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These these John Murphy GO. Presented by apple on. Afternoon happy Friday everybody I'm gonna show we're back with three our show today the dumber you show presented by NAPA Auto Parts to now until three. Right here on our flagship radio station in buffalo WG art portrait of life if you they've elected here archer today Donald. Is that about it that's right out of the gate and I'm MSG evidence have you a view in an amnesty today were here until three. I have to say though we've done the show announced its first week of October. When it was moved to date August last July it would be so. What nine months maybe. Yesterday it was the first time I wish. We we're at night and shall only because sketch of him. And I've loved release in this schedule at 8 o'clock on that day yesterday and because we're daytime show now the schedule came out last night. And we can still talk about it apparently gonna talk about it a lot but I think I. Maybe I'm a sucker but I love when the schedule comes out I love looking at the schedule from various angles I love looking at the bills' schedule from. You know that the from the weather expected to travel expected to go to road games. And especially to the wins and losses aspect that. There's just plus it gives meet certain heat what the rest my degree is gonna look like it I love when the schedule comes out in wherever I'm glad we're gonna talk about it. Now you have a lot of friends. Obviously throughout the leave him in different cities when the schedule comes out that you call people who say they were coming to town loans that is all they call me because you're a specific. I got calls from my friend in Atlanta does that. Can deliver tickets you know that it's yet Atlanta have a Finley in the Carolina on there right and they know it looks like so that's ever problem in order reach me. And they usually do to protect its in the same way because I'll definitely the same way when idea. When the player here and house finally to a city I mean a united tickets of the game and I'm likely you know tickets we get a little bit different. The the tickets you did you'd probably rise by better tickets in obligates you floors I enacted suite seats and exactly it's a surprise I mean did you freak as a place to right we get to he gets there but they were up and nose bleeds it anymore by him. Got a fire right. You know souls like eighty tickets and not freak that's right you need to. That they think they are right and you know but they're not free and you're gonna probably be up and nose bleeds if it's an away game you know also. Just for warning you might wanna go ahead on stub hub so might that is not a fun isn't it it's you know. But the games to their dialogue with the games come out and we're gonna talk about the schedule with you a lot today reaction to a it's a lot of hours ago at this it's a little bit like the weather you know everybody. Not everybody but many people complain about the schedule and nobody does anything about. But the that you do about it nothing to do and as you know the opponents are it's a complicated formula. Every year is a little bit different this year no luck no difference in that but let's hear from you that is a Twitter poll today and our tort approach pretty simple what's your favorite part about the bills 2017 scheduled just came out last night party got 360 votes in on this. Your favorite part. About the bills that 170 schedule what do you like 39% of you say you like the home opener against the jets 29% of you say you like the December home games. 23% at seven miles of mine 9% say you like the third in a game. At the New York Jets so let's hear from you favorite part of if you wanna you know this'll limitation Twitter if you have me not favorite part what you don't like about the schedule. I zone tonight I was threatening a amenities include a well known about it there are sat out we can't say that was your favorite and least favorite what are your least favorite parts estimates on the phone. More on putting your least favorite parts of the bill's point seventy it. What do you see that you'd like to comment on in the 170 schedule. Fault lines are open 8030550. The number here in buffalo outside buffalo its toll free call at 1888550. To 550. Or you don't buy Twitter at John Murphy show your favorite part of the schedule your least favorite part of schedule what do you like. What do you not like you mr. Collins don't you think about that. Pretty packed today with a show Sean McDermott. Bill said coach we sat down with him after the schedule came out will get his thoughts on schedule a little bit get his thoughts on that. This past week as a voluntary offseason minicamp just wrapped up yesterday so head coach McDermott a one on one interview with him coming up in a moment to. At the bottom of the soured Jonathan Williams running back for the bill's opponent it was second year. Obviously stands to benefit if the bills elect not to match the offer sheet presented to Mike jealously. And we'll talk with Jonathan weighs about that coming up at 1230 when he joins us in studio. All of Faber Thurman Thomas dominant. I want a tough 1 o'clock today. He has some slots on carelessly. Thurman has some thoughts on what the bills do from there are some thoughts on schedule launcher so Thurman will join us at 1 o'clock today and of course you can opponent comments and questions for him. We've got TJ it's prospect watch coming up at 130 Donald Jones looking ahead to the draft now just six days away around one of the draft. And today take a look at linebackers now. Yes well you know linebackers like you hear about the first two linebackers room to Foster an SR Redick but after that. They're names out there that you really don't hear about and I you know I don't know if it's a deep linebacker draft or not but you just don't hear about those days because everybody just talks about the cornerbacks. The safeties in my receivers and running backs. And obviously to quarterbacks. But there's some talent out there at the linebacker position and we know the bills. Had they need some debt that linebacker they probably need a starting will linebacker you know wonders. There's some good ones out there especially in the early rounds that can play that position so we're gonna talk about movement. KBJ's prospect what coming up at 1:32 o'clock today we're gonna be on the line live with Andy Benoit of Sports Illustrated MM QB dot SI dot com website it's rent a couple of interesting posts on the Internet. Where the quarterback should go in this first round sort of links at some of these first rounds second round quarterbacks with the right fit for them. He's gonna talk a little bit about the new coaches in the NFL in their approach to the upcoming season. Andy Bedard joins us at 2 o'clock. We will have a fake news real news the whole deal today a full three hour show we were cut short yesterday at the top end of the show because of the hockey news infect the tweet from. You're my Aiken says was her show yesterday at NC a podcast on iTunes no. Well basically what we did and it was only a television show yesterday we covered the Sean McDermott news conference at two and a couple of player news conferences. And that was it and we missed being in the year's incident junior now. Yeah it was a different. News staff cleared job it was different and I'm only being on obviously only on the amnesty side and it was different start in show at 2 o'clock they're back and abort to sitting in the office. Watson you know the whole investigators thing happening and while watching hockey stuff happen. Subordinates and image as well in the morning and we got on there. And we really didn't even talk. It was not funny it was an odd experience watch all of it like hockey news and of course we are part of via the sports and entertainment group. Imagine you a couple of other people yesterday with all the turmoil. Going on with the sabres of course when you replace a coach and general manager that's upheaval that's a big change but it felt that the path. Probably your next door neighbor's house burned down in your stand up and reports. I hope hope that our house of hope they're right it's too bad for them right kind of standing on the port Watson and cried like. I mean the well over. A dozen dinners at. I feel that orbit they'll recover will be fine we oh well. You know it's not. There's a perception I think false perception that. At least here I can't speak for the sabres were here. There's a perception that might. Stated dysfunction in nobody knows what to do him. We work here so that cuts both ways but by working here and to put words in your about what. See people working hard heaven on the job people are pretty good job. I see in new head coach you sort of confused but it certainly the player ranks and almost the whole building with a sense of energy and purpose and and businesslike approach we'll talk with coach during an amended to. I think pop up pretty good work in our department here I don't know I don't feel dysfunctional and you you know integrated heart of hearts do you feel like the. In my heart ours to curler there at that I can see everything and it doesn't feel dysfunctional to me the crazy thing was yesterday. When the whole thing happened over on the sabres side. They found a way to bring that over to the bills you know in and bring that over to the team here in and what's gonna happen. You know maybe this happens it's it's not gonna happen. You know Doug is going to be here yeah he's going to be here at least through this season and that if there's if they end up making it to the playoffs or even if they. Have a substantially better team but they might not make it into the playoffs I think he's still going to be you know also. I don't think we also hear it right. That the other three months ago with reverend Rex left and John McDermott came in but. You know take whatever that you want you know you may disagree you may get your information year takes on the bills some another source that maybe you'd trust more than us you pre. But I can tell you is that an accurate graphic at that aren't so fault lines are open at 8030550. Tool free from outside buffalo 1888550. To five feet deep or on Twitter required through the schedule efforts you've seen it by now most of you. But but let's go through it down to nine maybe get a few takes from Donald and me about the what these games look like what they mean the pre season came out a few days ago. Or week or so ago and the priest he's pretty basic. Home game against Minnesota road games at Philadelphia Baltimore home game against Detroit to finish up. The most interesting thing to me about pre season Donald American dwell on this but three of the fourth Thursday nights which sets up sort of a different. Training camp schedule it's different travel schedule probably means more weekend practices and training camp practices right yeah so going to be lower Thursday yeah. Let's guess Friday off and probably practiced Saturday and Sunday so we so does that mean morning practices. I don't think Saturday morning practice and I think I mean the schedule is an upper pre season practice but. With third penalty is going to be morning practices but it used to be weakened him right so maybe bigger crowds here but let's get to the regular season the meat of it and it starts. With a home game on Sunday September 10 1 o'clock kickoff against the New York Jets. At home. By the way fourteen of the 16 games 1 o'clock kickoffs on Sunday. I'm a traditionalist I guess I love that I'd like 1 o'clock games on Sunday. It works from a work schedule and that it works for even watch the rest of the league you know by the time we get out here I can catch the second half of before clock game. And I watched the Sunday night game so open up against the jets not a particularly tough opening game I would think that. You definitely wouldn't think that but I must say this first because that's that's also many people last night on social media react to the schedule. And sale of Dade community and if those rude as we have one of the hardest schedules in the league if not the artists resolutely. Listen you don't know what teams are going to be like once we into the season you know so the team with good lasted doesn't mean team is going to be good this year things happening guys get hurt. Guys end up on different teams meet bases aren't the same every single year you know so the jets. Who last year didn't have a good season they beat up on us twice. It could be totally different this year I'm and they might have a even though nobody expected them have a big year. They might come out this year and totally surprised everybody you know surprised they were good yeah it surprised me as well but I mean you just never know but the Nike said though on paper right now. That looks like it game that first of all you're at home it's your home opener you'd have to win. You want to win all your old games but your home opener you need to take that last year we let. These the first game go down to Baltimore DC need to win your opener especially with it being at home and especially with the being in the division now I can get a leg up on and on another team needed this. After the jets' opener they go to Carolina to play the Panthers 1 o'clock kickoff on Sunday afternoon the bills are. To all of the regular season the Carolina in this courses Sean McDermott's returned to a Carolina will via a huge storyline but did I mention I'm sure going to. The death would be minutes and going down there and I'm sure he'll have some emotion going down there but. You know ultimately he's a pro and he's gonna understand that yes to go down and beat his former team and I'm sure he's gonna have fun going down there and facing his you know Cam Newton and all of those guys and he would see every day in practice so now he's gonna go down there in space those guys that base is all coach. With three bills back home against Denver. Another team with Leo brand new head coach wrecked the Denver Broncos with a bench Joseph so you'll have a two NFL coaches in their third game for Simon spoke coaches. In their third game this is a Rick Dennison against his old team and then. You hit the road for the next two at Atlanta Matt Ryan in the NFC champions and at Cincinnati. One of the interesting things about the road games Donald there are a lot of two game clusters of wrote yes your I think three different times the plea to in a row. On the road which is that overly burdensome but it's worth noting I guess right. Yes it is certainly worth noting I'm from me beat the falcons the falcons game personally passing game that like I wanna go to. I love me I noted that Hitler's must make a note Adam follow our own little doubt that. Etc. do on the plane today game. I think he will first Bob love love love the city of Atlanta have a lot of family and friends down there. And they have their new stadium down I want to see the stadium policy was going to be like it's I think been. Mercedes. Ends dome or something like that is wanna see that stadium obviously a plane about pins the team that was in the Super Bowl last year so it should be a good game I just look forward to that. So that first cluster in pointed out on Twitter from a gym few weeks two through four week phase three of the last four Super Bowl teams that would be a Carolina. Denver and Atlanta. So that's worth noting he and it for those who think the schedule is sort of back loaded the tough games on the bottom and you gotta pay attention to that at Carolina Denver and Atlanta those are. Three of the last for a Super Bowl teams anyway in the game. The bye week comes I think get a good spot the bye week comes it to an October 15 us as mentioned to add to be angles and it's never an easy game. Don't know Cincinnati is not easy to play them up so. At that tournament bye week on October 15 good place to have a by people many times was there what's the vibe is in the middle of the season but you know what strikes me. By the time you get to that game and then be six weeks that you played for pre season games ten you're ten games and it ended and again it's not out to the proceedings don't count but. You've been gone at it for 101112. Weeks in a bye week there I think is just about the for my money the sweet spot for I believe. Yeah for me anywhere anywhere from week. You know week six down so like week nine have a bye we just kind of like the sweet spot obviously you wanna be right in the middle between week eight week nine but. Ultimately you know week six is is totally fine with me on the like you say you're coming off what happened before pre season games. And especially for guys in the Macon this team that had to really play in that in those pre season games the veterans don't play as much by. You're a lot of games then and now you need some rest. And the bills come home for a couple of rose and in October October 22 against the box 1 o'clock October 29 against the raiders. This point has been made before. By others look at the schedule like good quarterbacks in the buffalo schedule this year. Those two weeks at least interesting quarterbacks hopefully Derek Karr is healthy and ready to play October 29. Winston I think I'm eager to get a look at teams Winston in the box. And even before that if you look at some of the quarterbacks Matt Ryan in particular Cam Newton. Of the got the bills are going to be up and it's pretty good quarterbacks. Yeah yeah you live from avoid Jersey might they came he's talking about coming up from one of those games so you know we have we kind of had those translated by. Davis once and I wanna see him in person and Mike Evans as well the receiver NASA be a good matchup for our defense. And in the raiders this adjusting obviously with the team from lasted that they have but the air car those receivers. But march summit coming back to buffalo something that we should really point now. I think if he if he ends up in Oakland and we know that. Right now he's actively negotiating a contract with them if he ends up there and him coming back to buffalo at a B and it just again. Up so we work our way through the schedule go to the first seven weeks we get to the second half of the season after the raiders game a visit to the jets on. Thursday Thursday night November 2 at the jets a 25 kick off. The only prime time game on the schedule lot of people up in arms about that Donald. And I get it you know you want your team get national exposure you what you were more a chance to some of those later games would be. Flexed out but it is what it as you know what you win games you get national exposure. That's it and you have to win games to do NASA exposes to be on. You know Sunday night Monday night Thursday night games even the 4 o'clock Sunday games you have to win. So that you can be slotted in those times I mean the NFL they want the teams that are usually winning to get the primetime games it's it's all about ratings and so you have to win games so that people wanna watch your name. And following that it amounts it's not a byways but it is the break after a Thursday night game a ten day break before the bills host New Orleans. Which by the way you know that almost acts as a second bye I think in. And that comes right in the middle of the season in the game at home against an Orleans saints another good quarterback in Drew Brees then that's a long trips back to back another two game cluster road trips. At the Los Angeles chargers haven't trouble getting used to say in that that's coming up November 19 the only 4 o'clock kickoff on the season and the following Sunday at the Kansas City Chiefs. Too long trips back to back but at least you know he can get a split out there opposed to everything though. Dead gone back to the saints game you would think some McDermott pretty much knows the saints than those two reasons coast against them twice a year for the last few years on so. He should know them and then you have those too long road trips. You know the chargers game should be an interesting game to be in an interesting environment with that stadium style of senate there was some of stadium that they're playing out there. And Los Angeles it's going to be interesting though and we were talking about this earlier just like traffic and everything going on in LA with them having. You know like they're the rams and it's hard as having home games. Sam farmer who's a writer we kind of on the show in LA point output of between today there are three Sundays in Los Angeles this coming season where both the chargers and the rams are plain. At home in LA. At the same time the street well LA's pretty being in that stadium is pretty small by the way and they have traffic point 47 soon I don't know its traffic actor but. I'll order a I don't know what TV ratings would be an Alley that it charges Atlanta home the rams are playing well. I don't know who movie and watch who you can either yet probably either at the right probably when like ships right there. They watch them like liberators with the yeah I watch generators so hum where we picked up so those two long trips audio and then the last five games. And this is the interest in caught it really of games when you look at so the bills have gone into December. Couple issues here they've gone into December without seeing the patriots without seeing the dolphins. Last five games they see each of them twice that's amazing I don't ever recall that plots you've got we talked about December games for the schedule came out. Once again and you give your guest tomorrow home games in December right if you if you look at what you got there's three in a row at home in December against the patriots. Against the colts against the dolphins it and finish up on the road at the wing and and at Miami. It's been written and I'm sure the numbers bear this out that the bill's list 45 games toughest schedule in the NFL. Sure you know the dolphins won ten last year the patriots won fourteen last year with. Which sort of skewed a little bit. But you know I mean of the dolphins insurmountable at home or on the road now at Somalia after the specialty monopoly so. Patriots atop homer away. Let's just that it Christina last bite game block that last third of the season to what that blog for you see those teams. And then you know to see the patriots and dolphins just a couple of weeks apart always that's amazing. It is amazing to see them you know both teams twice. And that sort of spin first ball on the 26 point achieves as it's on sports team in you have to go from him being you know they won their division last year and then you go straight to the patriots. The have a calls we've never really know what to expect chemicals that I have a good year in the Nate is terrible the next UC don't know what to expect out of Andrew Luck. Coming in here public mart Aiken will become in town but they do have Miami New England Miami game. And selflessly on December 17 birthday. You've played golf and so you know I. Okay talk about me you know they have to win that game just because it's my birthday you know when I'm at the top post retirement that we can. Make sure he knows that and he related activity will be. McCain notes that a threat as calm a couple of and yet. There's an opportunity here for the bill to make up ground if you look at those division games you know the last five weeks to and its patriots to against the dolphins. If you need wins in if you need division wins there you go play the table was set for it. And the last seven games after the saints last seven games. All in the AF CL what people scoff that's what people do but if the bills are in possession after nine weeks to may be maker Rodham playoff spot. They're finished with the NFC that's the way to do it have those seven games all in the conference picked up conference wins picks up pick up division wins as many you can in the last five weeks. Like I said the table was set I gotta do it with table is set forma basis based on the schedule like. Men in the last like nine of the last ten games that are in AFC opponents and in the last seven in a row against AFC. And then you have won four of your last five against AFC east so if you wanna make a run you wanna make it into the playoffs you have a good schedule. It's a duel against it's it would be. I can be worse is. You have all of your AFC games in the beginning of the season and then. All you have is in a C opponents in the last half of the season it's like you're not really picking up ground about winning those games you know but you have all of these gains in the second half of the season. You wanna win you wanna make it to playoffs and win those games and European. So there is a schedule it's up on our website Buffalo Bills dot com you can look at it there there's a really good video preview piece with the past games against some of these matchups up on our website to put together by the boy's them all in a digital media. And we invite you to look at apple let's talk about 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 Rick calling from Orlando hello Rick welcome here and Aramis. The other point that. Yeah a lot of talk but be that the schedule like in the schedule is also. To redo I think it's also effective. Or its rival to corporate. They are and see them and I think they have a warm epic. I agree it I I you know it's different united sedan and you know the argument can be made that. You really don't want to get the patriots in December you'd rather him in September right right the conventional thinking is the patriots take awhile to get warmed up maybe they do maybe they don't put. That that option is not there for the bills right now you know you're gonna see him twice in December dolphin same thing twice in December yet. And then and we have been really. And I guess this happens when you haven't won for seventeen years you have been in the playoffs split. You know ultimately. You play whose only use it grows he planned wherever they put you on the sketch I mean there's nothing you can do about that so. If you have the mentality of I don't care who we're playing this week it doesn't even matter you know like. You play the pages in the beginning of the season alt the youth went in your mind do you wanna play them in the beginning yeah but at the same time at the end of the season you should be Roland as well you know and so. If you think you're playoff team and if you feel like your playoff team. Well now you get the plated pages twice and possibly knock them out of the playoffs possibly win your division you have a great chance of winning your division late in the season. Let's go to. Oh in New York City took. Tea on a boat. Yamana I am really in line just schedule. It is always start. Screen in we got some. Some division. Opponents. Well actually welcome out there on the NC. Republican scandal. Yeah and make sure I'm as good global amber and at least for a chemical run at the playoffs. So what matters meaning games and you know this is. Like. And kind of because. Just like December 17 my discomfort in Miami get them beat there at. And talk about Oklahoma at lingo which he meant there are good thanks Yoko don't want thing about December games and I'm sympathetic to this bill's fans season ticket holders say. It gets cold I don't wanna sit in the cold December I get that it does Nicole. But that's you know good teams that are gonna make playoff runs and and Iraq oh wins wanna play at home when the game's really bad so. I don't know what to say you know you can handle the cold. You can Hamlet that you depth right I am the cold for everybody were like you're talking about not even games that really matter but like. So many division games that matter in the cold you know so many games against the patriots against the dolphins teams that are in your division that you see twice a year. That you have this this you know this hate for these teams you get to see them at home when it's cold and hopefully it's a meaningful game I'm actually gonna make it into the. Well it's at the left because on the video outside the justice John Snow covered seats that. Knew her field. Maybe maybe you think you had half expected and a platoon mine and they've got to go to urgency describe your please you guys are there it's pretty it's called to buckle up and it's fun in this old law and then. And you know that the dolphins are there in December c'mon. This is buffalo this is Buffalo Bills football it. The game's always look better in the snow and you and I don't recalled vehicles. But have some people think that because here in the blue in 00 we got the windows open you know it's called. You can over eight sharp McDermott we sit down with him when the schedule came out the head coach of the Buffalo Bills that he had some thoughts on the schedule. And on the voluntary minicamp just wrapped up yesterday and coach McDermott. What else that coach John McDermott their coach thanks very much the schedule was out and you know now that the point seventeen season will open. Against the New York Jets at home give me your thoughts and then especially opening home. Other jets are highly competitive football team a good football team and welcome football team and in what we're gonna have to be ready that's that we've got a lot of work to do between now and then. Really focused on our next opportunity to get better which will be will be tomorrow at this point in terms of what we've got on the schedule. And and so we look forward to that. You just wrapped up the three day veteran voluntary minicamp what did you see from your team and how the justices of the changes you've done a phenomenal job they really had been. And credit goes to them that that's around and we've got some good players and building it gets more most important that people. That's really where it starts and and that attitude has been right from day one very much appreciate it's a veteran group many of them have been used to change you know. Churn in the coaching staff so. They know to expect change but are they receptive to what you find in the earliest days. And they are they're very they've been very. Much recent. You know receptive to if you will and and more so honestly then that I would have fallen and I appreciate that it doesn't happen everywhere like that in and so again credit to them we've got a lot of work to do and is going to be. Days that are tougher than the last up one and we've got to be able to stick together and hang together that's that's really what the NFL is all about. In professional sports is a group of of men and women action that can hang together through through adversity and tough times. You've got new offenses and defense is to put in it he started it installation process are you still. Approaching that part of the Nazis while we're we're we're in the middle of that right now or or I should say that the early third that if you will and so that process will continue with. As we go and get more more days under our belt. At the ad portraying the so that we need to continue to. In grade ourselves in the schemes and also building alignment terms of what's expected daily habits to build the building went before what's next what happens next week years the personal sports drinks. Well next week really stressed being a face to win and over get a chance to get on the field a little bit more with it with the athletes and and install some more of the schemes and walk through and really if you went caught it yeah moving classroom. On the field in and so its intensity not as high as it just was the last couple of days which it can get pretty high which. I think with good force and so. We're we're we're just continued to install. You medically what we want them and also messaging and the consistency behind the message. Also got the draft coming up now a lot less than a week away. You've been involved in the draft a lot that are already in this offseason here what comes up in the next few days the final preparations that you you're staff in the and the personnel department make to get ready for drastic. Let's always a fun process and were kind of coming down the to the end here and that's that's a lot of lot of work that's gone into our scouts to a great job that in and of Wheeling his staff and providing us with a lot of information as a coaching staff and those meetings have taken place has been phenomenal and and now we're gonna put ourselves in position to get a good football player hopefully several of them that can help this just came along how do. You manage. The match between your coaching staff and in the personnel department. What comes down a leadership and communication and you know Doug and masses as two of the leaders. Among the groups have to do our job and and the communication is going to be free flowing at all times and we can't be afraid to to debate a situation of health in those are productive and and I did conversations with him today how much are you looking forward to your first draft as head coach art trailer I'm extremely excited about it. Forced him a fairly kind of thing cut though that the debt they're very understanding and and they they want the best players for the business well and and so a lot of thought necessary evils at this point council were fired up about it can't wait to Kelly for next Thursday coached very much appreciate could be with the yet. And coach Sean McDermott sat down with a when the schedule came out didn't have a whole lot to say about the schedule. Talk about the draft a little bit. And we asked about looking at quarterbacks and today the report is that both coach McDermott and Doug Whaley are at the clintons and visiting with that John Watson so. Now they've made the rounds right Watson. Can Kaiser in the Notre Dame and and administrative scheme and that there might be somebody else and there's while they talk to them about my homes. It's double figure with a quarterback in the first round you. I don't but I think if if one of these guys and them in the second round that they'll take them there in the second I don't think inimical to quarterback in the first round. And but then again I mean you hear different people's say like listen this this might be like. At least Watson introduce you are two of some of the better quarterbacks we've had a draft in the last couple years you know also who knows maybe being taken one in person I don't know I'd be shocked to. Man the bills have a decision Emeka Mike hill Wesleyan as of yesterday they weren't able to make that to the when he would say what their decision. Will be on whether to match or not to mention the patriots though offer sheet. And when we come back where you talked a guy who's probably following that they're pretty closely second year running back Jonathan Williams gonna join us in studio to talk about his game. And his approach to these offseason workouts that's coming up next just getting started in Orchard Park John Murphy show. Presented by NAPA Auto Parts on Buffalo Bills radio. What do you think of this we can how's it different than last couple of weeks with the workers. Is definitely a load different just because yes you get to get on the field and no play football. It's been exciting you know we have a new coach and staff who. That immigrant sneezes and about the united buckles McDermott who's been a great coach so far so how many vice seemed excited advice in that they've been buying into the program. This being what you're thinking here in the house this offseason different and much is often. A lot different just because of a number of things I want to knock on our Renault to expect just because I've been a four year. To also because last year oust him off of injury so. Not only did up not play my last college season but I moved up level you know the game to a faster paced game so on this kind of a sock in your number now. I've been they would get a great offseason and non though it's a space on deftly -- of them season we have talked to a couple of your teammates this week in the and the image of him before this week that. They thought it would be different when the coaches are on the sidelines at practices are posted just conditioning work. But you have prior to this if you felt that it is a different temple different getting an active definitely whenever you just working out you try to go you know full speed and try to do everything full Paisley is this a different level of speed whenever you compete against a guy you know whenever you don't want to take that loss against a 101 north. U verse you know after you make a run on U verse thirty yards and a billion was just a different temple when you're competing so. You Def we see that got them through. But there's no hitting right now right to violating those rules. Just like individual drills I was after the workers nobody individual little bit of team. You know a team setting but. Definite no contact or anything like that it. But Jonathan Williams bill. Second year running back. And you mention that we I guess we I tend to forget that you did not playing in you're in your season senior season at a college in Seoul last year your rookie year here was really. A comeback here for you right field as the season went along that you were kind of get back at full strength. Definite definitely I mean this. It was just different you know not here and in football terminology for years you know try to stay in the mean rose must possibly. It's a lot different when you don't hear a play calling nine in the huddle you know sewing you comebacks of the national football lease those death via learning curve for me but. I've been around some great Gaza somewhat coy you know he's a great when a beverage buses taught me a lot. Unless you're so. Mike Gillis the column allowed blasters so. On death excited about this and it took until the third week before you play right the Arizona home game via. What would you what we feel in that game Agee and chances. You know being inactive the first two games and then here's Arizona a year in the line up. What do you feel about your first game back in more than a year I was anxious unionized is it's on a I'm I'm my biggest critic you know definitely I wanna be able to sell case what I can do and I wanna. You know any mistakes that I make on the hardest Hamas also. Definitely went death was excited and you know those released today espresso off of that day you know as a lot of lot of emotions your run now. Fast forward now you're in years your second season you have your first full offseason in the NFL. So things are going to be a little bit different you probably aren't a little bit better shape than you were coming at them last year. What are your personal expectations were for this season. All team expectations denied them their personal goals but. The team comes first you know some McDermott because McDermott is. Set this benefit and then you know who wanted to have any playoff caliber you know everything that we do from. The way that we eat the way that we take the field everything as the playoff caliber so. In everybody's mind that their program his program in them deftly by Indian food as well so. And though no real personal goals I want to put out there that we have but. You know anything I wanna talk about his team go coaching staff is doing you getting you know some of these guys tell me about your. You're new position coach Kelly skipper how's that working with him what did you learn from him and in this early stage so is a really good guys that got them really familiar with Jackson because of on the Louis announcement at the Senior Bowl. There was some an individual awards he was Marvin Mickelson is suitable soda have a little bit of experience with him in he's a really echoes his dad. Com was and is NFL coach as well also because from a a good tree of knowledge of you know football and things like that so he's experiencing. We're excited that Monaro and the bills have one can steal his offensive line coach and run game coordinator which is a little different. How much interaction do you guys have backed him with coach Steele and what you see is wrong maybe being produced. He's actually the guiding installs Enron so he's we date is today he's Newman we put me he installs he's tells us they ins and outs of these were on so. The running game you sit in and talking about the running game we love it you know with some of the get. Scheme so. I think we can do some big things that. He added some new faces to run him back room and in my Olbermann and Patrick DiMarco. First of All My Children with type a personality as. Hey he has a lot of Fresno and you know he's audacity indeed has a lot of energy comes in the wrong with a lot of energy he's a veteran guy with a loud and houses well so is that the fund them in the wrong. And then Patrick DiMarco what he liked he's really really Smart guy really athletic and really really have been Aso. He he death accuses those will be out there and walking OB quizzing on the side Cummings and I know I have so he's a really really great leader in the Smart guys who. Those two guys have played in the last two Super Bowl and ironically lost both of the last two swivels so would have they've been able to gauge you. Since they've been on those two things. I haven't really thoughtful about the loss I'm Sonoma I was stunned by the in the Super Bowl would just. I guess and a leadership in those guys band two's I think this is told Mike Ovitz champion in the patsy carries himself legacies fifteen years in the lead house Marty is in house that he is so I'm just fine in preparation. And just different. Things and again tankers my knowledge. With Jonathan Williams Phil second year running back is the bills were through the final day of their 3-D veteran mini camp this week. We and we sit Tolbert is a dancer did you mean when he gets in the hands on owner and he seemed Danson in the locker hailed as an elevator and I can wait only irony does come to come to edit pump some guys that get ready to live. He's he's definitely energy gap. It doesn't you got limited work last year you played eleven games was it one game last year where you felt like you'd turn the corner like this is. Well what I can do this is. He felt like maybe you showed what you can do to help the team win any any of those games and last year in the against the Bengals a little bit was a bonus to the song went out a little bit with the with the injury and in the in my really kind of had to play a lot it was into the game. Philly has some pretty decent runs though not well wanted to be let us now on the autism Celso still never. The satisfied with that but that it felt like OK I know I can play at this level. And I'm excited to. You know keep getting better every day. Last year used were behind Mike Gillis Lian and this year obviously and everybody knows my toes for years now. Received an offer she from the patriots locals through your mind when you see and he got an offer sheet from another team and and might not be here. Just continue my preparation you know nothing changes. Mike was probably one of my closest friends on the team Honda went on basically every day last year so. But every day the competition in every day it was on I was going to be an amount and that's not any negative thing pound but every day now work to try to be the best I can be so. Among progression isn't an attendance they're gonna prepare to try to beat investment about that can be and you talked regular see much since he got the offer sheet and maybe taken his temperature what his plans are when things went I have really but from what I understand is not much you can run you can do those things. Bum. Probably for a guy in ghostly came into the league when he did you came in in the fifth round. For guys gonna back up to get an offer sheet to get a chance to make a lot more money that's a significant milestone and in his career right and maybe have an issue for for. And the other guy is a pack apparently detonated their economic side of former NSA he's one of my closest friends on the team so just to see you know how much work he put in as you see it pay off. On this death the Exide in this seat as of right. Last us mastery the running back position in this week people talked about it is surpassing the as a running back position going away now your your answer is going to be buys his right and what's your thoughts on people saying that the right back in the spirit of activism has gone away. Is definitely not going away I know I hear a lot of people say that. You can get a government backing any round that any position Tom Brady is hardly the best equipment what Tom is that in the sixth round. Julia Adam is the guy's a great player. A lot of guys. Prisoners was undrafted you know he's a great player. So you can do a great plays anywhere is not just one event is any player in the league you know so. On a death up into an event position. Is to be devalued at me any team that makes it far in the playoffs and makes the playoffs has a good set of running backs them on his death via an important position. I think I every job that we talked about Gil mostly in the opportunity may have. When that happened earlier this week do you feel any sense like the door is open for me now there's opportunity for me here at I mean the very least you mostly. Was taken up a spot on the depth chart that was probably a little bit ahead of you. Yeah you know those thoughts on the in my. Also excited for him most of them are just because of how close we are but definitely a must on mine is this essay or not that's in my preparation just because of my preparation was always already to be the best Huckabee zone. Does increasingly being make me wanna Wear caller I can't wait any hard and not really work because I'm always wanted to be the best so my Debbie have those thoughts in my head and I'm excited for the opportunity. Thank Chris DiMarco the rest of the way this offseason thank you thank you Jonathan Williams bills running back in his second year. Joining is in the studio we've got more to come to John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from. One bills drive on Buffalo Bills reduce. Welcome back to the show and our thanks to Jonathan Williams bills running back for joining us up in studio. You know I talked a couple times last year didn't get to know real well there wasn't really most summit again. Ever spend with them he impressed me Jonathan did not with the kind of a level of maturity you know he's not old beauty about the opportunity that's in front of them if they don't meticulously operation. You have to understand. And adds it doesn't matter if you've been on this team for awhile if you have a big contract if you. If you're a guy who is. You know at an undrafted free agent you always have to be level headed. You can never get to I'd never get too low because you you never really know what you know the Jim coats staffer thinking and so. You just have to handle what you can handle and that's what you're doing on the feel what you're doing in the classroom what you are doing. In the weight room every single day when you walk throughs building your attitude things like that that's the only thing you can control. And it seems like he understands that now on his second year in the league that's a good thing for him. Ball security was an issue for him and pre season and even into the regular season and you know that's and that's a red flag if if he's gonna have a fumble problem Mancini is but if he has one they will quickly look elsewhere at their position. They would definitely look. Elsewhere you can't you can't put the ball on the ground and as a running back that's something that the coaches that became hat they can't. They can't put you out there if they can't trust you to hold on to the ball you know I mean that's like you're number one job to hold on to the ball out if you don't get any yardage. Don't fumble the ball dated back to the other team. And so that's your issue it makes it real tough for the colts does that keep you on the team unless you like a special teams guru I'm an eight wanna keep you for specialties purposes other than that it makes it our view to make this thing. Salt some keep and I am Jonathan Williams ghostly obviously the bills that until. Monday probably Monday four would get an overture Monday reported side whether. Mets and offer you want missing tournaments. I don't think so I mean it means it's a four million dollars in the first season. A six million dollars contract over two years I'm I'm hoping they're gonna match that contact doesn't really make sense for him to be your backup running back the pain and four million dollars. In the first season unless you feel like. The so McCoy is getting older and you need to do you might get mislead the ball a lot more. But I don't I don't see that happen in the news all right scheduled talk coming up will we return you can. Race except it was a call at 8030515. Tool free. 1888550. To 550 your thoughts on the schedule we will revisit the Twitter Pall on the schedule what you'll like what you don't like about the schedule. It's all open for discussion Thurman Thomas are gonna join us when we return to the top of the hour and I 130 Donald gonna break down some of the top line Becky prospects in this draft. We're just getting warmed up. Just getting started Jammer we shall from one bills drive a Buffalo Bills rating.