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It's within. Music great revenge. Good morning welcome to the is the gators I'm Andrew Peters along with Craig group bay is back setting is nice watch. Go through the heart of the it paid 550 to 550. That's obviously a threat to that's obviously a purges you maybe your play and that's about it TV radio hosts. I watch it that that's a big I need one that works that's a big time watts are right 803055888. 550 to 550 if you're watching the sabres in the standings where are they today and how are you feeling about it give us a call. Great win the other night against the Anaheim Ducks will get to that in the second. Columns. We investigators WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty but a big weekend for come here. It's just nice to touch it champions. And alleged all in the same weekend because you are absent Friday Marty was and we paid you some serious praise because this neighbors. Got shut out and validate. So the legend continues we actually thought you might be on a float in LA that could be Mike claimed Amy B. So for those of you who. Didn't catch the show on Friday or didn't hear this that we're showing it on video right now but. Craig rebate with an amazing pass from probably one of the most or players I've ever seen aberrant history Tim Connolly but. The last sabre players score in. Al way since 2010 winners Chris Butler right there lived with it would mean his rookie year. And there's old man river streak in now on the wing that's I tell you some how big was the net and she. Z your right hand shark coming down on the right. If the right side boards you know so the angle is it's a lot different for you shooting on that net ideas you have the it's as they received a sprawling. What's his name John quick. John click I don't know what he was Dylan but he was lion on his back in the net which. Leave. You know a lot of the net open I was just trying to. Trying to get that bad boy on net to remember the goal was tiger last I don't know I don't remember the goals be honest with you but it's nice to see it now. Great pass by Palmer though super pass by know is it was Timmy was that no I think that was Jason Palmer and they'll know it was. Absolutely Tim Connolly. Nineteen our anyway great passed by the right handed shot from the other side of the boards will boldly you know who that is but more importantly enough about you. And back on you and your hockey team the twelve you buffalo junior sabres. One their state championship. Yesterday at home or not all of Europe and north house and so technically but your plan against. Was a west Seneca in other another buffalo. Organization's New York State team and I mean it was very cap off the season on yeah you know both of his own nationals for your right not at our age starts I think it. You fourteen but to win a state championship. On these guys will remember this for the rest of their lives. It was a great game to be apart of both teams played exceptionally well. Such a great organization and and in west Seneca and the players and the coaches on that team. Are I mean. Absolute first class. And it was it was a great atmosphere great to be apart of he had the parents on both sides cheered for their team and there was a lot of great hockey being played but you know what I'm so proud of my guys you know this whole week and it was not easy. Our first game that we played. We ended up going. In overtime it went to issued note and it went to the seventh man and issued a Norway the first game the second game. We want an overtime. So it was not an easy season by any stretch of the imagination and I'm just so happy for for the players the boys were. Absolutely. Fantastic all week we just seem to get better as the weekend went on. I saw the the picture of your team to a new guys were taken with the trophies and stuff and did did the did family members and staff have kind of big cutouts of the players' heads and stuff I could see them on the other side of the rink we had one of the fathers on our team became a. Nicholas end up before we went to go back to back. He ended up organizing and getting. Individual pictures of all the boys on the team and what he did is he went to a company. And they ended up blowing up this great big head of your of your signed for the parents did have that big head in the stands. And we use that when we went to the comeback tournament and we also use them this weekend for for states with the parents loved it you know they're all. You know mothers were all where in there there there there suns jerseys in that the big Bobble head sign it was. It was it was great our congratulations man I knew I. Naw I was happy to hear that that you guys want. And I think. A lot of people at home the other night if they if they look sat through the entire Anaheim game. They probably would've been pretty excited to see the outcome of that game to his. Who would have thought Rasmus for Salina and and you a funny story today to about. Just. An unexpected shoot out hero. This is an unexpected shootout here again. You know wrist dole. May be would not the in the top ten. Of guys that you would be thinking about going into a shootout but it's the guys that you'd never think to vote that have this skill. They're very confident they have great hand what you would be thinking of them as they shoot a guy. When I played here in buffalo we had a guy in our team and here's the thing we we practice this after every practice there's always that competition at the and practice. The penalty shots and you're trying to figure out who are your top guys. Our pop guy on buffalo. Was no other than Tony Lou admin. A Finnish defenseman opposite off the glass and out off the glass and oh I mean he is. He has ice in his veins and his hands were. Are phenomenal they are so soft and sweet and he was with voted out by far our number one. Our number one only telling shock you know where other guy was. The leader to leader hundred delete or another development from Sweden I mean this guy both these guys you would never in a million years think of these guys it being the issue though guys but. There were two best on the team. Andrew Peters Kregg are very against the gators call us 8030550808550. To 550 we were just congratulating old man river here and is. Team's victory they won the state championship and also. Reminiscing about the lassie is goal in LA which happened mean 2000 temple we actually had that stat to make it sound worse it was just three games ago. In hotels because it's it's really like every other year but. Shoot out win by the sabres the other night. And the Bristol lining goal and you're talking what's going movement. I'm Jeff to give a little bit of kudos to. Gergen and yeah I'm gonna give a kudos to the second but told leaned her. How was the guy you mentioned Celine during the shootout. I remember he went Wendy put him in a shootout and it was like that's six or seven shooter and you know our usual 45 guys had gone. And then we'd gone on and he went in and made an absolutely phenomenal move and scored and then we had we and abusing him again I can't remember he scored again. But it is simple defenseman right nobody like just a guy that was a. I'm gonna go one further than that what is the greatest. Judo glare locally and a history. Of the NHL Merrick Marek Malik as six foot 56 foot six. Lanky defenseman he was like this six defensemen on the New York Rangers they went down how many guys today have shoot. Almost the entire team. He goes in makes a move puts it through its gates and literally groups it. Top corner it was it was the most incredible goal because. This would be the last guy you would seem make this move and on top of that I'm surprised he even had the you Tony's even pull it off. Initiated the statue of liberty and I did like guy he just wins all the shootouts after practice everyday no big deal right but this show is shrubbery it was absolutely incredible from. I do remember that. I remember that I know that's the greatest. The greatest. Is it because of hoop wise because of who was this this is a player. That. I am shocked that he had that confidence. To try and make it. Who holds the pock the root their legs and flips that hawk through the legs into the top corner a superstar. Yeah I can retiree now superstar can go and use that ten times and they might get that shot off five you that you scores because the goalies and thinking it's Merrick Maliki sees as it tries something some you know I I agreement now. I don't know why I cannot believe that even pulled the shot off so low score the goal and wrist goes case right so onerous those court case do you think. You have to just give credit to the terrorist camp in the goalie I mean he's not expect was the last time you've seen one of our forwards. Who struggled immensely. Go and on a on a shoot out and and pull a move like that. We have OK there ago. I mean wrist aligning as a very competent player he's got great skills he's not known as a as a she broke eye because you defenseman. Meanwhile the number that these. Bristol line and he's you know he's he's like Tony and he's got ice in his veins these guys that there's no pressure on these guys he's got lots talent he's confident. Got a dangerous gotta go ten rounds in the shoot a wide did you wanna throw so kudos to is obvious. Because he made a beautiful he made a beautiful shootout goal I thought it was fantastic and you know like he's another guy you don't give the credit to. He's more of a sandpaper dumping chase grind guy but you know what he's got he's got some moves to Roman. Nice little nice little fake in the first shot goaltender goes down and boom Shaka locker game one which is which it which is nice to see. Makes the us and I'm at a Tyson markers and the star today you know how I feel markers under utilized. We know we had the injury he missed some time but. I don't think he's I personally don't believe he has been used. Properly. I just don't I don't think he has a mean you know you have a guy you you'd jam them value jam Saturn down its throat like I sometimes wonder. He had great success with Jack we've always tried to find great chemistry with top players and stuff he is your hardest working player. Every single night and Armenia had great success with Jack Black everybody does that great success with Jack anybody who plays we jacks and a house success. You can go up on the line right now. With your wife thirty pounds overweight. Just put your stick on the ice tonight any tighter right now you'll score fifteen in this league no problem I'm wearing a black shirt so it's when you look slamming that's true. Let's and anybody who plays with Jack and Sam the pucks and get on their stick. They just need to be occur they need to understand where to go on the ice to receive those talks and you'll house successful players like that. So you're saying hasn't been. I IE eight I think I think Sam gets. I think we need more from them if that's that's that you you know you see what you want I think he's ad opportunity he needs to understand that he's not a top two line he's going to be. The third and fourth line player we need him to be a banger the energy guy. He he will be able to chip in with some points but that's not gonna be his role moving force that's just the reality he's. He's in our faith in the year do you bring him back. Do you bring him back who would you try to move a player like that I think there's all what are you gonna get for and well maybe you'd be okay I mean I'm not a wanna come you know to hear how Pelosi trades and how to Larson. Who I'm I'm a panel arson. I'm a big fan view right now OT Larson ordered. No question really yes I would I don't think Larson how I don't RC can do in issued over periods ended I really don't. I don't think he I don't I'm not saying he's not still alert I don't start. And had six goals and eleven points in 36 games them this is almost double that and has six schools in fourteen points. Durham they're both minus seven but here's the thing. Larson was playing upwards of twenty minutes a night because we didn't Havel Riley we didn't have Jack cycle we didn't have Cain we didn't have and as we didn't have. Bogosian we didn't have cool coughed weeded out anybody and you know what Larsson played his butt off. He played more than what he should about the time because he played out of out of turn air for the for the amount of minutes he should have been playing but you know what he played great. And once you get Larsson back and you put him in a position one of the best lines last year for the last thirty games what was it. Gionta fully you know and Larson there we go Larson this year when he played what was the best line at the start of the year. Dot the pat Butler and hopefully you know. There ego so what what more Larson is going to be back and he's a very good. This is his second year in the National Hockey League he is going to continue to get better as a hockey player I like his smarts. I like is eating he I think all offensively he is going to produce a little bit more eyes he gets older feels more competent. Vary very impressed with with with Larsen that being said now you have a you have a situation. What you do is and is Gergen is GO fourth line center what do you do with Rodriguez. Well who wouldn't do it Rodriguez. Got dire right now he slugged him. Decade can skate he's Smart I think he has some offensive player to want he's a solid penalty killer. Here's the thing about options you have auctions never win. They said because he was a first round pick fourteenth overall he has to be. Higher tier player because he was a first rounder I think we all forget the guy's a Gregory Campbell first rounder got guys like empire a burst underwear they have a common. Fourth line but what do Baltimore and they have a common bellicose more. More importantly the probably energy guys know they want it's still a corruption ulcer after kind of kind of trauma there big big point like to do yeah. Stanley Cup champions. First round yours. Role players and a fourth one. He varies it out again you hit it on the head like a champ no. Fourth line. Role play already get carted leases to the puzzle the role players on a team. That has won. Where they OK with that position playing fourth line. Yes they were they OK being the fourth line was Gregory Campbell and gaining IEA OK with killing penalties are one of the best penalty killing teams in the league yes US counselor. And it's Ferguson happy with being on the fourth line center correct. No false false false. I don't know you're gonna have petered out you have all of that it ought to be a fourth line center in a bad team Rodriguez. Rodriguez wants to play. And Rodriguez wants to play and he wants to continue to get better he's young player that's just happy to be here and he works his butt off he's a Smart player to. I I have been very impressed. The other players out of come up I don't know what good the coach in the minors is. I'm drawn out on a blank dropped a point where every is going. Good job on him because every every guy that's come up whether it's back to east whether it's Rodriguez whether it's daily. Help me out here I mean you'd actually bashing these guys. Have have really stepped in and and played well. So we're we're in Anaheim who was the best line that night. Rodriguez. Fashioning. Paulino. Carefully you know. Bass line on the ice OK what can you tell me why two Minor League Hockey players with a yes hardline left Winger is the best line in the ice yes I guess I can't nobody can I can tell you why we've got to seven and a half million dollar forward and and and Ryan O'Reilly you've got superstar status Jack cycle with samurai and her plan all together. You tell me why that line Rodriguez fashioning whose his first game this year and we know is your best line I will tell you why. Because they're probably playing more to survive which is making Smart plays playing simplistic playing working there. You know what the tails off because they know that if they don't. They're gone they're out. Because they have such they have something they have a carrot dangling in front of them they have something to play for right now it seems like the other guys. Don't really feel like they have anything to play for. But there is there is a guy though that you wanted to talk about do you think is having great success. And even though he's not getting the minutes mammals and he thinks having a better. Year than people wanna give them credit for. Does anyone out there really wanna give this guy credit nobody does they wanna I wanna I wanna get rid of you make five million dollars five million bucks and Matt Molson. You're not hear one negative word out of his mouth the entire year. And he is having a sneaky solid season 72 games thirteen goals 28 points. Even. In the plus minus on this team. That's a miracle. He. You laugh I got up mirror ice wanted to show people at the miracle on this team. Matt Molson. Thirteen goals and 28 points playing on the fourth line. You guys had a sprinkled here and there on Jack's line and has he been on the power play. Is there a power play after our first power play. They score every time that's why were number one in the weaker number two in the league that the first our first line power play with Jack eichel. And O'Reilly and and it's point two seconds of power I need their it and have their time phenomenal they're our first line park place for almost second line they get they get 32 and that's everybody had all of his success at the start of the year when Jack was hurt. He scored back gold and Edmonton dawned on us and I'm I'm items I I'm siding with the I think there's more of an argument that honors Nelson was phenomenal. Honors Nelson and other phenomenal. Night for to you when we probably auditioning himself well you know he's fair. Is he wants to take advantage of every game now here's the thing. He's not playing for buffalo. He's not playing for the Buffalo Sabres he's playing for himself because he's an unrestricted free agent next year he okay with a I am I understand it I understand it I think he he's been in this league long enough. Where. Obviously you play along time to be to have the opportunity to be an under strict freeagent. If you get to be taking a number one position in this week no there's no there's no. Number one jobs available so he's trying to be. In a position. That he gets the most money. To be back. I'm OK with it I'm OK if he's playing drawback 100%. I'm okay the question I'm OK if he's playing firms offered now. I because you know these guys gonna find something to play for something motivate them and that's it is are they playing to a contract hundred plan for money client for survival he's his survival mode right now offers for his relevance in the NHL. And I'm told OK with it yeah Antonio Davis for a big man he moves like a cat it got eichel in the crease sliding or re our guys supporting him you know like these is. They look they play they play hard for. Andrew Peters Kregg very investigators WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG. Feel free to call us 803055088. By fifty to 550. Rick ceiling. I'd general manager head coach in the buff will be useful join us at 1130 I think we've all heard that the awful abuse won their championship so he's going to be on the talk about that. And but via another buffalo sports franchise winning a championship bandits are another one and were. And it's and he is different go to bans games I've never been but I've heard. A lot of great things is lot of great things and now I've never been to abuse gamer I've ever seen products over there yes and they're very good. I had a chance to ski with some of the women's. National team members back in 2004 just a couple and a couple. The women that played in that and WHL. That was up in Toronto for the camera the branch and team. But I could not get a I was blown away. At how unbelievable. They were with him in the park not surprised but just we're NHL guys. And they're making passes that but you know they're good yeah. Yeah but I didn't realize they were that good and and so you hear about back in the day Haley wiccan Heiser going to play men's pro over Europe via. 100% if there's no contact there are definitely some women that. And can play against the man there there's absolutely no questions phenomenal hockey so rich ceiling will be on to talk about that head coach and general manager. Of the buffalo abuse let's grab a call right now Brian on the cell Brian you are on. WGR. And MS she go ahead sir. Yet so I can create really you. That 31 to be bad he completed Greek king the other day is believed Leonard goes through. Or round. And give golf ball market and two goals. It's tough to say Brian overall team played out of their mind into plea like he should. Every night and day I we hope he plays like this for the next thinking they do greet each added that it. Not only put it favorite book or other taking it they should get traded to. All right and you are right is that global will see that tonight Brian because they played Detroit and that's I mean is that we call that an even talents these days Detroit. They used to be one of the most dominant. Dominant team is number one you'd see a team that was maybe a buffalo spot playing the Detroit Red Wings 5678. Years ago. It would just you'd be you know would be fear factor and now it's kinda like. They are bearish. Idol of what they used to be from what people identify. The red wings as. There and a transition. There's no other way of sugar coating it there during a transition. Com. You know there. You got to realize like. They've been at the top of the league for so long so when they get their first round graphics. They're picking like the last. You know anywhere from 2530. Every year. And and and a 25 to 31 round draft pick is a roll of the dice if you're effect guys ever play. I mean. They've they've done a masterful job for years acquiring. The right. People bringing them into the right environment and and you know it's it really is impressive what they've done but. That long run of 25 years is gonna come to an end. There in a transition right now they have some nice young players up and coming players like Anthony man thought. Is a first rounder and he's played exceptionally well this year. They have some younger guys in night Quist the tar guys like died. Larkin. Com. They're gonna be okay but they're gonna go through they're gonna go through some growing pains the next couple years there's no doubt about that. Sabres at Joe Louis Arena. Knock it realists say that much more. It's. Save that dot lets talk about that later could desert could you have you've games played there. I think I played three you're forced to railways is not as many as what I played sixteen years in the league in. And no not as many as what you think because they are west here we're in the west for a large part of my career so we would play the maybe. Maybe once a year. On it and if that sometimes every second or third year pom when I was in San Jose it was only in the west for a year and a half so. You know we played Detroit. A few times we played in the in the playoffs one year which I mean. There's not too many buildings in the national hockey league for me they'd give you chills when you planet. And Detroit was one of them. On it's a special place to play although seats when you. It's the old style buildings a lust of the real historical styles yes you know all in all the blogs are injured on the the Montreal heart of the month for all format of opportunity to play there also. But there's something special about that Detroit arena it's going to be what it's gonna be messed it's going to be missed there's no doubt about it you know when you when you have the the history. That's gone through that building it's it's always sad to see but you know at the sabres there are playing in. And there tonight the last game so. Cherish it. Maurer more stories Walt talked it will last Rick sealing the same thing when he comes up at 1130 he's the head coach and general manager of the buffalo view it's congratulations to them. They won their championship last night. So we'll talk to him and 1130. More from rim and I and the crapshoot coming up here in on the as the gators WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty. We're back with. Of the instigated it's presented by MP Carol hard. Welcome back to the investigators Andrew Peters Craig group vaid WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG 1130 buffalo utes coach and general manager. Rick ceiling will be on the talked about the utes championship they won yesterday so stick around here that. And sabres in Detroit tonight 730 park drop. Com the game is on and BCS and which can also hear it on WGR Sports Radio 550. So that our pregame show start probably around 7 o'clock so. You can listen Mary can watch it on NBC SN but 730 park drop for the sabres in Detroit. Some big gains on Ronald Lee will talk about that too but let's let's get to a new segment we're doing here crapshoot. Can't figure out what the acronym is sure you're Smart enough to figured out. But. Bunch of topics from around the NHL that rim and I. I don't know do we care about we not care about bit of a crapshoot here's lets Steve Bartlett is daughter chooses Jersey number. Says something the we care about around leak. You know. Donald you made that opera like just a solid lovable kind of guy kind of soften his his that he brought a lovable type again. I think he's a lovable type of guy I mean I got to normal Olivetti's he's a great I only muddy the only person like in love Steve Lott as his wife and his daughter that's it. As everybody else hates. It's not his teammates teammates you know that's true 23 guys in the room lava lava there's no doubt about it you know I'd IE. I. Absolutely. Hated this player. Are playing against them but. On the other side of it. It's respect this player so much I love the way he plays the game he plays the game the right way. Certainly I think. Is playing very well in Montreal there a team that what is very skilled but they needed that grit they went made some trades at the deadline. Picking up some big bodies in and Dwight king. Martins and and and Steve bought I think it was a great pick up for for Montreal and he's a big part of that so his daughter. I guess said it now Macomb Metallica still. However I really. Well you know. I don't know the number can do that for Steve but but all tie yet he does need to change his game he still get net. Done. You know he he he adds that energy. Hammond now up to talk to remember him in Dallas. He was put some pucks and he had this Eagles and junior he's he's a player this guy's a player he doesn't have to be did you eat angler. Don't go okay. Penguins Kessel C the past castle or Crist. Pass it out of there are our drew and producer back there called the old value using do the Alley you abuse the March Madness. Basketball but serious it'll mean this is kinda. This has been a thing in Pittsburgh Crosby does this all the time that's an out of midair. It's intentional. I can't believe that Phil Kessel even. Think civil making this place. He is he the pucks coming to home he's standing behind the net and it's almost like a chip shot but here's the thing. Phil Kessel. Is a phenomenal golfer you know that. He's like a scratch. So that little play rate there is little chip shot around the green he puts it in a perfect spot. Marquis goes in and bats over the air so. So you think that has to do with gulf. You think that house that I think there's a couple sports I figured that that's not an Alley you that's a chip shot off the off the green and you have marquis coming in and you'll baseball swing. Good stuff. Today. Fox three goals and 34 seconds last night. What do you make of that. I think that avalanche are horrible. Hole. But the blitzers it'll eat. A good team can do this any day did the same thing I guess Montreal earlier in the year or vice Versa but they've done this before remember Cain was in on it. Each camera the other guys were that scored but. Can't just give credit to good team. And I and give. The negative credit to a bad team. They are just. Terrible offense that that's just what it's all about I mean. Colorado struggles immensely there they are the worst team in league. There's no doubt about it pace they struggle offensively and defensively and it shows in 34 seconds. They're good team. Not really missing a B without any see my over design are really count because it'll. Now I series merry go parent. Rest blew up big time. Big time offside in this game too. Sick and tired of this happening. Let's show this on the screen but there was. An offside that occurred in off site challenge. Blatant. Offside. And they challenge it by. No role. So my question how does how does that happen. The whole reason for. For the owners and the is to make sure that this never happens that's the whole reason why. They take the time they have Toronto the look at it and make sure that this is all. My bad they did they did credited a goal which didn't make sense but still the offside challenges joke. Blatant offside here river. OK so is that a goal yet they end up to end up calling it a goal how. I don't know what to look at that night I wanna go back to what you're saying is that at the GM. Meetings they don't change the rule honest. I don't understand I don't get but it factoring in his stick being on the other side of the line is I. Don't get me so I'm trying to figure out what the ref the senior man. I'm looking at the same thing you are. I'm looking at the exact same plate Toews is way off site public have to be over the line of feet the feet. We heard or at all we all year we've heard this. I don't understand how that's a goal I I am so confused. That is absolutely incredible that that's called the goal. I'd like to see the but if I'd like to see if there if if what we see here on the screen is the same. View it has to be the same view that the refs. Custody. Tech I can't figured out. Dona on moving on a move on. Right pot okay here's one that I know you really wanna talk about will Matthew coach York. Have a hearing for the noble the blatant elbow on Drew Doughty injured out he actually said to charts a dirty player. So I love this kind of stuff do you have the idea of someone crying baby. Miami like Alan violent crime we meter crying babies down for Drew Doughty because. How can he Drew Doughty. Say that. Matthew could chuck is dirty. You know drew doubt he's a pretty pretty nasty player himself he plays the game hard I love the way Drew Doughty played but on the other hand I love the way Matthew teacher a plays right for a young eighteen year old kid. Yeah they've got a law absolutely love what they see in this young hockey power rate now. 68 games thirteen goals 46 points plus fourteen in 1980 this is. I am regular. In today's game this is dirty. I listen I have no problem with this this is a counter that's not a counter hit an elbow to the face. I shouldn't be and I and to. Why then does does the same thing. Okay and in today's game there's always the eye in the sky where years ago you could you kid who thinks. And at the ref didn't see it in Euro OK but now there's the eye in the sky and the eye in the sky is the one that's going to get you all the time this. It this should be a suspension. That should be a one or two game suspension. It is what it is it's a blatant elbow to the mouth of Drew Doughty. You can't you give a general problem that don't. Now I don't I don't. Tiger is Gunner it's an if they lose and we'll probably get. Some sort of word of hearing coming down at like noon. After our show's over vocal might get a suspension because it's his first. First offense. But multi day he faced this kid's gonna get suspended a few times in his career there is absolutely no question because the way that he plays of the game. He is old school that his dad's coming out numb there he's he's got to he's got talent he's. He is going to be a phenomenal. Hockey player moving forward. Nothing out yet from NHL department of player safety about the pitcher kip will keep you posted if we hear anything he just belted in the corner pretty good too. Right after that I mean if you're going to looked at one look at the other now wall. So let me know that we mean god belt that he took a body check big deal. To view of the park was a guy charging Adam was the guy charged with intent injury because you just elbow Drew Doughty. There's there's a lot more there than you think I mean the intensity I get it. Pocked park gets there the room. There's no intent that's a body check you got flattened to root out he's on Omnia on the ice probably complaining that he got hit. And rightfully so took an elbowed in the mouth there'll probably be some sort of a disciplined. Columbus Blue Jackets third team in NHL history to score. Two power shark rules of the game Vancouver February 11 1982. Most listeners probably weren't born yet. And December 30 2009 San Jose verse Washington. Early. Now actually that first one happened at the at Joe Louis Arena in 1982. All right. Do we care about that song who cares. Carey Price. Did you seek Carey price's big safe. From yesterday. No which one. I really don't meet kind of all over the Carey Price no pixie thing because he's not is yet still thing right now. You know it you know what makes Carey Price. Carey Price. Is his. He he just I I feel that he's the most consistent. Goaltender that's I just believe that. I mean I look at Kerry price and he worries me when you need to play against him because he is just always gonna play well. Now there are goaltenders in the league that when you watch them they make incredible saves. They they've done some acrobatics that go on you know TSA and then ESPN and every other. Kerry price is solid he's just solid he is a goaltender that you want in the net each and every game because he is going you know exactly which are gonna get whisked him so. A lot Carey Price I think he's the best Coulter in the league node with with. No question. Dustin buff and accidentally spits on the refs see this just leans over and harp salute me. When you sit on the bench is synonymous no big deal happens. Clearing attempt hits the fan. Ever see this right Miller cleared a puck control of one time into the corner went right through the corner and then at the end of the game he went and slid his stick. Through the glass gave to the guy that he hit I think you'd cameraman actually. Yeah dot. I've done that before too it was in warmup one year war horse he took it miles there too that's not to. Yeah I I've there there's the the cameramen that sit in the corner during the warmup and take pictures in this guy had this had to be. 101000 dollar camera sticking his land six inches out of the and I I shot up pocketed it in and a hitting. The camera lens and blow it up so. But this is. Why is there why is there something there wiser hole. Halfway between. Where the hash marks are and in the defense's own. Most qualities and so it's Joe Louis Arena so why is their holder. Hello. I don't know kind of does make all of its coloring guy in Detroit and ask him I don't know and I don't Carol the guys are great Jeb Bush men do and he couldn't do that again be tried. Give the guy pierce often you know ice from the inside out. Clear a case so it is drawn to get the done after this year. I believe he will be. I believe you will be and the reason why say this is down. Jerome has had I think a significant. Falloff. For from. You know even last year. To this year he is not the same player he does not have the same legs. One of the greatest. I think players to play in the last twenty years. He's played the game right physical. Has scored a tremendous amount of goals. But I just think he has he's lost to step and it's not it's you felt bad about being traded LA to write off. Not happy whatsoever with that move for her to go there because it. They traded to Rome again La needs to play. For a team that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup and he went to LA. And they weren't even in the playoffs at the time and they were in a tough position Saint Louis in Calgary at the time. Were surging forward they were the two wild card spots LA it was four point 08. LA has not played well this year they've had a lot of guys that have under achieved starting with their most important player by far in that and corporate tar. He has not played well at all. I feel I feel terrible that disk could be to Rome's last year and he's gonna miss. To summarize or sum up the crap shoot here we go all this is the NHL's explanation of the Toews. Offside play. Review was not conclusive in determining whether Toews tagged up at the instant the park was on Richard panic stick. When Chicago answered the attacking zone. Prior. To the goal. According to rule 78 point seven. Which should probably just be eliminated altogether. If B review is not conclusive. And war there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether the call on the ice was correct. The will be instructed to confirm what you've known for will be. I know we're a little I think that's what I think. The best blood I. That's different path through appear I've had theaters. Perfect game. You moved them to its first person video it. And amnesty is that on film did it. Is that I video. That's on video. We'll be right back Andrew Peters Gregor vague in some cases. Instigated it's presented by MP Carol hard. Welcome back to the investigators Andrew Peters. Craig Rivera ain't WGR Sports Radio 550 and MS Jane. We. Did not show the footage of the Baath Flynn spitting incident. Rib hadn't seen in the face that teammates. Let's throw that on there because this is one of them. See this happens all the time. But. But he's following the play so he splits as does the park goes past the bad so he's turning and the linesman or the rap is following up the play. Any just skates right into it. And jokes that he is someone cried at this pace goes out. And he looks he looks lapped it looks right. To make sure. Wire one hi eight dude nice bit caught it you've never like. We we they show the bench all the time and it just guys constant spitting. What is that. I don't know I wasn't really Spinner. And spit on. But I played with guys that just spit every it was a nerve thing almost I I think it's yeah I think that's what it is night you know I'm not I'm I'm saying why these guys do that tonight at the same thing it's. Your almost. It becomes habit it becomes habit we're just Kyle liked year you're not. Quirk in big Lou user and what you just kind of get not Google it becomes a habit it's it's it's a terrible habit to have to sit there and watch it. As as a fan now on I'm like why these guys you know the other thing that drives me absolutely insane I can't tell you right now. They should make a rule on nests. Most guards. Any guy skeeter around the rink with their mouth guard out they should have a two minute penalty. Well markers are mandatory. I do not hear you just don't like the guys that you Wear is a terrible standard going around right now because. How many millions of kids sit there at home and watch these guys Chu won their most guards sideways. It's an absolute joke. That both guard stays in your mouth. Period if it comes out. Two minutes in the box. As you know what these young guys do now. They sit there and I chew on their most scared because they're watching their idols on TV do it it's not good. While. What a game changer. That's gonna really. Set the home. Two minutes for chewing him out there. Telly the ten minute misconduct for your visor being up in the correctly. Are narrow skater on the which only visor appear. Trying to be cool. Yeah a ten minute misconduct for visor fraction. That's how all the guys in the in the correctly had like three although the soft guys in the league had 300 talent that they all it. They would tell their visors up at the end of the game and they get a tan. CC this guy having a hundred points and 300 how many minutes you video like this guy's crazy and he scores. Visor fractions are right Jim and it may two minute penalties for they are bunker but I agree with our kids do it to and it yeah. Q why would and there are just don't have it in there. Exactly. I mean I don't even know why they Wear the mouth guard the most guarded the mouth guards for super for concussion and no no arts and offer and they don't protect your T agent. As they do. I law. And most guards protect your keys absolutely. You to slap I thought about it I thought I was brought to a couple T. But I would've lost a lot more T if or when animals getting it that's been in Detroit last night had a mild start on a would be. All rip c'mon he'd have all as chicklet no Palin as the be all cut up from the ridge the edge of the mouth guard will be right back on the as the gators more Saber talking around the league. Re air WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG.