03-20 Paul Hamilton Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Monday, March 20th

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All let's start with letter. And these four road games they got four outstanding games from their goaltender and Lennar on display tonight. Yeah it was he had a great game that I can't blame at all for the goal that went in on them and was was sharp when they did get opportunities most of the raptors game five on hot not really on our plane down in the last couple minutes to where. There are opportunities there he was strong he was on top of that play he was talking about to us that where they'd like to take bad angle shots. You can tell he's doubted that knew that the way he was set up. And ready for those bad angle shots and I wasn't letting those goofy things go by I'm like the one from a corner last time we were here that in the back of a knack. And went in so he was ready for that you can tell the way he was playing it that he was good that. Paul also the special teams of course easy to say had a major impact tonight and I think the power play's been good so I'm sure they're proud of that getting twice to both tonight but. Their penalty kill this year has struggled so to kill all four and a power idle power play this is in a Pittsburgh power play year Washington's but. They still got to be proud of their efforts there to killing all four attempts. Yeah we're going on what you wanna say 1516 games through the penalty kill like thinks an excellent. And Josh Georgia's been a big part of that Jack Michael. We talked to him about that today he spent more time on the penalty kill you can tell that he's. A little bit chief that people like it on his defensive play but. I think you're an Iowa we've talked. I think we've pretty accurate I think is defensive plays improved as he's going along especially without the puck. I'm made it could play coming back and at 211 I remember we're talking about a couple weeks ago where he gave the puck away. And he just was what you shot out of a cannon coming back I believe his good plot and and and made the play got the puck back and then drew a penalty when he was gone so. Com I don't know exactly what critiques he's reading but I think is his defensive play has improved we've been talking about it. I would agree and I also like his. Just reference of that he wants to get better he wants to have a piece of that he wants to be on the ice and key moments and that he's trying to show his coaches that. They belong even said he makes him feel like he's more involved in the game mine I like everything you said about it. Any should they when you're the star of the team we should be in every situation otherwise you're not the star of the team and I think he is the star of the team. And I think he needs to be more involved in those situations when the goaltenders polled at the last minute of the game both offensively and defensively. Killing penalties all those types of things I think it's very important for him to be part of that. And he is getting more opportunities as he's going along. 21 sabres over the red wings Paul Hamilton live in Detroit Paul but one quick thought on Brady's Austin's debut. I was pretty good I thought he accounted for himself very well. But one player that he gave the puck away he actually made the play defensively right away after he did it. So that's that's the sign of our guy who you know isn't intimidated by the situation is like Altman may not play you know what we make a good place to fix it and you get. So why he made that hit right off the bat which I'm sure got him into the game over at center ice he got two shots fairly quickly on that. And I'm really didn't have a problems but this game drama whatsoever. Last thing Paul Joe Louis Arena is the going to close this year of course those mentioned on the broadcast a few times US some of the players. How what do you think is your memory of that building. And is looking at it kinda you know seeing like the white walls here with the red paint. This 20072008. Stanley Cup champions and they're all listed here. The NHL trophy winners the Hart trophy winners the Norris trophy winners Gordy Howe won six Hart trophies. Lidstrom won seven Norris trophies. But Lester Patrick trophy the Art Ross trophy all those things. You heard him miles an antibody hopes they are able to continue this in the new building. The history it's all over this building on the way they've done here and you know I am not a big fan of the building a lot of as the press box which is just around us but. I think that's that's the big part of and I have been here all that often yeah but there's certainly is a lot of history in this building there's no question about it. I agree like I'm sure north plains coliseum in Edmonton. Might not have been. You know up with technology your comfort or even wonderful and some fashions but. You just remember this the success in an for me when I got old enough to to note to pay attention. Detroit was good and they were good for quite awhile so I mean all remember what you set eyes are meant Lidstrom those teams that were so good that obviously had such a long success for such a long time. Our poll have a safe flight back and were right back get a tomorrow with the penguins in town. We will see you there.