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Update from one bills drive the focus on the sabres today in buffalo sports with team owner Terry pogo the meeting with the media. He says he is strongly leaning to retired general manager with the proven track record of strength in the team. He sees the sabres have been lacking in discipline and communications that discipline structure communication and character with a major talking points when he met with the the general manager tumor in the coached game by announcement were both let go yesterday but Google also says accountability for the sabres success starts with him. As far as the Buffalo Bills that. Reports out there that bills that general manager Doug Whaley and head coach John McDermott are meeting with a bunch of Cordoba is John Watson and Clemson today. The bills with the tenth overall pick they've known to. I've met with some of the top quarterbacks in the draft including auditing on Kaiser and north Carolina's Mitchell Robiskie along with Texas tech's. Patrick Holmes the schedule came out last night. The bill schedule out last night with buffalo opened up at home against the New York Jets on Sunday September 10. The bills play all of their home games at 1 o'clock is one prime time appearances Thursday night home get Atherton a road game and New York against the jets. And the finish up the season the final five weeks with two games against the patriots Roman way and two games against the dolphins went away. Former Alabama linebacker Roman Foster said yesterday he tested positive. Per diluted urine sample to come by earlier this year. That is treated like a positive test and the NFL's substance abuse policy posture was once regarded as a top ten pick maybe not anymore. And the buffalo fights since back on the field tonight as they open a three game series with the Columbus clippers are the Tripoli ability of the indians' first pitch tonight at 605. Mike balls leaders scheduled start for the or Columbus we'll go left hander Chris Narveson. Last night of fights and game against Norfolk was rained out it is the first Friday night fashion the season for the Baigent six or 51 picks the bites and and Columbus at Coke Kofi. It is John Murphy show workers out of. I NAPA Auto Parts and where company live from one bills drive Thurman Thomas scheduled to join us any minute now we'll check in with Germany amenity to. Meantime Donald job tonight comedy alive talking about the schedule bill scheduled. Came out yesterday you've probably seen it by now. It features that them back loaded schedule with those four games against the patriots and dolphins coming up in the final five weeks of the season something that. And I haven't seen before a scheduled back loaded like that I'm innocent to the bills wait until the final five weeks of the season before they released. I've been to the AFC east it is rare. It is weird but I don't necessarily know that it's puts him at a disadvantage Donald I don't think so. Things are being cute you can start off the season hot and a bunch of games and -- games you can you know you can get out to a good start. And they want to give to those last what nine out of the last two games is all against AFC opponent and for the last five against AFC east so you can give role in early in the season. And you can carry that be consistent. Then you're talking about meaningful games in December and you're talking about meaningful AC east games at the end of the season. Give us your thoughts on the scheduled elected or not that is our Twitter poll and it is up right now on Twitter. What do you think of the schedule what's your favorite part of the Buffalo Bills schedule that was released last night 843 votes in so far. What's your favorite part of the bill's point seventeen schedule so far more than 840 votes in 40% of you say you like the fact that the open against the jets. 29% say you like the fact that they have three home games in December 23% say he gets up and also mine. 8% say you like the fact that they play Thursday night. Against the jets what do you not like about the bill schedule give us a call 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 or by Twitter and John Murphy joined by the uninteresting that. On their poll battle point 9% almost a third of the respondents say. They like the fact that their three home games in December and I bet there's at least 30% of bills fans who say they don't like three aliens in December I mean it's whether it's. Tailgating and I guess you know it's it's a little bit tougher to tailgate. Infected Tweeter from Michael Moore and our opponents don't matter says. For Mattel gained perspective the schedule was lousy once again three in a row in December. I get back to be called out there that it is about the game after all. News that was about again it's back at the it's not about the delegate but even at the data mean you're tailgating you obviously probably have a grill. Stand over your little you know you keep itself more applicable there and I'll just to keep our age you know they may be its army as a consultant tailgating consultant Donald Jones is here preacher and over you grow and keep yourself warm you talk about possibly having meaningful games. At the end of the season so these games are meaningful I bet you won't be complaining about it being cold. You know the team disaster in and that's the problem over the last seventy years a team as it once when you have these games later in the season the fans are complaining but if you have a team that. Is rolling into the playoffs and now these have meaningful gains if you win these games you possibly win your division. Well everybody's Davis sold out people are looking forward to tailgating regardless if it's raining snowing no matter what the weather is people look forward to that tailgate. Talk about this too and it is weird it is rare to have the back end loaded up with AFC east division opponents like that. For the last five against the dolphins and patriots. Let's talk about golf percent. Hum that they've built were swept by Miami last year I think it was a fairly even match really do in the overtime loss here. You know if the bills that I get a decent kicking game that day or if they have the eleven guys on the field like there's supposed to overtime I have very little doubt. But the bills would've won that game against Miami Mecca on December 24 it was it was crushing. It it it killed. It's set up a whole chain of events for the next week when that it and put their team on the field against the jets have lost that game too. You don't dance the difference between last year 79 record and nine and seven is how hard is it to him you know these are rose colored glasses again. But how hard is it to imagine. The bill's point out that Miami game in overtime splitting with the dolphins. Okay. Keeping hope alive a little bit and going to the jets putting their team out there and beating at the spirited overmatched jets team and B 97 instance and nine. An article that you know art I'm it would probably into the schedule yet dolphins ten wins. Looks tough on paper balls of the dolphins. The dolphins and not a great team. They wanna run last year they got hot nominee stayed on that remedy even if you remember the first army waited office down in Miami they were you know we were. We were up in a game and Andrea drive went right anyway creepy but we were still up in the game until what the fourth quarters of them like that and then. We gave it up in the fourth quarter so you know you're not talking about. The patriots are talking about the dogs all right and you get to see them two times in the last 45 games in your season. Obviously you have to face the patriots but guess what. There are just as he got a plan you got to beat it is what it is you have both of those teams you have a shot at really winning your division. If you get off to a good start but it did the first and we keep talking about this last part of the season. With these AFC east upon opponents. But. The first half of the season when your playing those scenes and NFC you need to make sure you win those games because those are games that won't count but they all count the nearly sixteen games so they all count and if you end up losing games we went through this last year. When the team started off only tool we were trying to count games and if they count or not. You have to win all your games win as many as you can so that what you did today at last have the season you're rolling against those they seize upon. A phone lines open if you wanna weigh in on the schedule in 030 but if you're tool everyone eat eat eat by 52 by fifty. Com or YouTube by Twitter account show. But but active dolphins for the second consecutive year the dolphins are gonna play here in buffalo in December mr. December 24 this year December 70. That seems to be an utterly still is an advantage for the bills to get the dolphins here in December oh by the way. The bills don't have to go to Miami in September when it's humid and we pouring rain at 1230 artwork pickup and you know demand for new news who cares we're. Going to play whatever I gotta let him labor. Side the road for a party expect that the games does that play out. Leaving it in Miami in September it's ridiculous and I it's hot sweaty right it's. Again this year. And they get the dolphins at all or at Miami in December New Year's Eve located at Miami hopefully they get to go and beat Miami and easy it is the Clinton plan. Lola for the playoffs right in not. How lucky I like having those games in the last I think you know we talk about the slash a with the NC west and all of those teams had to play each other late in the season. If you remember that Denver or Oakland and Kansas City like atom a cluster games that they all have the plates of it. Some of had to play to the twice late in the season you know and it was like the last five games they were playing against him Thursday night games now you have an opportunity. Where these gains could even be flex if it's meaningful games they can be flexed to Sunday night games you know because here it is divisional opponents. And you have multiple teams that could be trying to win this division. So I think people should really look forward to those last game to proceed. I just I shake my head when you say you get to go to Miami you know. How is that last year we went to Miami in October. After like 73830. At night because of the travel delay. So there you're in Miami great it's warmer than buffalo I get a big deal. Next day you get up at 637 annual work called anger on the plane at six coming home yet okay errant second could be in. Second to be in Utica, New York who care that you're there you're not in his ability you should know that more than any of us it's a business trip it's not about oh or in Miami and air play that game and I talked record in New York kind of military himself in his home. The players at the where you thought oh Miami VA. Well as a player definitely I mean as a player. You know on a Miami later in the season. Yeah it's like and we get to go down airplanes and warm weather's not a hundred degrees it's 75 degrees down him you know Soviet to go down and beat them at home and some warm weather. Makes you second that beat them on it definitely you could beat them at home later in the season against the war when you get one weekend you know but. Ultimately you do wanna have home meaningful games later in the season in my house playing here. But it's probably got later in the season there were meaningful games at that point in the season you know also was like at least get to go on the road wears a little bit warmer place warm weather. I got. You know I'm not coming onto our argument c'mon it's not about you they're for one day you're not a vacation. And there was a three or four day trip all right maybe then no it's not to be in the warm weather by the time you get there and get the hotel it's time to get up the next morning. It is right you're right or wrong maybe I got a wrong. Right but analysts it's. Like a city has to be a meaningful game just has to be meaningful game for it and meaningful part of the season when I was playing here. Who we were planning meaningful games at that point of the season so yeah we did one and when I'm in play even though we weren't down their partying it was like we get to go down to fill some warm weather. A couple of tweets on this Chris spears and I love the back to back AFC east met chips in its bills when they could be rolling in the playoffs yet. Exactly it's different I haven't seen it before usually those games when you we have a home announcers are usually spaced out a little bit better and that. We look they're gonna play the dolphins two times in three weeks at the end of the year. That's it's going to be like a Stanley Cup playoff series with the patriots between. You know all went home two weeks apart. That's crazy. But it also I think isn't Christina behavior and look at the make up ground if if it's a dog fight for awhile carts batter who knows maybe even the division title well there it is it's right for any of those last five weeks of the season and especially those last three weeks of the season. You know I think we need to count that and over and it's wanna say it's at Kansas City as well just because Kansas City is a good team a solid team coach McDermott Eagles play against his former. His former you know co said he came in the lead underneath Andy Reid. But and that's a good team they were twelve and four lesser won that division that's going to be existing game you go from Kansas City to play in New England. Today and it beat colts and then you have Miami New England Miami game. So we might wanna add in that last November game as well and that last six games we need to talk about because. Kansas City game is going to be its. Couple more tweets on this Jim candles is basically what we're talking about what's up at the end of the year games that's where this took a look you know that over the last what 45 years now. The league is attempted to make those last week or two games division games nickname they're meaningful the meaningful games and they don't they want they don't want he would decline in that in DB re so you can anticipate an angle back in. Look I mean the bills have finished with a gum. Divisional rival in each of the last five or six or seven years. Met Wayne sweets and he likes that the AFC matchup to gathered at the end of the schedule gives a new regime a chance to settle into formal the most important gains. Think humans most important lines and what's working and yeah I mean. If if if it's true what they say and it's cliche but they'll say it. These division games easily two games OK so now you got a chance with really critical games right down the stretch rate into you know the month of December Kelly and I. I like the fact of having them at the in the mean yet these teens will be rolling but you should be rolling to and everybody's rolling in. May the best man wins I mean this is how you have to look at it is it's. Everybody in the first four games you're trying to really get settled you're trying to figure out who's gonna play aware of what situations and so on and so forth that you can't. You know you can do it in training camp and sometimes in the pre season games but. You really figure out your roster you first 23 weeks of the season by the time you get to that last part of this season those last five or six games. Used to be rolling at that point and if you're rolling then you're talking about possibly winning your division or at least battling for wild card spot which means those games are meaningful. So to have these AFC east games at the end. It's meaningful and and I think that's what you wanna six cough from Ron Ron welcome here or there. You know they before you get into the do you think of it apparently. Cyrus crown goes. That's the case daily tethered to your date your honor sure like to see. I would get there are no longer want you know with everybody else you know curse part of the book. Or harder and you leave it in all of them bandits that these two across some final appeal. And these you know being reported by in the world are pretty white your partner know it will compete you know. I think it was and hear anybody else he he's we've we've been Erie county holding center out you see empty possible. Do you know that they did not give him a sobriety test I don't know that. Well I've I think they wouldn't put it in the newspaper they did. I wouldn't go that you know you don't know I don't know either they may have remain out of I don't know. There's an awful lot about the kwangju incident that is unexplained and result facts not quite out there so I'm not review may be comfortable but I'm not real. Comfortable speculated on why this effort that haven't I don't know what happened series of anybody knows what it. Now all right thank you okay. They get to that now. Best thing I mean you you just go ahead and I hope he's OK aren't there right that's really what managing hope he's okay and we don't know all the facts and so you can't really speculate on it because you could be totally wrong if he sees them so wide angle I trust the authorities doing the right thing there you know that they mean. The right there on the scene you know you get. Four paragraphs in the paper I'd like to think that the people there in the scene of a better judgment or one that those grocery those 45 paragraphs. Christian you're on the air a Christian. I guess I was wondering. What appears to put them forward until gone down a little bit of it in the past we've seen a more parity across would change came exposure on prime time. Throw political that's pretty apparent Fisher that. League is going back the merchant team. He'll have no wonder they can click on it and when they came to view that as a lack of respect for buffalo. Arabs who says you know you uterus you earn your respect you know you earn your respect when you win and the team hasn't won you know and so. They want to have the teams that win consistently on Monday night game teams that have the marquee players. On the Monday night games in the Sunday night games so if you wanna have more at this point right now you only have one primetime game. You want so you wanna have more primetime games that you need to win to me like us and make those gains later in the season meaningful. And I guarantee they'll be flexed to Sunday night. Yet there's always that opportunity late in the season deflection aperture it's. Lecter respected and acknowledgment that the bills have not won enough to two and gathering national audience but you make an important point about. When you look at the prime time games. In this half and doubt your sports fan right you watched NBA. And we do a little bit what else who's who's on TV every weakening him. Cleveland leave Golden State and having now the Celtics a little bit more but it's a sinking directly into everybody's. They Atlanta Hawks. And on TV went crazy and rockets on TV. Right the crazy thing is you know those scenes actually win the hawks actually went. But they win. Quietly daylight in the playoffs and went quietly they don't have the marquee players right. And they're not you know so they're not going to be in the primetime games the primetime games are going to be LeBron is that her Ian. Russell Westbrook these guys that are you know the stars of the NB a superstars of the NBA they've done it pat them on TV every week. My son that I talk to mild some mark about the the experience and make baseball. Yankees Red Sox. Cardinals cubs. Other net the genetic markers right I mean is where were you know they have the play's somebody bit. It's like a rotation and and unfortunately in in this quiet about. The caller made a good point that it seems to be happening in. You know the ratings were down 8% last year overall most of them I think the function of third in a football. But in an effort and I guess an over compensation for that and there's all the other issue with shorten games but it seems like the the league with a prime time games has decided that the featured teams in the or you know I mean. Thursday night football start the season right the the yeah patriots and in Kansas City at giants and cowboys on them the first Sunday Night Football game and they play the first sentiment like last four years ask them that the cowboys exit trend in your right a caller that is trend in. It's early go but I think the days of the prime time schedules reflecting some sort of you know. Equality here you know democracy and let's give everybody a chance and that's no way yet if ever what is it certainly is less well Evelyn now what about hockey. What does not alien. I don't know I can't really speak of that I don't watch the national. You know there's only one national hockey team. On Sundays against or Saturdays broadcast by NBC. And I think they tried tend to focus on the market they have a national Pakistan NBC sports network and sabres won an open net but as far as over the year. National network TV exe they seemed that the prominent Communist since it's a bit anarchy is you know. Miniscule audience read it I was waiting for you see that as we know got to back it. I'm not traction at it's it's not even in the same conversation. From. Ultimately it's a business. You know and so delete past look at it there ratings dropped well we're gonna go back to just make it's are we have the primetime teams the primetime teams. With the marquee players like that's what we wanna have people wanna watch these players and that's in every sport. You have to have been the big time players the daytime teams in the biggest markets because those animals people Adam watches those of the teams that win the most. That's his how it is it's a business. We're Foss have Thurman Thomas late word he's not going to be with us today will rescheduled for next week yet. Conflict of pushed him back so we got time to talk with you. About the schedule fault lines open in 030515. Tool free 1888552. By fifty caller from Mike in Toronto go ahead Mike welcome your on the air. In fact that's what you would call her. I lobbed you on the back end loaded. Are scheduled to assume that divisional and not pop it seem like I think it's good because like. We always say more meaningful games what more meaningful now playoff game more potential playoff game or potential in old division. John latency and I think your the bills. I think it really gets standards if you Greece got out again here's a signature would. Without the new coach. I think I like connect it a director recruit prepare for a I think you have. When you are and then you have. You meet your challenge its options as like bill I think get up also bought all the way through. Okay thanks Mike I look at it and and you can make connection point I guess the dolphins have a similar back into their schedule. I believe I haven't looked at an in depth with. Hum I don't open debate trend I mean I do think there are a lot of weird schedule permutations that take place every year in terms of who can play where and when and what building them blah blah blah then I think it just kind of fell that way this year. I mean as we said the league several years ago made an effort to. Always and with the divisional rival to enhance the chance of of a better game. You know meaningful game. But to have four of your last fight games in the division like that. Never seen it before I don't know if I would look for that every year come. He's gonna be fun. Q magic played the dolphins two weeks apart and the patriots a three weeks apart those games I'll tell what. There's gonna be injuries and on December 24 Christmas even knowing that. There's going to be injuries on both sides that came in the game three weeks earlier so I think obviously with the dolphins is going to be. Grudges is going to be. Bruises and bumps and haven't healed yet write your kids beat that I mean three weeks two weeks later. There's gonna be hard feeling to it like it's going to be like a Stanley Cup Playoffs. Right because if I if I was the feast you know Stephon Gilmore. And I got to better on this week Sosa Sammy locked in Amber's is Stephon Gilmore. Who gets the better of him in the first week well in the second week is second time you play against its other that's going to be talked about the last three weeks right ask him there weeks they're gonna talk about it amongst its other. But in the headlines are going to be. You know Sammy got the best that's fine how does he come back now. You know coming wanted to wait long to find out exactly you know so it's it's going to be put it should be fun you wanted to be fun you want to have those games at into the season. You want to psych one have home games into the season I mean. Those are fun meaningful game he should be you wanted to be meaningful gains does call from Brandon Rochester hello Brad welcome here on the Arabs. Big guys who garnered side as much I'd like to see them beat the ages of Brady LT I was speculating year to pitch your game. Think it is more chance to maybe he did -- org inspired play darts and got the game might be me a lot so maybe we could possibly taken dollar pre surge towards your seat. It's tough bread room for injuries have bills obviously. Caught the break last year with Brady out for the first matchup I Kobe percent. I know what you mean and I'm sure fans feel that way I am gonna root for injuries though even temporary dam me I mean c'mon it's. And I and I did it he's in agreement Michael Jordan to beer right lack. You want freedom on the field you wanna beat them you know interview with Tom Brady plane had to say and I did it people say well. You know what he's just wanna beat regardless you just wanna beat him if he's on the activities off the field and have them off the field. Mikey you better chance desolate did what if you move with the mall if you knew what he says well what it is when you beat it to Kobe present it well. It went. The here's call from Adam and south Dayton hello Adam welcomes the show. It. I wanna cue up. Well I think you know I think it's going to be and they. It's not even though are they now playoff. It's going to be a little off right there as rival. Are gonna make a really exciting year. I think so too cult leaders play up front involve. Even if not oh yeah argument you bring the dozen dolphins they're your you know. Historic rivals those of the patriots there year rivals of the last 1520 years so if one of those teams are the ones that's just say the team the bills or not. Making a run for the playoffs now you get a chance at the end of the season. He put both of those teams why you cannot both of those teams out of playoffs you know so. That's exciting and that's that would be something to look forward to I think for me though and for everybody. You want the team to make a playoff and you want their game to be more meaningful than just knocking them out of playoffs when you knock them now apple when the division at the same time that's. And I meant to the dolphins gave relatives that part of the dolphins get bills obviously a two weeks apart we fifteen and in week seventeen and get the patriots two weeks apart before that so it's quite the end of the season. The dolphins and patriots week twelve. And then two weeks later December 11 so and the dolphins. Get Kansas city Kansas City. At Christmas. So listen to you and we were about the bills strict schedule at the end up. Just give me the dolphins last 77. Games. We ten at Carolina. We twelve by which in there knowing we thirteen degette Denver now. Week fourteen to win them all week fifteen the immigrant buffalo week's sixteen to go to Kansas City which seventeen it's well. So the tent when dolphins from a year ago who squeaked out of here with Leo overtime win over the bills when of those candidates with ten guys on the field. That at a but the dolphins finishing like that vertically up against it I. I am I that April 21 dolphins are going to be up against it as well the bills. In December they're both getting after scrambling for wins what better opportunity to do in those last by six weeks. And I mean everybody in this division is going to be playing against same teams now the patriots might would be be a little bit different because. They won the division so they have to play those teams that win the division. Across the leafs of their schedules not gonna be easy as well you know we always talk about. You know the patriots B roll and at the into the season I mean look they have a tough schedule everybody in this division has. On paper right now a tough schedule because the divisions play against it to businesses how it works you know also the spotlight. Another team in his division hasn't bettors as of announced it works out I think for us you have to have three home games in December. That's a plus and then to have so many AFC east divisional opponents at the end of the season I think it's that it's better for us. Paul from John on the road hello John you're on the road. Hey guys it's it's actually I'm Langer the oh that's the way Josh don't have got to argue good. Once I love this schedule actually I really do. Love to see Miami come up here in the called. And but we also love the fact that the Christmas Eve game in the wake of my wife one kilometer plus you could but yeah that. Are there and I'm with Donald on this tailgate thing too it's like. It quote you're gonna grow. Yet and you were out there with Donald in coach people up in December as a right there right now be out in the parking lot you know coaches and everybody up and as the bill's campaign to do that you don't miss home games in and hear your game with 3 December home games. John Elvis what's it like for Elvis in the in December home games and how much extra. Checked out working elsewhere. At Muirfield I don't think there's any his. I have a big feud fur coat from anywhere while interrogating Al. And underneath the scooter put a couple layers and cortex so I'm usually pretty eager. And you now whining about December home games that are no matter now you go to explode. John you know we we we keep talking about. You know our schedule. You'd and I was just talking about the patriots did you look at the patriots their last after the season me you know we can there at. At Denver at Oakland. There they have the dolphins their at their here. In there in Miami been there in the Steelers at in Pittsburgh. Three games and rock that's. It's not an easy schedule general pace his game up number buffalo they would think there you are there if you're not a threat to the minute. They have the Steelers week fifteen in Pittsburgh was to steal his views and rolling at that point is really we fifty out of it finished. They finish with some in the jets' locker that probably that is pretty good and write their perspective. What are caught never forget the break frank Collins from Rochester offerings go ahead. Yeah I guys you're doing great short usual. Yeah I I think that's I think from whatever so Arne and as I hear you guys I don't know hysterical and much as I hear what you guys are are saying that the challenge them. Sounds like Evernote divisional games at the end of the year they're really gonna make a difference because. And there's a chance a lot of those divisions and haven't almost like got a free playoffs playoffs you know. And who knows they may make me. It's a situation where they have to play each other again in you know weaker now. That will be tree. Nuts I mean. That they're acceptable but such a lot of interesting. The situation and I think the good idea. I see from what I've heard anyway. I can't give any schedule it really looks like it's media I think they've got a real good job. Which scheduled this year. And I haven't seen a law I don't know my annual all time but I just a letter from you guys. To get good idea and I and a question for back and did you play in any. Prime time game Monday or Sunday night games. Played in the Thursday night games that and we didn't do any more on this on and I can't announce it. A paper in a certain tactics I would wondered you have to do what she extra preparation lights or what and how that affects you. When you have to prepare throughout. You know auto regained its that the prime time type game. Well. So you know you you have both sides of it so the week that you obviously playing on a Thursday night if you have a game that Sunday before the Thursday you have a short week so it makes things a lot harder for you on the pat you don't have as much time to prepare. On Italy you don't have as much time to heal from the last game so it's real tough format but did you keep those. Those extra couple days after that Thursday night game before your next Sunday you know so it's you you have both sides of it it's tough to prepare for. But then it helps you out on the next week. Right Specter call he brings up a good point how about pop up bills and dolphins. Our wild card teams and how about they play December 17. Here by mammy in buffalo two weeks later buffalo at Miami and then the following week. Wild card game. Three out of four weeks bills and dolphins a tell you what all the talk we do every year about the rivalry is debt debt. Would rekindle the rivalry in an instant if they played each other locker game and every three out of four weeks that be crazy. That'll be nice yeah any time if you play any team. Three out of four weeks and then you like two times in the last three weeks and you have Manila in the playoff game right after that it makes things. It makes things crazy but then sport to be the dolphins oh yeah. The we'll talk more about the schedule and we'll take or your phone calls and get those on the year but we come back. We turn our focus to the draft or attention to the draft six days away now round one of the draft and Donald is ready to break down some of the prospects at linebacker. DJ's prospect watch the linebackers coming up next. John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts live from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills three. Live from one driver by Cuba. NAPA Auto Parts schedule came out yes there are more about that of course we'll get more here. Phone calls on the air in coming up at 2 o'clock Andy Benoit from MM QB Peter king's website and Sports Illustrated will join us talk about. Number of items including the threat we are now six days away from round one of the NFL draft reject complete coverage of the draft all next week the run up to the draft and then. Donald I think you know this but next Thursday night will be doing the draft version of the show Nara flagship radio station here in buffalo WG were treated by people who. They don't. OB I thought everybody that you got that memo Gabbard to audit 730 next Thursday night and through via bills first round pick in. So reaction from epic so that's coming up next tonight will be with us. So compact will be what this Chris Brown we witnessed. One of the picks as they come off the board will pick up these comments from the from the appeals draft room after that. And com. We're also going to bomb what else was that the call will have hopefully get via prospect on the phone when that's completed as well to be well. It is time now fourteen days prospect watch is that what you're turn them. I think so that it. You take I don't pay attention oil and download it and in our whole system that could have gone to -- and outs I don't get to the lines I would I didn't get the memo that I'm Edward and there's no where I don't have gone. And it's going to. Donald Jones takes in depth look. At some of these a prospect in the draft we've already been quarterbacks we get wide receivers that we the corners. We get tight ends yeah. Tom didn't maybe thumb that would say no we Indy safeties we mean I need to but I think we do running backs our news and maybe offensive line next week. And that in a restaurant but today we're gonna do linebackers which. Is that an area of need right away for the bills Null but I think it's fairly up their right out how badly do the bills need a linebacker particular weeks that we thank. I think it's probably the second second mile really or maybe third I was a third because you have wide receiver corner and then I would think linebacker. I think even. We talk about the tackle position by you to probably close to mills back in there even just you know I respond to wasn't. Able to play or whatever because of his injury. You could probably plug to a mills beckoning in probably do it through hopefully he improves. You know and now doesn't have to I don't think that's a serious knee so you I would say. Why receiver DB and man alive at campuses. Let's start looking at these linebackers then and these are not edge guys pass first guys these are more interior. Linebackers and wanna start with a guy who pretty much is the odds on since consensus best linebacker in the draft. Alabama's Ruben Foster but there are complications including the news yesterday that he admitted admitted that he tested positive. For a diluted urine sample of the com buying which of course makes it the same as a positive test. He also had that they come by an incident where yum was sent home for an heated altercation with a hospital worker. Under those two items there is anything connected someway but in any rate Ruben Foster certainly has hurt his draft stock with these recent incidents. And yet he is was regarded as a top ten prospect in the draft Rubin Foster Alabama what do you know about the scandal. So you know Rubin Foster overall he's a beast on the field at the mind of the linebacker position. He played a lot of middle linebacker and Alabama plant they have him listed as will a weak side linebacker which is obviously what the bills would be. Looking for at the linebacker positions so that's good on the fact that he plays that he spent the six foot 229. He ran a 462. At his pro day obviously didn't get a chance to run at become mine because he was kicked out of commerce event for six to. Is good and and he shows that speed on the field going silent for asylum asylum. I think another thing that people don't know is that he he lost point pounds before this season's an acre so that he could be a political asylum asylum like that and that really shows his work ethic on the field of football he just has those things off the field tested its. I get back now I get to the par or ask you about his weaknesses are his weaknesses in fact the off the field concerns that character questions that have. Kind of been front senate since the comeback since he was settled down by. Route to Foster he has a couple of weaknesses obviously the cactus use something that you are going to. You gonna have to. See if that's something you wanna deal with move forward if you have enough leadership in the locker room to Hammel debt to handle him moving forward. So you have those character issues but then you have. Average he has averaged instincts. And he was able to get by. When he was at Alabama because he's so athletic and and you see that a lot of these players coming out of college they're so athletic and so did the on in terms of just being able to run. That they don't have the same instincts have to study as much so he had average instincts. Which means he's he sometimes slow and reading plays but he can catch up with day to catch up with you speak or asylum on the sideline. And and sometimes the you know he overruns please because he wants to move so fast he'll overrun plays not good and relieved reading that this threat. But there's an awful lot to elect a government fostering and you and dive pretty deep in his game and watching some of the strengths that. Yet so my guess it Rubin Foster is a beast on the field. He plays a lot he played a lot in the middle linebacker when he was at Alabama. But the one thing that you see you see him come down here you see him fly sideline to sideline and I think that's a plus you can see it come down nobody can have a guy who can go silent on this outline you haven't gotten can help out in coverage. That's always a plus at the will linebacker position because that guy. When he is going silent a silent and he comes to Boston when he comes up to hit this guy. He comes up to him running backs or quarterbacks and wherever it is I mean he would do is deeply do you ever heard that as saying like a slight. When he hits you it's it's crazy you know he takes you all the way out of the place and time all the way off the field it's amazing to watch some ski runs I want asylum. All right Ruben Foster still regarded as probably the top running back in the draft you hear more and more it's a draft approaches a lot of people talk about the temple linebackers on Redick. 61237. Pounds a guy that. I don't know was not a whole lot of radar screens maybe two or three months ago. Temple produce a pretty good linebacker a year ago and Tyler Medicare which put aside Redick is different type in much more athletic Angus. Yes so that's already overwrought he stands at 61237. He ran a 452. Here's a guy who was a former high school running back and safety it is our playing linebacker until we got the temple. You know seat now you have a guy who is obviously played on offense when he's played. All three levels of the defense because when he got the temple he was in presidency the he put all week they went to the linebacker position within a lot which you'll see. It's his hand in the dirt coming off aids and and resting in the past and so he's played on all three levels of the defense first team all conference he was third in the country. And not tackles for loss last year with 22 point five in India at ten point five sacks. He's being compared to crises here a guy who you like out of hers is dead I'm so I think this this is high he's that fast riser up draft boards and he might you go. He does not biscuits of the week is part of its negatives on. The Sandra McKee does not appear to be. There really overly paid him you know scouts wonder about as a arm's length I guess it's over outside so yes he's undersized like a city he played safety so you're always going to worry about a guy who. Who plays seat in had to transition and to plan a linebacker. He's undersized so he needs to do stronger on the fact that he's undersized he has some trouble getting all Watson times once those lime in those big linemen they get their hands on. He can't get off those block another thing. He relies on his athleticism. To wrest the past he does that a lot and and he really needs to do a lot more technique he needs that learn some moves in rushing a passive that's something he's gonna do when he gets here even in blitzing he needs to have some moves that he can get off of those blocks he can shake some linemen in due to the quarterback so. The last thing you don't wanna see from a linebacker is the guy who. Doesn't make all the tackles and that's something that they talk about with him he does slide off the tackles. Post retirement is not gonna want that my dad who was missing tackles that line at this like temple was a walk got bigger ball to hear me so often to a Lucio very prospect is allowed to elect about rhetoric there's a lot to like explosive flexible he can make plays in space com am like a series played on all levels the defense a lot of time you will see him with his hand in the dirt. You will see him. Making moves on different linemen and so. You know once the once he comes up is like a said he likes the use is he likes the uses athletic schism certificates of a quarterback in Reston quarterback he had 2.5 sacks you do see him. With that speed coming off days. Or even sometimes coming inside when he gets it to the quarterback he makes sure that he can finish the plays and so that's why at some point thoughts are right it is teachers. We're back with more of that John Murphy she. Welcome back to one bills drive John Murphy Donald Jones on this Friday afternoon sixty for the NFL draft we continue on with. Donald's look at the linebacker prospects that is DJ's. Prospect watches we look at some of the top prospects the bills could be in the market for linebacker and maybe look to Florida to Jerod Davis when he nobody him. Throughout Davis now 61230 a calm he's being looked at as a strong sign outside linebacker but an outside linebacker. On the lease you know he's a big time leader on the team and that's what they really talk about with him is his leadership in his ability to make tackles. He has. He's had a problem as a stand healthy and it's a round of injuries last year sort of kept them off the field is as much as. Maybe he would not one of them any injuries yet he missed like 45 games last year and and that you don't wanna see when he came back he came back strong he's had other injuries and his history as well. I'm and other some other bad things about him you know he takes he takes bad angles he has averaged instincts which you don't want Seattle linebacker and he needs better techniques in the just full technique and make animals and so those are his weaknesses what about the strength for Jerod Davis from Florida. Well some mysterious he's a very good tackler. He plays. You know he plays downhill he does like the rest of passer so you played Dara doing arrest the passer when he gets there he does. Make solid tackles he will wrap up and make salad tackles on running backs and quarterbacks it doesn't matter he makes our tackles and ask that you need that's too you know you want it. More like a record wanna talk talking about Donald mostly because we both like this guy from the national championship game I'm. This guy might that be certainly not a day one guy maybe not even a day to day guy but. Certainly in that date three this Saturday the draft I would think because of his big game performance Clinton's been bowlers gonna get some attention off. Yeah bimbo wears like that guy that I love lots of them have been in the NASA attendees at the Smart guy thing one day he's he's going to be coats in the NASA will only linebackers coach he Sosa mark. Smartly so instinctive. I'm using team captain. Which is something you want he's a three sport athlete including a motor cross and baseball his brother. Was adapted for the Cincinnati Reds so you know they had that attitude he's six foot tall it's not typical size that would be a weakness. And he's not the kind of athlete that that one's up for today not become athletes for a guy playing linebacker that's a tough but that these small. And he stepped he has short arms not as explosive so that's why you'll see him go high and why we talk about went missing from demo where the what do you like about which he sees as those in Spain and and he just knows the game you know he knows how to drop back. He knows how to come down to me tackles on running backs and the biggest thing is. He is a very short tackler running backs when he gets here he breaks down he makes tackles running backs he doesn't miss many tackles. You'll see him run through a running back like you will rule of Foster. But he will make it short tack on gasoline. Then bowler Clemson looked for him on this Saturday at the draft. TDs prospect watch the linebackers would receive next week maybe some. And those that your Forte but offensive linemen ready to drive and that happened and what you deep Indo like through. We've been down the jays prospect what we'll do it again next week. Coming up for the final hour to joke about back for more than John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts. A Buffalo Bills tree.