03-20 Jack Eichel Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Monday, March 20th

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Thank you Brian and great performance by special teams two for two on the power play penalty killing is four for four and do it again when you hockey game tonight. That's been the first this year. Postings are big the part of the game we've talked about that in. You know weren't too happy about the power play out west and as dismissing it couples night. I notice you have been as we've been going on getting more penalty killing time you're out there for the last 58 seconds for one Obama. I would imagine you enjoy getting that responsibility. Yes I'm an obvious build my game become more complete player has more up to me on the ice kitchen of the game and you know I'd like to become in Oregon on our penalty kill a picnic bring onto itself. Trying to purchase coaches that. And I belong at volatility and that they can trust and. And the same thing. Six and by the end of the games they may try to build trusted coaches now. You know just you know like I said to try to build that trust the coaches and you know to have under the put out there at the end of the game and notes you know I think can bring a lot to it north. Speed my stick. You know the stuff hockey sense Hillary plays and figure over the offense months ago and to save he would be a pretty good asset to our six a five into our penalty kill so odds on it. And attractive and better on its you know listen meetings you know learn and trying to beat them better only filler and and you know defensive player. You've shown that in recent games and again another odd man rush you came back out and how important is the development you're backtracking game you know back. This is a bit take a lot of heat from a defensive play and I don't think it's as bad as people say about. So we're trying to better. About to June clinical chalking this record never play cause noise. It's my first game ever here was so last year we came here and I'd seen a few games announcement of the national team there's governor optionally display of a that there. There but here. That was your top memory beating gore now which you have an opportunity to do Ulster. Those pretty memorable actually appeared disaster most memorable as the future audible now on let's those critical. But it would mean it's a party last year and a picture of him. That's a special moment. Political analysts were here a couple times and there's such a historic building when you walked in a hole hole is and you think about some guys have come through this room and sat on the bench and played here it's. It's pretty special so. They're great building it's that this vehicle that truth and it's going to be prima Estes notes at a place where he technical and the post game in the.