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New Buffalo Bills Uniforms leaked by Madden '12

Ok, here's my best guess on what we're getting.  If you take into account the statement from the Buffalo Bills, this seems to "fit the bill".

Here's what the Bills say about their uniform for 2011:

The new uniforms will incorporate the team's storied history while keeping the team's signature charging buffalo logo. The Bills last made a change to their primary uniform prior to the 2002 season.”

So I think it'll be a WHITE helmet, with the current Charging Bills logo.  I think they'll go to the AFL style throwbacks that we've all really LOVED the last few years.

That's my feeling.  Just a guess...but, from what I hear (wink, wink)...I'm pretty close.


The blog above was originally published on February 9th and cleaned up for this article Monday, April 25th. 

Click here to see the full Madden trailer and watch the P at the 13 second mark.

ESPN.com's Tim Graham has confirmed that this is the basic design

In what Graham calls, "an homage to the ones worn between 1975 and 1983," the digitized Steve Johnson appears hidden behind a letter P with a blue uniform like the one pictured above with the white helmet and new logo.

Stay tuned to WGR - Sports Radio 550 for more on this story.

a look at key games from Milt

Milt's Watch List of key games this 2011 season:

Week 1: Aquinas at St. Joe’s- Aquinas’ DL Jarron Jones and Joe’s Chad Kelly are two of the top prospects in the country. Amherst at Iroquois- played a 28-27 OT game last year, winner has inside track on A South. OP at Ken West- Big AA interdivision game.

Week 2: Lackawanna at Burgard- B West battle. Sweet Home at McKinley. Macks played Panthers tough last year.

Week 3: Randolph at Silver Creek- rematch of 2010 D Final. Ken West at Riverside- key AA North game. O’Hara at I-Prep- private vs public matchup. St. Joe's at Canisius- great crowd for this key MMA game.

Week 4: Silver Creek at Maple Grove- key position game in D. Southwestern at Salamanca- key battle in C South.

Week 5: Alden at Depew- game of year in Class B. Clarence at Orchard Park- game of year in AA. Pioneer at Eden- might decide B South. Fredonia at Cleve Hill- might decide C North. Maple Grove at Randolph- might decide Class D. St. Joe's at St. Francis- Kelly vs Lynch.

Week 6: Randolph at I-Prep- WNY might get to see the top ranked D team in the State. Orchard Park at Lancaster- this game usually has an effect on AA South.

Week 7: Mckinley at Grand Island- game might determine a playoff spot in A North.

Week 8: Playoffs start!

Week 9: Canisius at St. Francis- regular season finale in MMA will decide playoff seeding.


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