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By Joe Buscaglia
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The Self-Righteous NFLPA

If you've paid attention to what I've been putting out there since Friday afternoon, you'll know that I haven't exactly been enthralled with how both the NFL and NFLPA have been handling their business.

Let me preface this, once again, by saying that I think both sides are equally to blame, and equally dense in trying to understand the common person's problems with all of this.

With that said, the NFLPA amped up the stupidity to a whole new level on Monday, if that were even possible.

Routinely, I wake up and pop open my laptop to review the news of the day and any developing story. Today, I was greeted by the ever-so-pointless words of wisdom from my new public enemy number one in all this, Drew Brees.

Yes, the beloved Super Bowl winning quarterback that rescued New Orleans from the devastation of a hurricane by bringing the shining silver of the Lombardi Trophy to the Bayou. That's the exact Drew Brees I'm talking about.

I respect everything he's done for that city, franchise and what he's done on the field. He's a joy to watch on Sundays.

But the one thing that really bothers me is when folks like Mr. Brees try to capitalize on their NFL-bred popularity by attempting to turn the average fan against the league that built his legend by spouting off self-righteous garbage about the lockout scenario.

If you read my last column, Screw You, NFL, you'll know that Brees' statement to the fans that tries to rally them in favor of what the now defunct union is trying to accomplish is something I wasn't very fond of.

And by golly, he's gone and done it again.

Here is a two-pack of Tweets from Brees earlier on Monday:

"My advice to fans: dont worry, trust the process, everything will work itself out in due time"
"And don't let the NFL influence you with manipulation and false information. Don't drink the kool aid!"

My question to Mr. Brees is this: Who the heck are you to even give advice to fans on what they should be feeling?

Here's something I don't think he and the NFLPA actually realize. They are half of the problem. ::GASP:: They need to realize that, pronto.

What's the old saying? It takes two to tango? Well it also takes two awkward teenagers who stare at each other from across the gym, too timid to even go out there and do the tango.

To think that Brees has the audacity to try and tell the fans how to feel and what not to let enter their mind, the same day that they are trying to take even more fun away from the fans.

If you missed it, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Monday a source that says the NFLPA, which is NOT A UNION ANYMORE by the way, is telling at least 17 top prospects to boycott this year's NFL Draft on April 28.

Yeah, that's a great idea.

Let's take one of the most fun weekends for fans of every single team and leave them with a sour taste in their mouth. That will really get the fans on our side!

It's such short-sighted garbage time and time again, and it's sickening to see it unfold.

Here's a big hint that the NFLPA seems to be missing. If you don't want to ruin your reputation with the fans, there's a very simple step you can take.

Just shut up. The less you talk, the less people will resent you. The more you try to shove in their face of what they "should be thinking," the more you run the risk of alienating them. That's what's happening.

It's the exact same thing when a team clearly fumbles on a play in a game, but the stubborn head coach and players challenge it anyway, just because they are too blind and ignorant to see they are wrong.

Again, both sides are to blame for this whole mess. I'm not going to take one side over another.

But quite frankly, the NFLPA is insulting the intelligence of you, me and everyone else that can think for themselves. To think that all these people are getting paid millions, and yet they can't understand how to handle themselves with the people that have helped create their popularity is mind-numbing.

I hope I don't have to write many more of these. But if either the NFL or the NFLPA intends to keep proverbially slapping the fans across the face, I'm going to fire right back.

Talk to you next time.

Twitter: @JoeB_WGR

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