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By Joe Buscaglia
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Week 15 NFL Draft Order Update

Vontae Davis
The Buffalo Bills got plenty of hope for a potential rise in the order for the 2012 NFL Draft thanks to a few separate upsets on Sunday.

While the Bills didn't move up all that much with the amount of upsets there were, the chances for them to rise in the order are much greater now than they were before Week 15 occurred.

Miami, Washington, Carolina, Kansas City and Philadelphia winning all benefits the Bills in the sense of draft order implications.

Buffalo is now 10th in the order through 14 games, moving up one spot from last week. Here is the full order:

1) Indianapolis 1-13
2) Minnesota 2-12
3) St. Louis 2-12
4) Jacksonville 4-10 (.509)
5) Cleveland 4-10 (.527)
6) Tampa Bay 4-10 (.549)
7) Washington 5-9 (.469)
8) Carolina 5-9 (.504)
9) Miami 5-9 (.518)
10) Buffalo 5-9 (.522)
11) Philadelphia 6-8 (.500)
12) Kansas City 6-8 (.513)

Because I get this question all the time, here is the reason the Bills are picking behind the Miami Dolphins:

Head-to-head records are not the first tiebreaker for two teams with the same record in terms of the NFL Draft Order. The initial tiebreaker is strength of schedule. If two teams have the same record and strength of schedule, divison and conference tiebreakers will be used if applicable. If not, then it goes to a coin flip. Mystery solved.

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