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Thinks he's done John Murphy she'll. Presented by Napa auto fire. And welcome to the job Murphy showed Chris Brown in for John Murphy here again on Monday we'll explain why in just the second along with Donald Jones as we get this week started. Off heck of an NCAA tournament weekend and we'll briefly touch on that also but everybody. We can all rest easy Donald's. The saga is over. Tom Brady's super bull 51 Jersey has been found. Thank goodness I mean we were all holding our breath on this one we were super consent of the FBI got involved. Because then I guess it was found on foreign soil. I know bill's fans were certainly concerned about the whereabouts of John Brady suitable 51 Jersey so. You know everybody can breathe easy now you're OK again I. In autumn active says. The house says this is like a national story is unbelievable. All a Twitter feed it's more like this really is a national story FBI involved and everything oddity we get to this this is ridiculous. I wanna know who's taken the thing overseas because as you would tend to thing. That it would have the most value here in the states and so I mean you know I mean it's I'm like what will take. If they. Underground into hiding some fault in Switzerland or something that's they have all the vaults in those action movies it seems everything is in Switzerland. It a landlocked mountainous country. I'm ozark. Absolutely bizarre but hey you know all is all is all's gonna end well apparently with Tom Brady's Super Bowl 51 Jersey I guess the evaluated over. 200 your handers something I. That it. So they were actually yeah I viewing Brady they were interviewing. Robert Kraft about this and they were saying. Well we're we're very confident that this is gonna result in a positive outcome I mean. But also those guys gonna say like you know. How do you think they're calling the FBI every day hey any news on my Jersey liked what what do we do. And we're more interested in a piece of NFL laundry then. You know what's going on this country's. It was ridiculous and totally and I woke up as more and I was like what like this is what we're talking about this when we're talking about the Jersey. But Jersey. Being you know taken from Tom Brady. And now there's smuggling the Jersey across international lines threat they probably you know took one was a topples tunnels and and underground in and got into Mexico and they got caught him if that's the date. Can you imagine being like an FBI agent and had you and you get put out there eight. Guys we got a case for it we need to fly over the Europe. We got to find yours and not an excuse me your receiver Andre you know it's the football Super Bowl we got to find like are you kidding me you talk about a waste of so it fits the all week how you receive Ressa our the first or yes so. You remember probably won't remember but don't know it in the first rush hour Chris Tucker. You know he worked for the LAPD put his dream job was the work sabathia and so the FBI gave in this horrible assignment. And he was like odd just got a game with the FBI he goes out there. And it like this is your assignment and he's like what this place it's my assignment so imagine being that agent by so I have to I mean it probably. Gave it to some rookie guy you know with like listen tracked down his Jersey but the fact that each acted Jersey down or she checked the Jersey down. Do they now cute to go up the latter because. I don't know as an amateur I'd be able the use that movie is precedent these FBI guys now. You can't champion today and wanna watch the movies seem to do next here assume it's wholly count the amount of attention that was just seen. This morning just. And they're shaken my aunt that's Columbia part of it is as bio it principles come and I'm sure it'll be on the NFL network retrospective of life to them they're approved a good ten minutes of that no question about it but yes it is that John Murphy showed Chris Brown filling in for John Murphy and here on Monday because. Murphy is an award recipient today it is courtesy of the guy college Murphy is getting their lifetime achievement award. In broadcasting so congrats simmer fund that so he's at the ceremonies. I believe they are right on campus today. And for our viewers on amnesty there seemed tweet from that I college saying. It's an honor to welcome Rick Jenner and also an award winner and a lifetime award went in today along with John Murphy. To their campus so they'll both be recognized and deserve release oh so congrats to both of those guys. For being awarded in that way able to put together fabulous careers. Here in buffalo obviously Rick on the on the sabres out of larger number of obviously yeah on the hillside since. I think that late I think 1980 was his first year. On the beach here. With the bills so fantastic stuff and we did little. Eggs enters stage right. While we conveniently. Have a graphic up on the amnesties guys that Ruben Ruben Brown slides in. Slides in very coyly said nice job of their group. Good to have you we have seen a lot. I've been trapped. We offseason that's what do I traveled argued and see the country I'm not done it's executed pick up. So two tickets to Hawaii which allows. What's wrong. Lately just annuity the Yahoo! would like you know though we do. You do the island avenue. But that is decades ago while looters on convenient on stuffed them you can two's. Is that men will. Where are for the US. Did you get loads of you give it to you did you get hooked on line going to the Pro Bowl is that out at all as that was the Genesis of that absolute absolute. A there's a lot of former slaves. From. And even former players. In. The U rattle. Do you bring do you bring your bike you don't read about our rent a bike I did say that he would beat you but there's a group of guys that I am associated with. He asked them naics and their rights so you can imagine that. If office that they it's crazy which he got to know people to get stuff to move. Its commitment to it and. All right cool we'll look you're just in time because we're discussing our Twitter poll here at the top of the show. As we saw the bills with some activity over the weekend. You know right after we got off the air on Friday. They agree to terms with three players and then on Saturday. You know the -- they agree to terms with Andrei homes which was a back and forth situation in NFL PA messed up where it is contract offer that they mistook as finalize contract while it finally got done on Saturday. So. Now you've got three receivers. Signed in free agency by the bills it's the position that's been addressed at least with the most quantity. Since free agency opened by the bills so our our Twitter poll today. Is with receiver the most heavily address position now in free agency what positional need. Moves to the top your list and we got four choices for everybody it's it's basically when we left wide receiver on the list because I think some people are of the opinion. That the quality steel needs to be added there. Cornerback linebacker and offensive tackle and right out of the gate wide receiver is ahead with 43% of the vote but it's. 43% of the vote quarterback not far behind at 40%. And then linebacker and offensive tackle. Does RO resident offensive lineman have any favoritism and where to Wayne here you are always there. So you're gonna say tackle. I mean you brought they reside Jordan mills last week they've been sniffing around you know some other free agency tried to bring Condrey Smith in. He came in for a visit but didn't sign a contract ended up going back to Cincinnati after spending a year in Minnesota. But you gotta believe there's they're probably still gonna do something there. At the very least for depth purposes if that try to bring somebody in the. Can compete with George here I think your offensive line you look at the terms. Based on the fact that you meet Morgan. Sees. In it becomes. Critical when your starters of the and it in McCain be off. So I think in the freeagent mark is your office of Mars always. Be right out there. Wherever you need a quarterback right after. You need to receive unique line you need to try to you know line he just. The nature of the game not because them. Guard its listed artfully positioned itself how many parents we. If that mind wasn't. Our change too much you know if you have any injury don't wanna have to change to position fixed on that kind of thing which you don't want to level of play that it. Either way down you know so the only way you can do that is constantly feed it and that position. You know a town. Whereas receivers and their notebooks with some views might not passes it which you always have to protect and give that opportunity throw out. So that's where you focus so. I think the fact that the bills actually match. Brian growers offer sheet last week. Confirms what you're saying you know because they could do says you know you get you can Denton and walked we have our Sorensen we have a starting guards. But they decided that they wanted to match that and bring him back because obviously he's a guy who can swing when your entire line. But you need them for depth purposes I don't know he stepped in and did a good job last year plus you're talking about a future lime in the future starter possibly in the next couple years and you have to pay him that type of. Millennium we anyone has killed in the team knows how important it is up for loan. Offense and defense learns to constantly have those top Metzger as they can open homes. And protect the quarterback. Over on defense those guys can stop the run and put pressure on the court. In all the other fancy stat guys hey you know I mean they come ago. But if you were recruited team consists routine to recently upset he soups and stuff. He had you would it though guys who say from inside out the end and that's the mark Starr always think about two months. What do you think about what the bills have done so far up front I mean they've got Roy they matched the offer sheet. Glad you cost comes in as a swing guard presumably that you know assuming that. John Miller stays at right guard the starting line I think I need to season the starting lineup at left guard. You know when you got George mills back in the fold. You know at the very least you play him back in zine com and at the right tackle so. How what do you think about what they've done so far and ideally what would you like to and if you're sitting in don't really chair com. Always excited about the young guys them. Because I think that it's weird you really do something then the guys that have already played free agents in the lead. You know there. Come into you know continue something help you out. But you're real broke this which are gonna draft. And I'm excited of the choices they're the enemy. And aren't too with they had with big developed from the free agent market and what they have meant. The young guys have really would them excited and will tell you we're going. With the team more so than that it's. Now. I think when you look back in the day. An offensive line the left tackle position was the position and always got the you really hear much about the right tackle position is always the left tackle this but now. I think it's changing because of the talent coming out of college at these defense and in positions outside my American 34. But these guys to rest so both sides of the now you have to have a left and right tackle that are. The right tackle position on this team is important you know went into mills last year. Because they had a decent year he had yet totally at the top notch talent but who you know who doesn't have trouble is the top notch there but I was still think that. You know when you look at the contract that he got its gonna be an open competition with him and whoever else they sign of the draft one. And so that's for me the right tackle position is a position that I think everybody's going to be watching intent here you know to see who's really playing the best. You also have Cyrus who you know the head injury now with a broken hip and you don't know what's gonna happen with. So this is going to be I think important and really interesting to watch. I think the most important. You'd soon and today right tackle position. Is to the fear in the car that is. Mac. Go Wayne's this is concerned that this Erica beat at this much money. Grant them that never worse. Brown you've been here and you scene made at best man win and it never that's out there out of it they might say that in the write a book relieve air force in this guy. And I can go back to. Billy Karen. My personal. I wouldn't care commitments in all day people's bones too small weak it was sure it and it. Ask a bomb a couple of our competitors about. You know how good he was if you face Richard Seymour one on one good good so I add one free and anybody else if he guarded me and they would hold that against Oregon. You know it's he's mentored you know if it yeah but he's darn good Smart gets the job done reliable that type of thing so if the management. Coaches. Fair look at the right there's where the rookies free agents and to say they'll go for the BC which. You at all that you know. 8030551888550. To 550 if you wanna jump on board and joined the commentary right now is we are kind of assessing. The hierarchy of the position on the east for the bills now the receiver has been the most heavily addressed. I think the Twitter although guys is pretty interest I mean wide receiver is still leading the way. What does that say to you guys when you see wide receiver at 43%. Even though it's been the most heavily address position to me and you can agree or disagree it says. The fans say well you've addressed it in quantity. But I don't know if you've addressed in terms of quality because I think a lot of fans are thinking who's the number two receiver not whose 345. Which I would say probably the receivers they've signed are squarely in the mix for rolls 34. I don't know of anybody is convinced that any of those guys can be a week in week out number two. You know I think when you look at it and it. Is wide receivers. Receivers. Really put him in. Hours ago or so okay for a ground. The carrier earned. Did our visit did. Oh but that's split and looked to be they want to score points they want to see his office hotline it's a that thing you know obviously you still need to do it. Some more guys in here still think you can draft the guy and let him compete on details for the number 21 of those guys that beat them to wanna beat them at the epic is still going to be fairly high Whitney. At that refuses. Being but I think you have to vote the you know and understand the defense to create an hour to talk about it would ripple. Positional need users in defense of I think he meant it you know because I know I I feel like an attractive. I feel like they really need to. Beef up the defense because defense can stop anybody can run for the past you know I think last year you had a better defense. His team would have been in the at least. A lot closer to being in even though people's quality work rules now they would be up the year as far as being right on the brink of being in the playoffs. Seem to be. You have a Welty. It's you right which you can misses it's okay. They're number one play is close to return. Will decay yeah it's why wouldn't you look at between you better looking at you because he practically is. You know from them right it is. You know you have a problem he ain't in there right I mean Martha okay do it all by himself yesterday. Old BS's take it step. And I think the Iranians. It's the back to perform so let's use. I don't know Carson expected in. Conduct its that's a good receiver with our office. When logo gates when he receivers run Oklahoma. If you know of anyone receiver. No less vigor with darkness is these. A lot of these bodies. You know they'll figure out of office. You Tom women. As. I think what you're what they're doing here though is there it's very clear that they're going for. Market value. At the receiver position. Fill the roster. So you have your numbers. And then go get your NFL ready super talent. In the draft so there's that and the draft supposedly goes three to four rounds deep with quality receiver talent this year so. Even if it's not in round one because you wanna address defense perhaps. Round two you're probably is still get a capable starter but yeah is this guy gonna walk on the feel of being number two receiver that's the thing that's that's the unknown so it is a risk I don't think there's any question about that. But right now I think you're in a position where your cat. Is such that you're not to be able paint giant money. For one of the better receivers and quite frankly most of those people are operating right there too weak so you've kind of I don't wanna say pigeonhole themselves but I think it made it readily apparent. As to how they're gonna get a potential number two it's. The draft. Brown you're good to. Martz or you can do. And how an opportunity I am alive. You know ahead then he's done that from sitting in this position for many years how long you've been with us. When he hear me and you brightest thing and Al Kamen on the far SOS that there aren't there we go and he's had his ear to this organization. What goes on he just broke down through the pretty much. What's a good for a loss righteous jackass yeah showed another vote at the cheque order. No no but that the fans and the public suit appreciate that because. It's one day they give you from the ways we can do inside before my archives really studied it's it's not this. Are you France you gotta go to work in the office that he's going to work for you know he's doing the work for you so you can see he's giving you true. In what you do say it's. You know. I mean that's the way it's going to mean all pointing in that the usually don't bet in that the yeah usually usually unless they throw you curve ball and you know. Rosalynn Carter doesn't dogs Wheeler dealer on draft. We yeah we all know that right so you know who knows what can happen in. You know we've talked at length about them moving back in picking up more picks in what is considered one of the deepest drafts. Are more than a decade and a number of positions I mean when it's a deep drafted tight and don't you know it's a pretty tucked into this the only thing it's a go route his offensive tackle there's only about four players that are getting first round grades at offensive tackle but. If they're seen interior guys here are you people but. Andrea did you closed off tackle stuff. On tongue come from now it's because there. Aren't. I was watching we're watching NCAA. There's. On attack the power play basketball there will not play in the NBA the date should be called. One guy in particular are these look like I'm on a armed with two top. Which it's not as a certain he's our field yesterday that volatile. You could be a Qaeda is a tackle right now bring them to him that. Award for Michigan State that freshman says it's a freshman. Like ninety I can't wait I look at it at NBA don't want them. I I don't know that if rupiah as archer clinic Arab. I'll take not take them could it be easy to work wait there already exposed. Army and from Julius Peppers moment. Mean it's. That's it also did well yes I understand the Seahawks I believe they had. Yeah they had their left tackle played basketball and he hasn't really play full or write that but he starting left tackle for them this year now the Seahawks. Over the last five years have not addressed their often the line really at all ground they tried with Russell local union and an undertaking I value. Roche to that now in free agency I can pull up in the second list they've been trying to and bits and pieces because they think they know. The crisis that they have and they don't have a running back like lynching war that's in Brian downing gain yards after contact Sodini people that actually opened up legitimate. Opel since they've been and so they're trying to patch it together and they'll probably draft the couple also but again. Like tackle threats though. They're going to be limited in what they're going to be able to and terms of the draft in 030550. We got to. Greg on the line right now so well why don't we lead off well with Greg here. Within our callers today at 8030550. Greg are you witness. Greg go ahead. Hey guys do it good. It odd that the actress Diane completely accurate when you're in terms of the drought. What I what I really hope it. You know the player you think would be the most. Player. The wide receivers. That your quarterback. I didn't think development is to figure out there. You know they have indeed those spot. OK maybe move back in another. Like audit baker. A little bit later in the bird that was possible. But I think you really did especially that back there they've really got it out like it hot. Keep it in at least maybe it would not restart draft. Yeah I can't add thanks for the call great grounds he finds that he's talking about TV's Rubin thinks they got and there. You facing a starter and a corner safety now they did add to. Safeties early in free agency and you know we can go back to contracts eyes the way they paid those guys like I hide. You know with a thirty million dollar contract in even Jordan pour your comes over from Cleveland sides a nice sized deal I mean the the investment. At least gives the indication yet that these guys are gonna be odds on starters or have every opportunity. To win the starting job. But deep at corner deep at safety in this draft. You know they could draft a guy that could compete for a starting job conceivably based on the talent that's coming out. They definitely can draft this message corner to come in here and compete because you have right now keep on Seymour and you have dark you know decide right so. You know keep on looks promising like he could be a starting date to miss a starting corner on this team. The way Darby plea last year wasn't that strong right so there's a question mark and both of these guys plessy talking about switching system. You talk me out now change there you go from being man dies and now going to a zone which is totally different here and you have to be a Smart player. To play in a zone that corner like you have to really understand what the offense is trying to do what you're supposed to be doing who your passing off to all of that stuff right so. You could see them go in to the drafting and address that corner position but I feel like. Even the linebackers are really being slapped on that outside linebacker position Mike you really need depth there you need it you need a starting will linebacker to weak side linebacker so. You know that's a position where they can address is well it's this is insisting where they're gonna kill him. If some books that use. Them this and it's pretty. I mean not court. Britain and I think there's nothing there's no quit so I don't care one note is gonna play in September that he had to do well in. Well I mean they're gonna have to while the patent come back to veto it and it could actually hear it. You know. But. There is. My backers. View our man. And there's safeties corners tons of who's listening because that the guys that Alabama and Clemson. One bullet points and there's. So ours and they blue. In this Pitt guys if it. This guy's argument satellite receivers put fans in the stands as we hit people when it's like the favoritism segment everybody that John Murphy. Because we. 8030551808550. To 550 to join us as we had a. Assess how positional needs for the bills may have shifted. We've all the attention paid to wide receiver early on in these free agent period they also signed quarterback or by the Wayne Leonard Johnson. Who comes from Carolina you know the coach McDermott has a firm working knowledge of what he can and cannot do on the field obviously feels he's fit. For that system. Maybe we can talk about him a little bit more on the other side and the demands and the skills that you need in this scheme. Especially in run support. Your corners on the edge and get into a little bit of that on the other side. We have to take a break though right now this is the job Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills radio. Back on the job Murphy show Chris Brown in for John or the year today on Monday is Merv gets a lifetime achievement award from the die college regrets to him Donald Jones Ruben Brown also joining us here in the first hour of the show interviews you've been here for. When he did so you should be coming up walls in my Thompson. That is very. But the game this good. Filming me too old man that van never write a lot of a lot out hot dog Aldo. Looked up. That's coming up and I'll learn it all day Monday that it would. So we went to the break and we were talking of you know we stars are about safeties and corners a little bit and you know I don't need none of us really have a great book on Leonard Johnson the quarterback five and 203. Kind of bounced around the league the last couple years but was in Carolina with coach McDermott last year sky is known as. A run support Warner very aggressive squarely built at 52 and 203. In that zone scheme you know that Leslie Frazier runs. You know how key is that to have that Canada can come up you know in and help on that edge you know to force things back insider make play may make plays out. I uploaded in the same boat as them hiring when he got here hiring. Coaches that'd be into the playoffs hiring like older coaches you know when you have a guy who was played in your system. And understands your system he's a veteran. He understands what it is that you wanna do it done. On the back in it's huge if he's going to be a starter or if he's images. Be called on to to help out the other guys you know to help out these young guys that have been plane. In a man's system now you need to got to come over which you. And understands that can teach these guys in many cancer and in want to get tourniquet we don't know what to get it to the camp. You're really learning the system anymore I mean you are well you got to perform out right to have the reforms that you you bring a guy over that knows it and he can teach these guys and I think that's. As a great value for. I think it's easier to accused of murdering to teach. While he's active on the field and if you're fortunate to pinpoint those guys you've got cute with. And it's been a tradition in the NFL for me ever to do you know pinpoint your guy. Keep and which parts are those all those guys they did it. And it's going to be needed here. Because we don't need a situation like we. He donated the former player urges its retired two days Amanda Coetzer DV. I've heard there. Ever say come on movement they want me to do it in the and if I can understand. But. To have like a reed would be more fair on the home. In. As the and you could see him in the most. Of don't oppose. I used to like it on unit here is the water day. You know because I was so real good coaches be a good coach and teacher. Yeah learn how to be teacher pars before you can really become coach Marv Levy. Marceau and some root and I. And and pay. Like with brewery and player. Services and can communicated through younger. Asked these speeds up the in the streets. It's interesting too because a lot of the players in the draft pool this year and quarry in particular. That are being linked to the bills. Are. If appears at least on the surface. That the bills are looking for scheme fit like coach McDermott doesn't want a corner. That is can a shy away from contact in supporting Iran. You know he doesn't want a guy it's more concerned about turn and run with a receiver he wants as a stand your ground. And hit if the plays coming their way. And it's clear based on you know the things you see out cyberspace as far as the quarters that. The bills are being linked to that they're looking for guys that are gonna help. In run support I've ever Terrence McGee when he was here good run support corner Antoine Winfield you know outstanding run support quarter despite his diminutive size they had. I mean like I was lights out my effort I've never seen people hit like that's. I found out that right. Out for half an unbelievable with Watson is Laver Margaret is seen in this whoever is what I'm wailed on whoever taught him had a hit off should be like. Coaching in the league is great way to do it was an Johnson used to coach him at. Next the appeasement them them. To their. Bye week remember in the Green Bay game with the V I. Mean McCain the buffalo. It's one on my respect it is a year and most BP's. And below it. No he made. It. I've never seen anybody hit with a shoulder that size do it it damaged our views it did matter was the guy. He. Now it did it. You know you don't see that too much in today's game like you did you mean you're here because because the agency in in the difference in the athletes today. Guys personally automation at their case for the next. Zelaya HR to stay on the field and also. When you see those guys come on now to go straight and ankles like I'm not hitting you and I mean running backs that are. Well and it and the skills that has changed too because the game questionnaire here the teams are more concerned with guys that can turn and run right with receivers and they are about who can step up and hit and it sounds like coach McDermott a little bit more old school. In wanting physical corners that are gonna stand their granny get up there in the run up front help support. And and if that's gonna make this defense work the way he wants it then get the guys and Ian befits for the scheme amenities pretty. It sounds simple this. You know. Execution isn't always as easy as you're waiting for who's still sitting there on the board when you pick her. Who's out there free agency that fits but what with the depth of Warner town in this draft I think they're going to be. They'll have the luxury to pick and choose. What they because you always hear these guys around draft time sailing and Michael best player on the board we also have to pick. The best fit for the bills now who's gonna fit the Eagles who's gonna area on the forty we have to pick the dad it's gonna fit us best. And that's why sometimes you see the discrepancy. In in prospect values from one team to the we have on our board till around four. But this guys in the lights out for us because of what we're gonna ask him to do here and I think they're gonna be. Schemes specific but these guys on the boundary. I think that's. Right there which are talking about is something that you know people sleep on fans reporters people and immediately released sleep on. You know the scheme fit. And Mike OK you have arrest warrant defense he wants his guys to turn right coach McDermott he wants his guys to be able to please don't we talk about. We talk about his own defense and we used did you hear people talk about a slight audit and run a cover two defense this a lot more this this simpler. You know they won't have to do as much speaking on the field. Let this totally false like you've you have to be a Smart player to be able to play in his own skin like you have to know as a corner. Win usage carrier receiver a little bit and then slow off the comeback in and smack their running back coming out of the backfield or you know win a guy is. It's running in is somebody else coming out when you should let that guy go in and get back to your position might. It's not easy as sounds easy when we sit up here we talked about it but it is not easy and I have to fine. The right guys that a Smart enough to be able to play in this game and that's why. You don't seek votes well first while you had a cast its recent months. Secondly you know seacoast McDermott going after the big names I don't care about the big names I need the guys that understand. What I wanna get done. And can do it and also to come out come up and help out in the run game all of that stuff I need the right guys not the big names. Here before. You know it's movie. Hearts on terms that this whether some good football. That's. What that program this. Four. Some old school. They just it it. They you CN Steve guy a break in disruptions. People fallen all over ladies and let you know make it people changed directions. All right. Doesn't matter what system in this guys. This is what weeks. Before you start with that criteria first and then. The value pick I would say after that you maybe we can to specifically use him years in there. In our program. But when you look at the draft. So much it's scrutinize. The organizers the film is right. Who's making no it's you know who is that this maggot that barb out of air who's knock him from people on them but in an environment. You know who's say diva whose coalition. Big office tomorrow and then back DB's whose prom coming up and make it knows it. Because we're gonna need Katie do it you know. Or is he Ari is this going to be a soft cover guy what how many teams. And you put him on the back of the bits if. Let's go back to the phones have got Tom on the west side who's or interest in talking about the bill's first round pick it ten. Tommy where this. Yeah I am guys. Hulu and I can tell you where you can bet those that want Jordan to name a sandwich for fuel. I and I was is spelling isn't the same thing in the IB. Okay my clothes I'm quite sure and I don't put those big wide receiver in the first round you have would do that back. Well we don't act. Still get a good wide receiver and mutual agreement that was going to be this year we did pick up our cornerbacks and I would say these. And maybe haven't played I am what I. Ya guys. I mean I don't think that's a bad approach. And thanks for the call times I certainly think that's a route that they can take you know and maybe you feel. Knowing that the receivers you have to get has to be of high quality has to be NFL ready to step on the field you need a polished product there and while you may have a lot of talent as our amnesty viewers are seen you know some of the top prospects that are going to be on the board come April 27. You know do you feel confident that all those guys can step in and challenge for a number two role in offense that might be brand new it. I don't know if they can confidently say that and they may have to. Get them receiver early in that case I think that's the direction that they're gonna be locked into and the benefit. Is they can afford to do that because it epic Warner instinct and and you can flip it and I think he could still get a quality receivers that can be somebody that's gonna. You know step on the field Libya to if you get in round two or three. And probably less likely. It's probably less likely. Which occurred at the U cousin. You used so I don't forget where Antonio Brown wins. Yeah but those are few and far between everybody brings up Tom Brady in the sixth round everybody brings up Antonio Brown in the fifth round but. Mean those guys like Brad a dime and does not. I bring up the draft Sammy came out. It's receive my dad's raffles like fourteen receivers deep all in Italy and a fifth round I don't think it's quite that deep this year but there is good talent that will go deep threat. I don't know if it's going to be top shelf talent all the way but guys that if they're not gonna help you this year should help you in a year or two. And yes you know ascend into one of those top two or three roles in Athens the bottom line here is right now. I think most would. Argued the bill probably still need to a Spotify number two yeah. To go with Sammy. Now I don't know where that Suze is gonna. What position might have to like it could be. Tidy or receive boon to any any he rolled this out lastly with the OJ Howard tart. That made you decide to their receivers. I think Roger Holmes. Is a silent receiver you know when you watch him and I'd strongly urge you to go to YouTube to watch my watch what he can do you do to 65. That is that's radius. Is retreat and that's gonna help tyra DiCaprio northwest and is gonna help him now right now. You know he he's got some great highlights I don't dispute after his second he's got extraordinary physical ability. But we haven't seen it yet and part of its due to lack opportunity and claim behind the Mari Cooper and Crabtree. In Oakland he's not gonna see it's on a time on the field with those two guys and are on the you know on the field in the lineup so. I get it. I know we had a great playoff game a few years ago I chairman who was against. And did really well but. To me until I seem more. I think he's Justin hunter right now. He's got to prove to me he can be more than that but he's a Justin hunter body type he's adjusted hunter athletic type. And so for me that's what I see right now. And if he can prove he's better will than the bills for me it's gravy as. As you are tired prisoners Kaymer and care for me with any rookie coming in to do the you'd approve and that's you know. You talk about receivers not easy to come into this week. And India starting receiver right off the bat is really not you know as our own movement that's transition is is it's tough you come from colleges and this type of extra came from a small school Hillsdale College right there in ninety. Our argument you look at a guy like Mike Williams and we talked about last week Mike Williams the physical receiver. Not the fastest fastest guy you don't have to be the fastest guy. But to play like he wants to play you know he wants to get down the field he's not running past the NE RBBs in this league. At his speech so he's going to have to rely on being able to jump up over guys but guys now. And I don't know if you can just transition that into playing in being successful at this level right away is gonna taken some time we've seen it with Trent will. Last year we've seen it with cargo Paterson different guys that are big and physical like him when they did here they just can't get it done UK beat any separation from the ADB's. But that it is now 626 biggest of the we'll just like these guys and faster so but from this is. From the environment prospective. Seasons. Stroke. Receivers. And what I notice if you can't run routes and view. All war. Or you better be peace they gave no guitar. He mis use I mean you've got to be practically a you know and Randy artists are you know in order. To not have to run routes pass on this day. So while these Marie. Fleecing convicts. Mean anything this route running it's tight it's size is reason why cast. These little guys were working out who I don't know who could do they were promoted thing with me that match and America but they'd win and so on loans more bullet then we have these other freaks of nature of the can't turn it you know you can't grand sharp precise. Undetected routes in the NF pack ago. On north you that you need to do if you can read it mosques are replay so no it's reality. That if they're out here. If you better start router routes you know so I think. Went on the Mets who is. That's who we should be. Ticket now but he gave. It. But these low was good that you put in and receive. 80305518550. To 550 to join us we got one more segment with brutal we're gonna step aside right now be back after this it's the John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive. On Buffalo Bills radio. Back on the John Murphy showed Chris Brown filling in for John Murphy along with Donald Jones who were brown for one more segment here before the top of the hour and you know we're we're talking about where the bills transitional needs lie after all of the signings particularly at the wide receiver position another one over the weekend. In the form of Andrei homes. And they and Corey Washington on Friday late Friday. That it had been on the bills' practice squad the year prior. All lines are open at 8030550. Let's go back to the phones here get one call in before our next break at the top of the gallery and go to Jeff in Jamestown. Jeff when he got forests. Yeah I. I get two questions. My first question is about central Anderson. And McKinnell what is. As far as those suspension and and that second part is. What do you think about the there. Trading down there's this thing on the bills wired the bills would trade down with. Simply Tampa Bay. And they pick up extra picks in the it would pick up Cunningham from Vanderbilt as a first taken. They Jones Gloria like. And second round. All right that's a lot. Thanks Jeff the talk there's a lot to chew on there we may have to get through it. In the next segment of the segment there after a trading down did. Definite possibility that they'll slant six picks you know so that's the lowest number in the dress tied the lowest number of picks in the draft. And in the draft this deep. Yeah love to have more. That's the business smarts are great driveway and think about other teams obviously other teams would might want to entertain attorney bush in other teams knows these two that it like why are we giving away our hair is that you are so yeah I would not let them stock of its legal people keep politics and build our roster thing of the. The fans kind of loose right sometimes it's chess match that goes on around this term. Because historically. Even when I was drafted the bills wouldn't you do it you know who they were drafted I didn't become influencers. And abducted they met here at I have to come arm that was enough data and every bit I was on the Tampa Bay you know so. A lot of times there's a lot of yeah he's very car owner draft and mean anything about it you know so. And they mentioned Tampa Bay Tampa picks nineteenth for those that don't know offhand in the kind of looking at defense of linemen safeties running backs. So maybe it wanna get up there are one of the safety slips to ten you know one of those top two safety self belief hooker Jamal Adams those of the guys you're talking about. That could fall to ten perhaps although many people think they're going to be long off the board before the bills are burger whip position. You. Research is very deep base of dollars to beat her I think it's quarter corners are evicted the deepest our armed men. And witnessing it and starting corner route for Wharton school at insane. So now I mean it's an unfortunate downing your riches and and it's effective safety at that far behind. But we are at the top of the hour here Rousseau thanks for coming and we appreciate your doping is stranger on our went on. It went on your back on its like ultimately you're not traveling and there is a seven corners of the earth except aggregate affect of this continent and I looked at you which as you travel so much is there flat. Louis' Tony restore occurred. They're gonna start that now at them right when I. I gotta get to break here I I'm not gonna and as we are very. Bills and who is Pro Bowl fullback pat DiMarco will join us talk a little and CAA's he's got a vested interest in the tournament we'll talk about that on the other side that John Murphy show. That by NAPA Auto Parts. From one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio.