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You can take your Patriot Way know what!

I can’t take two weeks of this.  Two weeks of “The Patriot Way”. Two weeks of nobody runs an organization like the Patriots.  Two weeks of nobody can find players in every nook and cranny of the universe like the Patriots.  Two weeks of no team in the world is as selfless and team oriented as these Patriots.  I’m going to need a whole bunch of those in flight air sick bags near by any time I go on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong.  I respect the genius of Bill Belichick who is a hall of fame coach.  I respect the sure fire hall of famer and perhaps greatest of all time quarterback Tom Brady but what do you say we don’t build the pedestal for the Patriots so high that it becomes the tallest structure in the world.  

New England has had the luxury of having the great coach and franchise quarterback together for an extended run.  Too long of a run if you ask fans of the Bills, Dolphins and Jets.  Those three franchises should also get a fair share of credit for the Patriots sustaining the way they have.  We all know the AFC East has been largely a joke for the last 17 years.  Its one major league team in the same division as three minor league franchises.

The way some in the media portray it, New England can do no wrong.  But the Patriots have missed on draft picks. The Patriots have had free agents who turned out to be a waste of time and money. The Patriots have taken chances on players who had off field issues and they’ve gotten rid of guys who turned out to be more trouble than they bargained for.  Lets we forget the Patriots once drafted a player who is now in jail for murder.

The Patriots overkill started the morning after New England advanced to its 7th Super Bowl in the Brady/Belichick era.  I saw the headline on the NFL page at  It read “This team embodies the Patriot Way more than any other”. I knew I probably shouldn’t click on it but curiosity got the best of me.  They should put some kind of warning on these stories like they do before television shows, like “not suitable for anyone who isn’t a Patriots fan”. 

Ian O’Connor’s column claimed the Patriots could lose Super Bowl LI and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference because they’d be losing to the Patriot Way.  The Falcons roster has been assembled by former Patriots executives Tom Dimitroff and Scott Pioli. Apparently Pioli forgot about the Patriot Way when he was running the Kansas City Chiefs because he was fired from that job. Dimitroff, on the other hand, clearly has spells where he drifed away from their teachings.  

Dimitroff was hired by Atlanta in 2008 and the Falcons made the playoffs in four of his first five years on the job.  Of course, they did go 1-4 in the post season and blew a 17-0 lead at home in the NFC Championship to San Francisco.  That doesn’t seem very Patriot Way to me.  Atlanta then recorded three straight non winning seasons, an overall record of 18-30 in that stretch and fired their head coach.  Perhaps Belichick had ripped the pages about missing the playoffs out of his Patriot Way handbook but neglected to tell Dimitroff when he left New England for the deep south.

Despite the worrisome start, I kept on reading.  So how did the Patriots do it, the writers asks.  He wrote they did it the way they always do it.

The column goes on to point out how three NFL teams swung and missed badly by cutting AFC Championship game hero Chris Hogan.  Actually the Giants and Dolphins both swung and missed.  The Bills kept Hogan and played him on a regular basis but then opted to walk away from an offer sheet.  Did you know Hogan’s season best total in catches came with the Bills?  Is anyone surprised that a receiver who isn’t a household name had a big game with Tom Brady as his quarterback?  I’d go through the list of no name receivers who had big numbers thanks to Brady but you’d be reading names for the next hour.

Then there’s Dion Lewis who “did the kind of sales job that non-Patriots rarely do on his fake run-and-lateral to Brady that sucked in the Pittsburgh defense and resulted in a 34 yard scoring pass to Hogan”.  Congratulations New England.  We are in the presence of greatness.  I had no idea no team had ever run a successful flea flicker where the running back went far enough into the line the opposing defense was completely fooled.  Oh those tricky Pats.

Next up was some guy named Duron Harmon who played his college ball at Rutgers.  It is pointed out that Belichick is the only coach in American who routinely makes Rutgers recruits look like Alabama and Clemson products.  Hang on, I have to get one of those air sick bags.  Harmon is singled out for delivering “the kind of hustle play non-Patriots rarely deliver on a touchdown saving tackle of Jesse James”. Wow!  This is really enlightening stuff.  Who knew New England was the only team ever to have a player hustle his butt off to stop a touchdown?

Should I point out that the Bills took Hogan, who played 1 year of football at Monmouth College and then played lacrosse at Penn State, and turned him into an NFL receiver or would that ruin the Patriots Way narrative?

If you really want to make yourself sick or angry, go read the Dan Shaugnessy piece in the Boston Globe:  The basic premise is we are the Patriots and is that the best you could come up with to battle us?

If there are football gods, the Falcons will win by 3000 points in the Super Bowl.  The downside is I’ll have to read stories about how they won because of the Patriot Way but better them than New England.

01/24/2017 3:50PM
You can take your Patriot Way know what!
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01/24/2017 4:25PM
Taylor and Gilmore
Taylor and Gilmore invited to Pro Bowl? As spectators? I thought they were lousy this year?
01/24/2017 4:53PM
Let me finish it for you.
And shove it up their a$$, I have not seen a team that cheat with the refs in my life. I mean any team that dare to knock them out in a game. The refs start to acting like they don't know the rules of the game. I guess he had a good dam teacher in cheating from his good buddy trump.`
01/24/2017 6:27PM
Disappointing and Infuriating, Yes ...
BUT the only way to combat it is to start beating those guys (and doing it with regularity) so that their dynasty ends. Sadly, this won't happen anytime soon -- at least not by the Bills. In order to have even a shot at accomplishing that, we'd have to hire a GENUINE, PROVEN FOOTBALL EXECUTIVE/ARCHITECT with CHAMPIONSHIP SUCCESS, give him the "keys to the car" to do whatever he needs to do, and get out of his way -- BUT no ... instead, we have ownership that's more interested in receiving flattery, not hurting sycophants' feelings, keeping the same PROVEN FAILURES around, and refusing to face facts. And the Patriots are more than happy to keep winning without being truly challenged. The absence of AFC East competition is truly disgraceful.
01/24/2017 6:51PM
Don't go the Patriots way
Please don't go the Patriots way. I love seeing the Bills lose. Keep your QB, keep your current receivers, keep your present way of drafting. Keep you defense system. Please you must keep doing what you are doing best and is missing the playoffs foran 18th year. Please
01/24/2017 7:13PM
A little cheese with that wine...
Lighten up Francis...
01/24/2017 8:17PM
Sure, it sucks
But it's still better than listening to two weeks of "alternative facts" from certain people in Washington.
01/24/2017 8:21PM
Patriot Way..............
You have to give BB & Brady credit, they do more with less.A perfect example is trading Jamie Collins for a 1st rd. pick & filling that spot with 2 no name player's.It make's me sick but that's the way it is until you beat them.BB might be the best since Vince Lombardy.
01/25/2017 4:43AM
And in two weeks,,,,,
And in two weeks the Cheaters will be cleaning out their lockers after the Atlanta Falcons destroy baby brady and put him in his place. Atlanta 42 - cheaters - 21
01/25/2017 8:48AM
No matter what you say, HOWARD!
Letting WR Chris Hogan get away was a HUGE mistake and black eye to management. Every fan here could see he was a talented, dedicated, team player waiting for a (QB) to find him. Lets not try to give all the credit to Tom Brady for Hogan's success? Of course it helps to have a real good (QB),everyone here knows that and has been waiting a long time for that to happen? Give some credit to Hogan,he never quits
01/25/2017 9:09AM
By whining like a scorned Jew and giving them the time of day, you're propagating the"Patriot Way" genius!
01/25/2017 9:11AM
You can take your Patriot Way and...
... bring it to Buffalo! Come on Howard, are you serious? The Pats are beastly every year and will continue to be while Belichick/Brady are in the driver's seat. Use the air sickness bag to deposit your sour grapes for proper disposal. And for God's sake, quit eating said grapes! They have got to be what is causing that brutal acid reflux for yours!!!
01/25/2017 12:35PM
Cowardly Howard
as usual, when ever Howard Simon speaks/writes, the comments posted by others are the real-deal read. Another sad 'Sports' article by a condescending WGR staffer.
01/25/2017 5:03PM
Isn't it bad enough to have to endure endless humiliation at the hands of the Patriots each and every time the "hapless" Bills have to play them? I guess not for Howard who can't think of talking anything else. I wonder what tune he and his all of his other WGR communication majors would write if it were the Bills who were GOLDEN instead of the Pats. HOW BOUT THAT CHRIS HOGAN!!!!! Hey by the way... is Ryan Miller ELITE YET!!!???
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