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Friday, April 21st

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What else that coach John McDermott their coach thanks very much the schedule was out and you know now that the 2017 season will open. Against the New York Jets at home your thoughts and then especially opening home. Other jets are highly competitive football team a good football team and welcome football team in in what we're gonna have to be ready that's that we've got a lot of work to do between now and then. Really focused on our next opportunity to get better which will be will be tomorrow at this point in terms of what we've got on the schedule. And and so we look forward to that. You just wrapped up the a three day veteran voluntary minicamp what did you see from your team and and how these justices of the change if you put. Then a phenomenal job they really haven't. And credit goes to them and in the stat that's around and we've got some good players in this in this building we've got some more most importantly good people. And that's really where it starts and and that attitude has been right from day one and. Very much appreciate it's a veteran group many of them have been used to change you know churn in the coaching staff so. They know to expect change but are they receptive to what you find it in the earliest days. They are they're very they've been very. Much recent. You know receptive to if you will and and more so honestly then that I would have thought it and I appreciate that it doesn't happen everywhere like that in and so again credit to them we've got a lot of work to do and there's going to be. Days that are tougher than the last up one and we've got to be able to stick together and hang together that's that's really what the NFL's all about. And professional sports is a group of of men and women that can they can hang together through through adversity and tough times. You've got new offenses and defense is to put in it he started it installation process are you still. Approaching that part of the Nazis while we're we're we're in the middle of it right now or or I should say that the early third that if you willing and so that process will continue with. As we go and get more more days under our belt. At the ad portraying facility we need to continue to. Integrate ourselves in the schemes and also building alignment terms of what's expected daily habits to build the building went before what's next what happens next week here the personal sports tree. Well next week really just beginning a phase two and and over get a chance to get on the field a little bit more with it with the athletes and and install some more of the schemes and walk through and really if you went caught it yeah moving classroom. On the field and and so its intensity not as high as it just was the last couple of days which it can get pretty high which. I think with good force and so. We're we're we're just continued to install. He medically what we want them and also messaging and the consistency behind the message. Also got the draft coming up now a lot less than a week away. You've been involved in the draft a lot already in this offseason here what comes up in the next few days the final preparations that you you're Stefan that. And the personnel department make to get ready for direct it. Let's always a fun process and we're kind of coming down the to the end here and that's that's a lot of lot of work that's gone into our scouts to a great job then Doug Wheeler and his staff and providing us with a lot of information as a coaching staff and those meetings have taken place has been phenomenal and and we're gonna put ourselves in position to get a good football player hopefully several of them that can help this just came along how do. You manage. The match between your coaching staff and in the personnel department. What comes done leadership and communication and you know Doug and masses as two of the leaders. Among the groups have to do our job and and the communication it's going to be free flowing at all times and we can't be afraid to like to debate a situation of health in those are productive and and a good conversations at the end of the day how much are you looking forward to your first draft as head coach are extremely I'm extremely excited about it. Forced in my family tennis and cut down that the debt they're very understanding and and they they want the best players for the business well and and so a lot of thought necessary evils at this point council were fired up about and can't wait to Kelly for next Thursday coach and it's very much appreciate it could be with yet.