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Friday, April 21st

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He's always Simon and Jeremy White. There's gonna be reviewed top to bottom I have to meet with the ownership I'm sure I'm gonna be reviewed I'm sure being reviewed right now. As they should be so I have a book fully notes that I have to compile. And there are ready to deliver those thoughts ownership and after that. It will come back if I am still here and deliver my thoughts to our head coach and uncle used to. We have breaking news in the midst of our conversation Tim Murray and Dan files must have both been relieved of their duties. Well I'm having a lot of us were surprised because we. Saw the possibility of maybe widen. Getting let go but I don't think I do believe people saw the possibility of before I was pleadings so my reaction is surprise. Thought you'd be surprised some degree got Beaufort on shockingly few words that others use but based on everything that's ever been percolating around the Buffalo Sabres without you now I don't think that it is overly shocking. You're an aggressive move by experience simply coolant goes out of that but you know this is apparently got accustomed to winning aired during its. Generous thoughtful and I suppose they might be right play but you're pretty good hockey guys that are ought to work. Non WG ER Sports Radio 515. Some of the sound from yesterday. And opening column was simmering from last week and it stayed in the season press coverage through its and and she's breast are we got through all the notes. And that it was Edgar Peters yesterday were when word came down that the sabres it clean house. Elliot Friedman from sports net Darren trigger from TS that Howard and break with you Jeremy off this morning. I feel like I'm trying to figure out how actually think they'll appeal the press stop I'm not shocked I don't think it shock. Bob who is out grabbing a sandwich yesterday having lunch. All look in my in others a statement from Jerry Google. I honestly thought how about that stuff I talk about like being wrong right I honestly thought. The statement was it was that. Basically Jim and Dan were coming back for another season we've held our meetings we held our valuations. While we are terribly disappointed. In how the season played out we still believe in our general manager and our coach lab lab lab a black and that I opened up email and Redick. A while they fired both guys so I'm not shocked. But I'm surprised. And like most people nodded the ball small portion of it but the Tim Murray portion of it. I'm sitting here wait for the show to start rate is doing the update he's run in the open and I'm trying to figure out how the heck do I. How I put into words how I feel right now. I think when I go where it. The mouse that's that's running inside the little wheel right. Don't talking about the little mouse run around. What does it like a science experiment what is separate we are on sale idol announced she in the in the wielded I believe the appropriate broad knowledge of that is a hamster wheel hamster wheel I feel like I'm in the hamster wheel. Buffalo's sports. Did you go there's there's there's what I'll put on Twitter Buffalo's sports equals. I'm gonna go hamster wheel. It's just. We keep going we average anywhere. Man. Where to start okay. We got a lot of ground to cover. Fault lines are open lot here for me I I don't mornings are tough. You're getting ready for your job you did your kids off to school. Maybe you've worked all night you're coming home going to bed. But bloc would love to talk to about. The sabres in the house cleaning and if you think the sabres did the right thing it's it's a busy debt we have that we have the bills' schedule. What a crazy day was yesterday working on the sabres stuff you know listening to Mike and Chris. You know listening to investigators. Researching all these different things get ready for the show. And then at at you know. Quarter they get on Twitter figuring okay someone have to set the bills' schedule up right o'clock. Then getting the bill schedule going through that for weeks one through seventeen we got a lot to get to this morning. We you can talk about both you can talk about either to the sabres do the right thing and whatever opinions you have on the bills' schedule you can shell does bring is I'll get to that. But obviously the big story would be the house cleaning the bowels of the story again it is not a surprise. I think that was a writing on the wall thing. To meet the married thing was a surprise even though. You know Britain just played the clip maybe maybe I should have been more prepared. Two things happen. Since the season ended one Tim Murray last week was a fairly straight shooter you say what you want about him. He was a good GM it was a bad GM he was an average GM. He was straight shooters pretty. Straightforward. Honest at times blunt. In press conferences and for sure his see his occasional segments. Over the course of the season with my concurrence. Maybe I should have liked it and I heard him I listened to the press covers it I said if I'm back next week and I thought well maybe that's just. That's just blow someone in that position says never assume that I'm going to be here. I'll I'll say if maybe that was he had a feeling that the for goalless were unhappy. And then Jeremy the other day says you know hey I'm here and stuff going on. This is what happened with the exit interviews this is what's going on wood piles of but he's talking about day of reckoning and all the like wow. So I I probably should have been less surprised at the news that Murray was Smart but I was surprised meet personally. I would've fired marked. I would've kept them around for another year given him another off season. And another season to fix this roster. So let that's me but clearly the goal is this this was. Almost as miserable season as you could possibly right up if someone approached you in September. And head. First off your here's a bottle of your favorite drink have a few pops in that I want to put together up just about the darkest. Miserable. Depressing sabres season you could put together. Let's see would you come up. First big picture they missed the playoffs. Next knowledge they missed the playoffs they have fewer points than they did last season when they took a step. It would have been hard not to take a step board after the tank when you were designing a team to lose it's hard not to move forward. In the first she's that we are actually trying to win. But missed the playoffs. Have fewer points than than the previous season those are two big ones. Then you can add in Michael gets injured the day before the opener. And you can add it all the other stuff that happened the injuries Evander Kane right or I missed a few games so forth and so on. And I'm probably skipping a few things. But just for you know what's and giggles you'd be like like let me take another shot. OK up. Fully expect the playoffs. Like talk about you know twisting the knife after you put it and missed the sabres as the playoffs they have pure points. I was injured missed the first 21 games of the season. And what the hack run overall the leafs fly past the sabres. Haven't really exciting entertaining young team. The team that won the lottery the team that won the Babcock sweepstakes. Flies past the sabres and gets into the playoffs I mean. Your friends would've looked at you and said you need to go see someone professionally yeah how can anybody drop that kind of scenario. That happened. And perhaps one of the other things. In Terry Gould is mind as he was deciding what to do and according to Darren Gregor from TSA and he reported that the Google is made up made their decision. On firing both guys after meeting with them on Wednesday. May be another thing that went through a goal as mind set again bows but I don't think is a surprise to anybody. If you know with the weather everything that was coming down. Over the course of the last couple of months or so with the players with disconnect with. With the season a whole bunch that I don't think anybody is surprised I don't again bottom as surprised. Nope supposedly. He was. Resigned to the fact that he was he was going to get fired like he he thought this was coming so nobody surprised if the if you're surprises the right thing. But wait maybe one other thing that was on Google whose mind when he was assessing Tim Murray is that. Do you think this season. The frustrating it was frustrating few his fans I mean. Not even dump assets for a bag of pucks at the trade deadline he just this was Nero fiddling while Rome was burning. And you know he would he would be asked about it you know get it all starts with the eichel injury and that an opening night Cain goes down. So two of your top six guys are out for the first well came was out for the first month iCloud for two months and and caned up the score for the month of November. He would be asked from time to time when he's on which opened a Bulldog about you know trades any thing do. And it seemed like the answer was let me wait and see how can I valuing this team when they're injured. All the meantime. You know your team is either treading water or you know every now and then it's head is going underwater. And eventually they drowned sorry for that analogy but it's early and I'm tired. So you know and here's the GM. Preaching patience he didn't fire the coach during the season he didn't make any trades he didn't. That basically all they did the trade was I think Daniel cabinet chief for Matt bode. Bomb or called ice from Rochester. It'd just wasn't good enough. In a season where even if you didn't think they'd make the playoffs this year. Maybe you were skeptical about that you but if like me I didn't think they'd be you the play outs. Binding big miss by seventeen points and not be a factor. Mean the high point and this season from start to finish was pretty much bereft of joy. The high point they were too high point of the season one Michael returns. And true that little stretch before the box. Right when they had that you know that will they had beaten Toronto. In Toronto than they lost to Vancouver letter explodes after the game and calls out his teammates think they won three straight games that week they lost to Chicago going into the bye. But they're in a stretch there are playing better than they were like 73 and one or something like that there one point out of a playoff spot albeit. Other teams had games in hand but that was like. That was the peak point of the seat on point. That and Michael coming back on November 3 the high points of the season. As I said you couldn't have drawn it up anywhere. And I'm guessing the gold is looked at it and felt the same way that I'm shore most many of you most of you all of you do. This season was then. An epic fail. And it was not a not only was it not another step toward but it was a step backwards and you look at the roster. And an end. As as I said can I say there's a lot of times on the show as much as we spent all the time talking about Dan bowels meant to meet. My mind was always fixated on Tim Murray and this is why would have given him another year I wanted to see if he could fix this mess this is his roster for the most. Clark. There are very few players year from Darcy rigor. And actually and in another condemnation of Kim married the two best defensemen on this roster that Murray ads are from Darcy were gear. In rats mistress the line and inject McKay. And in terms of some of the better put the best player on the roster Jack cycle OK anybody could've made that picked. And you know pure like Reinhart Eva right what did Murray say at the time my wife could have made these picks Reinhart and Michael. So. I think as I thought I would have let him work his way through it but you can look at the roster and go man this this this just isn't good enough you put this together. It's pretty much your group. If you're gonna bring up guys that you're not happy with Bogosian while that was part of one of your trades no credit to the other part of that trade did just fine that game was great season. Among the league leaders and even strength score. On a team that. Is still. Struggling offensively 26 or 27 in offense this season Cain. Was wasn't a major weapon for you so I still think that's a good trade I think you're rather trade was a good trade. If you start to value winning summit to marshmallows and I put this roster together. The classic cool cop deal was was awful. Hopefully Rasmus asked when will turn out to be a good player and I know when we talk about that deal. I'll usually gets in tweet saying hey don't forget big that deal was really make you get picked to get asked play. Well in the meantime. If that was the case first off you're trying to win this season. You're trying to get in the playoffs you moved out one of your mobile puck moving defenseman for a guy who turns out to be terrible. It angle about the injury and all that stuff but he was the awful. That's on Tim are. No he resigning Matt Olson he resigning Tyler edit. He brought in Cody Franzen. He brought in Josh Georgia's. You know what was not a problem I thought it played well but it's still a movie you look at go really had to give up first round pick to get a goalie. His drafts. It's her it's it's really somewhat unfair to evaluate draft spot. Go to its first 12014 Reinhart the only guy from that draft. They traded Brenda LeMieux. Eric Cornell is in Rochester bats lobbed Kara about checks and Rochester. Those are second round picks the third round pick price and Martin played like eighteen games in Rochester 2014 draft produced Reinhart. Fifteen of course was cycle hopefully Brendan goalie maybe even will Borg and last year's draft has the potential to re really go to these guys all pan out Neil lender Aspen cliff who Casey FitzGerald. But you know his draft at least the first one at. The only guys here is the guy went second overall which is really not that hard to pick a second overall got. So this kid's Mattson I think if you're Terry Gould I understand I can certainly. Feel that you are justified in making this decision. As I said. I just would have given him one more year the firing of Murray. Doesn't necessarily worry Meehan and the firing of miles mode doesn't bother me that's fine you go find another coach. What I can't concerned about is who's leading the franchise. And where to the sabres go from here. You're in clean house in mean teams clean house it happens happens all the time in professional sports. And as I said you you can make academy timber it was no great shakes as a general manager he was better than darts. But there were a lot of flaws you can point out in his three years and what three month tenure as GM of the sabres you wanna move on for him okay. Not what not what I would have done but but I understand. Why you're unhappy and I and OK now move on. Here's the part that makes me nervous. Who with a pro ghoulish turning to for advice. I think. There was a lot of talk yesterday a lot of different names being thrown out there for GM candidates I don't think you'll have a problem finding a guy for this job. I don't think there were some articles yesterday about you know the sabres and their dysfunctional and at the Google is because the bills are dysfunctional. And here's the list of people that he's fired since he's owned both of these teams I hear all that stuff. It's still one of 31 teams in the NHL you won't have a problem finding a qualified GM candidate. You spent part of your day like I did yesterday listening to the Elliot Friedman and Darren triggers. And the pure love runs and the Craig Costin misses and and all the national guys that cover the National Hockey League. I got a list of at least a dozen guys out there are on a piece of paper here that have been brought up as qualified GM candidates. Former GM's current assistant GM is associate GM is they won't have a they will not have a problem finding someone qualified to take the job. My question is. How'd they get to that point. Are they looking for the GM are they doing their own search are they gonna find somebody to help them out I I feel. I've never been a big is our guy OK and it didn't work out for Nicholas in Russia mean they they excuse of but have never been a big czar guy. We've we've talked about it it's come up in the past with the bills for sure football czar bill and bring in globally and oversee. I'm just I'm I'm typically a guy who thinks if I owned a sports franchise. I would find the right general manager and that guy leads by. Football operations are hockey operations whichever team we're talking about. And then that guy hires my head coach and there we go there by two leaders of my organization my general manager and my coach. Book it's been so bad. In the Google ownership for the sabres but I feel it is time for them to finds another layer in that organization. What do bring up you know what beliefs of Don which Shanahan and lamb morale low and then they got I think multiple assistant GMs. It's an idea of so many different hockey minds coming together and with those layers you can experience success it's working out at least not the only team that does that there are others that have followed that model as well. I feel like the ghoul lose. Really need someone to turn to to help them run their franchise now. They kind of tried it in the pac. They brought in Craig Patrick and that is never really went anywhere they brought in Pat LaFontaine and that blew up for whatever reason. The a broad and Ken Sawyer from the Pittsburgh Penguins in at wasn't really a good idea at related make this franchise any better. I I think they need to find an overseer. Whatever title you wanna call it president of hockey ops director of hockey ops executive. Pres Buffalo Sabres Kama executive president what ever I eighth I'm really worried about where they turn now. For the NFL and I wonder if they do it is to the NHL for the NFL. For owners. If when they fiery general manager. If you wanted to the earth there are guys that are there that you can you can consult width. Former GM's in the league Ron Wolf from Green Bay Ernie accorsi from the giants Charlie casually from Washington I believe. The last time the jets needed a new general manager I think or their coach of Yale west I think they they they use like Charlie casually as a consultant. Is there anybody out there that the goal is can talk duke in the league provide some guidance who they could tap into to help them. I don't know if you call Neal Smith who's in broadcasting. Former president GM of the Rangers do you do you talk to him find a hockey guy. Who someone who can point you in the right direction I do believe you need someone at the top of the list. And and I think. You know one of the names I don't Paul is talking about this is this guy's name has come up in the past. Many times and I'm not bringing it up because he played here and he was popularity coached here. Really don't need a coach or GM just because she wore a sabres uniform or or whatever has some connection to the sabres. But got a great double. You know either bring him in as GM or maybe make him hit the president of hockey operations. And then Rick goes out and he hires one of these good young up and coming assistant GMs of the the Paul threatens the Jason got to rebuild the Julian bray is blob mark hunter Tom FitzGerald the list goes on and on and on. Of names that are out there that that people are saying are qualified to be GM. I'd like them that's what what worries me we're the blues going from here. I'm not sure how much she'll say about that at 10 o'clock when he held his press conference today we'll have a live on WGR but to mean it is it is much. OK we fired a coach after two years as he did this football team. We fire the GM after three years. And everybody's complaining what is the GM with the bill still there it to me it's more about where the goal is turning for advice. Who can they talked to are they going to be form. Did did they how did they come up with a list of GM candidates are they gonna do those and abuse are they running this themselves or they get a look. Four up person or persons. With extensive experience in the National Hockey League as an executive. To build their rebuild essentially their hockey department and lead their search. That's to me the biggest cancer look this roster definitely needs fixing. The new GM that comes in here. Would like hopefully figure out a way to unload some of these contracts Bogosian and Molson being at the top of the list the new GM that comes in here. Have to figure out how to make a better group of defensemen kick how do you find all talk at least one. Top four defenseman this is assuming goalie pans out and takes one of those slots how do you find at least one top four defenseman may be true defenseman overall. The new GM that comes in here these add speed to this roster there were too many nights this year where they just look slow. Where the other team looked faster than them and and the now ex GM talking about we need to play fast aggressive attack game. They didn't have the speed to do. From the Blue Line to the forwards collectively as a group. It was so evident when you dip down a Rochester and a guy like Evan Rodriguez comes up Yugo and he's fast. We can use that so that nude the new GM has to get speed on this roster the new GM has to find more score. They're five on five production was. There's still one of the worst offensive teams in the league 26 for 27 goals and that was whipped. I forget where they ended up finishing first or second and it was second with. One of the best power plays in the National Hockey League so new GM has his work cut out for him there are a number of things he needs to address. The question is who's that GM how to the sabres find him. And they have someone in place like I said a president of hockey ops. And that person conducts the search for the next general manager of the Buffalo Sabres finding a qualified candidate again it is not going to be a problem. And I don't think people will be scared away and oh yeah but wait a minute. Know that the guerrillas have fired X number of GM's and X number of coach is and look what they dealt with you know they fired another coach with the football team. It's a general manager's job in the National Hockey League and if you got a guy who's qualified whether it's dean Lombardi wants to be GM again. Or any one of these number of assistant or associate GMs who would love a crack at running a franchise. You're not gonna have a problem finding them. 8030550. To join us I'm looking at computer screen in the phone lines are all empty. The sabres just fired their coach and GM you must have an opinion on that. For lighter fare. If you're if you're ruled the asked what's happening with your hockey team because remember we're supposed to be one mean it's all feel better after the football season. For a fair. We gas pump with the bill schedule I broke it down I traded up some stuff last night I got scheduled vitamin B. I'll get to that. And I wanna hear from you on the on the scheduled to if it's just sabres that's cool too but but either way it would love to hear from. Buffalo sports fans it's a big morning lot of stuff going on. I know you have an opinion. I'm getting puns of tweets I don't open the tax line that's Germany's responsibility. Getting tons of tweets but I like phone calls I like talking to. And I enjoy that the back and forth and hearing from the folks out there so 8030550. Grab an open line will take your calls 888550. Q 550. The sabres cleaned house the bills have their schedule you can share European opinions. This morning on the the shouted fore go to break up Paul Hamilton with a set 7 o'clock this morning I mean it's big and a complete ball global earlier. At 830 Elliot Friedman from sports net at 930 Darren trigger. From TSA and sells going to be joining us in studio at 8 o'clock with his thoughts on this plot. We'll talk about the draft. We'll talk about the schedule. It's dollars out there yesterday for Sean McDermott press conference will discuss the coaches comets as well it's all coming up on WGR. I'm glad to. Believe that put bullets are more likely to go in the direction of an experienced GM or at least an assistant general manager working with an existing NHL team schools might have a lot of that information. About my work already done. As Darren trigger TSA and he will be with us at 9:30 this morning. That you'll hired he was covering the Edmonton game last night. It went over time. In Alberta. Where it's two hours earlier. But we'll talk to him about to the sabres the situation coming up later this morning the sabres have fired Tim Murray and Dan vials not. By the way they also fired their director of pro scouting rob Murphy and the director of amateur scouting Greg writes we have all of the details at WGR 550 dot com. Sabres owner Terry for Golar will hold a 10 o'clock press conference this morning we will have that live during the investigators. Right here on WGR. Cut continuing coverage of the sabres coaching and management changes brought you by Pelosi and gadget workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working hard. For hard working western New Yorkers. In the playoffs last night. Meek is the bad the jet and overtime gives the Rangers a 32 win in Montreal the raiders take it 32 series lead. The one seed in the west complex national finishes off the hawks with a sweep for one the final national now play. The Saint Louis Minnesota winner in round two. Pittsburgh advances to the next round they beat Columbus five to two pens win that series in five games they will meet either Washington or Toronto go caps. Edmonton and overtime actually came back they were down 31 came back won in overtime and David they are Nagle. There was take a 32 series lead over the sharks the bills' schedule without. They will open at Holman week one against the jets they have one primetime game. The jets November 2. Odd schedule from this standpoint the bills don't play New England or Miami until the final month of the season. Four of those five games will come against the patriots and the dolphins we have to complete schedule for you to look at at WGR 550 dot com. ESPN reports the bills or meet with Clemson quarterback to Shawn Watson today NBA playoffs cavs went eight a massive comeback down 25 at the half. Beat Indiana lead that series three games to none spurs lost to Memphis but still lead two to one Milwaukee beat Toronto two bucks a 21 in that series Mets lost to Philly. Jays lost to Boston. The bison were rained out the host Columbus tonight. At 605 those are your headlines next update at 7 o'clock 8030550. To join us cheer me up this morning Howard in Britain which you here on WGR. The sabres clean house in the bills' schedule is out looking forward to talking about it with you this morning got the lines open if you want a dead end. Joseph and west Seneca you're on WG yarder right ahead. Who who are actually it call receivers though present at. The end seniors championship so that that's just art. Two things really quickly you know like your take on it wanted. What is the percentage of that was worried about that McDermott. A first year earth I'm quite coach who's winning and as the sabres looked Brcko. I would guess I don't I don't have the numbers in front ME joke but I'm gonna guess it's not very good because in theory. Typically that first your head coach is taking it is in their for a reason and and it's because the other head coach just got fired because the team was really bad. Which which leads me my first point in my first point the goal of the rich and he's very active receivers. I haven't heard the name maybe it's great but Lou Amarillo. CBI. And doesn't look the like and elect add extra eat or. I mean who could somehow. Ethically name I think it's better than. But the LA everybody bringing up. In the media Marleau and I'd agree I mean would you think Hulu app yet respect not even. Now don't yet know Joseph I appreciate the call up at two things and you were dean Lombardi is the other guy you were talking about if you ask me to pick first off I'm not sure that believes would wanna do anything differently. They're winning I don't know if they'd want slammer it'll leave but. If you had meat pick one of those two I would choose Lombardi. That's a guy who has. Well let me let me do Amarillo first that I get to the board. And I don't mean to sit here and I mean it to make it sound like I'm gonna trash a guy who won what. Three Stanley cups in New Jersey would sound odd but towards the end of his timing New Jersey that franchise went down. And you can make an argument that in large part it was Brodeur and style of play but they went down. There are prospects kind of dried up there are big club really hasn't done much I know they went to the finals appears are going at the kings. But the devils towards the last few years of glamour real not so gut. You know they've been towards the bottom of the eastern Koppen so I think his reputation took a little bit of a hit. At the end of his time in New Jersey Lombardi if you're. You can go one of two ways here and I don't know what the Google is your thinking. But you could go one of three ways actually it when it comes to a GMU. Public outing go well. Sometimes teams owners are reactionary. I like to talk about this with coaches you know lot of times when you see a coach a coach was a disciplinary and yell or scream or hardline guy he got fired. Sometimes shall seeded team go in the opposite direction you know we need to find players kept it about a guy like Rex Ryan. Loose service ship we'll be easy going guy players will enjoy left on the like plant this guy. Then if you have that guy and he gets fired Rex Ryan and you go the direction now we need like we need a detail oriented guy we meet we need more of you know he's got to be more focused more organized little bit more strict guy running the ship a little tighter. I I wonder if the Eagles were react that way here the last year and the guy they just fired. Had no GM experience so you can look at it go I wanna young and up and coming guy one of these guys assistant GMs that are being mentioned there's a ton of them around the league. That. Are being mentioned as possible candidates that that could be of interest. Or would Google go the other direction say well we just we just gave a guy's first GM job didn't really work out so well I wanna guys had the job before. The third option is you can do both you could bring in eight. President of hockey ops so to speak someone at the top of your department. And then under him bring in a guy has never been a GM before. An assistant GM who you like you John he's fresh he's got new ideas. All these different things bloody doesn't have experience in the job. I'm gonna have that layer that for you may be allowed morello since you brought him up. That person on top of the food chain so to speak who can help out so they they they have different ways to go here I don't know what they're going to do. But Lombardi if you know. Now that's a guy he's he's more of an older guy you know. But he won in Los Angeles that it didn't end well these last 23 years they had some cap issues and you know they end of this in the playoffs this year he won a couple cops. He had consistently solid teams in Los Angeles good possession numbers good analytics. And he won a pun in San hose that that the problem with the sharks were always good in the regular season he put together really good rosters they just would go. For one reason or another belly up in the playoffs so if they brought in the guy like Lombardi I think he's got a great tracker tracker gonna be I'd be very happy with a guy like that. I just want to bring Darryl Sutter that guy looks like he's no fun to plea for a go 30550 to join us. 888550. To 550 Anthony in buffalo you're on WGR go right ahead. By then Howard good morning good morning I just got something real quick yes I wanna say that I supports. Terry and Kim cooler on this firings of temporary I could not stand and the reason why. Which because this is my feeling that the white long bought one million. I don't like when good people aren't just treated. And I felt like Pat LaFontaine. And had stolen were mistreated by ten Murray he lied about them. He stabbed them in the back. And got them fired. Well it depends who you believe on the Fontaine and Nolan was never going to be as coach. While but he wasn't given a fair opportunity Howard and I every time when I call up. In ever give. People don't be an opportunity because that would but he lot Murray Murray was a snake oil salesman he did not thing. Here you know an immediate dislike him because he gave good press clippings I don't give a damn about that. I wanna win the cup I don't care if general managers of boring guy I wanna win. And I have one clip Howard that I won a beauty here real quickly. They'll play an audio clip for me just tell me what you're talking about. From coaches corner with with. I'd I don't need to claiming out of what he says about a period right Errol Flynn audio clip just tell me what he said. What you said that hockey guys who did she if you. Fired at north. Okay as Bologna who cares thank you very much it was Ted Nolan let's not defied the guy for God's sakes. I like Ted Nolan but let's not prop them up like the sabres got rid of Scotty Bowman in his prime with Ted Nolan. You know an in look you don't like Murray that's fine I have no problem that Anthony I do like the fact. That he was honest and straightforward I. I respect that I won't give him credit for that doesn't mean. I thought it was a good GM made a lot of moves at that party hired the wrong head coach you've built a lousy group defenseman you can say jump the gun on a number of contracts. You know given out what he did the Molson was stupid. And and it's. And even a rally you know did you have to give 52 million dollars over seven years to run around and they overreact and I'm not sure we made a lot of moves that weren't good. Ted Nolan. Was not going to be as head coach. Ted Nolan was a PR move Ted Nolan was upon trains run in the hockey ops I love Ted Nolan let's bring him in with you was gonna survive. You could name just about any other GM in the league to this job and I'm gonna tell you Ted Nolan would not have survived. So let's stop with the Ted Nolan stuff. If you have gripes about Tim Murray and and that that's fine you don't like the rocket put together you know that is draft for good not to think he hired the wrong head coach that's fine. That was not his god Ted Nolan was brought in by Pat LaFontaine. And GM's come in and they want their own head coach and say what you want about miles ma and and and ends up being a two year failure for him. I mean Ted Nolan and Dan miles McConnell. Well let's not go overboard on on on the love for Ted Nolan even though I and I know how extremely popular he wants what's boosters. Which is take a breath Anthony thank you for your call let's go to Dan in Amherst next tenure on WGR. Hey good morning follow up buffalo sports upper. I I get the light burning I understand it right we had trouble basically the same Procter and we went backward that shouldn't happen. I would iPod and gone after the bye week when an outlaw regain. Yeah. But very credible what he admitted it at the end of the day architect to beat bill. I think most let's say put it back on the roster it Cooley up here is seen a lot better next year. I don't blame them for higher in light be it it'll stepped out really on a bow I I would model I'm like. Okay app because I want Robert stopper like we are because. It bought coats my butt. It doesn't make sense not in a monopoly here now have somebody come in and they have put their. Bolt is where harper object like it or not but they'll be all I hear you do we really need a cup and all that up. It's that you guys coming in Spain was gone wrong. And do we wait. Or three more years now it's just feel like we're not built like I'll bet that I'm concerned about. And I feel like Harry Pakula. Like it was going to be. That commentary I thought he'd seen her hand at the end fighter on all. That's a really good death not look at Dan thanks I missing about this in the break in and David didn't explain at the right where I know you have reason to be concerned. Because as a sabre fan right now this is your only option you have to have faith that Terry for Golan will get this thing done right. There there is some talent on the roster it's not like this thing is a wreck. They do have some good players on the roster there I think there are some place up a handful of players in Rochester who can help this team. And there are a handful of prospects Cooley being one of them may be bored and being the other to be asked wounding another. I think there are a handful of prospects in the organization who could be yours someday. So if it's not a complete train wreck. But the biggest thing you have to worry about is the owner and can he get this right and honestly you have no reason to believe that they'll get it right there's no track record to give you any. Reason to think this is gonna go well. Because. You know they that they've Bob know that the bills have been bad since they took over. And the GM is under fire and and they're not doing well honey if you believe the stories out there. The the hiring of more grown and Ryan were more about the coaches the owner than the GM supposedly Whaley didn't want either one of those guys. So they made the call on Ryan it was wrong they made the call armor around it was wrong. Doug Whaley is there as a general manager there's a lot of problems with the bills team. And now they fired their coach and they fired their GM with the hockey team so that that the idea of to me that's the most concerning troubling thing. The roster isn't terrible. You won't have a problem finding a qualified candidate to run this hockey team. You still have a team that in Al spends to the cap peaceful and an owner with financial resources all that stop you ran a good. Hockey market lab lab lab lab lab we know all that. But it can't do that comes down to you you have to have the right people in place. Meehan will relate to the break at some point this morning I did wanna say something again about let's not play in the tank for its. Unique that the tank is and why there where they are right now. But the coach didn't work out and the GM put together a roster that's got multiple holes on it. That's not the tank as the people who make your decisions and they made the wrong decisions. You find the right people you can win and it won't take three or four years to your last point. But you have to have faith that the Google to find the right person and the track record to this point says they walked. 8030550. Join us 888552. Part project got to get the break you brought up one other point about Murray and why the goal is would've fired him. And I haven't mentioned this yet but I wanna get to this because it was one thing that was reported yesterday as one of the possible reasons 8030550. To join us. To the sabres do the right thing and what's your opinion about the l.'s schedule join us this morning on WG. Doing your due diligence as an operation. You're willing to work at just about anything especially when you've gone. A pretty drastic decision making process which includes firing the coached the general manager and perhaps others. So I don't think we can dismissed anything I thought somebody in order to get the return to let you we got the bit abstract so longshot but again it's guard is now back if that's the Dallas Stars surrogate that. Gary Drake GS that could be ominous at 9:30 this morning Elliot Friedman sports netting thirty in our burial Paul Hamilton in. A little over five minutes I don't need Lindy either side just. I like Wendy does not need to bring him back here insist that's to me that's just us doing the old. Reach for buffalo people. Let me cracked myself Maroney came in before to the got to treat your right I got my gates grew up Merom came in before the glued up franchise row with a Russ Meyer. And but it was not a Whaley higher anyway the the GM apparently did not hire Maroney or Rex Ryan but a song wanna make sure I got that correct as I was wrong with that. What was at the all timber that the last caller brought up and you know why would they fire Murray all this and all that over the public thinking. It's possible. Going back to his personality. He can be blunt she can beat Graf he can be cranky he could be a whole bunch of different things. It's possible they just didn't like dealing with a as part of the reason why in addition to the track record in this and the failure of the franchise this season Kevin Allen. From USA today tweeted this yesterday that the guerrillas had some discomfort with Murray stopped this was going back to the beginning of the season. At times his honesty made some in the organization cringe and I do remember. Jeremy in one of the breaks last week. Did say something about some of the comments that Murray made. In his end of the season press conference did not go over well inside the organization. So. It's entirely possible that from the goal is as owners they would like to give it'll have the right people in place. Believe in the people that are running their sports operations but would also like the get along personally like being around their employees and it's possible at the end of the day that one of the things that led to this decision was. Or just started rubbing them the wrong way. 80305. Chip to join us Paul on the way in a mobile take your calls do we got lines open what are your views on the sabres house Clinton did they do the right thing. And with a bill schedule what opinions you have on the schedule that came out last night if you didn't see it yet. It's available at WG Arafat to deduct come let's give you a code word getting another chance how about starting off the week it with a thousand dollars how old would deputy. You don't have to give braid in me a finder's fee although if you'd like to Wear mechanisms in. That code word right now a Purdue and trouble with corporate person and then write the code word right now is holed. HO LD. Text that is 72881. And wall off. You're the running for thousand dollars you have until seven tend to do so messaging data rates may apply again text hold. HO LD. The 72881. And you have a shot at winning a thousand dollars international win cash contest we will have. More code words today ripe for AD MO 4 PM and 5 PM and if you don't win today. Don't get down on yourself we're gonna replay for the next three weeks many more opportunities to win text hold the 72881.