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Investigators. Presented by M Pete Carroll art world. Welcome back to our number two of the investigators I'm Andrew Peters along with Craig reed baker river. WGR Sports Radio 550 amnesty. The man is just in such a bitter mood and you know at the OJR's said I'll take I'll take our grumpy Craig over happy crate I know happy right. And I love grumpy and happy right 'cause you know that heart is just so pagan warming currently it's that we we can see right through all. All the grip. And you know grinding of the teeth and actually keep them to shift off to make me sick when you speak memories. You make me sick would you speak Boris. French accent. That's the best record and Vick of the best they have right now you keep commie grumpy I don't know why you keep coming grumpy old time ball overreact because of responses just like that. How close last time your city morning but he. So like this morning. It'll 3055888550. To 550 let's see how your and I am very bad picture now I'm not blast the boys in the back. You write you approach. You're neighbors seriously in this room that's why you are that's what you were so great meatball it's why you were so great. Are right dark and Cheektowaga Don it's that see how nice Craig can be when he s.'s fault for Don on hung up. So Donny call back that's that's on refuse one tart Goldman all right let's grab Jimmy cheek. Log jam go ahead journal line what do you think it today Jim. Figure morning guys. Morning we dawn. I'm doing great thanks for the form that you provide up to listen to your cheap beer great you're you can thank you. My comment from yesterday and today. Was is. A little bit interesting and I hope you'll allow me to just a little bit. What's interest being from mr. Bogle as the comments was that that what I took away from it not only as supple units that. The other four areas that he thought was of most concern. Was his comments that he really wasn't. In favor of the hiring of files mutt and murder and number. And what's really interesting is that yesterday you had so many different. Oh wasn't that he wasn't in favor he wasn't involved I think is what he said great. He did say that and I yeah go go go ahead until it Gordon driver yet keep on. Yeah but what what what they found adjusting with the the comments that you bolt said. That you felt were most important. Where is first very first comment that he reiterated he came back to what was that Bible McCain from an organization where he'd let. A very elite group a hand up and coming players to the Stanley Cup. And you know carried that in his. You know kind of resume. And yesterday with so many of the great guessed that you had on speculating who owns the up and comers available. To all be in leadership. You don't management roles as well it's coaches. Is that Tim Murray came from in organization where he was mentor and was to order in the exact same type of format that many of the people are now being spoken up. Of who could the list start to look at and as Greg you said yesterday do you need to have a multi tiered. You know disciplinary kind of committee. Since there are so much you so much complexity to running an organization. Sorts its interest in that you know you're at someone like a lock on Cheney I years ago that maybe he didn't have the involvement. But. Looking long term now your paying ball Marie and file tomorrow for another three years apiece on this comment. You know from. Having you know maybe the lack of character that he kind of alluded to. And wants to put a new regime in place it's the span all of the abyss of the sabres and the bills who stand behind these two teens. Continually. In hand are on waiting lists or even ticket. When they're you know limited up how many tickets they're gonna sell and hold to the public. And here in a with a bill that his organization. Not totally but haven't seen the playoffs and lord knows since 99 and now the sabres are going to you are kind of start at seeing kind of street so. He can have all the exuberant he wants but the fans of this entire area and southern Ontario. Are standing by are behind this team continually year after year. I was one of those senior those season ticket holder for bulk of those teams. Until it just became financially. You know not feasible. All right Jim acts actually call a lot of different ways to go on that and I think. One of the things I'll say is is. I was shocked by the move first while quietly I said that two days ago and I'll say said yesterday policy today I was shocked. I think if I had heard that Dan miles was fire might have been I'm I'd figured I would have been now okay could see that. Both absolutely not and I think I was more prepared for. Both to be back. To the point that you make about com. You know tumors. Doesn't the fact that not worrying about having three years left on the deal. Matter lake yours here trying to get it right and I think that. Eaton mr. for school or me to comment today. I'm talking about I wasn't involved I was not involved in GM coach search and I regret that. So as the owner he's willing to have bizarre view that I guess is a player or someone in my seat but as an owner he's willing to say all right I'll bite the bullet aren't. Three years on each guy's contract because. It's not about money it is about trying to get it right and it's about trying to build a winner and if you don't have the recipe and it just didn't work. He was willing to make the bold move he was willing to stand in front of the camera and take the heat today and now is going to build a hockey department with the GM and sounds like somebody else and a coach. That's going to fit. The mold of what Jim mentioned right off the top of mr. gaullist press conference and Craig referenced it in is the same thing that stood out to me. We have to get better with discipline structure communication character. Had this organization had that I believe they would be in a better spot. With the talent that they have in the players I don't think they would have finished had they've been healthy all year and had all of this in tact I do believe they waters off. Fine line in this game. In this league between winning and losing. The very best can lose to the worst in this league. The fine line it's the small details that it. In your structure of your organization is what's gonna make it make you win hockey games it's not just having the best players yes that's part of it. It's the drafting at picking the players it's. I mean. There's so much that goes into a successful. Organization. Bar right now I I believe that. You know the piglets are not happy with the you know the the way that the team is going the organization's going they want. Something fresh they want to build make it stronger because they how of a solid core. On the team. And I think this is a great move this is moving forward. Now now it's a very important time for them to get the break guys in and mr. wood to a alluded to he wants to find GM. That has been doing this for awhile that it has the experience. 80305508085. If the 2550. And experience you know that's broad word. You know 'cause it can be tricky there's a hit it there can be technicalities when you say experience experiences. To Americans have any experience of playing. So maybe once a guy that played that actually has been in a locker room played on a team has has gone through the ups and downs so you don't. You know everyone here's experience to OK got to be dean Lombardi. But that's not the case experience in watts that's where are the questions are so generic that you that you spend time that you spent time attacking people and winding answer tanking instead of seeing but experienced how to want a player whose experience as someone who's been experienced as a general manager so has been experienced. In a role manager and management role with a team that's had success. What do you mean by experience he didn't have to explain it he said it no one jumped on I would love to last them explain. Experience. Because experience to mean a number of things if you mean experience a bit. Hockey department guy Kevin Adams isn't your guy but you're talking about experience of winning a cup being a player going through it all. He can absolutely be your guy you want experience it's Lindy Ruff. You want to you want a coach would experience it's not the Quinn experience with what winning handily young players yes it is Dave Quinn. So. No one really asked the right questions. In my opinion to really find out wall where was the discipline who didn't have the discipline. Where was the lack of structure front office coaches players. Where was the communication issue. You know there are no one jumped on it it's the one that stands out to me the most today and. You know an ally on the irritated that I feel like we need to get back mr. Google on the stand because that's the only one allowed to go to the press Yahoo! we draw higher up. Some amazing points rate there. That's what I'm here for that that that's the bit that's the smartest smartest comments you've made no real long time just you know it's like what I love -- sciences schools those those sorry comments they're great comments and you want answers to those. Those those things that we're just foreign experience that's what I think somebody should of said stop right there to find experience because. Now you're talking about. Tim Murray had a lot of experience with player development. Scouting. Maybe writings along side. You know what is countless general manager maybe he was ready to be general manager no experience of what it's like to be polar. Not saying GM asked the polar well no experience on being the man either having having to answer the questions the top or questions now. All right dawn dark go ahead. Guys often show and that was of unbelievable interview what project are what what do hockey guy that doll. So the great interview you have her on fire this morning. Well Null Reza raises anger so fires in the but when he got Donnie go ahead what I want to talk yet click you know I obviously though I looked in the interview or would be you know press conference with Terry. Probably don't talk about I I kind of got the same thing you guys got a lot of experience the structure you know. They they got a communicable batter. Experienced through if you want an experienced coach and experienced GM what do you need here in the I think what do you guys think too. The Google it to me right now they have to. Two very big franchises are very it's a small market. Which you guys know you live here this is an extremely. Huge sports market. In the united I don't care they base that North America between football and hockey. This job that your job and the coach is going to be a lot of people out there that want this job. You know not only you know we know it a little bit of mastery now you guys think that the Google it might be a little bit over there had. Two franchises in the you know in the same city that. Really are winning and they're down right now it's pretty bad I think his lawyer for the sabres have you have to pick your time they need to hire the right guy. You do you have a suggestions that right guy. You know it's a great question and you go on lighter now you talk about it be you know mom party stop what you got you is that is that the right guys we don't know. Well what why is it ever was so fixated thanks for your called on everyone so fixated on one name. Like we're gonna hire one guy what. How well when you talk aboard experience you're talking about a guy that's been through he's been through the ups. He's won two Stanley cups he's been through the downs because he tied to rebuild an organization. He he he was part of you know the process of of bringing in guys like Drew Doughty and and and Jack Johnson and incorporate tar and all the trades that he made. He made some pretty significant trade bringing in Carter bringing in Brad Mike Richards back then. Armed you're a big part of that organization and now they're in a little bit of a bind because. They're going through. What you would say the aftermath. Of winning Stanley cups and having to pay guys. A lot of money and try to continue to stay on top and trying to now he could alleyway off cubs rip with guys that are in that their younger years like it to fully in those guys now it's like all we want cops have had success now you have to pay Amy. With this cap era every general manager with the exception of Chicago somehow has managed to Dustin Brown he's the captain of that team captain of the team. Won two Stanley cups their. They paid him an ungodly amount of money. And an older age and now that's gonna kill them for years that contracts. But he's not there anymore he's not there anymore. You look at you look at dean Lombardi his track record he's done tomorrow a lot of very good things that's why when you look at you to talk about okay. We're looking at experienced GM who's your guy will you know what. He could be that guy here's some sound from Terry goes press conference today talking about the last GM and coach search. I can tell you. That. I was not. Involved in the last GM. Coach search. To a large extent and I regret that move. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. So that was Terry the rule talking about how he regretted not being in the last search columnists. Someone just treated in Jordan just tweeted in Lindy Ruff president Rick Dudley GM and Quinn coached now. The coach aside for sect not against Quinn did Dave Quinn that is from BU. Jack's coach but that's not white hired they are talking to somebody yesterday that follows very closely College Hockey BU is Ron vary. Very similarly to a parole. Team and how the how they function and operate so it's not a eight that's Jack's coach let's bring him in just to be clear. He does have the right credentials. For an opportunity in the NHL. A combo with that. You talk about relationships talked about character discipline structure communication. This guy tweets in Lindy Ruff Rick Dudley. Experience out the Yang Yang right there with play contact contact galore management positions Lindy Ruff is well liked. Throughout this entirely. And and you and I wonder if they're phoning right now come. If you caught what you have his number call Terry from Kuala if it rains and hits that little breeze at the end challenged on the other line. Spent so much time with more over the weekend I know you'd. Yeah I'd muted all right call lines are open 8030558885525. If the and Darren trigger coming up at 1130 so. Stick around for that he was kind enough to join us yesterday. He's coming on today. Let's grab raid in Rochester ray go ahead make it quick though please rate. I guess analyst cure really dig through maybe get them either he's under contract. But. I'm sick and Mike fooling you know in some capacity not coached not GM. But he's got the scouting report which we're gonna need going forward he's in buffalo legend. You know I I think he'd he'd be very tradition to punishment. Ray did not mention him. Now I want I want I want everyone understand like you know I was called yesterday homer on Twitter because of some of the guys that you tend don't wanna talk about bringing back but the organizations have three guys back I mean they bring back guys that played there that have these names. When I think about my fully you know. And what. Well first of all let's hear the comments that mr. Google made this press conference before we talk to a flee you know that sparked Craig's the the only thing that Craig really underlined and highlighted here ago. But accountability starts with me. We are not happy. Weather season this year. And there are no excuses. Six years ago I stood here and told the Buffalo Sabres fans. That the reason for existence was to win a Stanley Cup. That is still the truth. One team wins the cup. We expected more this season. Our organization. Needs more disciplined structure and communication. This is how you win. We need to get better at that in the future. So when I hear that. If somebody tore that mountain had it planned to face of somebody that fits all the descriptions of that Mike Foley you know. Is a guy that is working in the NHL that just rings in my head I mean there's a lot OK I mean. But I'm just saying yeah news. My Selena. He'd be a guy I mean higher enemy now has. Called. The year ago. In the in the American Hockey League has been a head coach in the OHL he's been an assistant coach. For the Toronto Maple Leafs for Anaheim. And New Jersey Devils. Guy's been around hockey. The guy can still continues. To be involved with hockey. Is that a good hockey mind to bring him. He's there there there's people out there there's lots of great options out there is is when I'm sank. Graham Marco share. Grabbed Tom in Cleveland Tommy Cleveland go ahead Tom. The morning guys hi you're doing great. Well I I was our Mount Olympus. Supported when they originally hired by also not because I think everybody in Buffalo's convince Mike Babcock was the guy and somehow or other. Stable organization it kind of screwed on that. Paul Hamilton made a comment. Found shot from the boulevard last night the kind of got to me a little bit when they were having their last game in Pittsburgh. She said and I'm paraphrasing here so bear with me okay. Of that. Of getting Balkan walked by Hamilton files much in the hallway and files on the side I have many how you doing and welcome just walked right by didn't say a word to. Okay. So anyway I think that by also what was kind of like. But we can't get Babcock so we'll get somebody else that's got a name. But Kim winning a Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh had a lot more to do with the roster than it did with miles and his coach. Okay. I'm I'm with you Tom I stayed via the whole way through and did you rift yet. And I think he was saying that maybe. By I think Tom thinks the file and got a raw deal. Maybe because Tim Murray wasn't able to a provide them with what he needed I believe the same thing. I think ten and Dan did get a raw deal here in buffalo no question that's just my opinion. And he says it was so much time are right Andrew Peters Craig Rivera couldn't. The BDR Sports Radio five if you know arrest you right back with Darren rank her TS and hockey insider over a million Twitter followers we don't fall on Twitter. Darren Gregor there you go we'll be right back. We're back with. Instigate us presented by MP Carol hard. Hey welcome back against the gators I'm Andrew Peters along with Craig room day it's Friday at 1130. On WGR Sports Radio 550 and then as she wise 1130 so important. That's Darren triggers time on the show he is blocked every Friday 1130 and he joins us now. From the beautiful land of Edmonton Alberta Daryn Gregor are you doing sir. I get man it was a a late night little overtime and Edmonton. The building was electric it and the orders on the way to win on pocket up and get ready because apple per game sick. You know we we had Jeremy Roenick on that's my name drop right there but we had Jeremy Roenick on at the end of the last hour and rib and I were talking before the show. About how impressed we are that Edmonton's two young team to go out and get shellacked in San Jose. Seven nothing and then come back only to rebound against a grizzled veteran team like San Jose and win 43 in overtime find a way to grind one out. After wet wet rip pointed out being down 31. Yeah out I mean outlook and the whether or not they. You know it just couldn't find an extra gears does to put the Oilers out of their misery and it'll hold onto that computer at the debate but the job of it's art disable it in Dahlia. I'll watch it closely from the book the midway point of the second period on the letters were pretty dominant and in overtime. You know he was shocking that you'd you'd last that long is it went into the final two minutes of overtime first period of overtime because they haven't been. Absolutely. All over the penalty charge means the shock blocker at fourteen to and in the first five minutes alone I think Mark Jones based. You know two or three bill saves. To stop an app either you know the older group the battle of the church. Ran out of gas or. You know they gave me the best of the adjustment because the younger letters absolutely that extra gear and and turned it up a notch in overtime. Darren Gregor on the low ninety S and hockey insider are they feel like we're just pouring salt in the wound right here we're talking about Edmonton. Because of what happened yesterday here in Buffalo Sabres are the playoff system that the schools decided. To relieve Tim Murray and Dan files of their duties of the team we had young yesterday. But mr. Burkle today out on the podium at his press conference talking about. We have to do a better job with discipline structure communication and character what are you thinking about what he had to say there. Seattle I think it's very telling I think itself birdie on us that you know he also acknowledged that he has some regrets but he wasn't all. You know prior in the higher at Emory the hiring of the general managers select your view pretty good feel. That that the guerrillas are going to be very involved moving forward here and out to be. Because you know some are building their hockey operations department again from the ground up in an unbelievably. Busy time of the year. You're you've got the expansion throughout looming you got. The call mine to prepare or you've got the NHL draft keep that tree you'd get this she got that at any. That light you know where and when Terry Wilcox hiring experienced general manager. What toilet Padilla. You know easy to hire somebody who's in it right now who can you know jump on board up well sabres. And not just focus on an arrogant coach maybe deck and a little bit later but focused on doing everything ready two in the picture the sabres. Are in line and ready or some of the trade a pick while the event. That are coming up in the near future. So oh I had a question for is so when you. This is the first question I think I've ever out SO is gonna sell wanna while I don't cry aggravated a parent tiger segment you know it I when I when I look at most organized nations they have your GM your present in Europe hockey. President of hockey operations what is the first person that you're going to hire is it a hawk the president of hockey operations. Or is that a GM. Well in a perfect world I I think it would be in over here hockey operation call the president called a director of hockey ops whatever you want. I get the thing that I would that those who we is that person. You could that guy I'd be dean Lombardi he Lombardi doesn't make me wanna be in the data dig trenches and and working hard you have to. To be as successful NHL general manager. We know his track record is appears period. So maybe and that's my speculation. You know they're they're looking at him in back to trees so that he helps oversee the Google. In the process of umpiring in the general manager in a perfect world it made sense stick goal that we down or up. The hockey operations latter but again time is to be out here maybe maybe find the right guy and maybe view the Lombardi speculators so much come. That you know he's capable paneling bulk. Now the general manager job. The president of hockey operations but it is going to be the one thing I can direct it that this yet they're well. Frankly there's no shortage EPA if you find that hockey is far be it again Lamar you're somebody else. Doesn't that open the door even lighter that's why we're seeing names like Chris Drury from the New York Rangers. Bottle of water roller Billy Guerin from the from the the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hire Marty Saint Louis. From that the street Louis and and it'll they'll be others that it was named Tripp in this if you're hiring a guy like that even Norma Khyber some degree from Chicago. I feel like you need an experienced hockey executive. Balkan did you help. Iron out some of the wrinkles along light silk bullet I think for this group is going to be pretty long. Let me ask you this and rim and I talk about this regularly if you're just tuning in Darren drag her joining us sounds he's got a bit of a cold out there are still cold air and Edmonton. I have Marty and Malia met Marty Booker did not at all. I was out parties and we ask that you'd be cute cute cute but he's go to minor you don't pick you up short but. Part that broker. And then I entered into a you know a bit of a cold but it's dry and. Well there Louie is coaching minor hockey. There's more there's more pressure in coaching minor hockey and there is in the NHL. Nobody I area. I totally I told forgot my question to let fate after all we we we were talking and that's the first lap dregs out of the show in two days there are regulations. Lindy Ruff is a name that we toss out there obviously the ties to buffalo all but. He had a disappointing tenure in Dallas and I'm just wondering. Maybe stepping away from coaching with the connections he has the Olympic experience. He's worked Easter I think he's very close with. Joplin area obviously knows Babcock he's worked with these guys he's very well respected in dialed in and I was wondering. Seeing how does she mean L works who came from Detroit you know you kinda get he's had. Gained a lot of experience is that a guy that could. Could be candidate. Well could be again I I I don't think that the Pulitzer in a position right now we're going to dispatch editing but. I've got a hard time believing that they're going to look stock. Rather than look at. Ending not sure they've got to help it lower back or canola and erupted. You know during it is with Buffalo Sabres in the end look at our rule. Got up on things this action as well. I just don't see those men as being part of the building blocks of the future I don't see the bet. But maybe they go through this process in the true currently recognize that. You know the perfect fit isn't there and after reconsider but my sense is based people but it talked yesterday that Lindy likely wouldn't be able. All right so I set out a tweet last night and I hate to admit that bring it up on the show what I set out a tweet last night. And it said not sure what would be more of a shock today piles of Murray like goal or the Blackhawks getting swept in round one. I don't know. I I can't believe I don't sharks about the news camp on the hawks. I Taylor I'm I'm more shocked at the Chicago Blackhawks but lap that I am a ball lumber I hear again. You have public cricket respect to those guys I. I guess I speak on the corniche -- black hawk I couldn't see it out you know I I I like that natural predators I pick Chicago win that series. But I I thought it would be good period I thought it was via a 67 game type of thing. Where Chicago prevailed because of their experience but space spotter. They just could not get anything on it and luck you know natural played a great game and on top of that packed arena it. Outplayed out of his mind so when you got those ingredients that you guys know better that night that he's leading ingredients in the rescue person out. You know the hawks have played a ton a hockey over the years though you know we said the same thing about the kings at apple years ago. They played me these guys have played over a hundred some odd games in the last 56 years just in the playoffs alone I mean. That takes a look at what happened and the one year where they missed the playoffs completely and then came back the next year won the Stanley eke out maybe they get this is there a break time. Well maybe and look one thing we've learned he'll speak about we're not initial the pretty. The track is being given what's going on in buffalo got all of it on an annual basis just finds a way to make miracle you know. That that cap team all it has been capped peak in Chicago let you know you find a way and he finds the weight because of the trucker that successful Blackhawks players. You'll wanna come from Europe as a restrictive create conflict and Erin. Because they feel like they've got a chance to win a championship every year that your cop. Media that changes Ol little bit because they were eliminated so quickly but I doubt it and I'm certainly not going to question. The possibility of the Chicago Blackhawks B cup contender Cambrex. I'm with the I mean I I I it doesn't take them out of the conversation and no way to I think that dolls that. The beginning of a spiral where they organization goes down. What do you think about the Washington Toronto series to me that's probably the most interest and nothing to do it geographic. Location but just in terms of the young team into Ronald. Yeah I can on not surprised by it I feel that Washington. In the series and if they adult that you know there's going to be try to questions. On on that organization. I don't think anyone is in in jeopardy of losing their job and product called the general managers there. I think it's great work I gambled and got shot and Kirk let. You know that was a gamble worth taking because the watching capital there are built and designed to win the Stanley Cup. But they've got to prove they've got to find a way to knock off pesky made leaps. Idiot experience basically I think is is actually in that battered. These young blacks don't really know. What adversity. The piece in the play out to the pressures oceans that you have to deal they're learning it probably fired her. Com Aaron at. Maybe you don't make it stronger action here but Britain quicker lifting so you've watched and witnessed serious black and have to win this series these kids. In Toronto are going to give up and that the defense is better than I thought it would be an circle and then there are so. You know that your Chirac. Do you chalk it up to nerves with Washington like I just don't understand I had him beating them trial for street. Toronto has all the you know six or seven rookies on the team. They'd have no playoff experience. Home what is going on in Washington this is an oiled machine right now right from the fourth line defense to the goal town doesn't make any sense. Well look you know the country watched the Pittsburgh that the conflict Jack Slotnick. Leland when you've got a team on the ropes. You don't know what tricks weeks anymore because Perry that exists in the NHL but don't let it linger. And this or the Pittsburgh Penguins last night. You know I mean not that that was surgical. Malkin out an outstanding game you know Sidney Crosby elevated his play I mean. Columbus just didn't have an answer that they couldn't say there was nothing they could do that. The push back that's what happened in Washington you know they. They have experience could have a lot of experience there but yet guys like Justin Williams can't do it all on the dole don't. Problem and that became a little light the other night you know he can't expect him that the carried the load so. You know back from Ovechkin. Kodama let the other star players watching capital and and frankly. I'm grateful he has been Albert get back in the series don't. You know he turned it up a notch and we've certainly seen that he's capable to steal it. While it's all about accountability kinda like risk prediction of four straight past beach rawness fault they can't just be that it speaks to his ability as a hockey analyst they Daryn I mean. A lot of respect I'm new at this Andrew and just learning reminds except. Yeah tests we're learning from our mistakes Darren Dreier thanks for joining us have a good weekend we'll talk to you next Friday. All right thanks very much stared Gregor TS and hockey insiders can follow ads. Heritage Gregor Kregg charcoal. I asked questions been a huge day for Greg Gregory great ever return playoff this round I got struggling right now this excitement is just because you've been away so long I've just been bursting at the scenes. Your bursting all right oh yeah bursting all right averse to get out here it's Friday all right final segment for the week when we come back we'll summarize everything. WGR Sports Radio five if you amnesty where the investigators. Carol hardwood. All right welcome back to the final segment for the week we're back on Monday ten and noon. Andrew Peters Kregg repaid WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG where the investigators. Time now for buy sell or trade buy sell or trade presented you by buffalo sports go to buffalo sports on McKinley park weighed just passed right men's. Where you can buy sell and trade good new and used hockey equipment so today's buy sell trade. Agree rate. As last I'm gonna do it last time. Sabres higher. Hockey ops position. First. Buy sell or trade sabres higher hockey I will let me first I think that's the first Iowa ordered they do so I'm gonna buy that I think he's the most important piece to this entire. Structuring. Is a year year year president your head guy of hockey operations he's gonna oversee the entire organization. Whether it's the the actual team. Or it's going to be. The drafts. All of us all dealing with this notes he's gonna oversee everything everything. So any time the GM wants to make a decision a move it goes to the hockey ops. President and they discuss and he's the guy that's gonna help make those decisions. I don't think it has three I'm gonna buy that too by the way. Combine that because. And I hope it doesn't just start with poppy hockey ops position you know. Hopefully they can paralyze that and have positions you know I mean you have here hockey ops guy can have somebody underneath him. That works with him yet but GM and assistant GM mean there's four guys right there if you get four mines in there. And you can hire coach. He put together your staff I mean. I I I hope you know looking around to structure it starts at the top. And that's you know I was arguing that the school is in the put ghoul is need to give that. Final. You know. The quotes that stuck out with Craig and I the most today was the one right off the top. Mr. Bogle mansion. I talked about accountability in how he asked me better certain areas and he said we have to get better organize racially with discipline structure communication. Then attic character that said that he's looking for somebody with experience experience doesn't mean. Agent years there's a lot of different ways to. It's been up to spin that in and looked into experience so. With that. Gregor leave at the end of the week here with I'll be very disciplined structured. Good communication with the fan community that character we captures. Well I Elena build built my life around be. Well I'm glad you're part of there's a circle of trust like this feel like him just on the outside but it. We went my way and you'll you're working where there aren't taking ten years we'll get their coming up next John Murphy and Donald Jones are in the house. Talking a lot of bills draft coming up and stuff like that where investigators will be back Monday. WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG have a good weekend.