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We're back with more of the instigate us. Presented by MP Carol hardware. Hey good morning welcome to the investigators I'm Andrew Peters along with Craig review phase it's a beautiful Friday here in buffalo we are standing by. Waiting for Terry for go to take the podium down the keybank senator for is press conference after Dan miles onto Emery were relieved of their duties yesterday. Again standing by here in the its users on WGR Sports Radio 550 amnesty we will see and hear. The press conference you can tune in on line to stream meant if well if you're uniter car you want. And you wanna hear it get on your device but rev have you had a a little bit of time to allow yesterday do absorb. And settle in and think about it. One app but curiously huge move I mean it's sent shockwaves around. On the marquee role would mean triggers all over talking about it it's been talked about all over Oden Winnipeg. I mean it's it's big big news. You never want to see someone lose their job. That's the first and foremost that that's that was my reaction you know when we are talking yesterday in all of this breaking news came down. You never want to see someone lose their job but at the same time. This is this is an organization to put ghoul is our our owners that want. To win they want they want to be a great organizer nation. And I think that they just felt that there was some changes that needed to happen in order for this. Organization to move forward because right now as players. There are some key pieces. That they have in this lineup right now. Our core group of of players. That are are very very solid and I just don't think they felt the direction of the team was going in the right direction and they they've. There they're not waiting they're they're not an they're not. It's and it's not a group that's gonna sit back and wait they want results. Again Andrew Peters and Craig of radius a Gator show standing by. Terry is about to mr. per ghoulish satirical goal is about to take the podium let's head over to keybank Saturn here mr. Google's press conference. We like to keep the questions sabres only please. Ontario give brief remarks followed by a short Q and eight. In an Chris have a microphone so. We calling you just use the microphones and but I'll further do it taped to a. As you all know I haven't formed. General manager to marry. And had coats and browse month. There are no longer. Members of the sabres organization. I believe that both men. Did a good job. As. With their tenure with the sabres these are difficult decisions. I want to thank both of them for their hard work and dedication. We as members of the sabres organization. Are all responsible for our success. But accountability starts with me. We are not happy. Weather season this year. And there are no excuses. Six years ago I stood here and told the Buffalo Sabres fans. That the reason for existence was to win a Stanley Cup. That is still the true. One team wins the cup. We expected more this season. Kim and I spoke in depth with Tim and and separately. And decided that our. Organization needed more disciplined structure and communication. In order to be successful. We will move forward with new leadership. And compete in the national hockey league for the coveted cup thank you. Terry I think it's gonna frame almost all the discussions today. And files must firing how much does. Player discontent specifically that of Jack cycle play into it and memories Byron how much of that was. Organizational structure lack of plan what you say about the GM when most people expected the coat probably if. Let me borrow what. Jackson agent. Peterson. I don't know where those stories come from that's ridiculous. This is. Jack's involvement. As it was reported I don't know the exact words of that was reported it. As a complete fabrication. I defend Jack. Just as Peter did it's not a true story. Our players. We're we're players unhappy absolutely. We're we're standing here today we're not in in this in the cup race. That all goes back to. Disciplined structure and communication within our organization we can't get better. Terry just that accountability start with you what mistakes you'd think that you have made you and him have made as owners. And is owning a team much more difficult than you thought you stood at that podium. Six years have you found it to be not as. Enjoyable maybe you get on the. First. A worse it's enjoyable. Not winning. Is not enjoyable losing is. Not enjoyable. Mistakes. We're not in the playoffs. I can tell you that that probably leads back to. I just need to get better in the future. Well. I can tell you. That. I was not. Involved in the last GM. Coach search. To a large extent and I regret that move. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. During our viewers that this just to savers questions and I understand that but one of the questions I've been asked most when I ask you now. In making the decision. To fire to him Maureen. Why Maureen and not when you made the move once on McDermott with the bills that you fired way. Well we're not talking about football here but again. Our organization. Needs more disciplined structure and communication. This is how you win. We need to get better at that in the future. There you talk about structure your Pat LaFontaine as the president he's been up there it news. Hiring marring that this new modern hockey NHL structure. With where the general managers and all powerful. You have a football team where you apparently we're looking birds are play. You never never hired that type of person so what is your operating philosophy of how to how the management of a professional sports franchise and work. Without disclosing the. Specifics. On this search. We are going to find the best candidate candidates. That we will bring into our organization. To achieve our goals. If the structure. Will land. Depending. The first person that we bring in. What his attitude is and and how we should work together. You're trickle back to the same role model with maariv when laugh and Finland. As that again and and you're Greg going back to the same model of the general manager without. A hockey person above them to answer too when LaFontaine was pushed out no. Terry with all the turnover between not only the sabres but the bills how do you feel that. That affects your reputation as an owner. There's a lot of internal. And professional sports. Tim Murray is the fourteenth wonders tenured GM in the national you have been allotted GM says it changed jobs in the last three years. The coach thing. On the other side. I'm not here to talk about football but we don't know how that started so. You know. These things happen in sports. They structure and discipline what specifically led you to reach those conclusions. Tell you win. You get you get in the all of that stuff goes together with character. Gotta have character. Throughout the organization on the ice. And they have to be made disciplined structure. And firemen work everybody knows what everybody's on and everybody's talking and that's how you went. Areas you. Conduct your search. Will be in charge of the day to day decisions like signing players what you need to do now until you get people in place. Well you know we. We've got a lot of people and organizations that are pretty capable. Jeff Chris will be heading up our amateur side. Approach side. Will be several people in the organization. Involved in decisions. Until that that person comes in. Terry. Looking ahead to dessert. Is it fair to say that you want a general manager in place. Or you go with a coach. Or the general managers select that coats and are you looking war. Experience in in in general if it is in a manager given that Tim had none when he. I would I would say that's probably a safe assumption. Experience. Is going to be key. In our search. And without disclosing specific details about what our plan is a plan may change. As we. Start talking to people what the plan is to build a stronger organization. The Terry. My concern. Years ago you and I had a conversation and you said you thought that one that your primary job. As an owner was to be like you look forward to a point where. You don't have to deal with this database that we can just be an owner kickback and watch team and not have to deal would. All of the turmoil that had to deal with it it's yours. Well. We don't like to be in situations like this. I enjoyed. Kim enjoys both teams. We enjoyed talking nor players and being involved. And their lives. And communicating with the two other I think that that's a healthy environment today's athlete. Little different. Then. Years ago you know they're they're much more complex. I keep going back to discipline structure. Communication. Character. We have to have care. Terry just. Two quick things on timeline when you met with banned him that you already pretty much decided to make the change or. Now. So the meetings basically made your decision. The detailed conversations. With. Him day and others in the organization. That we talked to players and put it all together and the decision was made. And on your point on character. How old damaged. Is this organization. In your mind going forward and how it damage has it been by a plan that authorized and essentially hope for losing. As a way of building. I don't wanna talk about the past. That's a audition that's attorney a lot of teams. Go through rebuilds. But do a lot of teams. Hope to lose like you hope to lose. Hope to lose and we do not hope to lose you did do you think that was a flawed plan we went through B bill I don't understand. Why am I read an article by one you gentlemen. Why Cleveland's going to rebuild. But the bills. Paint and at the bills that the sabres pain you know. You're talking. One city can rebuild but we have you know. You can't have it both ways you don't feel that you tanks now. Even though your fans your fans in your broadcast partners' help root for your team to lose you don't really think. We've rebuilt. Human you mentioned regretting not being part of it he answered. Less than a year ago America extension what it went into that and what's seen in the last few. You know. What happened a year ago this is that important you know we're we're looking forward. You know we don't need it to us. I don't want us there. Two questions. Free mystical one. You said your decision to fire both. GM Tim Murray and Dan bows no remain in the meetings that you had there's report out this morning. That dean Lombardi interview that he and job yesterday can you confirm that. We haven't talked to anybody. Put that that jet and demanded his coat be fired category. It's a pure fabrication. And second question. For you what's your talent and over some of the stuff that I'm I'm gonna. Reiterate what Peter has said it was this stuff come from. A second question for you what what's your timeline to hire the next GM and coach considering that the expansion draft. Is less than two months away the track is very close and obviously you were lifers to concern that we're gonna move this quickly and efficiently. As we can. And. You know sometimes you talked to half a dozen or so people and you need to talk to more people it it's all a function of how are meetings though. Terrific he was. At one of the bills press conference is in general where you said that you were as owners. Kind of learning as you. It was alerted to go to process and I'm wondering since you bought the sabres and then the bills after that and now is your approach to search. What have you learned about being a professional sports owner and do you feel better equipped in that sense. To leave the search. And get this right at this point we're to this point you have. I think. I go back to my forwards again discipline structure communication in character. That those. Things are all something you need new leaders. So they are able to. Judge and look for the same characteristics. And players and and employees that work for you organization. All right Andrew Peters Craig remains to gators that was Terry for gore at the podium down at the keybank senator. His. Press conference after relieving Tim Murray and Dan miles of their duties yesterday. So rev I wrote down a few quotes here I know you were you were busy. At just sketchy over there. When he got more to we're collier the most wanted to throw it to what what I thought was far away. I think the one that stands out most and explains yesterday was the one that I probably broke down first it was right off the bat here and it was we have to get better with discipline and structure communication and then later on added characters that and I. I think that that to me is. Probably the. When you look around that's where that's your how I tolerate their their bill that's your headline I mean everything else that was said. Does not that it matters second area second to what they're trying to what they're trying to build here. Have have they had the success that they've won in the last number of years and the coolest comment and and taken over this this franchise theaters now. Moving forward. He talked about it structure. Discipline. Communication. Was there enough of that in the organizing nation the answers no that's why two guys got relieved of their duties. There was issues in the dressing room whether it's the communication. Whether it was structure. Weather was disciplined. And the same thing for Tim Murray. All these that that's to me. Is what this is all about and why the two guys were relieved of their duties they need someone that's gonna come in here. And take. A hold of this organize nation from the very top and start trickling he talked to vote character. If that person that is leading at the very top. Has the discipline and communication in the debt and the structure and that character piece. It is all gonna trickle down through the organizer nation and that's where they're going now. You gloat and you need to find that guy he Terry also talked to vote. He wants someone. Terry Africa you guys just off the right. He wants someone that has experience. That's the other thing. We we've we've talked. Quite a bit yesterday and like the vote. Talking about these new up and coming young GMs that have an opportunity to to take a step forward. Are they interested in that or are they looking for seasoned guy who's been through this before sounds like both. Sounds like it's more than just immediate so it look. I heard the words experience. That's not going to adjacent water Jason bow our old does not have the experience. He has been. I. You know being at tutelage under. Rutherford. But he's not experienced. Dean Lombardi. Is experienced. A Rick Dudley. Is an experienced guy he's been through it. In all facets of the NHL there's there's going to be guys out there that I think that there. They're always want our guys experience in general manager or experience and someone that helps search for the general manager I mean I mean what is it. When you say experience can you not tie an experienced person along with the day's inaugural tight well you're looking for. Are. Depends on how older date they talk again mr. Google Talk to vote. Building a stronger organization. How'd you do that you just have a president and GM and coach. Or now are you gonna house. A resident of hockey operations that oversees the entire organization whether it's scouting. Whether it's player development whether it's the NHL players he deals with the GM he deals with the coach. There is going they're gonna build a stronger. Organized nation there's gonna be more communication in the organize each you're not gonna have a GM. Who cares to. Keep all those cards to himself. And doesn't want to express anything Danny Seo won that one. You wanna ask Hugo structures a big word I mean they're all big you'll be put just discipline structure communication and characters are all huge words were when you talk about structure. That structure from that's front office structure that's player structured that's role structure it is like it starts. At the top. And if you have that person in place that has the character the structured that discipline all the things that were said. It will trickle down in two who he chooses. Biggio. And nine GM. Well Dan intern. Pick a coach. That has the qualities. That he wants notice the coach have to fit. That roster here now that talent but he had nothing to do with the roster. That's not to do it Jack. This afternoon to address the line and where Ryan O Reilly this have to do with your putting in place guys that house of what they're looking for. The communication. We've talked about this law you know again one of the things that from what I read here is gamble in the ability. Have to communication. With his players and I'm not talking on hockey I'm talking on a personal. Being able to sit there and have coffee with when your players. And just ask bodice spam basketball what's happening in his life how you do in order and think these are things that were lacking. In that room there was a disconnect. Okay well you can't have those that connects IE I've never liked. The coach and I played for them. That were all stern. And they didn't talk Kia and they walked around it and it was all x.s and knows it use the it was video this video that fear factor. I didn't like those coaches I also didn't like the puppy dog coaches the coaches that would not keep the best players everybody accountable. I liked the coach. It's tough. But he was a player's coach you wanted to play form because when when push came to shove and times were tough. He took the blame he protected his players but behind the scenes he was telling those players I need more from I need better. You're going to find. All of these guys and it's gonna start with the top and it's just going to be trickled. Andrew Peters Craig survey investigators. We're gonna take a short break here when we return there's a lot to talk about we have a great lineup today to. Daryn trigger coming up at 1130 rock before that a 1045. We're gonna hear from your former teammate. Broadcasting. Icon. Legend in the hockey world. Jeremy roan act. I'm very vocal. Player in the in the league and in the media they'll be on with us at 1045. So stick around here that lots of feedback from him about. The firings yesterday and mr. Bogle is. Press conference today so stick around the investigators were alive and WGR Sports Radio 550. And MS chief. We're back with more of the instigated it's presented by and Pete Carroll heart. Welcome back to the investigators I'm Andrew Peters along with. Our regular running mate Craig courtroom right. You know like minded I agree agree. Burger. But BGR Sports Radio five a year and a very serious mood today. I can't even normally there are days or I can just fire zinger across your bow and you'll by nine but today you're yours as tunnel vision. At the blinders on elect a thoroughbred. Charger for the finish line but it love it your all business on and get right to it. Terry goal it just took to the podium at the keybank senate domestic here's the key and rip settings you set it. Com we're gonna open the call wise if you wanna call an 803055088550. To 550 Jeremy Roenick. Coming up at 1045. Tart too much about a lot of things but this especially. But today yesterday and meaning in the playoffs but. You mentioned three things this is the headline in this is all that everything is secondary. We have to get better with disciplined structure. And communication. Later on in that press conference adding character which I think call goes in when you put discipline structure communication together I think that goes character but I still think character's a good word in their two. And that's your headline. Without question. Out of that out of everything that was said. At the podium by miss real school that's that's what stuck out. I think they lock that. In the dressing room. And it's you know they lack that with who is making decisions. And they're looking to read bolster restructure. The whole. Environment starting at the top and it's gonna be not just one guy making decisions I would imagine they're gonna they're gonna build a hockey department. Ice is an unfair at all and I wonder I'm listening Sheehan and you're writing your spot on but I think when we say the lack. It doesn't mean they don't have any I just don't think they have enough and in strength in numbers and maybe in the right key areas I think that's. That's probably where that lies and that's why you see this decision mean yesterday. With Timmons and Dan. Yes. But I think there are people in the in the front office and there are players on the team that have a lot of these qualities and I think it's. It's at the top and the way they they build it now with these with the with the guys of the top. You know that have these qualities are know how to bring this out of well my my corner of your employees in the hockey department and to the to the team directly who carries idling as the guide me limitations who's the guy making decisions right now now when before. Decisions on one on average. Most Tim. Wells. And I don't nobody did it sound like they didn't talk. So just Tim Tim Walton had his guys. Who by the way actually they elect over a few other guys yesterday. Rob Murphy. And great race and so always been good to me I don't know if you ever had a chance to meet them but they were always given me. So wish them well obviously because you know what that there is sensitivity that goes along with this I mean it's easy to say. Simmering Dan miles or get fired and you know. It it sucks for them I think their attentions were really really good here with building a winning team I really do believe that. But I think that you know at the end of the day I don't feel as sorry for them because you know they're walking away with their contracts but still they lose their jobs but then you it's or collateral damage that goes along with the guys like rob Murphy Greg rice and and you know whoever else is connected that that's tough to you know those those are the ones that are affected also an end date that goes overlooked so you know what. It is it is a sensitive topic I mean personally for these guys does. You know that look I can remember when I got bought out I mean it's it's similar to being fired its its socks and it's. But not to this magnitude but. Point being. They have to rebuild. Completely I think and it sounds to me and it makes sense maybe. For the for mr. gore and higher hockey ops guys along with the general manager along who's the first guy you're looking for how. I don't know that I would just question if you're if you're looking at what comes first right the chicken or the news in all of the day of the anger that. You know horses eco buggy or whatever the Ricky is like throughout the parent but when I comes first visit our hockey ops Dyer is that a GM visits are going to be the coach should you behind hiring your hockey ops guy who's you know oversee year entire organization. And then that person goes in and hires is GM. So who are some candidates rates are no idea so in my realm. But all okay it's out of your round but let's say it says here and there's there's there's a lot of. What feel kind of guy I guess what kind of candid Q are looking for discipline structure. And communication and my daughter dire younger guy by the mattered you know I would. There think that they're probably. With what mr. Bogle said he's looking for someone that has experience. He he's looking for someone that has experience define experience though. Someone that's been through it before someone that had. Did in situations. Ups and downs understands how to solidify. An organization and build properly. And it's not just one guy in an organization that has the voice that makes the decisions. It's a committee it's it it's your building by committee you're. I don't I I don't want a key and it continued throw rose petals over in Toronto. But they've done something right there and it started with Brendan Shanahan at the very top. And and from there they went and and found her he went and found. I'm very experienced. GM. Lou camera. And when you think of Lou. What do you what what's the one word to describe Lou you've played four. Discipline structure you say one word there isn't one just say the three of them together for them. Discipline structure communication character okay so we're talking the smallest things we're not talking. The environment because what you what you get when you have mr. lamb morello running things is you how all those things that discipline structure. Communication. Good listener. Both players on that team are not allowed facial hair. You ask yourself why it's what's the big deal with the guy wants to grow go to your little facial there was a bit. The point is is there's no facial. And you'll do what I say. Because that's what you're going to do one team it's not what you wanna do it's what I want you to do. And it's how they act it's how they talked to the media it's everything it to trickle down effect from the guys the top when you bring in. They have hockey advisors. You think yourself who who who would be good hockey advisor jock Comair he has like 111 Stanley cups he's on the outside. He's an advisor. To those guys there he helps with those decisions he gives information and then steps away. Do you not think that they're building something proper there. That's what they wanna do here and were in a perfect time is were very young as an organization. We how the pieces we have some very key pieces. But now were up that. Wreck that teetering point where what's gonna happen next there's holes. In the in the team that need to be addressed. But there's also holes in the organization. And it starts at the top. And that's why they wanna start something fresher and I think they're doing an amazing job this is what this team needs that the organization needs. And you don't wanna just put a band aid on something and keep putting band aids on it. They wanna start fresh they're gonna get the right guys. Andrew Peters trigger very as the gators WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG just following up some of the conversation in topics that mr. gore laid out. In his press conference one of them is the headline that rib mentions we have to get better with discipline structure communication and character. Jeremy Roenick coming up at 1045. So stick around a listener that. Here's some and won reach you. So we talk about that that it's that hockey ops guide. Advisor. OK so let me throw let me just throw a scenario IU. Lindy Ruff OK not as a coach. Let's say you brought a guy like windy like Lindy it can't really and he doesn't have to be in the I'm just saying for everybody out there because yesterday I love I love the guys out there when you throw I know you're going back to your notes. But I throw the names out there are people like say this game and turn it off to you get some hockey. Grew rumor from the Mac over there and he may go up the same name so you know it's kind of like your your throwing out hypotheticals but when you talk about. All these things. Disciplined structure communication and character. Guy. Are you talk about experience. You talked about hockey ops somebody searching you know. Ladies say he brought a guy like Lindy. Yes. 100% you but that type of guy another Iraqi I don't get your. Should it. I would not bring. Indian as the the next coach I want Indies. Knowledge. I want Hughes is. His communication. Around the league and and and what people think of Lindy has contacts. Are endless. He's been player. He's been coach he's coached at the highest of levels. I hope he does want a coach anymore. That's what I hope right now I hope he does not want coach anymore because he. He is absolutely. The. Burst guy that I would hire first gathered on the higher furniture that are real. Jeremy Roenick and he's coming up next Andy loves Craig survey soul. You're gonna love this conversation JR is always full of enthusiasm fun character discipline structure. Lots communication coming up and next interview with Jeremy Roenick the legend the hockey legend media legend. WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty I get to work with the legend Gregory every day greatest job in the world will be right back. Yes. Please he's the in stadiums presented by the end Pete Carroll hardwood. Welcome back to the investigators I'm Andrew Peters along with Craig verve they were live on WGR Sports Radio 550. And on your TV on MSG and it is with great honor to introduce our next guest and JR did you hear the excitement and the nerves and JJ is voice when he called to there we carted in our year I was. Knew I could tell ya when I gave him your number to call you as like it'll go. It was sold our soul. Anyway thanks for join in the show an old man rivers here he's not as always you are but he's old man rivers here grumpy as ever he is the problems I had an aging gracefully only talk. I'll pick rare outbreak rev grumpy happy anywhere together might look like they were teammates involved well that's the question what's up. Not too much yeah largest live in the dream have. You are absolutely and we horse of every day jail RC you know I get enough of them you can have a you can put them up you bottom you can have. You're ought to be the things go bad everything good every playoff and off from not that involved local web development world. But what playoffs are often more going while in buffalo but that's what today's all about and why did you have to go there yet he went there like that are really soured Hillary. We know we've still got to go to because here it seems that the continues to just try to find a way to you know to get better and now there. There's change in the management they're changing coaches again and again and rumors of of you know players. No player. You know revolt in the all the flow that's crazy going on that now we don't know that. I Jerel like joining us on the line Jerry rocketing we all who Jeremy Roenick is a man with. Doesn't mean much of an introduction but NB CS and hockey analyst and hockey hall of Famer for sure. You know I got past years you know have you seen this but. A lot of a lot of ways it it looks bad but it also it's good for the organization it's a fresh clean slate you know we've Brian Duff on yesterday talking about it. Any authority worded it really really. Really nicely said you know what to clean slate to go and out. In a great direction whichever way you wanna go he can hire hockey ops department which are seeing a lot of right now around the league it's not working everywhere. But it is is working and it's effective in some places new GM new coach I mean the players are happy today. What are. No it's critical look at how in the past. Her obviously our talent on the hitting some players are wearing her pink. And how much. Vet yeah and spot that it wants you know bundling. Can't hold or opt out hard out there are no caucuses are mock others called for that the goal of the into the playoffs and beyond so. You know I their coats and you know the coaching situation is obviously it is you know lot of coaches you know being in the same since. You know I didn't know you know how. About what is that the relationship that he had a yet your player there and know that you're getting close. Changes. And analysis from the school that they are put things together and vote on the. I have in the respect for the skirts at the awareness and go out and play in this part of the pot with general Jack tackle a player and iron that was season. Injury free I think it would you know had a much better chance to make the play I have so I agree. We just had. Terry put ghoul owner of the Buffalo Sabres on in his press conference. He mentioned. Something that stuck out to me the most. And viewers talking a boat. In this search he's looking for someone that has disciplined structure. Communication. And character. Are there any guys out there whether you're talking a boat. I president of hockey operations. Or org GM. He's looking for someone that's been around before been around the game. What would be your thoughts on anybody that comes to mind when you think of that. Org geyser but forgot about it though it knows. So much about the game and they student for the war and he knows players as well as we've added guys you know a lot of time. And the guy that I thought would get the Arizona job and that's son Burke. You know he's still a lot of stuff with with he can't of that now. You mean he hit a lot of things. In the background one with an Arizona a lot of scouting a lot of a lot of player development as. You could have been Yemen to leave it's going to be a very good human sleep at some point. And you keep them motivated and excited. And the guys that I think. If upload them look atom. Somebody somebody should start really knocking on the door of things. You know calling a phone and what his interest is that sufficient offered GM job because some very very Smart hockey. I was Turkey still with. Air his own. No known and and build more than competing with. With in camera right now and they're you know get some opportunities overseas but we want one is close to you know. This seat the they still have something use. Is the close to the national heart it was sort of one of these jobs it opened up warned that he'd be ready to just jump I think I think it's I think it's described. Twenty year NHL veteran and NBC hockey analysts in student hockey analyst. Jeremy Roenick joining us and lying Christ's former teammate I got the play was here a couple of charity games they're G or we connect do you take October. Amazing chemistry if there were GMs out there watching you know they would they would sort of the center. Would they say you lead players can play with scrubs. Our knowledge. You know want and make in the make those guys better yeah I'll you know there can make anybody JR makes it are you making ourselves better. Hey what do you think of the playoffs right now where you should Taj I guess shocked by Chicago going out for a last night. I was shocked if they went out war I'm not opposite law. A lot of people may you know kind of not been part of him that last that when I said that NASA was the worst match up. The Chicago could have the first round by far the worst the worst matchup but won't let you by life. And then when you guys know best clinical so I'll Harden went about building how hardened deflated that you know certain times that building. Wow how could Parker needs is yet. And when they do it if they can get on. On a roll and how hard they work. With Chicago's view that has kind of kind of fighter coming down the stretch. That was that was a tough matchup for them and the opposite could've they could've some sort of job and why isn't that swept like that. I'd open what would not been so yes it is you can bet that the hawks swept by natural and you have been astronomical and yet it's true. It's an awful lot of a lot about that I was gonna go in the finals well. I think now he's got to look at natural the way deflated they could be this stupid. You've been writing in the Nashville train for a couple of years though do you think this is really the year right now. Oral are known beginning near earth crisis in the processor have a chance to go the final because you look at the way they played last season play offs. You know they Obey an order entry into the covered in the toughest hardest playoff series and he wants silence. But that is yet to formally charged and end up losing seven for the sharks but no one is always going to have a flight. So you know. That's it is serious than when they have the defense is as good as it's especially you know they can play defense and offense you know toward the best. Swing the. They got great puck moving defense yeah. We'll look at this scenario. PK Superman out. They wanted more leadership to get Shea Weber Montreal's on the verge of being touted. And Nashville just sweep Chicago I mean I was ahead that was a one for one deal that go back a year before. And they treated for Johansson and they gave up by Seth Jones I mean they've made a couple bold one for one hockey moves and it's. It seems reworking a forum which side I thought it would have backfired picking up Superman because I thought the Shea Weber picked up was huge for Montreal nuts are going as planned right now. Yeah you know it. It's it is weird how they work out and I think peace KP out of Montreal kind of more or did he not bigger hockey market I think he. Well if you didn't sleep easy more than another would be the they killed their ignores the you know there. You know the Iraq Wacom Wacom player than he says he's been kind of sort of felt good and or maybe that you goat that he might have had is in Montreal with the you're in good for both entry level hasn't had a great year look so as quickly as fast but. I think this is just that simple as just very very solid work extremely hard and Peter Laviolette is very good offense goes so. Don't surprise me about whether they're settling over achieving right now I think my next games in Chicago while. My next question for both of you want able to answer this you guys played together for in San Jose's. And if you're just tuning into the show Jeremy Roenick joining us on line wanna Craig's former teammates hockey analyst and BC. Hockey hall of Famer. Now Jeremy did you see last night Edmonton beat San Jose. Can my guys that you guys tell me sir can you tell me the mental toughness that it takes. For a team like Edmonton to go out and get schlock seven nothing. And then come back only to win over time I mean there are a lot of teams that would fold the tent their JR. And I just want an all like I give that admit at Edmonton team eight tonic credit knack to be the game that turns his team around. Put over no question about records this wouldn't process that Jose with a power play got going this big guys got stolen. You know site side a lot to mind first second he knows this economist David good to be flustered. And then they put it this step back and I think a lot. Since then you know it's about quality settle them down refocusing them and getting them to play you know this valley game again and Greg I don't know what you think but. It does seem to like trouble lately as they're excited to be in the playoffs and they're excited to be in another thing and even using a lot of that is there. Are kind of their motivation. You know what they were down 321. After getting shellac seven nothing. They're now down 321 in the second period. And there is just no quit in this hockey team that's that's the thing I find them young. With that exuberant. Style they play a quick pace they can score three goals in three minutes if they want to I mean this team is very dangerous. And I don't think that they have the pressure settles today is the team that has the pressure they have the grisly veterans they has been their before. They have you know a star studded lineup and I mean I don't think the pressure lies with that I think that they're just gonna go out there and play their game and they're gonna see where it takes them. And right now like he said Clinton has this young team he's calming them down. You know that he ever relays in the price idols then and you know. May David's. Class bomb I mean they've got some. High end skill that can that can make it out JR rip match in the leafs that you guys have them tonight on NB CS and what do you think about this series pretty impressive with those kids. Able to do. Now without question. Unbelievable there as their enthusiasm their religion their cookies so well they've played all year how well they went playoffs and as it is truly remarkable that since since. When the number one of the wounded since they know almost since then to the brink almost what was he a I think that we've been lucky. Four was. It was so devastating to their their chances obviously with. Go back home Washington now I think they've been real competent and capable and competent. You know coming couldn't what I thought they were they hope it is out there and analysis this definitely. Almost all of Washington just roll over them tonight that is true. All right last comment it comes from a two week JR know that you're in on Twitter and driven higher you know it's kind of the you gotta have it for our job this guy writes a great question. Two US JR what he had on the developers of E. A. SPORTS that made him basically unfair to play an NHL 94. Like I have no idea what I got whoever made it because these guys. That's and the like my my goes through it by. I'm way more popular because I'd worked getting it was locked his players like to say hey. On the top of the circle slap shot that was your that was listen. There are. We show up to work and Andrew lies not one but two segments. You brought him from home he's like he's like that Hanson brother which is they brought their toys that worked in a lot. We've played about 400 times and I've yet to beat him he's like Chicago. Baby JR and the toddlers well. The world. That. You can't take all the credit you gotta get some of the credit to those little digital guys at the big hearts they JR. Well let's let's let's describe hockey sense and that was that was that was the time is so. And that they put their pop culture it is it is little pop culture. It's. There's got to be at a bit of IP if it was somebody get it out. He was hit it's good if it isn't it. That's awesome stuff Jeremy Roenick kind of have to join us thank you very much enjoy the game tonight and avenue get John throughout the playoffs later on down the road. Our department does a lot of money involved and very much appreciate our banks that are back to stay in class and you'll get I believe is what he's doing out of yeah I know your routine are right Jeremy Roenick and to gators Andrew Peters Gregor bakery conversation there will recap at all. When we come back here Darren drag are set to join us at 1130 as he does on Friday. So we'll be right back instigators WGR Sports Radio five it's you know mystique.