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Who Will The Next Coach Be?

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Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - There were things I liked from Jason Botterill during his introduction as Sabres general manager. I was very curious to hear what his vision was for the team on the ice. The new general manager said, “When you look at the group right now is this is a league that thrives on centermen and the fortunate thing here is we’ve got amazing, high end centermen. I also like the fact that we have some young defensemen that can handle some big minutes.”

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - When Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula spoke on Friday, he said despite reports that he had already interviewed former Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi, he hadn’t even spoken to Lombardi.

New Kings general manager Rob Blake confirmed what the Sabres owner said in a press conference on Monday. Blake said he has not been contacted for permission to speak with Lombardi from any team around the NHL.

by Mike Jafari

The hunt has begun for the Buffalo Sabres, as the team searches for their next general manager and head coach.

With the Vegas Expansion Draft and the NHL Entry-Level Draft looming, the team is wasting little time in putting together a list of candidates. Sportnet's John Shannon had an update on the Sabres search late Saturday night.

What a week, huh Sabres fans?

The firing of Dan Bylsma was not unexpected. I’ll bet even Byslma thought he might be on the way out after only two years on the job. But I was surprised at the decision to end Tim Murray’s run as Sabres general manager after a little over three years. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been considering Murray himself, at his season ending press conference, said “if I’m back” when talking about his plans going forward.

Joe DiBiase reporting


Terry Pegula has been the Buffalo Sabres' owner since 2011, and the Bills owner since 2014. Following the firing of Dan Bylsma on Thursday, the next Sabres' coach will make it eight head coaches under Pegula between the two teams. All but one of those coaches were fired with term left on their contract. Doug Marrone quit his post and excercised a $4 million out clause. 

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - As Terry and Kim Pegula begin interviewing candidates to run their hockey team, there is still day-to-day business that needs to take place.

The team has been trying to sign KHL defenseman Viktor Antipin. His season just ended, and on Friday the New York Rangers inked one of his teammates.

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - Many have expressed surprise that Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma were fired, but the players haven’t had their say yet. Ryan O’Reilly is preparing for the World Championships, but he said Thursday’s events took him off guard, “I was a little surprised. I thought it was going to stay the same and I thought if something was going to happen, it would’ve happened right when the season ended, but I understand the reasoning behind it as its two unsuccessful years for me.”

Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula addressed the media on Friday morning, one day after the firing of general manager Tim Murray and head coach Dan Bylsma. Here is what he had to say at his press conference: