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Black Friday

Hey Bills fans,

It’s Friday, the players' (and I’m sure fans') favorite day of work. To quote Alan Jackson:
Work, work all week long, Punchin’ that clock from dusk till dawn. Countin’ the days till Friday night, that’s when all the conditions are right. FOR A GOOD TIME!!
I have to say, during the season I think of you fans and envy your Friday nights! I just picture all our Western New Yorkers getting off work and heading to the watering hole to start the weekend off right! In the off-season that will be me for sure, but not now, this time of year I am proud to know you guys are doing it for me!

So now that I act like you guys have all the fun and we are envious, why did I start by saying it’s our favorite day too? Let me give you some insight to our work week. On Monday, we come in for film review and lifting. Most people are surprised I say weight lifting the day after the game, but believe it or not we have to do it then before the soreness from the previous game sets in on Tuesday! Monday is our Friday night to put it in perspective. Tuesday is player’s day off and essentially our “one-day long weekend”. Wednesday and Thursday are the big days of practice where we get beat to hell again trying to get ready for the game. We are easily at the facility ten-plus hours each day. Then comes Friday…what a gift! We have already installed the game plans, so it’s essentially a “dress rehearsal”. We have condensed meetings following by another tough practice. Although we still arrive before 8AM, we finish up around 1PM and get the rest of the day to ourselves. Everyone uses this day for their own pre-game rituals. We’ve got guys that go home and take three-hour naps. Others go get a massage to loosen up before the big game. Some guys go catch a movie and simply relax their bodies. Friday’s give us that time in the week to relax after studying and working so hard, to get our minds and bodies ready for Sunday. If I had to compare it to something I’d say it’s the calm before the storm. You guys don’t let me down and keep living it up on Fridays and I won’t let you down and get myself in the right frame of mind to do my very best on Sunday.

I told you I’d give you a vibe towards this Jets game and here it is. Nobody likes the Jets. Regardless of the fact that it will help us make the playoffs, we just can’t stand to watch them win and don’t plan to let them. Count on a hard hitting, never give up kind of game. We may have new faces in the lineup this week, but it doesn’t matter, they already don’t like the Jets either and plan to play that way. Everyone worked exceptionally hard this week and we had three great days of practice. We plan to transfer that to the field this Sunday. 
Talk to you guys next week, enjoy the weekend and remember, it’s time for a good time!

(For Now) Your No-Named Buffalo Bill

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