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Whiteout the Ralph!

Hey Bills Fans,

Is everyone prepared for the snowstorm that’s hitting the Ralph this Sunday?!?! That’s right, you’re Bills players are calling for a whiteout at the Ralph. If you don’t have your gear… check out @steviejohnson13 and @DavidNelson86, they have some suggestions on where to buy some good whiteout gear. We are hoping to get a good turnout with a packed stadium to help give us the extra edge.

All week we have been reviewing film, going over the Jets and let me be the first to say, these guys have talent. Everywhere you look - they have guys producing. We’ll go over Special Teams and Defense today, starting with Special Teams.

Remember who led the NFL in Kick Returns last year?  Brad Smith. He now plays for the good guys (that’s us of course) and you’d think the Jets would have had a drop off, but guess who is leading the league in Kick Returns this year? Joe Mcknight- of the New York Jets. That’s a matchup to watch! We are at the top of the league in tackles inside the 20. With the Jets leading in return yards averaging 40 yards per attempt, that battle will be critical in the field position game. Make sure to keep an eye on it. 

The Jets Defense is where Rex and the Ryan Family have made a name for themselves and it’s what they pride themselves on. I guess that means you won’t be surprised to hear they play defense well. They have great DB’s which allows them to do a lot of different things up front. Look for them to try and confuse us and get guys unblocked to the ball, specifically ex-Bill, Aaron Maybin in passing situations. Just as an update, Aaron has had three sacks and three Forced Fumbled since joining the team.

So, why are we continuing to win? Well I already went over how the city of Buffalo plays its part and just how well we get along together. I’d also like to add the fact we have no selfish players. We each know what the strengths and weaknesses of each other are, and more importantly the weaknesses. It’s good to know and accept your weaknesses because first, it helps you to work harder to eliminate them, but second, it helps you to stay out of situations that they can be exploited. I honestly feel that we play and are coached to be in positions that showcase our talents. Sounds pretty self explanatory but you’d be surprised how many times you have coaches that expect you to be able to do everything regardless of whether that’s your niche or not.

You think talent is everything but it really isn’t. It’s all about how you use the talent you have to be the best TEAM. We are a TEAM and we must stay a team to get through a long season where lots of things change from the first day to the last day.

Alright guys, look forward to seeing you at the whiteout on Sunday, rowdier than ever! This is the biggest game of the season and time to put this week’s work into action. 
(For Now) Your No-Named Bill

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