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Top 75 Marvel Characters

In honor of the 75th anniversary of Marvel Comics, I thought it woud be fun to rank my 75 favorite Marvel characters of all time. Sadly, it was not as much fun as I thought it would be as I still had to leave out plenty of names. If there's a character you consider to be missing, it's not malice on my part. They just didn't make the grade. Except for Mr. Fantastic. F(F) that guy. To the list!
1. Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Favorite character of all time ever. The ultimate fantasy for a nerdy kid who still hasn't fully grown up.

2. Thor - The blend of sci-fi/fantasy/mythology in Jack Kirby's now 50-year-old panels is still breathtaking.

3. Steve Rogers/Captain America -Seriously. How could anyone be Team Iron Man in Civil War? I also liked the Ultimate take where Cap was kind of a jerk.

4. Clint Barton/Hawkeye - Sitting pretty at #4 thanks to the Matt Fraction series, bro.
5. Piotr Rasputin/Colossus - Probably not in many Top 5s, but I always loved the hard steel exterior/ sensitive artist interior duality. Maybe I cried a little when Joss Whedon resurrected him in Astonishing X-Men. Whatever.
6. Bruce Banner/Hulk - Not one of my favorites growing up but the Green Goliath has had so much going for him in the last 10 years - Planet Hulk, World War Hulk & Mark Ruffalo's portrayal just to name a few.

7. Max Eisenhardt/Erik Magnus Lensherr/Magneto - The absolute top of the heap of Marvel's villains for whom you can't help but feel sympathy.
8. Kitty Pryde - The relatable lens through which to view the classic, Claremont-written X-men. Some of my favorite stories ever.
9. Hank McCoy/Beast - Few things bring me more joy than Beast's smartypants quips in the original X-Men books written by Stan Lee.
10. Otto Octavious/Doctor Octopus - His character arc in Superior Spider-Man was one of my favorite things ever. And say something bad about Spider-Man 2. I dare ya.
11. Wade Wilson/Deadpool - Always good for a laugh. Really interested to read the Deadpool/Old Man Captain America team-up.
12. Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer - Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was one of the great travesties in comic film history, but it was still super cool seeing the Surfer on screen. Hopefully he gets another (better) shot some day soon. Until then, Dan Slott's current run is the business.
13. Loki - It's like someone said, "Hey! What if the Joker were an all-powerful god?" It's a pretty sweet idea.
14. Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Whether he's targeting Spider-Man or the entire Marvel Universe, he always provides Grade A villainy.

15. Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler - "BAMF!" is the best comic book sound effect this side of "THWIP!" Sorry, "SNIKT!"
16. T'Challa/Black Panther - Not only is the super-advanced techno tribe he rules over in Wakanda a cool concept, I love the way he doesn't take anyone's crap.

17. Bobby Drake/Ice Man - The somewhat overlooked little brother of the X-Men. I feel ya, bud.
18. James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine - My favorite Wolverine was the '90s cartoon Wolverine. I think the Death of Wolverine story arc came at a good time. He could use a break.
19. Blackagar Boltagon/Black Bolt - Probably didn't need to bother with civilian/superhero name on that one, but oh well. I am wildly excited for the Inhumans movie.
20. Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix - She's died and come back to life a few too many times, but that's not her fault. The Phoenix Saga is irrefutably great and I like her a lot in All-New X-Men.
21. Uncle Ben Parker - Sure his greatest claim to fame is being dead, but every time his ghost/memory pops up in a panel or on-screen it gets me right in the feels.
22. Tony Stark/Iron Man - Never one of my favorites growing up, but how awesome of a surprise was the first Iron Man movie? A gamble that paid off and birthed an entire movie universe.
23. Ororo Munroe/Storm - Perhaps someday we'll have a worthy portrayal of Storm on the big screen and not Halle Berry haphazardly deciding whether or not to have an accent in a given take. We can only hope.
24. Scott Summers/Cyclops - Speaking of terrible movie portrayals...Also a little too emo lately for my taste.
25. Sue Storm/Invisible Woman - Because being a mom is cool. And being a mom who can knock out the Hulk is even cooler.
26. Johnny Storm/Human Torch - Any bro of Spider-Man's is a bro of mine.
27. Namor McKenzie - Bonus points for being around in the Golden Age. Like Black Panther, ruler of a far-off kingdom who just doesn't give a shoot about your problems sometimes. The arrogance works for him.
28. Flash Thompson/Venom - I've always enjoyed the supporting, non-super cast in Spider-Man, but I thought it was really cool when Spidey's biggest fan got his own spidery powers.
29. Rogue - Anyone who calls people "sugah" is alright in my book.
30. Matt Murdock/Daredevil - As soon as the new Netflix series launches, you can expect me to go radio silent for however long it takes to watch all the episodes consecutively.
31. Peter Quill/Star Lord - Who???
32. Rocket Racoon - So glad the movie finally let people know the truth - Rocket is just plain awesome.
33. Gwen Stacy - Perhaps the best thing about the Amazing Spider-Man movies is that Emma Stone looks like John Romita's Gwen Stacy come to life.
34. Nick Fury - No one in the Marvel universe (comics, TV or movies) actually seems to like Fury. But dammit, they respect him.
35. Lockjaw - BEST. PET. EVER.
36. Lockheed - SECOND. BEST. PET. EVER.
37. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel - I've been a fan of Carol since she was gallivanting around space with the X-Men, fighting the Brood. The recently announced film is well-earned.
38. Hercules - Herc greeting Thor with a punch is the ultimate running gag. He's just a big, fun, mythological frat bro.
39. May "Mayday" Parker/Spider-Girl - The original run of Spider-Girl was a great modernization of what made classic Spider-Man stories so special.
40. Warren Worthington III/Angel/Archangel - Apocalypse turning him into Archangel was the best thing to ever happen to the character in terms of making him interesting.
41. Luke Cage/Power Man - Best catchphrase in comics history? That's right. It's "Sweet Christmas!"

42. Janet van Dyne/The Wasp - She's way tougher than Ant Man. Period.
43. Dane Whitman/Black Knight - The Arthurian mythology stuff doesn't get much play lately, but Black Knight has always had one of my favorite looks in all of comicdom. Even in the '90s when all the Avengers wore leather bomber jackets. He rocked it the best.
44. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - That's right. I put a relatively obscure Avenger right above a popular fan favorite. Write your own list.
No. Seriously. Write your own.
I'd love to read it.

45. Johann Schmidt/Red Skull - Putting his consciousness into a cloned Captain America body was an all-time Bad Guy Move.
46. Clarice Ferguson/Blink - Definitely talking about the Age of Apocalypse/Exiles Blink here. Seriously. How great was Age of Apocalypse?
47. Kevin Sidney/Morph - Really, though. Age of Apocalypse. So great. And Exiles.
48. Eddie Brock/Venom - The Spidey/Venom rivalry was great back in the day, but it hasn't had a ton going for it lately. I think it's time for a revival.
49. Beta Ray Bill - I SWEAR I saw a Korbinite in one of the Collector's cages in Guardians of the Galaxy.
50. Thanos - I love the devotion to Mistress Death, but if he's so tough why does he need all those Infinity Gems?
51. Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom - Of all the bad Marvel casting, the handsome doctor from Nip/Tuck as Doctor Doom was the worst Marvel casting.
52. Nathan Summers/Cable - An entertaining character despite having the most convoluted backstory ever. One time on the X-Men cartoon he walked out of a phone booth, cocked his gun and said, "time to reach out and touch someone." That was cool.
53. Sam Guthrie/Cannonball - I love the combination of the "aw, shucks" shy southern boy mentality with his ability to hurdle through air and turn invincible.
54. Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange - "By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth!" is a fun thing to say.
55. Wilson Fisk/Kingpin - I read in my gigantic Marvel Chronicle book that the Kingpin debuted two years before the The Godfather (the book) was published. I think that's pretty cool.
56. Groot - He says so little, yet so much.
57. Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier - One of the rare times where bringing a character who was "untouchably dead" back to life actually worked. Signature move of the Ed Brubaker Cap run.
58. Sam Wilson/Falcon - My second favorite ex-Cap-sidekick-turned-Captain-America.
59. Hank Pym/Ant Man/Giant Man/Yellow Jacket - Super smart. But not super smart enough to settle on an identity.
60. Ultron - Has a much clearer sense of identity than his creator (Pym.) Unfortunately, that identity is a human-life-extinguishing robot.
61. Zane Yama/J2 - Did anyone else read J2? I thought it was a pretty rad book.
62. Aunt May - Aunt May smacking Dock Ock with her umbrella while he was trying to kidnap her in Spider-Man 2 was a great microcosm of the character.
63. Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch - I would love to see a House of M level freakout from Elizabeth Olsen in Age of Ultron. And if you don't know what that means you're probably reading the wrong post.
64. Galactus - He's called "The Devourer of Worlds." 'Nuff said.
65. Alex Summers/Havok - I prefer the adventuring around space Havok to the Earthbound, living in his brother's shadow Havok.
66. Jim Rhodes/War Machine - I'll cop to not knowing much at all about Rhodey. But I fondly remember a War Machine cardboad cutout in the comic book store I frequented when I was a kid with a red light attached to the targeting laser. It was badass.
67. Ronan The Accuser - It's just such a great name. And a pretty cool hammer.
68. Frank Castle/The Punisher - It's such a great story. Why can't anyone make a decent movie out of it? Should be a slam dunk.
69. Ben Grimm/The Thing - I actually thought Michael Chiklis as The Thing was the best part about the FF movies.
70. Howard The Duck - I got unreasonably excited watching the Guardians of the Galaxy post credits scene.
71. Danny Rand/Iron Fist - Sometimes I try to do the Iron Fist. Unsuccessful so far. Maybe I should tattoo a dragon on my chest.
72. Nathaniel Essex/Mr. Sinister - I don't share his unhealthy obsession with Cyclops, but I don't hold it against him either.
73. Fabio Medina/Goldballs - I mean, come on. "Goldballs." That's hilarious.
74. Aaron Stack/X-51/Machine Man - Basically because of his role in Earth X. Which is not main universe continuity. But boy do I love it.
75. Stan Lee - I miss the way he and some of the other Bullpen guys would appear in the books. Great meta moments. Excelsior!
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