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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Tuesday, April 11th

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The Buffalo Bills obviously the baton making news just because of who's going to see it and making. Trips around the country trips on the country's previous three days to go check out some beads into its draft eligible or it's let's remember too. So it must really be interested in these core X it like. Terry Google has taken time away from public rhetoric of family and like hello yeah libraries on his his break spring breaking out Terry goalless the might be maybe. Senior citizen who's that Terkel. It's I'll be 65 I don't at the office that's what makes I think Frazier senior citizens begin at 65 it to is that is that Google search excel cells can technically get a discounted copy. Or 66 years old or a free small Colin I'm pretty sure it. What are your fine fast food establishments and treat hours up a movie ticket. Two dollars off movie tickets yet so we got so he has all of that is all about instead he's out check now or senior citizens and taking it spring break in spring break we checked out college. And quarterbacks he's checking out college quarterback's body recently over the weekend there was reports from. It was the first part Mike rock hello yeah I was the first one who report about Robiskie. And giving work and him on Sunday Saturday and he. He reported work out with John Kaiser and then yesterday packed homes after homes the guy that is back and work out and each of these workouts carry guerrillas and there Sean McDermott is about an hour and there's no confirmation but doubly. Allegedly work hello. I know he did make appearances in some of these tweets from these pictures. But the rumor has been he's been. The rumor is that Doug Wheatley isn't that also value eating these players it's not helped so he the owner and coach les players. So. What do you make innately good. For me that he got the owner and we haven't seen this from Terry Google yachts and I'm not sure this is something that's. Mean happens lots around the NFL owners going out and checking out college players come up from that I'm personally familiar with that the the only owner I can imagine really doing it is Jerry Jones Jerry Jones seems like after it guy who is also the GM of the team so well that's party's job technically Jerry Jones GM slash owner. He technically should be out area. These work outs and checking out players. But there's there's armed and there was another report late last week about Doug Whaley lobbying. To show on Watson need to Peterman has batted in for interviews multiple. Interviews and meetings and says he's one of those he's actually one of those guys is common for one of the 33. Draft. Work outs which is different from what they've been doing with your misty Kaiser. And homes and those do not count as one of the 33. Pre draft workouts. There's a lot of speculation. About what all this mean some people talk about don't we leave my ego wise it might need a picture I just assume that he took the picture of them UNC like. There right now with the coach they're like you know what don't want you to take this picture to the Specter for us because it's gonna be nice picture in. While just don't need you and your theory is that W he's taken all the pictures. Not all the pictures as well there's only why pitchers so well that that exact one pitcher share. That's a big dog way I was saying out there and there's like Doug take this picture for listening but he just weird though that. It appear like in the recent report about my homes. They just Lee about Whitney and said you models yet that is weird that it's Jim Arnold Dow is there. Joseph Skelly overhead keep major UIP the source and he said that everything that he's scary hearing is that doubly Lee. Was also there but the fact that Jim models gets mentioned. Overdone way Lee is really weird. And there's there's about all of this talk about we we. About like what exactly the is his role since the end of last season and military Google was going out with the head coach and it right and fair where the public that he's going out with the head coach and checking out these quarterbacks. So low for me like it's. There really isn't anything that is worth really getting into Dhaka ice. I just think it's Google. He's getting an opportunity to kind of go see the process that they go through and they are working these guys out if there's there's two ways you can look at it. He could look at it as OK they're they're looking at these guys really closely because maybe they are considering taking all these guys at number ten or. Maybe these guys drop down in the draft. Need aid that the bill's trade down and these guys drop down. And they're they wanna do the deal due diligence. And all these guys and make sure that they know. What they're going to be getting out these players or it's the ideal smokescreen. The old draft smokescreen or they're trying to drum up solemn. Fervor around these guys like all the bills are attack and if we want to. Get one of these guys we might have to get out of the bills stormy weekend. Work something out with the bills themselves so that they don't table these quarterbacks before we want them. Which is that's more of where I would like to be going if that's what I'm thinking. But what what do you make of all this over the past few days the bills heading out to seal these. Draft eligible cornerbacks the top draft eligible cornerbacks. They just brought in TJ Yates who's gonna be the veteran backup Tyrod Taylor's on the roster card Jones the job to Walter White. Including me that's me. It's interesting. I mean my theory. Kind of goes a little bit towards the latter of of potentially just kind of being smokescreen but. I think it's interesting that they are checking out almost every quarterback that seems there appears to be the Vatican says that the consensus across. Most people's top five quarterback desktop are on board yet true risky Kaiser my homes on the linked interest into shock Watson though they have not really met with him singularly yet but that is like. Early on yeah yet fees if you just read the tea leaves. Three straight days of three straight work outs of quarterbacks owner on hand right you've got to figure at some point Sean watts is gonna be the next one. I must have they've. Decided that he's not the guy that's for some reason they checked him out on film and good luck to them at the com and we're like you know what that's the guy we're not interest in some not even take a look at them. Or maybe they'll look at all these other quarterbacks don't look at Du'Shon Watson because they really want to show on Watson. Yeah it's that lets them I guess smokescreen. Sort of small bombs. Here here's my thing about the whole thing so I look at it and I think OK maybe it's a smokescreen a because they bit that picture okay the picture with. On the North Carolina offensive coordinator via maybe maybe that's a smokescreen and that's it. You know but then the word is. That. They've worked super excited about that picture getting out. That they sort of tweeted from the team count them. That's why I saw it thought it was only tweeted from the typical that doesn't mean that the team itself didn't want that to get out I mean they're there's guys that are run the Twitter Europe saying I know there's just random guys look umpire handled sound suites it out and you're looking at okay well. The rumor is they didn't exactly we're thrilled that he got out. So that I'm thinking I will maybe. Maybe they really were taken a look at Richard risky because if he's available tenor and take. And that kind of started to look. I try to look past that a little bit and then. Yesterday or today comes up in my home saying that that he's seeing home they're looking at homes the Washington worked out privately. And then obviously on Saturday at last week. They took a look at Kaiser's so they're doing their due did their homework honey number of the top prospects all of which you can make case the bills could. Take attack. Here's my thought so the more I look at. Mock drafts the more I kind of dissected needs of each of those nineteenth that a front of the bills yeah. The less likely I think that one of those quarterbacks are off the board. First nine picks I always. I know last year there was the trades to move up to the top of the board says it's actually grab those quarterbacks yet I feel like a lot of the chatter. About the most quarterbacks were that they weren't worth the B one to pecs and last year and had it happen anyways and happen anyway right but silly and that he completely out of always like a late push for these quarterbacks in the draft must have. Once again like this quarterback draft. Sense I've really been hearing anything about it's always been compared to the 23 team quarterback draft in which the bills took EJ Manuel first another quarterback being drafted until the early second round. Which if that's the case it's. All disheartening. I think it's so weird to me because. Maybe I AM not thinking about the same way but when I look at last year's top available quarterbacks Carson once. And it's. Your golf yes I look at those two and I think OK well if they were in this year draft where they now. I don't know that costs going number one how big Costco and number one I don't think offs in the top three. Of of the core coming out no IID cards once is one. And that arguments. At number one I think it really is up into and at this point it's not everything and a deck press got that right end right. But is which is a purely I. I do get in in theory when you're looking at them on you know from what it wise. I think if you went last year and you didn't look for it is okay we both we all kinda know what each of the three quarterbacks from last year's draft are now in the leak. You can't really use that and say OK well I would've picked Kaiser over off for whatever but what you can't do is look at them. All the same time you look at last year Kaiser. Only had one your starting experience obviously wasn't draft eligible he's not coming. But you look at a guy like Holmes you look at a guy like Davis what it look at a guy like me Peter. So these guys are now players that work be starting for at least a little while web. And the transfer easier to play counts starting but because my council president got right right. And if you look at Robiskie. Wasn't a starter and you'll look at so that you're thinking well maybe they would have gone and atop it. It's so difficult because I look at it this way Ryan I think that. There's a really good opportunity. For the bills to have every single core Beck available to them at the tenth overall pick. Even if they decide that date just simply cannot take the quarterback attack. David least done the homework on it. And then maybe you know what happens in this is what I said looking at is okay. If this is a smokescreen for the three most likely teams to wanna trade up with the bills at ten if all the core interest on the floor because now they know. Let's say Houston at 25. Who is in desperate need of a franchise quarterback Bryant says. In the bills look at all of the quarterbacks this offseason. What if they also have fill in the blank ranked first like we. And what the Eagles take that quarter. Do we feel comfortable taking the second best or. It's completely gonna take quarterback and then we're stuck with the third best and that is one of the teams get a thick or Beckett were stuck with the fourth best potential quarterback in the strapped. Maybe he's not rank forfeit your big board. But you look at any say OK well if I'm Houston. And the bills have looked at every quarterback you start to wonder well does Doug Whaley does this staff have mix too risky number one of the more like they do lots. Are what we. And then he say all right well let's get the quality of the willing to trade. I think that's a lot of that Ira I really do think that's a big part of it 'cause I mean. I don't think Terry Google would also be out there it taking a look at these prospects. Must they were quarterbacks hobbies out their checking out defensive linemen running I think he's out there looking at quarterbacks tonight though. Tight ends he did in and watch tiger and today through with homes and awful back. That's who IE he treatment out there optical look now maybe that's the story that should be paddled that they were out there the full edit powerful yet no I don't think that's the story that it's not the path that I personally want to cut but you are you you imagined. They're looking at teams that maybe. In this the bills. Could make a trade went because they would not exactly. Houston is a quarterback needy team for sure but even a team like needy the New York Giants. We will. Or can't sit. Kansas City. But thank you. Ellis missed got one year remaining on his contract. How much they really think he's clearly. They gotta go with another contract what we've gotten you you're looking at teams that have a solid quarterback right now blood could use one in waiting could use one and when you think about Houston right now okay Houston doesn't even have a solid they don't have there Tom savage but model thing where it. Why I think that taxes makes so much sense is. There are everything they've got everything but quarterback. What does sitting at 25 and taking the 25 best player in this draft you for that team. Not a whole lot. Thirteen Beckett Beckett draft for need. Because they have a lot of other positions summed up. I mean third but the winds likely going to be one of the best in football when JJ watts back and Audi and you've got the it's what they wanna stay healthy at the same time right. Oh my whole point is not your talking about the best statistical defense in the league last year. They lose. On a thicket of Wade Phillips they don't lose results as they got raw milk or not. Yeah I have a similar he's still there they still have the opera Hopkins they've got Lamar Miller who I think came out as one of maybe the top. To meet top five running back Italy last year. And in terms of touches and production so thirteen to be right now that makes the most sense of why would you stay at 25 after Houston. If you could trade I mean the problem is if it's fifteen picks that's not that's no. Easy to look at team and that's the things so could be a team like Houston fifteen picks is no easy basket ball down but for the bills I think what's more important is that they need more tax write they need more picks like. If if you're the bills and you've got Houston calling and they're like right we're gonna. It's just off fantasy scenario obviously. Well trade with you you give us the number ten pick we'll give you 25 our second round pick in a fourth round at a much guilt on. Yeah absolutely deal done you're still gonna get. If if you're down there depending on obviously is all the pats on the draft falls. But if you're targeting a quarterback or receive the receiver there's probably still going to be one of those guys there there's the dot in the second and third rounds for those positions so you can keep Brett moving to hone in that sense because I think. The team at the positions that the bills have needs for. Our positions that UK and a drops. What in this good players ranked second and third round spots as opposed happy as just sit there and get one of the I must have it's like Jamal and someone sitting there for you would write make the decision. Help a lot harder I think what ends up happening is. If all. Whatever four of these top court next for the fight top cornerbacks all of the ones that are at least. Projected to potentially get the first round. There on the board attack. That likely means that there was a run on the defensive side of the ball absolutely and I just don't see a receiver to be honest I. I think a receiver potentially can go at nine I think it's maybe the highest that a receiver goes. But other than that were your top there's not a really there's not an offensive line that's going on top ten. There is not. There's not as a set a receiver potentially running back. But I don't see him right now Kantor's book formats format I think the Panthers would be much Ann and I've heard it at least. Rumored to enter towards done is they really like crush McCaffery because I think he fits their off a little bit better as a guide it come and actually catch the ball metaphor that's not giving you. That he's OK so glad she got back there. Right G states do with a just recite yet their pen in my funeral grasping at running back you know he's he he was strapped to senior Matt Forte it's. And like he was high tech always I always forget how high look at Jonathan Stewart newer ones like in thirteenth overall or something a record. So. Yeah that's that's a lot of it for me to is. It's it's that time of the year when you hear these NFL rumors. And did it's a bowel draft prospects he question. What the intent of these these what's going on this and you know we we might not get that and Shawn Watson worked out for a little bit. Press because Sean McDermott's going to be in studio tomorrow morning with power and Jeremy so coming back just to talk with Howard and yet he's not going to be you know. A must Daschle and Watson comes along and we have a little work out here merely put him through the ringer at the WGR studio as a class I'd like to be your that it liked. You make it maybe let me run the drills I got the liberals and I think what we'll probably let some more experienced coaches handle those drills. I guess some someone who is actually coach program coaches in real life. Not mean I not it's fantasy football team. He doesn't he doesn't play Madden choose plays with the ax and I don't claim that need. That's accurate or not even coaches and you know coaching and I am not even pay coaching dignity and they coaching no it's just. It's such an interesting situation because. To me I look at this draft and look at the tenth overall pick and I think okay. Maybe for the first time for the first time but. I look at it obviously does not for tropic last year you traded up to it Sammy Watkins who I think at that point was the best receiver that draft I have seen as well 61 was the guy census best receiver in the draft so you look at this is an opportunity to get the tenth. Best a top ten player in the stress. But you look at just the depth of the positions of need for this team corner I mean there's going to be starting corners going into the second round maybe the third round of the extra. They're starting safeties going into the second round potentially the third round of the draft. So when you look at positions of need you have to think about okay where can I get. You get the same player at corner at and if you are point five I don't think so I think there's gonna be court as a go between but. Could you get. Comfortable over it oh yeah are not gonna be that huge of a drop off between broccoli that's drafted. I think tag is agrarian hotly compared to. Marlin Humphrey right. Bartlett fragrance I don't know is huge difference and now you're talking about. If you're an opportunity to grant Marshall Atlanta more attend will then I think he'd be forced to move back I think you take landed more right as he owns you. Or Jamal ads or. You know. Lee hooker it's one of those three players dropped to attend there is you have the moral you have the obligation to take one of those players. Yemen obligation you don't say I don't even even if there's a team knocking with a second third round pick need to Fillmore positions but these players are are just that'll lead that you. I have that valued the tail it out one position over filling multiple holes to me there earth. Three players in this draft there's no way that you can now on. Two of them. Compromise state I think it's Moly cooker and I think it's Marcia let market goes the two players you just you could not see in LT. I think miles Garrett obviously that's an obvious one I'm not even seen that one but I think the one. That if if fell their way. It's only top us I think if either of either three of those players stand for Solomon Thomas or Ohio State's. I'm Lee Coker or Marshall glamour faulted the bills at ten. They have an obligation to take them there is no way you can let another team move up in your position to take what I think our top three or four tail on the whole raft. So you would include so well over a year what was your three guns and repeat after Thomas poker flat. Peace on all know Jamaal Addison Jamal adams' and therefore it Jamal as its top. But what advice if I did if somebody wants to trade back to seventeen or you don't name a number you're getting an extra second round pick. To me. Having an extra starter on either in the office of defense side of the ball is more important than having Adams who to be honest I don't think necessarily that's. On what the need is honesty but he's a strong safety he's not center fielder a case not a guy that's gonna go and play your deep third position which is what you need. Amnesty right now because Micah Hyde is playing. Is that he's gonna be playing net nickel corner slash strong safety role they need a center fielder bleak hooker felt about. Holy Todd just be the most ideal situation for our shop anymore because he is a perfect candidate to run that outside corner position in McDermott's. It 030551888. 5525. If he just can't start here on the nightcap you got any comments and what we're just talking there with the bills working out all these quarterbacks what it means. What it means to you that we we really isn't spotlight. But school is there's checking it out we'd love to hear your thoughts on that I'm moving forward Robbie talking about the sabres a little bit dent Tim Murray gonna be talking to Maro. To be done that moms are mama was not a lot of stuff happen and yet Tim Murray talking about 2 PM. From keybank center a lot of questions that he'll be answering. Moving forward abouts of the team moves and he's gonna make damn piles mock. Also the draft lottery odds were just released the sabres have a seven point 6% chance. At the number one overall pick in the NHL draft we'll talk about the sabres coming up and that in the next hour gonna talk a lot about the NHL playoffs. Less than 24 hours away less than 24 hours from now there's going to be two games already ongoing in another game getting right Saxon media are not talk about. What's interesting story lines are you interest and then. If you got any thoughts on that feel free to give us call on the NHL playoffs as well so I kept me Gary Bryan gates on the beach here. We can expect to continue to do the same thing to do with the same way and have a better result that change it got to change and that change comes with them uncomfortable times some unhappy people at different times and but that's something that we're gonna keep pushing on and keep pushing for our team because we have to know that we have to change a foreigner and develop into team that we think we can be which is a winning team. There's damp. Files and he's one of the guys that. His future is a little bit in question here yesterday a few more firings throughout the NHL now leaving. I don't think he's been fired there I think if he was getting fired at an art gallery yet but each. He and there's five open coaching positions in the NHL with the LA kings firing. Darryl Sutter suckers gone in LA biggest ever had a coach yet. Florida got rid of Tom roe was there interim coach. Many rough obviously in Dallas. And Wasilla forget being Vancouver they say Vancouver as it order as the Florida. They couldn't get rid of danger NN will lead injured hand so five coaching vacancies right now on the NHL and pay. We're gonna hear some answers from Tim Murray tomorrow at his press conference and media will go through some questions that we would like to have answered from Tim Murray like tomorrow's press conference first round at rock and all that Ron you are on the nightcap with right in the. All I. Think he spoke out. We're here today. Or back Alley. Well not yet. Wrapped. Our Ali they'll get bigger. More or or wreck right now Bob got this look. It's art art and hopefully after the quarterback in our planet. If you don't really believe it or exceed our act he. For her. Yeah. I certainly don't get. Or impacted the most important in all about fortune I think it. In brought it. Back to back. It up all get Iraq to order. No matter. You are free music at our Beck that he's it's that Hitler or race. But it it would look we're now Google Earth would you take it up at her house. Without our. Rapid fire and in. Order the book. In the upper brow. Well I think a lot of it has to do with the bills history I think about doing hints at the bills history of doing it they've only ever taken three quarterbacks in the first round. Here's the thing so it's much as I agree with with his point I think it's a terrific point. They have needs they should. Attracting for needs is typically a team that is attractive while. But at the same time a mentally it needs a special interest in effect what happens is when you take EJ Manuel you. Passed over. Potential. It's really tell because trip wasn't that great not Nazi feet tickled and what I'm saying is you eventually he will risk by taking quarterback in the first round in this in this is the kind of draft and I think you can't do that. Because there is so mentally tail and a top. That you really risk putting your franchise back further by taking up a quarterback who. The risk reward for the position is so much more difficult to judge Bennett any other position because. Sure you could end up with Russell Wilson but how many teams pass Russell Wilson the first round all of let me just hasn't second round you've just got lucky what eventually why does the bill taking quarterback's second pillar around. Trade up to grab PG Graham two picks for Russell Wilson these are questions will these ever have peace and it just you know but I think Billy Tapp point. And I think the bills have themselves shut up to where if they do. I think that's another reason why they're checking these guys out there like closely. In an environment where they can watch them real close and could talk to one. I think they're doing that because. If they do you decide like. This is is our guy Google as they are talking these guys he's like you know what. You know Google ads the power of their like. We're gonna draft but what do you think like an concealing what do you think Kerry. They're gonna be like being grabbed quarterback that we really like gore we grabbed this guy who is very high on our board and Terry they could be like. Take the quarterback. Here's the thing now. Why then signed Tyrod Taylor. Because. Movie even even if you do you have all these quarterbacks even if it is Mitchell too risky and he's got one year starting experience and I think. The trend is gonna start going back to add up all quarterbacks and if they are first round quarterbacks Hamas of their and that like top five region a bigger asset. I think they're gonna say and Tyrod Taylor is that the British court. I think Ron's point works when you or the Green Bay Packers. And you decide that but we had Aaron Rodgers really high on our draft board he's here. Let's take him let's let's take it when you or. I don't know name another team that was pretty damn good that decided now while there's a good quarterback on the board we should take him all the patriots every year. It's just those things where. I don't necessarily agree it in his his point of bringing Russell Wilson I. I think is is not a good point for him be used no because that's all in the third round right there press Skiles forth quarterback for a reason all these teams now that showed the bills be drafting a quarterback every year in the second or third or fourth round. I agree until you find that corporate because more and more often now teams. Look lacked last year depth press got look at Colin jeopardy spiritual bottom but he's pretty he's according got Peyton got was a verbal indeed all it all aid and also less and Russell Westbrook. Russell Wilson and the so you're looking at all these quarterbacks that these teams got in the second third round so wired to bill's doing that that. Citi is is a point that I think I would. Wholeheartedly agree with what. Taking a quarterback this year in the first front and overall I think is a is it extremely poor decision knowing what kind of talent at positions of need that are available to them. Here's the thing now. Say. Date like all four quarterbacks and there's really not that big difference between Kaiser Robiskie Watson or who menacing. My homes okay let's say they all have pretty comparable grades and they say. I Houston will list your trade off for you ought to look into this because he's your number one quarterback he's far away better than all the other quarterbacks what we'd like to we might take them. So do you wanna coming your take because we don't have to take them. We can use an extra pick OK so Houston moves up from 25 to ten and the bills get out that's a good pitch though like and all of what's the thing. It doesn't that's the bills mindset. Okay as well all week to try to take what these guys we really liked Robiskie we really like my home is really like. Really we like all that you really only like 18 you have all of them available leaked to you by moving up to number ten choosing that got it you'll have to give up a second round pick. And let's say probably a second this year to second picture would be my guess I don't have to trick that value chart from me but I was looking at earlier mechanic is I'm gonna write an article on for GR yet but. I'm at a place where if the bills decided okay we really like these quarterbacks all form very comparable let's move back and actor second this year maybe next year or get a second a fourth this year. In a third next or something along those lines in the bills can say. Our were 25. And pat homes and let's say just pass my home is available. That's fine so it'll say are. Here's our quarterback pat on the point that pick one out you can go get. For best corner in the second round at pick ten and envy. Sixth or seventh best safety at. Route 25 pick in the run to right are you feeling that you've got to look at starting corner and starting safety and I also content type I all of you guys quarterback yet. And this scenario are willing to get down. Well that's I think that's the scenario I think that's the ultimate scenario is that the bills are able to move down. Maybe. It's. Thank you look at these quarterbacks year after year especially the first round only first round quarterbacks and you eat I think of guys like obviously there's the big names here's Johnny himself there is Aaron Rodgers who was ex Sox but for the most part quarterbacks drafted and that only par the first round are the least successful quarterbacks in the they tend to not Aaron Rodgers is like the big brand will be around. Brady Quinn. Bolt can pull Cleveland OKC. Team who's gonna take quarterbacks in the first round look at clean OK okay now did. Word or other products in the short time sure but those were the guys that base and are well. Relatives what are we coming out is pretty cut. But what would you would you dreaded beast the Cleveland who swings and misses a first round quarterbacks every other year. No I don't Beatles because the bills have been at least more competitive. Because the browns have decided to take guys in the first from a brand we inflict pretty brilliant week what a terrible pick was Trent Richardson okay those three picks right there cost them. A leaked. Toilet so that's set there franchise back and that's my worry when you look at the bills and saying okay we really need to get quarterback OK well let's just get a quarterback it's an even though I don't think necessarily. That if these quarterbacks are taught that's. Into whiff. EJ Manuel peck it's exactly that's what everybody EJ Manuel picked this the bills were locked in body next specifically that GM at the time. And Doug Whaley was the one decided EG manuals can pass quarterback coming out that draft. Buddy next was just like it does I mean I'm grabbing a quarterback and grabbing the best quarterback. That is going to be available for the Buffalo Bills at that time and you definitely can't go into the draft thinking like that like. Our first peck or taking this position because we need to fill that need you can't go to the draft thinking like that you've got to work with what is falling to you and I'm self and it will never change for me I'm going to be about trading down if possible. If I don't think I drafts. Time why wouldn't you consider and lets you got the number what Oprah pick but even that. We've got an abrupt and you're not listening and you can get from re future first X or better yet you can get next year's for you get two for tropics next year. And that lets it that's the Timmy the only situation that the browser situation right now. Where they would be foolish to trade back and there's talks well all we might like Leonard foreign we mutt. If they trailed her address yet they trade that is especially when he picks. If they really trade act and everyone picked to let's say four fives and it's a B can move up and get my house here most of the player they want whatever but. To meet like. What you have to first round picks that's the regular trade up in you get the best available picky and get. That is the situation to meet the only situation. That a team should trade up every other time if I'm a team I am listening to every single phone call it team has to say well we don't we were up seventeen I. I don't care where the bills don't the first round because we're going to get a starting player now. When you look back a couple other drafts now maybe. This isn't the same for the 2013 trapped as it is for the 2017. Different players different tale levels different depths. At each position. This year. You have the deepest draft for the two main positions of need you have to think that is what comes into it is. If you take a quarterback at ten. You're still gonna probably get a starter at the two positions need I think is starting caliber it's free safety in starting corner I think if you take a corner in the sector Roger gonna get a guy that's starting they want. I think if you get us is safety in the third round you're looking at maybe you got tickets are free when the future on the start tomorrow. I don't know if there's just there's so many combinations so much stuff you complain with here but I think the real key for them attendance is to move back and I don't care how far back into. In a 30551. EEE 550 to 550 and phone numbers guy mark comments. On the bills we will be hitting the sabres so if you are on hold hailed their we'll take your call in the next segment it's the nightcap right gates need Geary WGR. No there's no disconnected so matter of baker said it's preparing yourself on our office ready to perform best and we can always be about. Brian Gionta sabres captain Brian Gionta. He gets into the off season to win out each contract moving forward in that will be. I'm sure one of the many questions Tim Murray will feel tomorrow at his press conference to be out. Whether life here on WGR. It's going to be something like John Murphy usually goes until three. Kill sign off at two and then I believe. Brian Duff may be should be taking older add to talk a little bit and then had the press conference when we did time and I mean Tim are going to be taking a a variety of questions and there's going to be questions about the coach there's going to be questions about the defense. There's going to be questions especially I think there's going to be a tall and about the coach and the relationship with the players. And it's going to be interesting to see how Marie answers those questions yet because. I think it's really important and I don't think gamble house was necessarily. A bad hockey coach when it comes to. The axes and owns of the game I don't like to. I think it's bad hockey coach when it comes to connecting with his players especially. Younger players because it's a lot of the younger players that seem to. Beat the ones that there's not all of vocal support being like you know we're not doing what the coaches doing from. People who are under 25 on that team to hear from rhino Eileen Robin. Gibb and dirt 25 there are exactly 2526. But it's the younger players are just like all there's this disconnect. They'll say we as players got to be better but it just never seems to there's been so many times in the season where it's just like okay. The coach of if the team really liked the coach they would come out so easily about it I think of and if Rex Ryan's tenure here and every single player was coming out saying all while racks hope racks comes comes back next year. And some people to be like oh that's just political it's political because you're still pulling form he's still behind his good side. It doesn't seem like there's really a whole lot of that coming out about damn files and players are saying like. I'll bought plain forget about Osama well played for grand isles by these grades. He's one of my good friends we hang out. I'd better players are saying about racks players were like like I I think around wrecked his office I think I was hanging out enough to compiles his office. I think that you're spot on with your analysis of he's not connecting with these younger players end. Say it in. The point that I hear all the time it's all their birth NHL players they they they don't need somebody to get them up they can't get up for I don't agree with that I suppose I completely agree with with your I. I don't agree with that either because let me tell you what maybe you don't have to get Bryant yachts up for game because he's 836. Year old veteran in the league and has played Stanley Cup team. It's a nineteen or twenty year old kid what's the feel like he wants the thing I don't think there is. The bigger majority. I don't think there is ninety I think some of the players in this team. That get up in wouldn't go do anything for their head coach right now how would it fly through the boards just it just the right coach and I think I think the isn't a difference of culture of each. Even football and hockey that way. Like football players like I don't know hockey is certainly aid. Intense emotional sport the same way that football is but it seems like football coaches. Garner that love and admiration from their players more than hockey coaches tent here's. I'll say to about. Tore oral okay tort had to change okay he didn't change his x.s and else. He did when he changed was him calling out players in the media. Him. Embarrassing players by his approach that brings approach the approach is how we he can you team. They're like this. I just get the feeling that this sabres team is not close bunch. I could feel when they're away from the ice their wit. What I definitely certain power I think you better close I think that I agree with that but they're it's quick yeah I want you click I. I'm not in the locker room and I you know that's gonna that's probably good question for Paul and I think Paul would probably say that I think he would say that there's probably at its its click it you mentioned. You know I'll be entertaining Jack Michael in San right now are being kind of a clique group together. They're not going to hang out with. Josh Gorges and it's because I think that there is such key difference in. What division of the team is for the veterans in what division of the team is for the young players and I think that was. Are the reason why a lot of the people Mangini began gets traded at the trade deadline last year one of the reasons I think Jamie McGinn was such. A huge hit with this team. Was because he was kind of apple ridge. Between especially Jack Michael I know Jamie McGinn and Jack I call. Were hanging out a lot like Maggette would be the guy who kind of took Michael under his wing I know Molson was. Living with Michael brought him into his home. But McGinn was the guy that kind of like it would take him around town alone. But hang out with them on the weekends and actually dig into it too much trouble and I think that was pretty important is gonna call and here for we we had the break we got Stephen Rochester Steve what's going on and you and I kept the crime. He gave you know I look at this as a more amorphous operational from Bernard practical concern anymore so I do have concerns about. But I think Murray. It's the end of the road with him I can keep its history book and I really helpful as for questions tomorrow because I got to tell you. Our raptors are probably a little all the games that probably what they eat uniform this year. You have a mirror image of a team down here in the big club I mean you can't go here that doesn't really score you'd get a team that doesn't play great defense. You got a goalie and Omar who you know stood on his head he probably was 5050 with the English here. It is a mirror image and you show off the quality. Down here what you have up there in Bailey and in that piece concerns like that but I got a target. The depth down here in the performance around here is MacBook. In one win when you picked up or two layers of an organization. Big Corbin sabers at 8 PM march. I got my worries in and I don't mean a drug compares with around or anything like that but I watched apparently he's. Beck earlier in the season when when the big club was callebs players at an early struggle a little bit of us what they have got to stop north division. They're probably gonna go deep sense of the Calder cup again. Registers right at the bottom. The news that the big clubs in the me please go to the playoffs I'm sorry. The quality there that I know you don't call says the build our fighters. Are all go to person. Uncle that always players on this organization right now we're here where there's so I don't like to know how it got there. I've I they would call Stevie are right here and you made a lot of good points that I think we're gonna have to confront on the but I think a lot of what they are Rochester has gotten dealing with especially in the past few seasons is. The organizational depth has certainly been awful sense that that take years that take years they stripped everything down and they pretty much. We're robbing Rochester of what would be good HL players and that and that malicious in it this year. They were robbing Rochester. Constantly because the sabres were gay and sold and don't sometimes that they were bringing. Two or three guys up I which. Before gonna break here to know or are running late Justin Faulk. Was never meant to be a full time defense and on this club. Keep what is Betty good HL player a much needed. Defenseman on the practice or team Taylor fidelity and bonds how much time to tailor the dunes and players were or injured that took them away from Rochester right and when I look at it. I got into a eve deed argument with my roomy on Saturday night musical pranks in our ever but yeah we got do we heated argument about simmer in wanna talk about that when we come back. Yeah double talk more about Murray coming up we also are gonna talk about. The NHL playoffs which is gonna begin underway and under 24 hours in the Geary rank gates got any thoughts on the sabres thoughts on Murray. Help thoughts and Rochester Americans are concerned with the organizational dot where your free at 8030551. Eat eat eat. 515 to 550 mourn the sabres NHL playoffs coming up next in the nightcap.