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Sabres Hockey
Friday, April 21st

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As you all know I haven't formed. General manager to marry. And have coats and browse month. There are no longer. Members of the sabres organization. I believe that both men. Did a good job. As. With their tenure with the sabres these are difficult decisions. I want to thank both of them for their hard work and dedication. We as members of the sabres organization. Are all responsible for our success. But accountability starts with a me. We are not happy with a season this year. And there are no excuses. Six years ago I stood here and told the Buffalo Sabres fans. That the reason for existence was to win a Stanley Cup. That is still the truth. One team wins the cup. We expected more this season. Kim and I spoke in depth with Tim and and separately. And decided that aren't. Organization needed more disciplined structure and communication. In order to be successful. We will move forward with new leadership. And compete in the national hockey league for the coveted cup thank you. Terry I think it's gonna frame almost all the discussions today. And Viles inspiring how much does. Player discontent specifically that of Jack cycle play into it and simmer inspiring how much of that was. Organizational structure lack of plan. Mean what you say about the GM when most people expected the coat probably if. Let me borrow what. Jackson agent Peter official said. Peterson. I don't know where those stories come from that's ridiculous. This is. Jack's involvement. As it was reported I don't know the exact words of that was reported it. Isn't complete fabrication. I defend Jack. Just as Peter did it's not a true story. Our players. We're we're players unhappy absolutely. We're we're standing here today we're not in in this in the cup race. That all goes back to. Disciplined structure and communication within our organization we can't get there. Terry decide accountability start with you what. This takes you think that you have made you and him have made as owners. And is owning a team much more difficult than you thought you stood at that podium. Six years have you found it to be not. Enjoyable maybe get on the. First. A worse it's enjoyable. Not winning. Is not enjoyable. Losing is. Not enjoyable. Mistakes. We're not in the playoffs. I can tell you that that probably leads back to. I just need to get better in the future. Well. I can tell you. That. I was not. Involved in the last GM. Coach search. To a large extent and I regret that move. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. Torino yours or this just to savers questions and I understand them but one of the questions I've been asked most when I ask you now. In making the decision. To fire to him Maureen. Why Maureen and not when you made the move once on McDermott with the bills that you fired way. Well we're not. Talking about football. Here but again. Our organization. Needs more disciplined structure and communication. This is how you win. We need to get better at that in the future. There you talk. But structure your Pat LaFontaine as the president he's been up there at news hiring marring that this new modern hockey NHL structure. With where the general managers and all powerful. You have a football team where you apparently were looking for our play. You never never hired that type of person so what is your operating philosophy of how to how the management of a professional sports franchise work. Without disclosing. The specifics. On this search. We are going to find the best candidate candidates. That we will bring into our organization. To achieve our goals. If the structure. Will land. Depending. The first person that we bring in. What his attitude is in in how we should work together. Your trickle back to the same role model with Mari when laugh and Finland. As that again and and you're Greg going back to the same model of the general manager without. A hockey person above them to enter to win LaFontaine was pushed out no. Terry with all the turnover between not only the sabres but the bills how do you feel that. That affects your reputation as an owner. There's a lot of turnover in professional sports. Tim Murray is the fourteenth longest tenured GM in the national you have been allotted GM says it changed jobs in the last three years. The coach thing. On the other side. I'm not here to talk about football but we don't know how that started so. You know. These things happen in sports. They structure and discipline what specifically led you to reach those conclusions. Tell you win. You get you get in the all of that stuff goes together with character. Gotta have character. Throughout the organization on the ice. And they have to be in a disciplined structured. And firemen work everybody knows what everybody's gone and everybody's talking and that's how you win. There is you. Conduct your search. Will be in charge of the data to decisions like signing players what you need to do now until you get people in place. Well you know we. We've got a lot of people and organizations that are pretty capable. Jeff Chris will be heading up our amateur side. Pro side. Will be several people in the organization. Involved in decisions. And to put that that person comes and. Terry. Looking ahead to dessert. Is it fair to say that you want a general manager in place. Or you go with a coach. Or the general managers select that coach and are you looking war. Experience in in in general if it in in a manager given that Tim had none when he came. I would I would say that's probably a safe assumption. Experience. Is going to be key. And our search. And without disclosing specific details about what our plan is a plan may change. As we. Start talking to people what the plan is to build a stronger organization. Top of Terry. I think absurd. Years ago you and I had a conversation and you said you thought that one that your primary job. As an owner was to be like you look forward to a point where. You don't have to deal with this database that we can just be an owner kickback and watch team and not have to deal would. All of the turmoil that had to deal with it. In recent years. Well. We don't like to be in situations like this. I enjoyed. Kim enjoys both teams. We enjoyed talking to our players and being involved. And their lives. And communicating with the two other I think that that's a healthy environment today's athlete. Little different. Than. Years ago you know they're they're much more complex. I keep going back to discipline structure. Communication. Character. We have to have care. Terry just. Two quick things on timeline when you met with Stan Tim if you are pretty much decided to make the change or. Now. So the meetings basically made your decision. The detailed conversations. With. Him Dan. Others in the organization. That we talked to players and put it all together and the decision was made. And on your point on character. How old damaged. Is this organization. In your mind going forward and how it damage has it been by a plan that authorized and essentially hopes for losing. As a way of building. I don't wanna talk about the past. That's a audition that's attorney a lot of teams. Go through rebuilt. But do a lot of teams. Hope to lose like you hope to lose. Hope to lose and we do not hope to lose you did do you think that was a flawed plan we went through rebuilt I don't understand. Why am I read an article by one you'd gentlemen. Like Cleveland is going to rebuild. But the bills. Paint and at the bills that the sabres tank you know. You're talking. One city can rebuild what we have you know. You can't have it both ways you don't feel that you tanks now. Even though your fans your fans in your broadcast partners' help root for your team to lose you don't feel intact. We've rebuilt. Human you mentioned regretting not being part of it he answered. Less than a year ago America extension what it went into that and what changed in the last few. You know. What happened a year ago this is an important you know we're we're looking forward. You know we don't need it. One scotsman. Two questions. Free mystical one. You said your decision to fire both GM Tim Murray and Dan bows no remain in the meetings that you had there's report out this morning. That dean Lombardi interview that he and job yesterday can you confirm that. We haven't talked to anybody. Put that that Jack and demanded his coach be fired category. It's a pure fabrication. And second question. For you what's your dialect and over some of the stuff that I'm at I'm gonna. Reiterate what Peter has said it was this stuff come from. A second question for you what what's your timeline to hire the next. GM and coach considering that the expansion draft. Is less than two months away track is very close and obviously you were like first you concerned we're gonna move this quickly and efficiently. As we can. And. You know sometimes should you talked to half a dozen or so people and you need to talk to more people it it's all a function of how are meetings though. Terrific he was. At one of the bills press conference is in general where you said that you were as owners. Kind of learning as you. It was alerted to go to process and I'm wondering since you bought the sabres and then the bills after that and now is you approach this search. What have you learned about being a professional sports owner and do you feel better equipped in that sense. To leave the search. And get this right at this point we're to this point you have. I think. I go back to my forwards again disciplined structure communication in character. That those. Things are all something you need new leaders. So they are able to. Judge and look for the same characteristics. And players and and employees that work for you organization.