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Tyrod Taylor has surgery

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter @SalSports

The Buffalo Bills today confirmed quarterback Tyrod Taylor had surgery.  Although the team did not specify what the surgery was for, it is presumed it was for a sports hernia.

Nick Veronica of The Buffalo News tweeted pictures from Taylor’s official Snapchat page the QB posted this morning:

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01/05/2017 11:13AM
Tyrod Taylor has surgery
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01/05/2017 12:56PM
tyrod says......
show me the MONEY buffalo CHUMPS!!!!!!
01/05/2017 4:00PM
He's got....
$27.5 Million reasons to smile in that picture
01/05/2017 4:04PM
Should wear them during the games!
01/05/2017 6:06PM
The Bills need to dump Gilmore and Darby, two enormous underperforming overpaid egos$$$
Gilmore, who can't tackle and gives up 5 long gains for every interception, is a total waste of the top 5 $$$ he feels he's worth. He is a big liability. Darby is a junior Gilmore, trouble since his days at FSU. Darby says he's the best athlete on the team! He's another big liability, gives up far too many long passes and he's another $$$ problem in the making. Darby had a good rookie season, and that is it.
01/05/2017 9:35PM
Not a Fool!
If he is going to get cut he might as well take the money and run! This just shows how inept the front office of the Bills is to negotiate a contract with that type of clause in it. Knowing the type of QB Taylor is and was bound to get dinged up he figured he would have a lock on $27 million. Way to go Whaley and Russ!
01/05/2017 9:49PM
Now we know why he does not see open receivers!! "Wild, Thing, You make my heart sing" -oo-
01/05/2017 11:35PM
Hopefully he is back.
And if he is not back, I won't be back either, as a season ticket holder. If the Bills have to pay him for medical reasons, they'll get what they deserve. Any of you fans or media that think he is not a good enough QB should be locked away in a facility for the mentally insane. You are a menace to society.
01/06/2017 6:17AM
Is this another Whaley plan?
So secretive? Hope he is ok, so he can test the open market, right?
01/06/2017 6:49AM
WGR Morning talk show???
Doug Flutie for sure and even Drew Bledsoe were much better then Taylor are you guys for real?
01/06/2017 7:29AM
If the Bills dont keep TYROD
If Tyrod is not kept by Buffalo, a Booth Lusteg blanket party on Main Street is on the deck for Doug & Terry show and the radio boys at WGR as you all need to be institutionalized. That’s unless you have someone else already lined up and under contract. No that does not mean guys like Matt Cassel. Romo is too old and done. He will fall over in the WNY wind at New Era Field
01/06/2017 7:38AM
Kolby Listenbee [DOUBLE] : Tyrod Taylor [SINGLE]
So how did that work out as Listenbee was off the field for a complete season. I agree with him as a choice at that point. So Tyrod is a 6 week back to business timeline. OK we have all heard that type of stuff before. I guess we shall see.
01/06/2017 8:02AM
Jim Kelly said it himself
tyrod is not the quarterback that can take this team to the next level...end of story.
01/06/2017 8:12AM
Is TYROD worth a 1st round draft pick via TRADE?
Because if he is and the strange Bills continue to dance around with him, then see whether you can trade him if he's worth a 1st round to someone.
01/06/2017 8:32AM
Timeline - 4 to 6 weeks
While the timeline is usually 4 to 6 weeks, I'm sure he'll be able to find a doctor who will say he hasn't healed if he is due $30 million... lol
01/06/2017 8:42AM
Words already out on the Pegulas
2hMichael DiRocco Jaguars interviewing Kyle Shanahan, Josh McDaniels over next two days The Jaguars' coaching search will be hitting the road this weekend, as their brass will be interviewing Kyle Shanahan and Josh McDaniels.
01/06/2017 9:38AM
Terry wants Chad Kelly
Terry loves hell raisers. may take with a 3rd round if he's still on he board. Based on film Chad has that pro look and if knees are ok appears to be a 1st year starter in the NFL. That's my opine. I have looked at 1 hour of pass film. Strong NFL arm, OK runner. Way faster than ole Jimmy and he gets pissed off. We need that
01/06/2017 1:13PM
latest out of town source
Shefty says the Bills will "move on" from Tyrod; isn't Mr Pegula the one most often proclaiming "continuity" as his reason for keeping Mr Whaley in his current decision-maker role? Nothing like changing QBs as often as coaches; pass on a proven game changer in Khalil Mack but find a way to draft and sign local head case Chad Kelly in an attempt to recapture the long ago Super Bowl years... the franchise is doomed under this ownership, could Bonjovi in Toronto have turned out worse?
01/06/2017 11:24PM
Whaley is a bitter, bitter man.
He was furious after every Bills win the last two seasons, because Tyrod Taylor was not his own hand-picked QB. If they keep Tyrod and have success, he won't get credit for it, and he can't stand for that. So he is getting rid of him because of spite and jealousy. Now next year "his" team can go 0-16 with the terrible QB that he gets.
01/07/2017 9:41AM
ont the bills have a DR to opperate on tyrod???
01/07/2017 3:46PM
Who put that in the contract? Of course a mobile QB with a poor pass protect O-Line and zero accuracy is going to get hurt. We get to keep him at least..... right?
01/08/2017 8:37AM
Is that true: Players getting tweets sent to their phones about Rex?
Now I am not a fan of Rex or Rob but when Jerome Fulton says to the media that prior to the Oakland game the team began getting tweets that Rex was going to be fired. That alone can ruin everything. He went on to say it continued for every game for the remainder of the year. So where are the NFL investigators on this issue. Oh it was the Penguins kid?
01/08/2017 8:47AM
Draft and sign local head case Chad Kelly
What? All of the local Head Cases write on this web site plus some creep known as Chef Jacob. Chad Kelly is what we need. A head case that will pound the goofs like play dough man child Marcel into the wall. Enough of wussy coaches like Juran, Gailey and Ryan. Marrone had the stones but knew that Terry likes a soft touch so he booked. Looks like he's was the smartest man in the room now doesn't he. Look at the carp he had on offense to play with. Chad has the Pro look and beat Alabama twice. I say draft him 3rd round.
01/08/2017 8:56AM
HANGING CHAD out to dry
Conduct detrimental to the Clemson Tigers team? Well coach what was that all about as the guy beat Alabama twice with Ole Miss so let’s see how to do this Monday. Also just what the hell is a Da bow? A little da boo do yaw? Wasn't that the axel grease that men used for their hair back in the 1960’s and could be used on a moment’s notice for you know what? He should change his last name to Weeny. Da bow Weeny. Oh I hope the WGR sensors don’t classify Da bow as naughty but looks pretty close. Draft Chad Kelly!
01/08/2017 9:15AM
Bart F art Scott
Sorry Bart but Rex and his brother destroyed a good defense in Buffalo. He not only ran Schwartz out of here but Donnie Henderson as well who was in charge of the secondary. So how did wild and crazy Ed Reed work out.
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