03-20 Dan Bylsma Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Monday, March 20th

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Jumped on that's my opportunities but it was or whether Kasten to get mislead McGuinness second period. You know I thought. They poly play their best stretch argue that within minutes of the second putt. We got power play opportunity got a two nothing then. As you mentioned the kill had to come up a number times especially in the third period to solidify the win. Or out there and you look out below shooting galleries you can reach in users I think seven or eight shots angle 25 minutes into the game had to speak the job you guys doing that. I think give the first period. I think they had five or four shots in the first we block votes governor made attempts on that including couple on the power play. Jake there at a big block I think. I think Evander at a big block there on the finally killed that's opera they did have some. Some chances that are that jacked me the great play on the back check and they got to stick on the the chance there that. I didn't get on that so I thought our guys. Did your job. Blocking shots that first bearden and continued on again I think that was our best of the best he'll be here and a lot of it was. Jay can Zach Bogosian and in Georgia either blocked shot in Austin. I thought it was a real strong game memories. Skated real well a couple times he was skate but it was. I don't know chemical with a guy it was but not some read this piece here and then it's concert filmed for the game and who is in some big situations there and then the diesel and methodically go real well move the puck. Up in north out of trouble in the overtime for guys and as a credit ratings. Which you talked about your five on five when it was good in the first record what took it away from you what to torch the red wings. But they I think they came with a push in the second period and really the their defense and our real active. On the walls in the offensive zone in the neutral zone and the first period we did a good job of getting the vitamin. Kind of exploiting the ice behind them in the second period we. We didn't and they had momentum second period document got some shifts in the office is known as a result. Are like over how much is this game. Signing his evolution DJ times on the ice in the six on five trying to get him in to be able to contribute those situations. And it was but he was really good those situations these there. Back check in the first feared it but defensively you Israel a good thing with Ryan. And Jack the switch off from the draws at times that and use use good in the circle and solid d.s own. You know he's. Plain and all around solid game and I thought it was one of his ability it's the power play goal is score. Five on five but I thought this was a real solid all around if that hurts him aggregates that are strong game for two. That was a lot of guys a lot of guys played strong games fourth of that line was. Was good cell line for us with markets and Hudson and Evan in the middle of the ice than we're. It. On the road in difficult situations and they stepped up played big strong and yet to be strong on the walls against this team that we played. But Hudson and markets were. Almost lost Josh there. Well you Josh. Just noses at heart and soul and pretty much every play that he he goes into this month I've had. The go looks like a train wreck you know like you've the line right there he stepped up and that guy lately element. And but he there's is almost never done is to come back with them might. We lost them just for a little bit in the game you know we got to injury that he had to go get attended to him he was gone for fifteen minutes and I thought Sam. Stepped in in the senate position and played one of his better games. For us. Building on the puck in and access to count 31 win. They did that it think about that little bit last time Lockett on your the F souvenir. Of it to conquer blocker sensibly Damon but the I'm they'll be out supplement button on the way out the door it was you know desire to take the morning skate one last time. Had a moment by I had a moment about myself Florida. This morning just taken. Deep breath of this knowledge though is in the site and some of the memories and certainly enjoyed it stepping up the ice tonight. It's coach there miles on the post game ride back to you.