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Sabres Hockey
Friday, April 21st

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Ryan first your thoughts on Tim Murray and Dan miles of the select show us I was a little surprise the first hurts you know. No way out so you know him on successful season. You know schools are. It's about I wanna succeed and and we in this year's signaled change than in. You know supports in or see people going you know I enjoy playing for them but you know we don't success she's got to remain and you know happens then you know I I'm just more on rhythm for an extra myself and B&B in. But where he could kind of see a common. No I I was surprised to know I think goth. You know I thought. You know most stated say amen you know thoughts on that happened was an apple earlier right in the season and itself. I was shocked you know it surprised me a bit but. You know I think you know I understand the reason behind it you know what situations to unsuccessfully years since I've been there and changes changes that happen the typical for use a player now. It's the unknown we're heading into the unknown none of us know what's gonna happen here does that make it more difficult as a player moving forward on the our citizens uncertainty don't know who's a command and and the way things have changed our way by. Personally I am on more fortunate myself and I you know I know I feel better and want to change. You know I wanna be earlier this team on the guys that. In the voice and and and leads his team in the right direction and you know when it comes down with the guys on the ice and they don't feel it's a big responsibility for myself that. You know I need to hopefully things around here Perry said he is looking for GM with experience is that something you'd you'd like to see and here to adjust that and experienced guys been through the wars. I think I think that's good for. You know I think we'll stay at a gun control they have they wanna win their final where people to come and help that. You know I think it's nice that warship that's like them nuts you know if things don't work if we make changes and you know lots of you know when like that. Myself friends and I to perform and I I finally went off on them you know could immediately and sexism like that so it's. You know I think you know I agree or stated you know done. Big things from myself you know I trust this is is that they make him. You know mom you know I wanna win here and all they do too which is which is what good. Think he needs to see better communication from the top of the organization right to the bottom of the organization. From a locker room standpoint do you think you need to see you back to within the team. I think that's good you know I think it's it's. You know relationships are you in the business. Finally got out the communication dialect and dialogue with everyone and I don't think for myself and that's often but support for me to you know I think I'd devolution of the relationship with. You know the GM coach the ownership undergo the talk them and then change your mind in my feelings about him on it's it's not for me to step up and take Roland. You know I listen make changes and nine inches result was an open to them. I onslaught and a great job I think. You know my caddie I can't say that you know he's the reason why the loss and why it I analyzed some errors and myself. If things items that but it's you know when things go well you know. They make changes. And you know I enjoyed record and I you know I fired heated. You know a good job it's just unfortunate thing in you know it's it's time. You know it's you know some some of. Keep Canada next went bats over do you take a little bit of break you go right back into training how do you handle your Summers I if you know he's that your take a month of oxygen that's enough to get away from the game completely just. Is that about hunger back you know it's not it's you know a lot of hockey going over there which is its own fortune to plant something on. I'd rather be in playoffs what's up so it's a walking overseas street terminal because. And then yet to lose. We get away from the game and after that and it's not a month that it's right back into it to turn. It's gonna ask you to do you feel as players and you talked about yourself but as a team do you think you let. Dan Tim the organization down. Personally yes I I know I don't feel I was my best this year and I thought could've done better and I think getting a little known and NIC NIC you listeners that he'd be a lot better and you know that's that's preparation fracture that's the things I its engine and be better.