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After meeting with a tearing him Google Emery Bauman and sabres players. Google says he regrets not be more involved in decisions that. But to the hiring Emery and generate 2014 in miles but the following year and he says he strongly leaning towards iron to general manager with a proven track record. Once a strength in the franchise that he believes is lacking in discipline. And in communication. As far as the Buffalo Bills reports today that the bills bring dresses meeting with Clemson quarterback. Is John Watson at Clemson today that includes general manager Doug Whaley and coach John McDermott. Wednesday was the final day the prospect prospect could make their way here to one bills drive the bills are known to have worked with. Most of the top quarterbacks in this year's draft the draft now just six days away NFL schedule came out last night. The Buffalo Bills open at home against the New York Jets and they play for the last five games against the patriots in the dolphins in his schedule that's back loaded. This one prime time game on the schedule for the bills. That comes on Thursday night November 2. In MetLife stadium against the New York Jets might Becker Rubin Foster of Alabama says he tested positive for a diluted urine sample at the combine early this year. A diluted sample under the NFL abuse policies to elect a positive test. Foster says the test game entry try to rehydrate himself. After coming down with what you believe to be more important. Seahawks are gonna continue to listen to trade offers for quarterback Richard Sherman but they're general manager John Schneider says he doesn't beat the odds of trader very good. And the buffalo bison to open up a three game series against Columbus tonight six or 51 pitch Columbus the AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. Mike falls into the right hander or one schedule yet to start for the bison tonight. Against Columbus and that is the sports update from one bills drive John Murphy Dow Jones in the final hour Joseph. Talking a lot today about the bill schedule came out yesterday talking in the last few minutes about the draft. But to squeeze in a few phone calls from you the fault lines open you know three or 550. 1231888550. To 550 call about the draft Romanian amber hello many welcome here on the aaron's I don't turbulence or many what did. I don't tell it like to me I love the schedule. And that for the following reason. We're learning a new offensive system we're learning a new defense system. And we won't you compared in the beginning of this season it will be at the end of the season we were playing the jets in the first game and that's good. In easier to use and paper for the first game of the season by the time we we face the really good. Teams Miami and then knowing that it indices that we should be really wrong. And I think there's a big plus for the bills. Thank you very much ever say this though and you alluded to this earlier. What looks like easy opponent now. Right Baltic Woodson and it's not as every year you know there's always teams that. Warranted last year that will end up in the playoffs the next year on their teams that we're in the Super Bowl better terrible the next year you know I'll lava Carolina Panthers so. I mean you just never know until want to get into the season. And then once you get to the back half of the season which is why I like having knows AFC east. Opponents at the back happened the last part of the seasons because you should be rolling at that point. So I look forward to it's it's funny though because I'm the one on air that's always complaining about the weather. Yes whether buffalo now tell people how to stay warm and but it grew what are you crying about it. I see a new game payroll for you right at grosses supervisor of tailgating at the map they go talked to couple of people. You know talk to mark person and talk them out of trouble people. Around the stadium may handle some things and if they can add the most commissioner of tales and he acted you know. They are Twitter poll deals with the schedule we'd like to hear from you on Twitter what's your favorite part of the bills get to the came out last night got a thousand votes in cast on Twitter so far. What's your favorite part about the bill scheduled right now 39% of you say the fact that it's the jets' home opener you like that. 30% say the fact that there are three home games in December. A 43% say something else would love to here with that is 8% say your favorite part is Thursday night game. At the jets couple more phone calls I think these are on the draft. The call here from Lou in buffalo hello Lou and it. There are there market was there as. Well. I can't wait Lou there is Ivan in buffalo hello Ivan. Hello hopelessly or you don't own. Well mark you're actually in the bill taking all of on by receiver in the first world and elected to look early reports. Cultural bills can all what to receive this. So far at the simply called listen to. Okay yeah you're right a lot of my actress at the girls gone wide receiver in the first round. Listen be you know we only watch a little bit of yesterday's practice listen he's not doing anything yet again and he told us when we had a one there I think you were down at the Super Bowl. This might have been yours yet for this week off. Infamous no way he told us that he wasn't gonna really be doing anything. During these many cans he wouldn't you really wouldn't wouldn't see him too attorney canceled that swing. We'll probably see him on the field right now he's just on the sideline the rehab and in and and round and round. All right and I mean it's early there in a community work. Other than just working against air you know playing captain Corbett sorts early to see what Andy in the receivers look like cal calling from Grand Island locale welcome here on the air. It yesterday. Good. And these guys set the watch it the draft question I would make shaped like early at the end. Would seek. I hope they edit what they have faltered even really related to embark on second overall and basically you are not there at linebacker. Greta. If not they they did it should they take them. But they hit out at Michael and I wanna know what you think about him in the first round. It. Mike Williams. Is. Is he's a big physical receiver. I think you know I I have those questions about those guys coming out of college received so many of these guys come out and you know they just albeit date they're not able to transition into playing in the league because corners are the same size them now you know they're not able to just box out corners like they used to because. Yep corners and a 6263 just is because these guys so are you able to use your body like you did and how it I don't know about the plus these corners the smarter you know and so if you can't separate from these corners in college you can't play in a sleek and it it's. You know I don't know if he'll be the same way once he gets here but he hasn't shown that he can do without is that the efficiency of speed for Michael xers it's something else. You know Mike Williams ran them like 5450. Or something like that at his arm at his pro day but he doesn't show. That four fives the on take you know what's wanting to run and forty but it's another thing on the field he looks a little bit slower on the field to me and he doesn't show that he didn't. Be fast going in the coming out of breaks and show any separates it from the DB everything that you see from him he's jumping up over a DB cats and a ball you know or he's boxing somebody out right and it's it's it's good that he can do bad that you can be physical. At that level but can you do the same thing in this in this league I don't know to be it would do that. I'm talking about the draft with you will get to more your phone calls in a moment 8030515. Toll free 1888552. By fifty. Six days away from the draft in one of the they went early one of the most clued in draft observers joins us right now. On the subway fresh take out Chinese area NFL analyst and staff writer for Sports Illustrated and the Peter King website MM QB depth SI dot com. And a good friend of the show we're really happy to have Andy Benoit on the Levin is Eddie thanks for joining us John Murphy and Donald Jones re preaching coming out of this today. Yeah big guys aria. But I can't across the post that Q wrote not to long ago about a month ago about. Well you're right about these six new head coaches in a get to that the crux of it in a minute but there was one line in there than I was actually. Buchanan crystallize a thought that occurred yesterday were terrorists dial calls that the baloney season. You know we we call to be a season there's so much misinformation dis information out there right now 62 for the draft Europe's open a month ago and I'm just gonna quote you said. The best thing about the NFL draft is that it forces. Honesty in the decisions they make. Coaches and GM's Telus really tell us what they exactly think about the players and other their game should be approached. That hit me that's it I mean. There's so much you know. Shadow boxing and and have faced on out right now on the draft were gonna know in a week you know exactly what they did view of these prospects are and and exactly what direction many of these teams are going our way. Yeah we are in and out there are you saying that that speak are you 100% true every time in the NFL there's really only two being. That is your draft decisions. Just lost the call roster management to expand it a little bit. And your game plan because. Those are that because that the competition and you're trying to win the competition and so coaches reveal. How they really feel about their team in the opponents and all that. That's the only thing that speaks truth and what really sense that whole army once I have a lot of conversation with a coach or is that what you look not light. This guy you must like this guy more than backed died because you played this guy. And that scenario and you don't go the other guys need to while we like them both but I did but it you if you really know you've played them both the meant to narrow you must like what are the other. And if it hadn't occurred and argued but I guess you're right they ultimately coach who might even think they'd like that dire me like an idea. But if they're not calling it are going to put on gay bear they're not building their roster around it than they really don't it's the classic actions speak louder than words. And so I don't ever look in the press conference that I don't out Arctic go to off the record could they are honest then. But anything else even if they believe it might not be true we don't know what's true until we the actual decisions have to be made. Andy do you think the league because we hear so much of teams drafting and our coaches even drafting. A player out of college based on the system that you know they like to coach in does that do a disservice to these players coming out of college I mean if you're if you're drafted. To the Cleveland Browns and less to say they play a 43 this next here coming up. Your fourth three linebacker and then all of a sudden the code to staff aspired. Will now what now you have not you've never played in a 34 you weren't after the plane at three fourths of the next coach comes in. And you don't fit into his team are we doing these players a disservice by just looking at the system needs in the team's strapping just persistent knee. Everywhere you are it will depend I think we may have spoken to it last time we were talking together about. Be inherent advantage you have with your team that does not fire your coach. Even if you're coach isn't winning but Q Blair let's say he had that one or two bad years in a row. When you keep that guy in line belliard maintain the same spirit though. It's so you prospect what you do you get better identify the players that beat your system so your better draft being. You teachers just the more you have more reps coaching it's a you're better at helping the guys learned and bad bet they're still within it. Everything becomes easier and that when you're changing means not only do players. Now have to learn a new scheme in and that you're able bottled guys that might not be in the news you and that happens all the time. But you're also having to wreak patriot air and having to re evaluate how you go find players everything out betraying your butt off its effort just as well. Police teams that have a lot of turnover or changing coaches you got that fortunately we have seen that play out buffalo. That is such an enormous disadvantage to have because you're also having to change the way you build your roster from year to year so really impact sure players. Eleven Andy Benoit NFL analyst for Sports Illustrated in the website MM QB Andy recently more recently a couple of weeks ago you'd get a draft analysis about. We're the quarterbacks the tap Corbett should go the bills that mean we to set a minute ago the bills are look they're talking with John Watson not a Clemson today. But as you point out. None of the quarterbacks these top tier quarterbacks in this year's draft. None of our all of you point out need to sit and learn earlier in their careers right there's nobody here is a a plug and play starter. There is going to read that other means someone blocking it still be they've plugged in and play and I I struggle with what the regular collapsed because it's. Clear that all of these guys have some kind of what that will just be could be corrected over time bigger need the time. But if you go back it looked since 2006. That number of teams that have actually drafted a quarterback. Sat him for his entire rookie C game and then gone on the back court expert at least 48 gains four or read even for the game. This doubt it's except own and hold left alt three kinds. And global marred made metadata based building and out cap predicted there Francisco. In Chad Henne in Miami and those guys never rich you'd expect you'd be better guidance and it and it wasn't by design it was Kurt cousin to Washington. So it's it's flat it's acting got a bit lower. It happened epic that it will it hasn't happened in troops or once in the last eleven years now. Andy Williams had a chance to sit down whipped mixture Bruschi out of North Carolina and in your attitude has talked to a woman in the review some film. Now everything we hear about him obviously all of these quarterbacks have their flaws. But the and you hear people say that you know mr. disk he is probably the closest NFL ready he throws guys opened his only real flaw is the fact that. You know I only play one year so is that his only real flaw there's something else that we're missing. Well he didn't play under center at all and so he hasn't. It's obvious why haven't taken snaps from directly under the center there's a different book work and I need to at all. It's a difference ballot quarterbacking. I think that bank can give a little bit overblown in the NFL. Because the Euro we understand are 3035%. Of the time everyone else's bill and shotgun. But it's Robiskie case he's the guy that you're going to have to plug into its system me I don't think he has the type of guilt but it's certainly not right now. Which you build your often around I think he's more of a public these kind of like what Kirk cousins is. In Washington and in the complicating factor bear is. If it a plug into a certain type a guy most of the system better conducive to that. Are under center type of offenses and one at an example there's the buffalo they're going to be a lot of stole concepts play action movie pocket I would imagine. And if your haven't played for under center and college. Date is that going to be eight steeper learning curve for me so I guess work really what I'm saying it. Drabinsky best route to early NFL except. It's been kind of on more or run based off they agreed to complementary player. And critical lack of experience under center is gonna make it hard for him to transition into a run based offense. That sounds that you describe the buffalo all right the last few years and he doesn't. Yes yeah I NN I actually I. I but I analyze the cornerback Larry editors insist that I projected inept they go to an I I just it was just based bombast bit. Not saying that's why I think they'll go. But I think Robiskie has been the best bit in ball won't be that be the perfect situation for. Andy was this after the bills brass was down in North Carolina was this before. The. You up until we win the Bill Bradley bell I'm not cured after I went down there which. Mid march target it's been about maybe march 40 papers so. Yeah hey let me ask you about to Shawn Watson the bill's talking with him today Donna clams and a bomb you you written him as you try to project a good fit for for all of these quarterbacks and about the Shawn Watson you have some of seeing things to say. About a comparison you think to hit the deck press guided Dallas on. Yes stylistically it I'll be honest I'm not as familiar with Watson and I would bet you haven't spent time with Watson that I didn't study and quite as closely as produced either by. With praise god he's similar in that he's the guy the water and a brawler but if not I thought walked in with a little more pocket oriented. Then I would have guessed going in I'm not college debt I don't know anything about these guys like put on the film. And just from what I had heard between the lines on Watson I I was kind of expecting to see. O Russell Wilson type player but walking and especially in the Alabama in the championship game. He was more willing to stay in the pocket in and be a quarterback from bear that I I would have destined that it makes and can be similar to press got. The question is is he as good of a lower as press got press got not a great rower he's a quality about it after all rower. And I wonder if walked and they're good at their Watson an excellent touch pass certain. But he does not have the biggest arm in arm strength back and get a lot stronger in the NFL Polly pocket change at all so. It's that it never apple Apple's by. I guess. Watson the little more pocket oriented than what is playing well on the circus might appear. You think quarterback is the way to go for the Buffalo Bills in this draft and he early quarterback anyway. No I don't not a early because by. Air force to protect the guide to a team that I'd be attribute to the bill but I don't think Asia actually. Drafted because we did and you're probably gonna particulate and and maybe even move up from there and there's no quarterback in this trap that's worth doing that for this year especially given all the talent at some of the defense to position gets you can choose from. And you think with the quarterbacks in the way the colleges the college systems that they're coming from obviously these quarterbacks year after year. They need to sit behind a good quarterbacks or do you think these teams will start to draft. A lot more defense is as say we need to do is beef up our defense if we need. A quarterback suits and to learn I'm and that this quarterback is gonna take couple years of transition we need to make sure we have a good running game. And a good defense so that we can win ultimately what qualities does. Right so bad that a quarterback becomes a total peace and not the foundation of your attack a running game is always a big help our quarterback and it's not just because boy you run the ball well that moved the ball ballots third down and to instead of Byrd and tenders some of that. But also if your running game a strong eight mourn your passing concepts can come out of your running formation on running out. Entire space it's simpler defense then you have the advantage there and so. Yeah bit that would be a running team helps young QBs. That question is I mean it department these guys were running batting call it get talked about if he had had been under center in North Carolina and at the quarter. The rugby team in the NFL especially has already seen you probably do need to be under center. So what we're getting basically agreed bunch of quick struck spread offense the quarterback. Who once they get to be a well they're basket that excessive the play almost the opposite of that which the ball control violent game. And that's where you get the income grew its app for everything doesn't match up and teamed up helping. Miss on the quarterback so badly. On eleven Andy Benoit of IM MQB got SI dot com Sports Illustrated NFL analyst Andy Gump. I'm back here around inside the minds of NFL's new coaches and I cited at the top about how the draft reveals a lot about. What coaches think you actually broke it down to the new coaches including a new bills head coach John McDermott and you believe that the bill's decision. To essentially let Stephon Gilmore walk away and free agency. That tells us something about John McDermott in the kind of defense that played here. Absolutely indicated if it was the same thing that happened to Carolina last dirt Josh Norman and that was deepened Sean McDermott was coordinating and that beat Bayern. It is so base defense that's predicated on front seven speed but he needs fast linebackers and dynamic defensive lineman especially defensive tackles. And so that's where they build an and that's where they have their money allocated for their cap to spend the money. And so up quarterback like Gilmore who worked there you turn got to get paid sixty million visit that that twelve million dollar a year quarterback. He's Beck good of a corner if you're Amanda and dean but and awful or they're gonna play a lot more resolve. No quarters worked twelve billion a year because you can find a lot more guys to play result that he can't find guys who imploded and the band and and and it's harder. Takes more athletic system. So instead it drafting a quarter high and those tend to be the man the bank cornered the bigger better athletes. You can take cornered in the middle rounds and they'd get batting Carolina last year just like I would think they'll do that and buffalo this year. So yeah they've it. Bottom line is that scene doesn't it would be a waste of money you're overspending. For a quarter you take a top flight corner because. You don't need a guide to do top flight being in that Bristol. It's just got to rethink you know I mean for the bill as everybody retired and we are at. We keep saying corner now it's like you blow it wide receivers and you build on my back I mean maybe it's like he. Sure I love David Cook either a quarter that they think other out of one of 100 grating skill their commitment by 88 and eat all they think you don't number or. Number five any fault of him at number ten. Another media don't stop take Baghdad they're great players try and stand philosophy there's just not at many great players that people probably believe. So that the bill went corner first or second round. I would take away from that'd be it good Americans certainly love the guy that we wanted the take away from that if the bill to be telling the truth. They would have bet absolutely. Love the quarterback they took abuse their first round pick on him. You have looked at these six letter elk head coaches Andy I wonder com you know witnesses it's almost stupid to say but prosperous I. Who is best positioned for success of that. New group of head coaches in your mind and and I know you can't put aside the players the roster they have but what do you think projects out as maybe the can be the most successful of the six new coaches in the league right now. That's an interesting way to. The place to ask because what you're asking is which coach steps into the most stable front office situation got that. Or another where we're asking is which coach is least likely to get fired Hagan Gloucester its side who can hold on to their job. Web important non football factors coming in the play. And the answer bad news called the Los Angeles guys shot McVeigh and and it elated very especially because he's so young. And those teams don't even had stadiums yet but I would I would be shocked if any team. Brought NN new head coach had a coach for a year or two. And they got rid of blown before they even filed their hole before they ever truly out there where they're playing what their identity is. Older teens and blocks. So a lot of ways that debate and land. Have mobile a couple of three years under and bit the cylinder prop are handling their business the way of reasonable part officer Lloyd. We'll have a almost you three years other hand the develop the game because. They're going to be they're not gonna be expected to win their division right away not Evans stadium an actual identity. All audio at all look older unrelated Bain. Stadium and waiting game it's that other part office well Buick bill. Now I guess we have to add the rosters and and where would you do it then if you put the rosters in to this discussion. What Denver's the most ready to win now seen what the new head coaching their interest being that they they went from opera guy Gary Kubiak. But not just the decent good guy and they're also but it deepened the guy who had a different philosophy than its predecessor on defense they're Wade Phillips. Don't bear it. It's a ready made team built to win at least certain structure and they changed the guy in charge of the structure now what happened but he got to be a different looking game. Wolf right now I think we talked about last banter that's an interesting one to me. But let's just keep it simple here Denver without question has the best roster many peanut at the new head coach. Also got a lot to work with better. And it's always in like him when you join us we think giver be part of the show today. Showed banks and Benoit from a Sports Illustrated NFL analyst staff writer Sports Illustrated in the MM QB. Got a couple of recent post that it got our attention. Draft analysis where the quarterback should go and inside the film room with Mitchell for risking an inside the mind of six of the NFL's new coaches six of the new coaches. And the thing about anti Donald and I think you know. You've you've picked up you product on the show at that time when this now since that you have this. He he does films that means it's that's been on here I mean. The first time we had them where I've actually had a chance to sit down with him was at camp and house staffers came wanna sell out of a no vote technically on Syria and we have enough that it would your addition yeah exact which. Frankly is still the value not just the there's so you know I had a chance to sit down and Arab member come away from them like an instance like. It's not like he really studies is that this is his work that he studies film like crazy I mean he was able to spin off so many different names in and what they're good and with what they're not good at it was amazing and so we thank you for joining us on the subway fresh take out like. Subway eat French Rebecca mortal moment including. Fake news real news and a couple of org your phone calls c'mon back for that John Murphy chill from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills treaty. Like you know yesterday we had such a good show yesterday one hour. Today it's been like three hours really we really diminish over a three hour of the Internet about the hockey guys complain about their expenditures and a right right welcomed our life exactly you know these guys have a need leaders integrators instigate this. Column eight maybe selective participant and it put a ball as Leo look at the bill schedule and what do you think what's your favorite part. A the most points seventeen scheduler we haven't seen it it's up on a website Buffalo Bills back down. Along with analysis of the schedule from Chris brown and great video piece. Put together by our digital media department has got to highlighting each game what's your favorite part of the schedule that's a portable more than a thousand vote to commence so far. 39% of you say the 38% say. Affected the home opener comes against the jets if your favorite three if you are 331%. Reached a 3 December home games is your favorite part 23% say something else an 8% say. The third in a game this subject. Look at some analysis what does part of public here it is so McDermott. By any hints the Panthers. Golf course that the principle I'm I'm. For me it's it's you know obviously the home opener you'd that's a game that you have to win is against you opened at home against divisional opponent you you're close. On the road obviously against divisional opponent that we too close against divisional opponents. We have opportunities to really win your division. You you get a leg up on a team early and then at the end of the season you can win at all so. I like I like the way the simplest answer. You can call here from Eric. On the way to work better. Well Eric. Radio talk to us. Otto. Live. At all. What's on their elegant here's melts I don't welcome to show you here. Jerry built gotten pretzels you know first all about the speculation about the quarterback and a giant not mean to me. Surely bit about it no quarterback can post their villages we got so many of a neat and some extra players in the draft army. Lead on the circle would know aren't sure about that my second question. Know before you go to further can they get a would you be OK with a quarterback. After the first round after the third round or just no quarterback at all that it. Yeah sure sure that we produced the so many. Great players that first round at that game change and I think we should probably local that I agree we really had your second point. Pick who got to compete like a peep from Wheatley and my second question. I think ditched sighing Q what's the matter what personally promoted like regular players and you on the Jetsons like. Belichick is so Smart we need to who would never mind who they take you used against. It picks and a optic recent signing do we rich Arctic Wear almost or a great player. I just have our I mean Hogan left last year. Who ousted the patriots take from the bills and used against bill so I don't lose along listener. O'Donnell an organ we torched. It quarterback Alex actually particularly in light. Hogan torched the corner that knows team for a competitor. But it it is an everyday and frankly I think he beat him like a rented mule. That's organs or when I get your point yet I look there's a limit to how much at once and that meticulously and I think they're probably at that limit. I do not look for them emit it after I don't have a. I don't think they're going to. The mass and not at four million dollars and one year and and six million in two years for your back up front about it that's his goal I don't see that happening unless. Unless you see something addressed that follow from the so mccoys play I mean it's just doesn't make sense you could pick up and have a draft pick you can find a running back in a deep run in bank draft that can probably do what. What might those sleaze able to do caller from Michael in Pittsburgh. Hello Michael welcome. Bob Barr a lot of the that all of the ideas here boy. And what about cleared out then that is picking up what that you Elliot site. In a boot. Legged Eliot. Late do you say when you say Clarence House would. You mean trading guys it was weave me. Budget. And blue eyed cat is the. Serious question Michael I think we've got enough calls that today at. It's not serious question of it's meant to be serious it's not here since disqualified yourself. Yeah they the American listen music you Elliott. Had a very good year good young running running back he played against probably the best offensive line in the league which has something to do with it. I mean you're not you still are gonna trade him for chromosomal Koivu who does that. And Julia. And should on this sooner. Knew his real news our daily look at the news item to note six of ten Americans believe that there's. Fake news out there reported by the mainstream media Donald and I made it her mission to find victims when it comes to the NFL and call it out. Put tech out of his fake or real fake news really brought to you by yet these fancy New York's. Artisan cheese this is an interesting. Article that was posted a week ago down by USC today. But talking about the revenue gap between rich teams and fourteen in the NFL com article written by Ben try and bower who says by 2030. So what are we talking about thirteen years. Several more the NFL's low revenue teams might face tough financial margins and large financial disparity and their might be more. Franchise relocation in the NFL because of the revenue gap. Fake news really lose the gap between the haves and the have nots in terms of Afro franchises. Is gonna mean more relocation. No I don't think so I say that's fake look. Gathers a difference between the haves and have nots but. You know that the league is set up on parity the league is set up on revenue sharing. But that's not going away the bulk of the money is still shared equally among all 32 teams and that's not happened in. That Brett shone brighter. It's not happening now the revenue gap is not gonna lead to more relocation I think we've had a flurry obviously three teams announced relocations in the lasted a year and a half. But I think it's going to be for awhile I mean I can't forecast when you're out there but I don't think there's going to be more relocation coming up Donald baker real. I'm going Aussie real on this and read it than us if they can our residence does. A assay ruinous and the fact that they don't have it up yet I think in my deserves it real out. This so I'm gonna go real on this one and and I think with these with the owners now and the way the mentality is it just seems like. You know stadiums everything and you still have a couple of teams that these stadiums obviously and and and if they can't get it done in their cities. Then I don't it would be shocking get to see more teams actually move. I don't know what's gonna happen in the future with London and things like that in Jacksonville. I think there's something that you know we really have the citizens of Mexico. Why there's a lot more real location. My yourself the new cohost. At the circus. Now. That's not the echo the ground it's great. And it's all right they newsroom news item to. Topic number two patriots earlier this week went to the White House visit president crop this week. Every team now makes every team every sport even college teams make that trip to the White House them. Six patriots players that they were not going. A Martellus Bennett your plucked him according Chris Long. But now they're Tom Brady did not know bring Ellsbury now Brady says the idea of engagement which you probably it may remain out of look at it in the future's ours these visits the White House. Players can continue to boycott the White House is expected obvious thing now. I'd say you know it is I think it's I think it's. It's sort of empty gesture now when teams go to the White House and the players are opting out. As there you know they have the right to do because of political reasons. I don't know how big deal you know undergo visit president. I don't like Israel I think players are gonna continue to boycott the way to the point where the White House probably saying you know look at. You know you know we don't want you guys to come businesses this has become a thing out I'm gonna secret or keep score get a scorecard right every year intimacy like you know this year had a pitchers back to back at the patriots and who was paralyzed in wasn't there this year. So it is pictures. Of so yeah this is real players are definitely going to miss Presley over the next. Three years. Depending on what happens after that we'll see but over the next three years I think. You know teams and players will definitely at least the players would definitely boycott. The White House it's it's a way to silent protests. It's that way in and players feel strongly you know. We try to separate people try to separate the social issues and Politico I mean politics. From sportsman guess what you can you know there's just so much going on right now in this world and players feel like they have a voice and they wanna make their voice her. They Israel news item three. In this it's close to home. Hum so we know what happened earlier this week the patriots. Right on time there were visiting the White House minutes at but he. Tender offer Mike Gillis legal right to bear McNeill mostly. He was Ted by the bills that is original draft round fifth round tender. And there are those players at that should put a higher tender out of date they need to keep guilty the bill should put a higher tender him meticulously second round cost about a million dollars more. So the bills needed higher tender offer on Mike you'll see fake or real. I'm saying and fake look we talk about a week they had their value from meticulously they knew what they can afford. They have they know like jealousy better than any team in the NFL they knew how we feet into the air plans. No I don't think they need it right hander Mike penalty they'll find a running back maybe it's not when our guest on the show earlier today. But now hired under regular security it is in the camp yet. Clearly they didn't want to fit into the right in August and sneak by him listed this wasn't. What's what happened there and they May Day. Determination of what their value a value judgment in my notes that was that's the tender offer they made knowing full well somebody might take. And somebody looks like him. I'm gonna go really fake on this continent that so really take on this when I think. It also for quite honestly I believe that the bills wanted to pick up another tactic because they only had six and they looked at different guys you look at that running back position. You look at detractors say man we can. We can get one of these guys in the draft for a lot cheaper that can do Micah was he's gonna do as the backup running back or Jonathan wins. Or even my toe over to be the backup running back so. While we pay a guy two million out more than two million dollars so I'm gonna go fecal now when it's just innate sense of place higher attendance second routes in anything like that. Here's a scenario how this could work out put. If it if it works its way to the bills that they would they take but what if what I told you the bills would not actually offered meticulously go. And draft a running back and wind up with a running back with similar production may be better production in my queue mostly in terms of number care reason. MC was a red zone target a similar production Micah asleep and pay him about three and a half million or even. One and a half million dollars less I would take that I would take that deal if that's the way it turns out I'm not guarantee it well but that's where it turns out. You know what bills went but when it. What if I told you I told you what they do they have in the fifth round they did if they don't match 163. With a fight told you that the bills will use that pick in draft a running back and get the same production. And paying them months that that last and just Christians say that the critics argue that that actual tickets they receive for let him go. The they're doing and pick football of 166 right in between the two fifths did you have used that I am out to a million and a half less or three and a half million less if you don't match it. Get similar production which I don't think is out of the question you know get us he had his moments and those touchdowns. He has value there's no question but. Again they they they were hoodwinked. They didn't they were cotton happened here this is the value they put on my fabulously they're prepared to take the risk that he would go he might go he probably will go. And you know that you know when you have a guy with that scored eight touchdowns or use a guy who's shown that he can break off big runs a guy who is also buried B. Weapon for you in the red zone and in short yardage when you have a guy like that. He scored eight touchdowns you put a lower rounds and you know what team's gonna come in and it and offer him something you know at that point it's like okay would we wanna get from them. Or do we and a maximum depth when we do know what team. And especially a team like the pitches that's why. People are so up in arms because it's the patriots but guess what you know you knew that when you put that fifth round tender that. The patriots or any other team to come in and say you know we'd like this guy and we're gonna get him off from something a jealously take a quick and hopefully from Mike good luck or go ahead Mike you're on the year. I gentlemen. And battled appreciate your call. I'm taking gaps in you that you guys. A ghostly. He's got a lot of about running backs in the league personal of the year just five point seven. Yards per carry he carried a 101 time items into that of sixteen. And scored nine touchdowns. Now most starting quarterbacks don't even get that. And shady a great guy but he's just a little older he missed a couple of games there this year. I think guilty as of valuable. Except the bills and I think he's working lecture tour to if they indicted at the pale. You call apart payment he he scorers or scored. Every time he gets well he's a threat to score and like your city or night touchdown blister. And a whole lot of going to actually scored that much. Are correct I know you're taking exact opposite viewpoint that's okay yeah I mean listen when he touches the ball game you'll see big plays Ronald. But it's also because he's a change in style is a change from when CD gets the ball you know what was going to hear on the goal line right exactly what what did he do when he was the featured back I'm not trying to trash them but what did he do when he was the featured back. In the games you know beat the one game that CD wasn't in look at those stats and say if he can be you know one back and. I don't know. I don't think Italy's one of the best in accidentally. Yes what's that like the preacher that art we're gonna take a break come back wrap things up at a moment John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from. One bills drive on Buffalo Bills rate. Presented by advance saliva running Western New York homes and businesses with a bias in security and home theater. They prefer to elaborate on Peter provider of the Buffalo Bills what we've learned that John McDermott on the show the bills. Head coach joined us in the first half hour show and we talked to him about the installation process they've had a couple of days now book. Bills minicamp workouts with the veterans on the field three days this week we talked with coach McDermott about their process and what lies ahead. Well we're we're we're in the middle of that right now or I should say this the early third that if you will and so that process will continue with. As we go and get more more days under our belt. At the ad portraying. Feel that we need to continue to. Hey great ourselves in the teens and also building alignment terms of what's expected in the daily habits to build that went before. Tom McDermott join us on the show earlier today Jonathan Williams joined us earlier as well. All the all the talk about jealousy that guy who might benefit the most ridiculous these offer does not match by the bills would be second year running back. Jonathan Williams who was drafted by the bills last year didn't play a whole lot last year and now since it stands a chance to pick up some playing time if you'll see goes. Jonathan Williams talked to us about his expectations for the upcoming season. Nod their depth personal goals but. The team comes first you know some nervous because we never has. Set the standard for that in you know who wanted to have any playoff gals you know everything that we do from. The way that we eat it would take to do everything has you playoff caliber so. You know everybody's mind that that program his program in. Deftly buying into his wealth. He's Smart to buy it that it is this kind of by the end. Tom they're wonderful that he deals dealt with the schedule as we wrap it up schedule came out last night you can pick up the schedule you can look at it. On our website Buffalo Bills that John you can print it out from there you can. Download it to were to be one downloaded to. And we talked about today what's your favorite part of the bill's point seventeenth scheduler Twitter poll wraps up with a about 11100 votes in that. And so far most BC your favorite part is the home opener against the jets. 38% 31% say the 3 December home games. 23% saying something else about the schedule and 8% say Thursday night. At the jets as I do get pumped up about scheduled Donald I just like that. I like to know I mean it's want to give them a list of opponents. But when you finally see it laid out week by week you get a sense of what second look like what this gonna look like what's going to be gone on this week and that's. I need I don't know what that says mommy and I look at a player you know I do I like no one. What it's but it's gonna look like. There's really not I like I like the schedule because you have you have some very good gains they're gonna be meaningful way up into the season. Regardless is if this team is in the playoffs or not. Even at the new season you get to knock another team out of Klaus he wanted to so it's gonna be meaningful regardless of their 2000 not what you wanna had to make that run for the playoffs which is what I like. And then to have a home opener against the jets I love that. Excerpt was any sponsor and never auto parts write your local Napa store online and Napa online dot com. Port up right gates production assistants from Jake Jake to read oh. George blast of cold nick Thomas outage and Donovan our producer. With the John Murphy show from one bills drive a Buffalo Bills written.