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What do you think of this we can how's it different than the last couple of weeks with the worker. Is that they'll load different just because yes you get to get on the field and no play football. It's been exciting you know we have a new coach and staff who. That emigrant visas have now the united buckles McDermott who's been a great coach so far so many vice seemed excited by simply they've been buying into the program. This being what you're thinking here in the house this offseason different than demise is often. A lot different just because of a number things one to knock on how we know what to expect just because I've been a four year. To also because last year oust him off of injury so. On not only did up not play my last college season but I moved up a level you know in the game to a faster paced game so on this kind of sucking in the open now. I've been they would get a great offseason and non politics makes on deftly side of his of them season we have talked to accompany your teammates this week in the and the image of him before this week that. They thought it would be different when the coaches are on the sidelines at practices of posted just to conditioning work. That you have prior to this if you felt that it is a different temple different getting in America definitely whenever you just working out you try to go look you know full speed and and I do everything full Paisley is this a different level of speed whenever you compete against a guy you know whenever you don't want to take that loss against a one on one north. U verse you know after you make a run on U verse thirty yards and a billion is just a different temple when you're competing so. You deathly see their of them through. But there's no hitting right now right to violating those rules to do like individual drills I was out of the workers a little bit individual little bit of team. You know team setting but. Definite no contact or anything like that. But Jonathan Williams bill. Second year running back. And you mention that we I guess we I tend to forget that you did not play in your senior season senior season at a college in sold last year you rookie year here was really. A comeback year for you right field as the season went along that you were kind of getting back at full strength. Definitely definitely I mean this. It was just different you know and I here and in football terminology for years you know tried to stay in the mean loans must possible it. It's a lot different when you don't hear a play calling nine Hodel you know sewing you come back to a the national football lease those death via learning curve for me but. Been aroused great Gaza some coy you know he's a great when a beverage was taught me a lot. On last year's so. Mike Gillis the column a lot of blasters so. On death excited about this yeah it took until the third week before you play right the Arizona home game via. What would you what we feel in that game Agee and chances. You know being inactive the first two games and then here's Arizona a year in the line up. What do you feel about your first game back in more than a year I was anxious you know I says it's on a I'm I'm my biggest critic you know definitely I wanna be of this OK what I can do and wanna. You know any mistakes that I made on the hardest must also. Definitely went death that was beside it and you know those families they express how felt that day you know it was a lot of lot of emotions your run now. Fast forward now Ewing years you're second season you have your first full offseason and then I felt. So things are gonna be a little bit different you probably aren't a little bit better shape than you were coming and from last year. What are your personal expectations were for this season. All team expectations denied that that personal goals but. The team gone as far as you know some direct because McDermott is. Set the standard than in you know who wanted to have any playoff caliber you know everything that we do from. The way that we eat the way that we take the field everything has been playoff caliber so. In everybody's mind that their program his program in armed deftly buying into does well so. I know no real personal goals I wanna put out there and if we have him but. You know anything I wanna talk about his team goal coaching staff is doing and you getting you know some of these guys tell me about your. Your new position coach Kelly skipper how's that working with him what did you learn from him and in this early stage so I as a renegade guy that got them really familiar with Jackson because of on the lows on last minute of the Senior Bowl. There was some an individual awards he was and I'm gonna Mickelson is suitable soda have a little bit of extras with him in he's a really echoes is that. Com was and is NFL coach as well also he consummate a good tree of knowledge of you know football and things like that so he's experienced and we're excited that men are wrong and the bills have one can steal his office of my coach and run game coordinator which is a little different. How much interaction do you guys have backed him with coach Steele and what you see is wrong maybe being produced. He's actually the guiding installs them on so he's sweet as each day easily run that we put me he installs and he tells us they ins and outs of each Ron so. The running game you said in and talking about the running game we love it you know with some of the get. Sound scheme so. I think it is a big things that. They added some new faces to the random bag room and in my over them and Patrick DiMarco. First of all my two over what type of personality is at. Hey he has a lot of press analogy you know residency he has a lot of energy content with a lot of energy he's a veteran guy with a lot and houses were also is that the fund them in the wrong. And then Patrick DiMarco with the he's really really Smart guy really athletic and really really add data so. He he death accuses those will be out there and walking OB quizzing on the side economics and I know I have so he's a really really great leader in the Smart guys who. Those two guys have played in the last two Super Bowls and ironically lost both of the last two liberals so what have they been able to gauge you. Since they've been on those two things. I haven't really thoughtful about the loss I'm Sonoma I want thawed by the in the Super Bowl went on to us. I guess and a leadership in those guys have been to a I think this is told Mike Tolbert champion of the patsy carries himself legacies fifteenth year in the league tells Marty is in house that he is so on design and preparation. And just different. Things and again thinkers might now it. With Jonathan Williams Phil second you're running back is the bills worked through the final day of their three game veteran now a mini camp this week. Which and we sit Tolbert is a dancer did you mean when he gets in the hands on owner he seemed Danson in the locker failed as a minute and then wait only irony come to come to edit pump some guys that get ready to lift he's the depth there energy gas. It doesn't you got limited work last year you played eleven games was it one game last year where you felt like you turn the corner like mrs. Well what I can do this is. He felt like maybe you showed what you can do to help the team win any any of those games and last year in the against the Bengals a little bit it was a bonus to the song went out a little bit with the with the injury and and me in my really kind of at the play allowed to was in the game in Philly has some pretty decent round still not. While wanted to be let us down the hardest Hamas Celso still never. The satisfied with that but that we've felt like OK I know I can play at this level. And I'm excited to. You know keep getting better every day. Last year used were behind my carelessly and and this year obviously and everybody knows my toes for years now. Received an offer she from the patriots locals speak your mind when you see and he got an offer sheet from another team and and might not be here. Discontinue my preparation you know on the contains this. My it was probably one of my closest friends on the team Honda when them the basic everyday unless you're so wrong but every day of the competition in every day it was on I was going to be an amount and and that's not any negative thing pound button every day now work to try to be the best I can be so. Among progress is an and it's hands and they're gonna prepare that's on a good investment about that can be viewed talked regular seen much since he got offer sheet and maybe taken his temperature what is plans are when things went I have really but from what I understand is not much you can run you can do those. Com. Probably for a guy in a ghostly came into the league when he that you came in in the fifth round for guy's gonna back up to get an offer sheet to get a chance to make a lot more money that's a significant milestone and in his career right and maybe have an issue for for any other kinds of back apparently detonated their economic side of former NSA he's one of my closest guys on the team so I'm just to see you know how much work he put in the eyes you see it pay off. On the death the exciting this season as a friend last us mass. The running back position in this week people talk about it is surpassing the there's a running back position going away now your your answer is going to be buys his right yeah what's your thoughts on people these days after Razzaq picked Iraq and activism has gone away. Is definitely not going away I know I hear a lot of people say that. You can get a government backing any round that any position Tom Brady is hardly the best equipment what's on Tuesday at Tennessee now. Julia Adam is a guy's a great player. A lot of guys. Prisoners was undrafted you know he's a great player. So you can decrypt plays anywhere is not just one event is any player in the league you know so. On a death up into an event position. Is to be devalue nothing any team that makes it far in the play Austin makes the playoffs has a good set of running backs on his death via an important position. Messing I have freed Jonathan we talked about jealously in the opportunity may have. When that happened earlier this week do you feel any sense like the doors opened for me now there's opportunity for me here at I mean the very least you mostly. Was taken up a spot on the depth chart that was probably a little bit ahead of you. Yeah you know those thoughts on the mind. Also excited for him right Obama just because of how close we are but definitely a must on mine is this essay not that's in my preparation just because of my progression was always already to be the best Huckabee zone and is increasingly being made one where caller I can't waiting hard and anyway because love always wanted to be the best so my Debbie have those thoughts in my head and I'm excited for the opportunity. Thanks for us good luck the rest of the way this offseason thank you thank you.