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By Joe Buscaglia
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Tebow, Wildcat on the mind at Bills practice

The New York Jets haven't shown to be tight-lipped about much since Rex Ryan took over as head coach, and in the past few days they've been even less inclined to hide their intentions with backup quarterback and assumed 'Wildcat' extraordinaire Tim Tebow.

"Sure we're going to run some Wildcat, there's no doubt," Ryan said to begin the week.

When the Jets acquired Tebow, it led many to believe it could play a prominent and weekly role in the team's offensive attack. During the first twenty minutes of Buffalo Bills practice on Thursday, it appears the Jets' Week One foes will be as prepared as possible for the Wildcat attack.

In separate areas of the field, both the linebackers and defensive linemen were engaging in drills to help instill the 'stay at home' philosophy of defending an offense like that one. A coach for each grouping served as the role of Tebow.

It's unknown if the Bills did any further preparations against the Wildcat as practice wore on, due to media being restricted to just the stretching and positional portions of practice at the beginning.

"This team will probably be as prepared to face the Wildcat as any team we'll face," Ryan remarked.

If the beginning of Thursday is any indication, the Jets head coach may be on to something.

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