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Training Camp Fantasy Football = Fun

It's almost the beginning of Bills Training Camp and the beginning of camp means Training Camp Fantasy Football.

The first day of camp is exciting. Every other day is a 'shovel to the face' reminder that the Regular season is still weeks away. Why not make each day of camp as thrilling as the first with a Training Camp Fantasy Football League?

Just divide the Bills hefty camp roster with a draft and then use the point system below. I encourage any football fan to get a few friends together and follow our simple guide. Last year, 6 people played Training Camp Fantasy Football. I hope to increase that number to 8-or-9 this year!

You don't even have to be a football fan. You could hate football. The thought of football could make your stomach reflexes send bile up your esophagus. Football may have hurt your parents. I do find it hard to believe that someone who hates football would click on and read a story about a Training Camp Fantasy Football League.

Greg Bauch's Points Break Down (PBD) for Training Camp Fantasy Football:

Roster Bonus
Making the 1st cut to 65 +5 points
Making the 2nd cut to 53 +5 points
Making the Practice Squad +2 points

Color Pictures in the Buffalo News +2 points
Black and White Pictures in the Buffalo News +1 point
If your player can be identified by, at least, 2 other league members in a picture in the Sports Section, Front Page or Picture Page of the Buffalo News participating in a practice throughout the course of training camp

Preseason Games
QB's +1 Pt for every 20 yards passing, +3 pts for TD throws
RB, WR TE +1pt for every 10 yards rushing or receiving, +6 pts for TD's
Defensive Player +1 pt for Tackles, Sacks, INT's, +6 pts for defensive TD's
Special Teams TD +6 pts

-2 points for missing a full day or practice.
-10 points for going on Injured Reserve

Points will be tallied daily with the League Championship going to the Fantasy Team with the most total points at the end of Preseason Game #4.


I will post the rosters for the WGR Staff teams on Friday after our draft. Good luck to America.

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