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24-Hour Rule in Effect

Man. Sunday was a heart-breaker.  I am finding it harder than ever to live by the “24-Hour Rule” this week.  Surprising I know, but I think it’s harder to get over a loss like that than to move on from a big win.  Either way it must be done.  We are still tied for first place in the division and remain in control of our future. 

As you guys saw, Murphy’s Law was in effect on Sunday.  The worst part about it is we knew exactly what the Jets were capable of and what we had to do to win.  Remember when I hit on the importance of kickoffs last week and how we had to beat them in that area?  Not only did we not beat them, we also lost our kicker making a touchdown-saving tackle.  Remember when I said they had good defensive backs and, therefore, would throw a lot of different blitz looks at us to try and confuse us? Well they did and we didn’t adjust.  That’s what makes it so hard; we knew what they were going to do and we still lost.  We could have won that game, we know it, and just didn’t play our game.  The good news? We get another shot at the Jets at the end of the month.

Last night was Brian Moorman’s celebrity wine-pairing event.  Everybody had a BLAST!  What a great way to support children suffering from various forms of pediatric cancer.  In Brian’s six years hosting this, it was by far the best year yet.  If you weren’t there, you missed quite a show.  During dinner we had the “No-Named Buffalo Bills Band.” (Ironic, huh?)  They literally did not have a name.  It consisted of coach Daryl Daye on the electric guitar and lead vocals, safety Brian Scott on the keys, linebackers Arthur Moats on the drums, and Danny Batten on the bass.  They highlighted the night by playing “Johnny B Goode”.  What a riot! It’s hard to believe these guys are as musically gifted as they are.  Watching them get up there and just jam was priceless!  It was an amazing night relaxing, helping a fellow teammate make a difference, and of course supporting such an important cause where all of the proceeds and care BOTH stay right here in WNY.   

Promise me one thing this week, friends, will ya? Don’t sulk over that loss Sunday and I promise I won’t either.  We’ve got the Dallas Cowboys up next. This, like every game, is the most important game of the season.  Like Coach Gailey said, the Jets and Patriots are playing this week which means one team has to win.  If we want to keep pace as division leaders we, too, must win.

(For now) Your No-Named Buffalo Bill

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