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Beane said both trades came together Thursday night

The Bills' general manager said he is not shopping players

Paul Hamilton
August 11, 2017 - 7:04 pm

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550) -  Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane said it was a tough decision to trade away Sammy Watkins to the Rams and Ron Darby to the Eagles. Beane knows he’s dealing with real people and real emotions. He said, “Business is business, but when you have to call these young men in it effects their lives and that’s not easy.”

“I wish those guys the best and appreciate what they did for the Buffalo Bills.”

If you look at the trades separately, you might say Buffalo won the Darby trade and lost the Watkins trade. Beane said, “They were two separate moves and fortunately the timing worked out, but I was not shopping these guys.”

“I had calls from multiple teams on Sammy all the way back in June, so those things happen all the time. You never know what’s serious or what’s just bait, but L.A. got very serious about Sammy and Philadelphia got very serious about Ronald and the timing worked out.”

Beane was asked if he still would’ve made one trade had the other fallen through. He said, “It’s hard to say if I wouldn’t have, but with both getting similar traction the last couple of days and once I saw both of them as far down the road as they were getting, I kind of said I want to do them together if I can. If somebody had backed out, I don’t know.”

Sean McDermott said they spent most of last night going over this trade. Beane said he never brought it up until Thursday’s game was over, “The first time I laid this out for Sean and Terry was after the game last night, I laid it out was it was potentially, nothing had been agreed upon, but things were very close.”

Beane said these trades do not change how this season is viewed. He said, “I’m always going to try to win today and win tomorrow, it’s just the way I am wired and I think its how you win in this league.”

Probably the biggest thing I’ve been asked today was are the Bills better today than they were yesterday? Beane said, “You could make arguments either way. I’m thrilled that in losing a guy like Sammy, we were able to acquire a guy like Jordan Matthews. E.J. has started 25 games in this league, he was on the NFL All-Rookie team, so he’s got some pedigree.”

In my opinion, one of the many factors that went into trading Watkins was his lack of availability over his career. What Beane did agree with was many things went into the decision to make the trade, “You have to consider everything, you have to consider re-signability, the cap situation, the draft value, a lot of things went into this, it wasn’t just one single thing and you balance it all and you make the best decision that you can.”

“If we were going to do these moves, we wanted to do them now, so we still have three exhibition games and a lot of training camp left to figure out how these guys fit.”

Fans are always trying to figure out the players that teams would never consider trading. Beane doesn’t think in those terms, “I don’t like the word untouchable, I’m not actively shopping guys and that’s the honest to god truth. You’re always looking in this business to help your team now and tomorrow and that’s the facts.”

The Bills now have two picks in each of the first three rounds of next year’s draft. Beane said, “You have to draft well in this league to win, that’s the financial model. Those players are the most affordable, so that helps us to have that kind of currency in the first three rounds at the prices that you pay those guys versus getting into free agency and other avenues.”

The word "tank" is a huge buzz word in this city since former Buffalo Sabres general manager Darcy Regier started tanking four years ago. Beane does not appreciate anybody who thinks that’s his motivation, “Everybody’s forgetting we signed Anquan last week, this is not a throw in the towel thing at all and somebody mentioned that somebody said that out there and that’s annoying to me because you don’t know me if you think I’m throwing in the towel. If we were throwing in the towel I wouldn’t have been trying to get a starting receiver back.”

You can listen to Beane's entire press conference below:

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