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NFL Draft Report

By Joe Buscaglia

WR Chris Givens, Wake Forest

Chris Givens, #2
Wake Forest
5'11", 195 lbs., 22 years old
Wylie, TX
2011: 83 receptions, 1330 yards, 9 TD
2010: 35 receptions, 514 yards, 4 TD
2009: 45 receptions, 629 yards, 8 TD


- Speed is his game. He can get by a defensive back so quickly that the next thing you know is he's three steps by you.
- Slippery in space. Can break a few tackles and jukes his way towards more yardage. Extends the play.
- Often underthrown by a young QB, does very well at adjusting to the ball and meeting it at it's highest point. Not always, but most times.

- Injury history. Suffered a torn ACL in his junior season of high school and his senior season of high school.
- Saw him a few times just stand in one spot while quarterback was waiting for someone to get open, trying to keep the play alive.
- Very skinny frame. Durability would be a large concern.

Special Notes:
- Turns 23 in December.
- Before the ACL tears, ran a 10.44 100m dash in high school. According to his Wake Forest bio, came back 15 weeks after his second ACL surgery to run a 10.7 100m dash.

Projection: 2nd to 3rd
- For a guy to come back from two injuries like that and to be able to run at the speed he does, that's really an incredible feat. His small stature might be worrisome to teams out there. A great talent, but there are some drawbacks.

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