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By Joe Buscaglia
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Watkins back to full strength for Bills

Following a brief scare nine days ago in Pittsburgh, the Buffalo Bills have gotten their prized possession from this offseason back in working order. Bills wide receiver, rookie and fourth-overall selection Sammy Watkins was back on the practice field outside the ADPRO Sports Training Center as a full participant.

Watkins, according to head coach Doug Marrone, didn't have any limitations in practice. Last week the wideout sat out of Monday's practice, only did positional drills on Tuesday and Wednesday and then took a tiny step forward Thursday to graduate to routes versus air. The Bills ended up sitting him Saturday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In the first quarter against Pittsburgh, quarterback EJ Manuel threw a pass that was intended for Watkins. The wide receiver got tangled up and then grabbed his midsection, with it later being revealed that he suffered an injury to his ribs.

Opposite to Watkins, five players on the Bills roster were not able to partcipate in the practice. Left guard Chris Williams (back), tight end Lee Smith (toe), safety Jonathan Meeks (neck), tight end Dominique Jones (undisclosed) and cornerback Bobby Felder (groin) could not practice with their teammates Monday.

Despite missing Saturday's exhibition contest, defensive tackle Kyle Williams (leg) and tight end Tony Moeaki (hamstring) both returned to practice. Cornerback Mario Butler (ankle) resumed work on the field as well.

The Bills will take to the field for practice for the final time this week on Tuesday at 12 pm.

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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08/25/2014 5:40PM
Watkins back to full strength for Bills
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08/25/2014 5:50PM
Why is it that Hamilton doesnt allow comments after his blogs? Joe B does! Is Hamilton afraid of criticism? Maybe he outta sick to hockey.
08/25/2014 6:01PM
We'll lose 2 or 3 of our fragile warriors before the opener
Porcelain gods, should only get paid for the games they show up for.
08/25/2014 6:17PM
Last year the Bills had a guy on the sidelines a guy who's been a pretty good backup QB in the NFL, Matt Flynn. It still boggles my mind that Marrone released him after 2 weeks without giving him a chance to show what he could do. What did he have to lose? No, he put all his eggs in the annointed one's basket - the franchise E J Manuel. Hah! Manuel will bring down Marrone -and maybe Whaley too.
08/25/2014 6:38PM
Re: Bozo
Don't read him. Skip his articles like most do. It's all about Paulrus and no one else. He does the same system for hockey. Arrogance. I still don't know why he gets to do Bills when that's Joe's job. This would be a problem in union shop. Grievances galore. You don't do someone else's job.
08/25/2014 7:12PM
Bozo - Hamilton
I asked Hamilton regarding this and he told me it's because someone made a disparaging comment about his wife who had passed away. That's a classless thing to do, but je is a journalist. Seems a little dysfunctional to me. I wish I could stop doing my job every time someone said something to me that hurt my feelings or said something about my wife. Life goes on.
08/25/2014 8:23PM
that is Marrone's rules- you lose one game? n you sit or get cut- just ask Jeff Tuel- give him the same chance as EJ? and he might surprise you? they gave Lewis more than enough games to prove himself why not TUEL??? Marrone is on a slippery slope heading downhill at max speed-The Bills have an ace in the hole- Schwartz- enough said
08/25/2014 9:15PM
Ok where do we start at
first of all goodwin is not the blame or the players for that game. He might of been wrong for his tweet but the fans were wrong for the booing. The players should not be blame for the coaches with that weak game plan. Who else could it had been when they came out in the half and start moving the ball. Next lets get to manuel being the future qb of the bills. Ok it's good that you are going to stick with him. The more he learns the better he will be. Ok what are we going to do know even if he dose pick up and lead the team. Who in the hell is going to back him up. And i know you are not talking about tuel or lewis. That is not going to happen coach so move on. The bottom line is we need some type of vet at qb on this team and fast. You got to at least give yourself a chance to win games. If these qb are not ready im sure their got to be a qb somewhere who would just love to play with all this talent. Because everybody knows if ej have a bad game or get hurt vs the bears than this season is over. Even before it starts. Wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? because the bears will be comming hard hell what we want to know can you match up with some of the best. Well we will find out on opening day i guess. Lets go buffalo.
08/26/2014 7:05AM
So Coach "Mron" states that Manuel is not going to be a franchise guy overnight... ok... fair enough. However though do you think he could consistently perform one of the most basic of quarterback requirements? That is complete a pass to his receiver... on the money... without breaking stride, turning around, hitting him in the feet... enough said. Why do you think Eric Woods has been so ornery lately, because he knows his quaterback sucks... will take them no where... and management,coaching is done after this year from this poor decision.
08/26/2014 7:48AM
QB is average at best. Coaches need to find a way to win with an otherwise very talented team. NFL is all about coaching these days. None of the QBs from the past few Superbowls are HOFers, but they managed to win.
08/26/2014 8:20AM
Watkins and the QB's
I hear a lot on the radio questioning the move up to get Watkins, already. I love it. It shows we are taking a shot and that in itself is encouraging. However, what isn't encouraging is our QB situation. I like Manual, I think he has been severely limited in the play calling thus far through the pre-season, but what I don't see is him learning probably like he should from an experienced vet. This is a passing league first. Why in the world the Bills leadership would think we can get buy without a proven backup is beyond me. I recall last year a quote that has stuck in my mind. "Our backup should keep us at 500". That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!! Perfection should be the goal of everyone in that organization, everyone. We need to change the mentality. Do you think Denver, SF or the Patriots (Boooo) are satisfied with JUST the playoffs, which we are preaching? Thats like being satisfied with a C in math class.. Where were we when guys like Alex Smith, Vick, Sanchez or Manning were available? Ya I said it, Manning. Why not? Why not Buffalo? Miami gave it a go. Heck, even SF took a shot with Kap as their starter. If/when EJ goes down we are done. Same thing that happened to Indy when Manning went down. Everyone got fired for not having an adequate backup and they got to draft Luck first overall, a luxury we don't have. Learn from the mistakes of others, don't try and be the exception to the rule. It isn't working for us.
08/26/2014 8:21AM
paul wife is gone didn't know that.
Ok all jokes aside i think we all regret to hear your loss paul. But you are not the only one who has loss a wife or brother or father or mother or sister. Can you imagine the loss of a child it hurts like hell. What you do is go get help for those things. Most fans just want to be informed the right way about their teams. Who wants to hear an article about the same players everyday. If a player or coach or the front office is messing up. We all know by now they will be shown the door at some point. I will say to you i know how hard it is to lose a wife or anything that you love. But paul my man you got to move forward in your life. And if you got kids by her she would want you to move forward too. So just go find you another women that you can find peace with. And paul don't treat her like your wife. Treat her for her whom every that person may be. Because women don't like to be a replacement for any other women. Once again sorry to hear about your loss. Lets go ruff buff
08/26/2014 8:24AM
Here you go again Joe...
I stopped reading your article after the first small paragraph and went right to my comment. "Bills wide receiver, rookie and fourth-overall selection Sammy Watkins". As if ANYBODY reading this article doesn't know who Sammy Watkins is Joe. You're repeating and rehashing again. I suggest you take a few writing and English Lit courses at a local college. It's one thing to be a knucklehead blabbering on the radio like your co-workers. If you're going to be writing multiple articles a day however, it's in your best interest to learn how to write if you want to further your career at some point. It may get you into the BN, where Elementary writing skills are fine, but you think too highly of yourself to stay around here. Take the advice kid.
08/26/2014 8:28AM
Re: Bozo - Hamilton
The moderator should have been fired for putting a comment like that on. Guess he didn't pay attention to detail or got distracted and let it slip through.
08/26/2014 8:59AM
Breaking News
Howard Simon released for taking too much time off. Stay tuned for the details. Also Pending: Carson Palmer coming to Buffalo to be starting quarterback. More to come...
08/28/2014 9:22PM
Bills Bust
Cupcake Sam Watkins.
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