03-20 Matt Moulson Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Monday, March 20th

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Thank you Brian Matt simple tonight to vote on special teams and two for two on the power play at four for four on the penalty kill. We talk when this special teams every game and did a good government and about the par political talk about that time and this he's a stroke that struggling get on the board to talk about the play in the U. Yeah heavily. You know practicing a lot and if what you think Paramount when he kind was looking at me so just got over Foreman. Baker put it you can as private club and play well to that point that the shots for an 1860 TV eights and repentant I have a problem was going well. The very next ship Detroit comes out they get a lot of zone time in the kind of take over the game after that what was the difference violent partner from that point on. North early on we. Oil lines Roland and you know we we didn't after the after the penalties in the room. And really kind of a dumb of their own and you know they got got a little momentum and obviously stirred me to push. Now up. Float on the power play we've seen it all you the way you guys produce and two more goals tonight to see you expect to score no time to do it quickly in the power play. Every practice slowly we know each other. Well out there and you know I think here are we coaches would see sort of it was. Could put into place. Is gnome I could be seeing things that seems that you guys pass the puck better when you're on the par and you guys do on five on five of my seeing things or is that correct. Pat I don't know what happened here have you tried it but I know better than me looking for motherhood. You know you were too long or around wealth around. Evolution obviously is important for team building and you know. Important is that step away for this club is an organization knew how to score 65 on five because obviously had apparently down policies. Yeah I think you know offensively we. I think the purpose of make Cisco. Hopefully we can we can feed off vehicles from your last game and Joe Louis Arena happy sat down what are your memories at Joe Louis Arena. Obviously it's great historic landmark. But. You know I'm sure that the new facility will be very necessary. If you play ecology here no no I didn't so I'm sure the new facility Venus. Obviously you like to come here because of the history you know things have happened to your room. But. Venus for interactive think thank you. Mammals the post game Brian back to.