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Howard and Jeremy
Monday, March 20th

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These sound comprise GO. Well cup unseal sound government shields. Combined shield itself up on CEO. Coupons GO. I'll go piracy bills now go to our geo on WGR. And orange every break with you here on WGR king speaking of famous bald guys with facial hair cells coming up just the second. Duke lost. For ray I had a great IA tries morning I've been crying in the breaks drew Gary wrote a tweet this morning that the duke elimination Christmas happened late at night and he slept through it and Nina I want to do to get eliminated from something else. And I think that's a good way to put it. But it we I would bet before duke lost I went to bed till I get back on the court let's get him to lose again duke lost to South Carolina blue oval lost to Michigan those you're two seeds knocked out one seed. Villanova the only one that didn't make it through. I'm sure there's some sort of buffalo based joke in there if you want if you really one of the work hard for me. Where that curse I'm just saying if you wanna down Villanueva worked hard for you could a UCLA looks good Baylor and organ bolt advances well Kentucky's survives. Wichita State. Jimmy I'm signs for another year at Syracuse or extends and Mike Hopkins bolts he's gonna coach in Washington sabres at Detroit tonight for a 730 puck drop on NBC sports network. No cool look off no Franzen known for do no full. So no problem Netflix. Yeah. South coming up second I you know what I forgot let me do this real quick here because I completely forgot Monday. Is all about our Ted top player of the week. So let's tell you it's going to be a minute we talked about this guy earlier if you watched Michigan beat Louisville Mo Bardner had a tremendous game. But the wolverines so don't mow Wagner. Big guy quick boy. Some really quick first couple steps. Pump fake drive to the basket really fun got to watch you script yesterday so mote out there OK when we say. It's time to golf the jets' top player of the week not right now. Remember the name Mo Wagner Wagner lo Wagner okay sounds like he's. Composure but now in this case we're gonna use and drug that's. Now go to the easy to hotline is as full blame Maurice Moore Morrie more it's more. It's not mode Mosley shortened. Yuk it up I'm done again I think it's Moritz is it more reits. German guy yeah. Good yes. They talked after the game and he was seven at a time when his his family was watching back home in Germany. Sao joining us on the AT&T hotline. Bald guy without a full beard sell you can't win in not a bald guy with a full beard. Yet but the conversation has piqued my interest I aimed. Most famous bald guy with a good about it now I'm thinking about I may I may try it may just. You know not just do the goatee that I have. I bet all the goatee for a long time at the image in my head for the seniors. And I. Think enemy to. Bald with beard for a little so forest. I was thick like it. I thought Sean Connery but he doesn't count because yes there on the sides were talking completely. Completely bald. Like you know I mean clean the top of that the the dome there yet. Yeah there's there's there's guys have done that you know you watch it there's actors in movies you see it whatever it might be just for the role or whatever but. I don't know maybe I'm like it but all of a Sissy. All the stems from wanting to bat about how good Las Vegas is hockey team will be next year I think the biggest -- here is Italy for one year Rory baton major like seeing the gateway could there be odds on them yet without a roster when I'm in Vegas I'll put money on him whatever line on the miss in the playoffs put all outlook for that the story book yet when you're down their please do biggest missing the playoffs I'll just aren't even that bad to so many people wanna do is a novelty death on a little bit it's got to be something that on them already. A case now who is Andre homes. Well he is the tall wide receiver Kenny I'd like to Paula was who was playing behind. Amare group of Marc Cooper and Michael Crabtree and didn't really get a lot of opportunity in Oakland because of that but you know a few years ago he had a a 600 plus yards he's in the last couple years is only had 28 catches. Considered an excellent route runner actually even for his size latter those bigger guys are considered great route urges tougher organized lord of the ground obviously. When they make their cuts puts on he's actions are really good route runner for his size. You know we just didn't really have an opportunity I guess in Oakland to maybe be more of a part of the passing game so I think I'm intrigued by. I still think he'll get that paper. I don't go oh we gathered the number two guy he'll go to camp right now is the number two at lest they draft when it ten. All right I mean he'll go to get but he doesn't scream at me okay legit number two we don't have to worry about it I would. That at all good that would be my follow up question because. I didn't feel that way either so all is see he's just kind of he's Adam into the mix with the other guys right now. Yet I would say I. I wouldn't swear he's better than that I think he's better than that I think he. I think right now on our paper is short number two what I'm saying is I I think you can still upgrade the number two or at least give competition now. If they were to take a wide receiver ten in most likely would be Davis or Williams right. So I think that guy could very well push him and be the number two. But if you take a wide receiver in the second round or later I don't see that guy. As a rookie second round draft regulator coming in and necessarily being on paper the number two to start training a Canadian number ten guy could be. But not but not a second round early the other side the sun. Of homes let's say you had your draft board together and and you just had positions of need. The signing of Andre Holmes doesn't make you put a line through wide receiver on your draft board right. No. The issue Meyer article today about I'm gonna get by I actually have in front of me. While I still have it listed as the number two position yeah. So I mean. I would not say that and yet if you if you get up at number ten in Corey Davis or Mike Williams is the highest rating guide your board you grapple because you need that and it still position of need. There were a handful of signings were over the weekend anybody worth noting. For the bill's talking about gap. No they had they they sank three guys who basically have been in the league played a little bit nothing really of substance. The only one of the letter Johnson who actually did play Sean McDermott's defense last year Carolina he's. He's played a little bit India in the leak. He actually has. 62 games I wrote the article is there with 62 games he's played his career which primarily but it backed up through my season so. That's that's a typical that signing in the secondary which is good every team needs that but otherwise they'll Corey Washington only practice squad player. He's been for bills last he Lester it was an Eagles practice squad. Nothing really of substance to really talk about these guys and they got a guy named Joseph vineyard who. I don't know which goes to camp and is able to be camp but I guess that at running back now with a CAT and T hot. Line we've been talking about the NCAA tournament itself lets on and a moment what's. What do you think was the best story the first two rounds of the tournament 8030515. PM any bills questions for sound you can call in with those two. OK so and read his article the south does mention a WGR 550 dot com. And he's got a breakdown of the bill's current needs OK those are the number one need is cornerback. Do you. Anticipate anything in free agency there or is that there are are we pretty much looking at the draft now to take care whatever needs your left. No I totally expect more free agents quarter because they're gonna wait for the guys settling some one year Batman on deals like that it last year because they'll bring guys like Utley they did I think sterling Moore was on in the economy obviously. I think certainly more Corey white guys like that they'll get guys. I'm one year vet minimum deals after the dust settles you know court weight still out there that could very well bring him back so I think guys like that are we are looking at him free agency now. A media there's an under the radar type of guy that she'll still out there poke around you're gonna. Wind up getting a better value because the market deteriorates. There's nobody of substance you say old boat that carried out mean now the horse Claiborne still out there he could still kick the tires and that I don't think he's signed. From what I've seen I thought cell odd that somebody was somebody had called on Friday about him I thought on Friday I'd seen. Something that. Asia greet you agreed to OK with the jets a project thank you yeah thank you I appreciate that yeah I didn't I mean I didn't see that on Friday it's on the house I appreciate that there were guys with him there was another free agent quarterback and they've. And they missed it in the secondary go ahead but I know everybody at the port remains there there's not a lot of guys out there you say oh. Yo go get that Tom you know so I think you look at it one year Batman on the heels of some guys and I do think quarter is a serious discussion at the top of the draft. Ideally I think done. It's very much in place that. I wanted to ask you about quarterback in the draft and the second bought. I still believe either I'm with use I think it really gets down to wide receiver quarterback at the top of the draft for them but. Got a call from somebody the other day who brought up the concept of drafting OJ Howard now be best tight end in the draft class right all around tight end. Good playmaker can block all the different things. People who talk the guy I think he'd be like he could be the highest drafted tight end in forever may be in the common Arab the draft. What about OJ Howard at ten for the bills what would be your thoughts. Well look I mean. Going into the free agency going into the offseason I would dismiss that it's not gonna take it tight and they have Charles clay and they like nick O'Leary you know to be back Nazi will be able to do some things but it just doesn't it seem like it be wasted kind of pick for them. You know he's a really talented guy notes the because an actor get rid of Charles clay with his cap which kept eat something like that. So I wouldn't think about it but then all of a sudden stories are coming up at their kicking tires Martellus that there. You know making offers or at least you're talking to injured. There will be either of those guys. And then you see that they're trying to. In the sign full backs who can catch the bought back field like DiMarco yeah and you think to yourself OK maybe this is what they're doing and they wanna start they want it. Get guys who could create mismatches to help Tyrod Taylor into the better against smaller defenders and maybe that's what is so I think now. It's more discussion especially considering you haven't really. Caught out in completely upgraded your wide receiver spot it's about. About this if I guess now's last you can make an argument maybe upgrade here there overall that he spots an injury it's that. So ideally let's remember Charles clay. Was on the injury report at almost every single week last year he only missed one game and it was actually to them because of the birth of his child but he was on the injury report almost every single week last year. Behind Charles clay. You wanna guess how many total receptions the bills' tight unit as their career. Three. Ten and it's all from nick O'Leary had in two years yeah that's it. They don't have any other tight on the roster ever caught a pass stated other men nick O'Leary with ten and a Charles clay could do is built don't throw they're tied and so are about it. Well I think that that might be reason why you would you know maybe because of this new office I think in lakes and roll outs. Maybe that's why a guy like OJ Howard comes more to play you get that threat on the edge you can block. On a roll out who can slip out in the flat and becomes more of me out of a threat for your office I do think it's it's in player yes. The last thing wanna ask you about Sally is it I've been thinking about quarterback I do not expect the bills to take quarterback with the tenth pick in the draft but I was thinking is there way they could either. If they had you trade up and around true portrait back in around one I know they don't have. Much they only have six picks could so I got to a crazy question point. Could you trade down around one okay moved down from ten pick up something else you still get your quarter you're wide receiver whatever you're doing. And still have enough assets to trade back up at some point to get a quarterback. Sure I mean you're kind of doing 2013. In a way song and dance with each right you're straightened out you picked up an extra second and you address that the quarterback because you got a man a better spot yeah. Right I mean it's doing and it's been in this draft. Does not have those elite quarterbacks that I would say there were going in doing that for and I think you can get. I think the value quarterbacks in this draft is more in the later rounds in the middle rounds that is. Early on I would not invest in a first round pick a quarterback I over the bills and I understand when people see what actually one. I I get that I. I understand that what I'm saying is I don't think there's anyone that I would particularly taken the first round of this draft class that would make me feel good about being that guy because that you're gonna invest. A lot of resources in him and I don't think there's anyone really that good that you're gonna fight that's. It via the I think they're gonna sign somebody in free agency to back up Tyrod right. Well I would start a toast back up right now but man would he be greedy would he be the number two going into the season. Shore and I think. Here's what I think they should in this wrote about it's it's my number seven them less I don't wanna give away all of your answers I get hits to the web page in Juno who Josh would rise no but I'm gonna guess you're gonna tell me. He's on the roster and he's quarterback I've never heard of Josh would drum. He'd probably is gonna go to Q he's probably on the roster just to be an army rookie Q yeah any camps all right so so. Right now you really only have Tyrod and hard jail yeah I agree with you Howard I think they should at least I think what you're saying is. At least brake somebody into at least compete for the number two job I can agree completely and I think that should be a veteran. Yeah I I would feel more comfortable they veteran backup at least competing in forced hard deal to beat that person. I think that's what the they should do in a topic that. Draft so what are the drastic and you get another young guy I would go to cable. Four guys. Tire out card AL. A veteran who can compete with cart ill and then a young guy do you say let's just see what this guy got has a we draft him at the sixth rounder or throw whatever. Yeah I kind of thought that's what the plan would be. All right mystic putt show against check outsells article any current needs for the bills ranked by position of group it is up right now. And our new look website WGR 550 dot com and good luck grown the beard. Thank you very much and carrier brackets busted I didn't want. I'm just I am bracket free I am love and it just bracket for. I think mine is sell but I have a very I've strong. Rule I don't check it until it's over. I kind of remember what I did I don't like to know I went you know swinging for the first rounder one means well. I know why had to win it I think Ed duking Kansas in the championship so I'm probably don't four and busted but I do not check it over and over and so. I get updates to them in a pool and my wife's the defending champion like 57 people and she was actually first place in the first updating but I think she's done is Villanova lost. I think OK because I have UCLA when it guys so I think gonna turn VI I I think it's I at least in. Still be a lot of points were other people are gonna start losing points here so that's pretty. Assume both of you are happy with the news that Jim bay time's going to be staying on beyond the 1718 season I wouldn't say that now you're I don't know I would not say that at all I would. I mean I like Diaz is the OK wouldn't stand on. Is terrific coach look at look here's the thing it's it's it's bittersweet for. Eight for coach Hopkins. He was at school I was there. I'm very happy for him very happy for him and I always thought OK it's great you know they have somebody but honestly I secretly maybe Jeremy has to I don't know. I secretly kind of always hoped he would go somewhere because. When that job opens when they have retires they're going to be a lot of really good coaches around the country who want Nina and I would almost rather have that situation. But just putting a guy there who's never been head coach. All right all right thank you mr. botch job I you'll salas your honor AT&T hotline with the latest on the bills. Concentrating. Its science can answer it wants to infantry yes I think if he he can sell or up to the sweet sixteen. Dukes knocked the air and how about that do not there Alison and a Syracuse is either because they some that I did last week that it and it was it was kind of fun and have a Paterno bracket came out. Dukes in the tournament Syracuse is not the tournament. I enjoy. Trolling do facts. And what I mean by that is going to sell like comment here's the bracket and Duke's Duke's stakes. And every time a duke fan would write back to mean so like how you see these big man and it's a new pictures of all their their banners and I would just right back you have at the stake. To see how many times. I couldn't write back to one person with only. Acing you bring that up that they stink. And you all know basis for your argument just I just tell. Stoops talked Stoops thinks how many times they would be willing to write back as if it was an auto response from me. As a settled upon. Anyway here's your trivia at some point when they realize all you're doing is reading to extinction yet they did and you know realizing I'm just trying to have some fun yeah top ten. Colleges. College basketball programs you quite the catcher in beyoncé is a lucky in sweet sixteen appearance as well she's on prevention and care about tends to be fixed and and a their West Virginia family and their happy. Oh yes I forgot about that before on the West Virginia writes a top ten in sweet sixteen appearances. In Duke's not there. But vigilant against duke because duke is correct answer so took it do number one. Number one North Carolina north Carolina's number two. Can tuck or go ahead I'll say UCLA Kentucky is four UCLA is number ten. And climbing because they got India to the may have moved into a tie able Ira via. Indiana Indiana is not correct. Kansas Kansas is correct yes it's tradition to get one way to go Britain. Number three C have a top four. NCAA. Sweet sixteen appearances. This is since the turn him expanded. You cosmic UConn from scrolling are UConn is correct I believe yes UConn is tied it was a three way tie. You cons tied with another team to retain Syracuse scissors is correct code section Syracuse UConn and one other team that didn't make it this year that she probably thought they were going to. Not Illinois State no. Should that they're going to. Knocked off earlier than their supposed to have been knocked off. Didn't make it to determine. Knowledge or a negative as we exiting its eggs Dana I got you okay. Brayton help. Twitter anybody Louisville correct so arrogant little those correct and your missing only one on one team. This is an easy get volumes are you missing two missing number five and number six all time sweet sixteen berths. They're both. Very get double very powerhouse one of them you should most definitely get managed my state I've even got a text has come on Howard Michigan State yet Todd count of Niagara saying c'mon how RE dot Michigan State. And then one more that we mentioned Kentucky and we did OPEC at a pop but it's a it's a program. Did they play Kentucky in a title game. Mom this is the first team to have ever beaten 31 seeds on the way to the championship. They are number five all time and sweet sixteens and they are in it this year but in the sweet sixteen this year. And look at your bracket who I am a look at that this with six or he never really three wanna states. 1996. Arizona. We're 9797 yeah Simon Says championship Arizona correct. I was gonna say Xavier but. Xavier six got a good number and a lot since 2000. But those are your top ten all time good trivia let's go and enjoy that one or neighbors about this is the public the tournament as I remember that tournament. All the teams that are left now it's fun though opening weekend that you just wanna keep playing right now you start to really think about me if you're once he always do but. Think if you're Michigan or UCLA your one win away from the regional final in the regional final is when he gets. Yeah again I think that every when he gets a little bit more real you know somebody's gonna win six in a row and anyone of these teams. I honestly I want I don't see any team could win it but would anyone be shocked if it was you know not one or two or even a three seat. Now could you look at what happened demeaned Gonzaga having had a tough game with northwestern look at the ones Villanova got bounced. And as they said North Carolina. Blew a big lead against Arkansas they're trailing by five in the late stages of that game and in Arkansas goes stone cold. The only you know what Kansas. Looked really cut I mean Kansas. In that region they got to play Purdue next in the play the winner bargain Michigan and Kansas City. My money would be on Kansas says that. And whatever the heavy favorite of the ones that are left like I I have a hard time thinking Kansas isn't making it to the final four. Looking at their at their grouping eagle 30550. Join us 888550. Q factor to conversely. You look at North Carolina. The south held form and north Carolina's one in yet the top four seeds all made it so they got to play Butler next. And then you play the winner Kentucky UCLA at North Carolina beat Butler which docket NCAA tournament with you this morning what you think was the best story so far from the last four days of a lot of college hoops in the NCAA is we'll talk sabres with you we were talking bills with cell. But the Andrei Holmes signing how that impacts the draft whatever is undermined this morning gravel and share eagle three open fifty speak into the tournament. We will have more games coming up the sweet sixteen is next. We'll have action Thursday and Friday. Right here on WGR so that's our next live coverage of the NCAA championship tournament again sweet sixteen. Thursday night Friday night we've got two games. On WG our live coverage of the tournament on WGR ESPN 1520 is brought you by Seneca buffalo creek casino. Nothing else comes close. Sabres play tonight against the red wings in Detroit NBC sports network. It's a game here on double major tournament of the television turn the radio or. Dan and rob on the call two seeds have settled on duke on number one seed Villanova didn't make it out buffalo of course he knew that on Saturday but that. North Carolina wins beating Arkansas Kansas State takes their Kansas takes a Michigan State UCLA Kentucky Baylor organ all through. And Blue Jackets clinched a playoff berth got two penalty shots that they converted in the same game third time that seven NHL history. Carrier ring 46 points in the cavs win over the lakers. We should talk about them that there organist and a bunch of stars Nicole from the league they set their semis at the stars and it's I think it's a good debate but the league's kind of to what can I can I get a two point that I wanna make good finisher does or does it that buffalo be utes they won the NHL the NW HL title and the stats I'm not the goaltender. They were out shot. Let's just say after you win the whole thing they don't look of course in all its shots on goal because. The files that went your shots were 62 to fourteen. And and they want brand McLaughlin in net sixty saves. Not bad but you still went optional in the MVP. More than one would think so a pathologist sports headlines next update on the way top the hour you've got the most important story they've breaking news this morning the Saint Patrick's Day parade around though I'm sure it was a wonderful time. It was packed it looked a million pictures show a sea of people. Breaking news this morning from Jay Glazer of fox sports. Apparently they found the missing Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey and so for those of you that were really upset. They begin stressing out for the last. Month and a half when was Super Bowl they apparently found that your. I'm kidding wasn't the what where was it dated I haven't seen it think they'd said that they found the Jersey didn't say who had it where was. If anybody's gonna be arrested apparently they have found the station returned at the heart of the deal the doubles he actually got the Jersey from the when he suitable yes. At a FBI how FBI and NFL security than they called in the FBI for this. Believe they have located Tom raised stolen Super Bowl Jersey. It will be returned. No word on whether anybody has been arrested in the investigation but. Sleepy. The United States of America the jerseys back now right could. I thought you know I guess they rested. Kevin Love you just come back from knee surgery played Thursday. Some assumed that it wanna play two times in three days they arrested him carrier Irving has said came up with some soreness in Thursday's game. So that you wanna play him I get it. But they basically they've rested LeBron because it in one of going soul. Make the rest of the guys on the team feel really gut hey listen guys like he's out. Lobes out. The rescue bums are steps I don't want LeBron play with nobody out there we're just gonna sit him too I thought the problem I would path. You know and that when that window when we had issue with the worst in the spurs you could look at it and say. Well what are the war is gonna do they just had this ridiculous dumb scheduled at eight games in thirteen days in East Coast trip the cable for one game they ship them back out on the road. Played back to back the second night against San Antonio he decided to rest this key guys. This one is loves coming back we don't wanna push him too hard okay Irving's banged up. Who can mean Cleveland's gonna be there making the playoffs to the best team in the in the east. You can rest carrier ring but at the problem I would have is especially it's Saturday night prime time game. On national television is that you say LeBron and given the night off this isn't the bronze been tired we've had a crazy schedule. I don't want in the play because serving and lover out. We'll talk I mean injury happened this is. And if LeBron is not gonna play. When you're saying tough for the cavs he should play anyway yeah Brazil another night because one of the things that this kind of sounds like to me an offshoot of if Bob you know if you're in the this this school sports and you've taken a course in tanking. One of the courses coming after tanking is this discussion right because what's tire on the are saying is that the game doesn't matter to me I don't need this one. I'm playing for something else that. Any pathetic and I get it with love and Irving those were legitimate but it I don't want to push them but the point being that. Again he's not taking a season right he's not tanking a game for anything other than. His best player staying healthy and staying rested so I I tend to see both the coach's side this. And the fact that the league calls and says they called the GM what. What are you doing here right right I like that till I think if you're a fan of that league you have to give credit aid to the team that is looking at the big picture of your fan you're upset. You say is state of the league thanks for having our backs this is the league having its its fans backs against the team. It's Kalla the disconnect we always talk about when the GMs in the NHL they get they're the ones to decide whether up the outside challenge stays in. They're the ones coach of the ones that kill the game with the defensive structure. Here you have the league. Adam silver what are made the call saying hey our fans expect entertainment here while he's in. Let me get out of silver and second I don't have a problem like I said when when people were upset at. A Golden State in San Antonio. More so Golden State because that I really think their schedule was ridiculous going in that matchup against the spurs I've never I don't have a probably guys rest their players. For the spurs for the warriors for the cavaliers may be disbursed worries you can talk about a battle out west but put all three of their teams. It's about winning the championship it's about getting to the NBA finals or finals whichever one goes with the yes. And then winning the championship so I understand the concept of resting guys probably have with the cavs is. You can pick another night to rest LeBron you you could rest and anytime you want does it have to be but isn't that under the same night when you know you're sitting Irving and law because you don't wanna push the surprise but it did it seems that the best night to do it. If it tonight where. I I still think there is a responsibility to the fans were buying tickets to people watching your product in a very very its secondary not mainly your main responsibility is to win a championship. And to do as as if I'm Tyrod Lou I'm not thinking about the fans. But I still believe there's something to the cavaliers as an organization knowing something to fans. Although I guess would that have been an LA the price wasn't a home game Rodham gonna guess it was at the clippers I still think there's an and it it and a responsibility. You try and put Samir stars out on the court when you can't. I don't think this was we have to rest LeBron this game you probably could've played one more game and sat about for the next Cleveland Cavaliers didn't. Not a saver sitting crystal line and tonight Letterman Ailes is certainly don't want I don't play were right and he's gonna have to play thirty. Thousand minutes tonight and and do all you know do all the heavy work. The he you know what what what what what doesn't look good for the NBA is. It's another Saturday night prime time game where your stars are playing. And this is. Is it a week or two weeks after armed drummer when the Golden State San Antonio game was was last Saturday wasn't it was the Saturday before voters pretty recent event now to primetime games. Where your NBA fans turning and going. On. Well who know love he's in street clothes Irving's not playing and I'm sitting next to him in the cavs lose by thirty it does expose one and dirty little secret of sports is not so seeker which is. The regular season doesn't matter enough. Just doesn't matter right well there that put the position Cleveland's and what are they gonna do it right. There red and our day I gotta check the standings how far above our everybody else and their and they're gonna have home court they know there. The debate on the east. You know in the regular season hasn't mattered since they tipped off on opening night night. You've got that with a lot of teams in sports the Chicago Blackhawks to their regular season matter at all outside of playoff positioning and if you're in the 23 spot. Whenever there's reply in the same teams now the divisional format is the way it is you kind of know your plan in the second round to. Cavs are still gonna I guess you're going for your best record in the conference that they have if there's a game seven there in Cleveland. They're two and half up on the Celtics for in the on the wizards five and F raptors site. In theory you would look at and say if you're worried about home court and watch and wanting to get the best record in the conference they still have that to play for. But I I just think it's it's a tough luck it's a tough look for the NBA. I'm not sure how it's avoidable for them Golden State would have been avoidable by scheduling. I'm not sure what the NBA could have done differently loves coming off the knee surgery. Were you can't change the schedule now and say we need to build and another off day for Cleveland so Kevin took place Saturday night. Irving was banged up like you said the won the guy we sell the is LeBron I'm not sure what else the NBA could have done on this one. There's no way you can put together the schedule in the off season. Fast forward and no 1 march 2 guys are going to be banged up. I bet Toronto who just says the LeBron you know what the other two are playing you take tonight off there's no way you would have known you could've seen. Golden State at their schedule and go from this might not be a good idea to have them play this many games and do this much travel prior to a big matchup with San Antonio maybe they could CNET com. In this can be you know you can make this. Across any sport or text their rights and she NBA teams care about the home fans of the entire NBA spurs rest players who win championships which keeps their fans happy now the casual fan that wants to see superstars every night. I think every once in the superstars play ever and if you got tickets to a Tuesday night game you're gonna see LeBron and the rest -- LeBron. You simultaneously understand and ormat. I look at it I think it's. That that's part of my point here is that the NBA stepping up for the fans is a good thing Dresser that happy when the air I think they can do anything about it and thus they make a rule. And then. You know as soon as LeBron gets hurt on that Tuesday night game of the coast one of the rest and then you've got a bigger issues so. It's the NBA's responsibility not not to cast note to the to the techsters point. The capture responsibility is to win a championship for their fans the cavs should the cavs don't have to worry about. The people paid X amount of dollars to it to be at the game in Los Angeles they're going to be disappointed in us because we're not play and our Big Three starts now that's not the cap responsibility. It is the NBA to worry about the fans the ticket price of the product and what's out there look if the sabres replaying. Pittsburgh or Washington and I and I and I bought tickets to take my young son to see Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin it's it's late march and they decide. We got to rest these guys that we we we got playoffs coming up said take the night off to buffalo who cares. I'd be pissed I don't like hey man I paid what is the gold game whatever their pricing structures are paid X amount of dollars to come see Sidney Crosby one of the stars of this forties up playing sure I'd be angry. But the pain with the penguins don't have a responsibility to meet know that the league does the league does and the difference is that that league wouldn't ever make a call on behalf of its always I've known the NBA doesn't regularly in the NHL which would make that call right noted that the GM of the cab said. He got called by the league and they were happy about it but again it's tough but if if I'm the GM. Might team I would worry about the race the other team's fans in the league but I know Adam silver it can't have this look especially when you have. A couple of games close together on prime time and the biggest names are out. Quick update from Jay Glazer the reason. That the FBI I was involved in finding Tom Brady's Jersey stolen Super Bowl Jersey state lines the Jersey moved state blinders on and international. And oh it's it was receipt apparently it was on foreign soil. Okay. Whatever. FBI had to be brought in to find a Jersey. Well I mean they're investigating a fast all across international boundaries of our am great what's your back Canada Mexico even farther Europe. To Europe that went live. I've known that's simple incompetence and it plays out of the term foreign soil is that use in the stories of a sudden that's when you get every day. And I as long as they found at the world a safer. 8030550. Join us 888552. For a fifty hey we gotta some stuff to give away this week actually this concert was just announced. This morning. Florida Georgia line performing at. Darian lake amphitheater Friday June 16 with Nelly and Chris lane please don't ask you name any music from any of these people. We have tickets to giveaway I was gonna pull one of those artists I think who got nothing and on your best shot is Nellie. I've you've heard of Nellie you might have a Nelly song no you know no you you'd I'm telling you puke. 5050 on Nellie nobody else even you know chance and honestly I saw tickets to Florida Georgia and I thought we're giving away tickets for the world's largest cocktail party. I thought hey that's a great football game it's a bad. Florida Georgia line Nellie and Chris lane Friday June 16 there and they kept it yourself. We've got a pair of tickets to giveaway. Middle guys so who would this be Brayton was the novel is not now Florida Georgia line OK thank you don't miss him I here's. Fifty dollars courtesy of live nation general confidence rules apply will take however tend right now at 644. 98780. What the heck you know what we have. But there's do you like the thick collar ten caller eleven Britain giveaway. The two winners of 6449878. Now you can win tickets for you combined if you don't win tickets trust tickets will go on sale this Friday morning 10 o'clock. At live nation. Dot com. Again that's a Florida Georgia line Nellie Chris lane called 6449878. Your chance to win tickets. Are we heading here in the seventh. I. As one of the top sports played for the weekend Adam Jones for teen USA today. Home run preventing. Bring the ball back from the stands incredible catch. And San Diego the other night and the US goes on to beat the Dominican Republic and advanced. The semi finals of the World Baseball Classic the best part of that so they hit it the am. Balls hit by many which Otto. He would Adam Jones or team into the Baltimore Orioles Jones makes this crazy catch this and jobless circling the bases he takes his batting helmet off. Does he'll tip of the cap to his teammate out in center field it was a nice gesture big win. The US to be the dominicans they move on and they'll play Japan in the semi finals that is going to be tomorrow night. The other semifinalists tonight and that will be. The Netherlands against Puerto Rico Puerto Rico ran roughshod through the tournament so they would be a heavy favorite in the game tonight. And as I said in the US and Japan tomorrow night in the World Baseball Classic semi finals. Guess what we are accretive on opening day for the buffalo Eisen. In fact we are seventeen days away from the opener for the bison so I think it's spring now. Well I don't know disappearing you know right it's hot. Bad burning last we're going to be in the fifties later this week is it burn me a month ago but I think now we can say winter's over winter's over to sit quietly. I just got a loud it's gonna be in the forties and fifties nifty 55 later all the cells can amount to you know bring guns. Bring on the spring which means it's time to go get your baseball tickets so that hit a lot of stuff going up the ball park this season and some great. Ticket packages due to get involved and as well there's there's an all new celebration. 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Anything you need with the fisons go to fisons dot com you can get season tickets individual game tickets flex packs. I'm seeing something I've never seen before from them buys and the mascot brunch. But the website pick up the mascot secularism mascot. Brunch that's all this. You know but and out there that doesn't include Severin like a brunch that includes seller everybody likes mascots. Yep the mascot brunch spot like food. Only a hundred tickets AM. That's that's actually eat but it would say probably not we not just because they are food most of them. Strip some of them at least with celery wings. No I don't think so addictive like team up and be against that idea and made a movie about that. Zeller eating wings it's typical that so Biden's dot com is. Were you wanna go ladies and dominated time we need tickets go right there and I get tickets to whatever game or games or special nights or days at the ballpark that you need to get it's all available if you. At buy dot costs for. 8030550. We've been talking about a tournament this morning down to the round of sixteen now. What still to what is the best story of the tournament so far for you as you hopefully soaked in four days of basketball the last few days. We get some Saber stuff for the next hours while their plane Detroit to tonight that game is on NBC has said so to hear the call from Dan Dunleavy and rob break. We have for you here on WG art 730 game 630 pregame show but also when we return. That's a football notes wanna go over now not not the Jersey being found that Tom Brady suitable Jersey. Updated Super Bowl odds are out and possible big name football player. Joining the patriots. Talk about a rumor about that we get back as well on WG.