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Whaley: Alonso has torn ACL

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550)  -- As the Sabres had a good day it appears the Bills have had a horrible day.

In a statement Bills GM Doug Whaley said, “We have learned tonight that Kiko Alonso injured his knee while working out in Oregon. We do not have the details at this point, but early indications are that it may be significant."


Whaley gave an update on Alonso's condition on Wednesday and the news is not good.  The linebacker has a torn ACL.

 "We have updated information regarding Kiko Alonso from yesterday. Unfortunately, he suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and will most likely miss the 2014 season. He will be scheduled for surgery in the near future and begin a rehabilitation program at the appropriate time. We feel badly for Kiko because he has worked very hard this offseason in preparation for the upcoming season, but we look forward to his return with his style of play that made him one of the league’s outstanding rookies in 2013.”

07/02/2014 5:20AM
Report: Alonso out for the year
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07/02/2014 6:20AM
And the Bad Ju Ju continues
Well here we go again Bills fans, Alonso goes down, Darius is all but certain to miss the first 4 games. I'm going to call my shot early. Bills go 6 and 10 to miss playoffs yet again. The 2015 draft will see the picking a QB first by the new coaching staff. Someone should have informed Doug Marone that Buffalo is where coaches come to flounder and fail.
07/02/2014 6:55AM
Bad News
One of the few bright spots from last year is out for the season. Runner up rookie of the year. How's that saying go? "If we didn't have bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all."
07/02/2014 7:13AM
Of Course
This is typical. As soon as the best linebacker we've had in years comes along, he's out for the season. Unbelievable.
07/02/2014 7:50AM
oh no
here we go again!
07/02/2014 8:16AM
good news for people who love bad news
Jeanneret asks for privacy...local media makes it a headline. Keep harping on the depressing news... in print, on TV, and on radio...don't know what this area would be like without it. Fools.
07/02/2014 8:35AM
Oh No!!
This really has the potential to take the sails out of the Bills defensive winds
07/02/2014 9:21AM
Wow, just wow
I mean wow! how can this happen! wow !
07/02/2014 9:26AM
I thought in the Legend of Kiko, his ACL's were made of Adamantium
07/02/2014 9:41AM
NFL polayers have become incredibly fragile
The number of players on every team that can't make it to opening day is huge.
07/02/2014 10:32AM
That su$KS !!!!!!!! Now he won't have the joy of helping us finally make the playoffs this season. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Kiko !!! God Bless !!!!
07/02/2014 11:05AM
Here we go...
Can the Bills EVER catch a break? Just when things looked to be bright and on the way up, this happens! Injuries have been a problem the last several years. Let's hope this is the only significant injury until the regular season starts.
07/02/2014 11:37AM
To bad for Koko
.... or is it KiKi or KaKa?
07/02/2014 11:58AM
Goodbye Whaley, Marrone, Hackett
The unexpected, like this injury, is why you do not mortgage the future in a vain attempt to secure job security with the pending new owner(s). 4 & 12 here we come.
07/02/2014 12:25PM
Move Already !!!
Can they just spare everyone the heartache and move NOW !!!
07/02/2014 1:00PM
Alonzo out for 2014 ......
Whaley: "but, but we lost Pettine, we lost Byrd, we lost Alonzo. I tried my very best .... not my fault". 2015 for sure even without a first rounder!
07/02/2014 1:01PM
The Sports Gods.....
hate this town. That we know for sure. Guess the legend of kiko can't mend his own acl in time for this season. Sux.
07/02/2014 1:12PM
Hey Doug:
Cleveland on line one: "Thank you, thank you, thank you". Ha, ha ...... click!!!
07/02/2014 2:30PM
07/02/2014 2:30PM
He'll be back.
Kiko's a strange dude. Puts in his time and does a lot we don't know about. Probably overdid workout especially since he did minimal in the OTAs due to hip surgery. He'll work himself back quicker than usual. The rehab staff better keep close eye on his workouts from now on. For all those moaners--what should he be doing in the off-season, sitting on the coach, dreaming of being a star and getting fat like most of you?
07/02/2014 3:03PM
Kiko really dropped the ball on his career
Have we seen the end of his career? Will he return at u of his former play?
07/02/2014 3:16PM
Pegula Hires A Sports Broker?
Isn't that Joe's job doing Bills blogs or did he get fired?
07/02/2014 3:52PM
I give up
Just back in the trailers, load up, and get on the road. I've had it! What a Joke!!!
07/02/2014 3:55PM
hay doog
Cleveland????really doog yer a complete classless dork.
07/02/2014 4:51PM
Whaley! Go find us another "Good" Linebacker ASAP...
Dougie should be out looking for a bonafide OLB (where Kiko is supposed to line up)...What's on the roster is NOT good enough.
07/02/2014 6:01PM
Punky Comments
Wow,what trash the people comment on here...When i heard the news about Kiko, I thought here we go again. Why cant we get a break!.....Well, Im a fan and will be cheering them on this season.........Also, haters always hate, no matter what!!!
07/02/2014 6:52PM
On the bright side
Enough time still left in the off-season to address the hole.
07/02/2014 9:31PM
Does he get paid?
Does he get paid for the 2014 season? Just curious.
07/02/2014 9:43PM
Wow, so positive.
Sure it's disheartening news, but move on. Nigel (or other) will have to step up. Already giving up on a season that hasn't even began training camp? I take it you're the type of 'fans' who complain when games are not on TV because you didn't (or couldn't afford to) buy a ticket. Yes, please YOU move to Cleveland. Leave our Bills here.
07/03/2014 6:56AM
You people are the JOKE !!!!
Half the people commenting on how bad the Bills will be are the JOKE !! We WILL still make the playoffs even without Kiko. Someone even commented about losing Byrd. Byrd was Overrated and Not a team player. It was all about him. The Bills will make the playoffs with a 12-4 record. So don't try to jump back on the bandwagon when we take the AFC East this year !!!GO BILLS !!!!!
07/03/2014 8:29AM
What the hecht!
The clowns on 'GR suggest the Bills should just "tank" and hope they can draft a linebacker named McDavid with the first pick overall in 2015.
07/03/2014 8:32AM
Keep The Faith.
What else do we have? Maybe a great new owner?
07/03/2014 9:24AM
Don't these guys work out with a professional trainer? I's like to know exactly how it happened. I roundball pickup game?
07/03/2014 10:56AM
Least of our worries
Sure Kiko's injury hurts the team but I don't think it will equate to an additional losses. However, the QB situation is the real problem for me. ESPN NFL insiders peg our starting QB as the 6th worst in the NFL. Newsflash....His stock won't be rising any time soon.
07/03/2014 11:24AM
You mean the season is over already?
Good Question.
07/03/2014 12:14PM
Logical vs. insensible Bills fans
What do you guys mean by 'here we go AGAIN.' When did this last happen? Incorrect and very self-centered...this happens to at least a dozen other teams every year, HELLO?!?! But you are right, it sucks pretty d a m n bad.
07/03/2014 12:31PM
If one outside linebacker is going to make the difference between winning and losing, this team is really in bad shape. I think Alonzo is a very good player. However, he isn't the QB. That is where the real problem lies.
07/03/2014 1:30PM
WOW... AWEFUL!! but wide right was worse... so was Music City nightmare...
This is a shame but comes as no surprise. Ever since Kiko was drafted for the position he plays and having the physical intense style of play he's wired to play at, I felt sooner or later, he would suffer a serious injury. The NFL is a "big man's" game. Just when there were hints of BEASTS RISIN.... it's tough to swallow. Kiko has a BIG HEART though and I HAVE NO DOUBT someday he will be back at FULL BEAST FORCE! So lets look on the THE BRIGHT SIDE!!!... WE STILL HAVE WALMART- "THEEEE ONLY BIGGEST NICKLE AND DIME LOoSER FRANCHISE THAT'S $30 MILLION DOLLARS (U.S.) "BELOW" THE SALARY CAP IN THE HISTORY OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS"!!! ELITE MY AZZ!!
07/03/2014 3:01PM
Has anyone heard anything about Steve Ott being in town ready to come back and Philly trading Vinny Lecavs here???
07/03/2014 7:53PM
When will it ever end???
The wrath of Tim Connolly strikes again. On the cheap practice squad material is being talked about early for the coming season already. DAM!!! Can the Bills find a way to make a trade and get Clay Matthews of Green Bay? We gotta make the playoffs this season. The dam trailers are waiting to be loaded!!!
07/06/2014 8:18PM
Now what happens when...
...Watkins goes down? It's Buffalo. Expect it.
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