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This Ain't '08!!!

Hey Bills fans,
Another rough outing, but is it time to give up on the playoffs like everyone is saying? Are we really the 2008 Bills? I don’t think so…at least not yet! It’s ok if you disagree, but at least hear me out. Let me start by asking you a question: If we started this season 0-5, then won 5 straight to bring us to 5-5, would you still say we are done? Or would you say, “I don’t know, I think these guys have a chance!?" I think the latter, everyone knows it’s hard to keep 11-5 teams out of the playoffs, and a lot of time 10-6 teams make it too. So are we out of this thing yet? No. If we keep this crap up the next couple weeks then we will be and I’ll agree with you, but not today and not yet. 

So do you also think we are the 2008 Bills?  Nope. Here's why: That team is history. Let me ask you another question: How many players, coaches, and football operation staff are left from that year? Not many at all. Most of our guys have no clue what the 2008 Bills did, nor do they care. These guys are here to do their thing and make this a winning place. 

Ok, so from the outside it seems the same. The 2008 team started hot and then fell apart. This team started hot and has had a three-week letdown. That is not enough to justify the comparison to me. The media can make such a general statement as this and people believe it blindly. My college coach always said, “Don’t worry about the outcome, worry about the process.” If you look at more than just the win-loss column you will see what’s going on here. You will see that we played just as hard the last minute of the Miami game as the first. You will see that we haven’t and don’t plan to give up. You can see a winning team trying to break through the surface. It may be this week or it may be next year but you can see what is being built here, not what is falling apart as the season progresses. 

Sometimes you take a step back, that’s fine, just make sure you take two steps forward after that. Sometimes you fail, that’s fine, just learn from it and try again. Look at the big picture Bills fans, we are putting together a winning team and we are doing it fast. There has only been one team to go undefeated in NFL history. Everyone loses at some point. Lots of teams lose more than three games. Just most don’t lose them all in a row. I get that and feel the frustration. But it’s ok as long as you win three in a row to make up for it. Don’t give up on us just yet.
Now, time to answer some of your questions you've been kind enough to send to Christian Dan (dannyb@wcmf.com).

Growing up, who did you pretend to be playing football in the back yard, and again in high school? - Mary, Greece
Thanks for that awesome question! Think I just zoned out for about 10 minutes re-living some great memories!!! To answer your question, I pretended to be a couple of different players. I was "Primetime," or "Neon Deion." Yes. Deion Sanders. Remember the black -and-white sneaks? Almost zebra print looking? Sure had me a pair and loved to celebrate after touchdowns.
       How would you fix college football to include a playoff? What would be your system? -Missy, Canandaigua
I (just like everyone else who has an opinion) have the perfect solution! You keep all the bowl games in place and sell tickets just the same with this exception. Teams ranked 3-6 will use two of the four major bowls as a first-round playoff while teams ranked 1 and 2 essentially get a first-round bye. After that, the winners then play teams ranked 1 and 2 in the other two major bowls. The winners from those games play in the National Championship game. With this model several things happen:
1.       If you finish the season in the top six, you have a chance at the title
2.       The longest a season can possibly be extended is two extra games! And that is only if you are ranked 3-6 and keep winning.
Baseball is going to HGH testing soon. How soon will the NFL and do you think it will work? - Gene, Webster

I think it will be within the next couple of years that it is accepted in the NFL. The NFLPA has made it clear to us that they are happy to embark on HGH testing once it's proven reliable. At this time it is unreliable. There is the possibility that a player that has not done HGH can test positive for it and ruin his career. Currently tests and studies are in the process to show and make the testing reliable. Once that is done it will immediately be in place.

Alright Bills fans, I’ll catch up with you later in the week and let you know the vibe in the locker room going into a huge Jets game.

(For Now) Your No-Named Buffalo Bill

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