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Warning! Depression Ahead.

By Chris "Bulldog" Parker

Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

Can Pandora read your mind?  Or do we just hear a song at a certain time and decide based on our feelings at that given moment that this song perfectly captures our mood?

I guess it's probably the latter because of course your stereo can't read your mind.  What are you, stupid?  Saturday morning came just like most Saturday mornings. I woke up at five, which doesn't even really feel like a choice anymore than it is just something that happens. Turn on the coffee, fire up the internet radio, and here comes The Velvet Underground. 

I'm pretty sure Oh! Sweet Nuthin' isn't about a hockey goalie. Maybe you can tell me about some Lou Reed interview where he says the song really is about Ed Giacomin, but, you know, I kind of doubt it.

Anyways, that's the first song I heard this morning and it really felt appropriate.  Well, I mean not exactly. The trading of Ryan Miller doesn't make me feel like a homeless junkie.

But it does leave a void and makes me think about stuff I'd rather not really think about.

My oldest son just turned 12. This is his 7th season playing hockey.  For the first 5 he played as a skater, mostly as a defenseman.  As last season was starting, we discovered that our team didn't have a goalie. He had always sort of drifted into the crease when we played pick up and I knew I could get my hands on a set of hand me down gear so we decided to go for it.  Along the way, Owen told me that he had heard that Ryan Miller didn't start playing goal until he was 11 years old, so there was that.

I bought him a Ryan Miller Team USA jersey for his birthday this past January.  Some friends with the Sabres managed to get it autographed for him, which was really great.  Owen is savvy enough to know why I wasn't giving him a Ryan Miller Sabres jersey at this point in time.  This trade seemed inevitable for a while now, so, Team USA seemed like a safer play.

And now he's gone, and Owen is bummed, but not anything like I was when Danny Gare and Schony got traded. At the ripe old age of 12 he already knows better than to get too attached to these guys.  His first favorite player was Brian Campbell.  He's watched Pominville and Vanek get rolled out of here, and now Miller.  Friday morning we were listening to Howard Simon and Jeremy White talk about Tyler Myers trade rumors and he turned to me and said, "so they're going to trade Myers too?" 

Owen has a Myers jersey. 

The point about how guys moving from team to team has taken so much away from sports has been made so many times it pretty much sounds like the old 'I walked to school in the snow uphill both ways' thing. But really, this is no way to grow up as a sports fan. On one hand, it makes for a healthier, more realistic approach to what essentially is a massively lucrative business.  On the other, how many of us would care as much about it now if we hadn't felt so attached to the guys we grew up rooting for? We were young and dumb about this stuff.  My dad never talked to me about having to trade pending UFA's to stockpile future assets and if he had I'm pretty sure I would've either ignored him or liked sports a lot less than I did, or both.

That's really what all if this comes down to for me.  Sure, I'm jaded and older now and that's probably to some extent what is supposed to happen.  Not so much the jaded part, but of course I don't see things at age 48 the way I did when I was 12.

The problem is that my 12 year old son doesn't see things the way I did when I was 12 either.  I'm kind of torn on how I feel about that.  Being shown the man behind the curtain kind of ruins the show, doesn't it? Not getting attached to players as a kid makes it easier to walk away from the Sabres game to go play Need For Speed on the X Box or watch YouTube clips of dudes doing tricks on their BMX bikes.

I wonder where that eventually leads us, or I guess more accurately, leads them?  It seems to me like we just keep paying more and more and caring less and less.  Will our kids follow suit?  Are they missing out or are we chumps for being duped in the first place?

None of this feels very good.

Man, I hope one of our teams gets good sometime soon because rooting for our teams to make the best trades they can before their best players leave as free agents has to be the lowest form fandom can take.

Oh sweet nuthin, we ain't got nuthin at all...

Note from the author...If you have a problem with the repeated misspelling of the word nothing in this post take it up with Lou Reed but good luck with that because he's dead and was a genius so maybe you should just let it go, ok?

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