, I had no input. They should have named Sal the interim coach.
01/01/2017 10:02AM
All four quarterbacks need to go
None of the practicing three quarterbacks has gotten the job done although Taylor has come close. The GM must be FIRED asap. Sell the team to the Rogers syndicate and move it to Toronto. Ten to twenty years from know, open up a USFL francize in Buffalo with Pegula in charge so we can remember his legacy. What next for the Sabres?
01/01/2017 10:13AM
REX on FRONT sports PAGE of Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Lead story. Paper is dated January 1, 2017. Quite strange as to why Atlanta would run that story on the 1st page on that day unless they are greasing skids for a new head coach at Georgia Tech or University of Georgia. College ball is larger than Falconsdown here. More like a religion. NFL coaching job is too complex for Rex but at NCAA college level he may be able to succeed.
01/01/2017 11:31AM
So Howard cant believe that EJ can turn it around?
Well Howard it does and can happen. Look up Drew Brees and Arron Rogers. Arron rode the bench for over 3 years. Some guys just develop late. In the old days guys like Manuel rode the bench for 3 to 5 years. I have no idea as to he will turn out but to close the door on him and even say that if he throws for 400 yards today it doesn't matter. That's because your a carnival barker along with the other spinners at GR
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