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The top NHL picks have done their own scouting

Philadelphia, PA (WGR 550)  -- By Friday night at 8:00, Sam Bennett, Leon Draisaitl, Aaron Ekblad and Sam Reinhart will all be part of a NHL organization.
Of course teams do their research on every aspect of each and every player but what about the players, do they do research on the top teams?
I asked the top three forwards and they all have looked at it. Reinhart said, “Yes, I think I’m pretty familiar with each team. It’s kind of hard not to this day and age so it’s always going to be talked about, so you do picture yourself fitting in with different teams, so I feel comfortable going anywhere that wants me.”
I tried to get specific with what the Sabres have drafted lately and what they have coming up. Reinhart said it would be a great fit, “For sure, it’s pretty exciting to see what they’re doing and to go in and fit there would be a huge honor and pretty exciting.”
As for Bennett, he has looked into the teams including Buffalo, but not as much as the others, “Yes, a little bit, but I wouldn’t say a ton. It was mostly with the teams that have shown the most interest. I went out and visited Edmonton and Calgary, so I got to see them and it got me more interested in their teams, so I researched them a little bit more.”
So what kind of research did he do? Bennett said, “I got to know what kind of players they have on the team, what spots they need to fill, getting to know the staff and the coaching staffs.”
Draft day is coming up quick and Bennett thinks it’s been a blur, “It’s crazy, this year has gone so fast and to think that I’ll be drafted tomorrow night, it’s crazy.”
When Bennett couldn’t do a pull up, many stopped talking about his talent and made it about doing pull ups. This is a kid that just turned 18 less than a week ago, but he’s not mad about it, “No, it didn’t bother me too much. I take it as having more of an advantage over the other players because I dealt with some criticism at a young age where others won’t experience that until they’re in the NHL, so it was different and I took what I could from it.”
Draft coverage begins Friday at 6:30 with the Sabres, but our guys Brian Koziol, Pat Malacaro and Matthew Coller will bring the opinions from 9:30 until midnight. Brian Duff and I will also be along both Friday and Saturday from the draft floor.

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