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NFL Draft Report

By Joe Buscaglia

Vikings may pass on Kalil?

Following the tweet from Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay about a team needing to get to third overall to draft Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, many wondered what that meant for USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil.

Now there's a new opinion on the matter. Answering a mailbag question about Kalil, ESPN's Adam Schefter believes that the Vikings will pass on Kalil completely.

" The key to that would be Minnesota passing on Kalil, which I happen to believe the Vikings will. I'm in the minority there, and the Vikings are still deciding what to do, but I don't think Kalil is the lock that others do -- even if Minnesota stays at No. 3."

There are a couple of key things to note. The first, Schefter is a very plugged in person around the NFL. With as many contacts as he seems to have, you'd have to believe his opinion might be influenced by things he's hearing.

Secondly, and conversely, it is the misinformation time of the year. Being this close to the draft, you really have to be careful of what you choose to believe. Opinions have likely been formed already and now it's a matter of getting to draft day.

With both of those things said, it's entirely possible the Vikings may be trying to plant that seed to drum up more interest in the third overall pick and still actually like Kalil. Or, Schefter could be absolutely right.

There's only one thing for sure: this won't be the last time a bit of news comes out in the next two weeks that will make you wonder if the sky is green, up is down and whether or not a team will draft the player they've been linked to.

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