04/18 Night Cap HR 1

Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Tuesday, April 18th

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Just moments. No effect go to wherever we've run in gates who paid less loyal fan me no way. No they have a little boy ever again. Now once but never. Know what these kids that what that Dave Shea if I might shift. That might shed not my problem that's what I say not WG. Sports Radio Klein fifty. Once gone. I gates here it's the the nightcap get a gun where here. Bring your radios again rang gates dare Kramer. Popping in to join the 41 hour might finally. Behind the board and a house of two infield out there I know there is a little. A little links to amongst. Months sabres world and and bills world. The Maple Leafs he now being good and some winning overtime games in the playoffs when all bills fans wanna do is to. Feel some sort of feeling again and then of course you got the the patriots coaching might ghostly which apparently. Causes a lot of distrust too many bills fans out there and me personally and I am really get a lob distrust by. I know it's it's hurting out there so I wanna be here for. Wanna be here for you because. We get this a lot we give us a lot with these teams where. We've been hanging out here we've been in and out here for and Saudi many here for much longer than a year even even with these teams since there inception. So I can't even imagine. Your frustrations but I understand the frustrations of everyone. And yeah it'll free offer 51888550. To fight it keep you voice those we're gonna have. I Jerry white he. He might be. Among some of the most frustrated fans because he's really feeling. A lot of a lot of hatred towards. Just un bridled hate. Who the Toronto Maple Leafs. It. I. I don't like watching Toronto and I guess that's not right I do like watching Toronto I don't like watching them win. As so much but. I think they are an existing team to watch so far I like watch human and that sun spots. I mean. To want to to wander up the Mets series. They're in the playoffs and everyone's just get a little itchy around here so all I know that a lot of a lot of fans. They even last night. Sabres Twitter was not happy with with the leafs win and what it means forward these franchises going forward ever went to seize the Maple Leafs and it might be. And V of the maple leaves because they're supposed to be a little further behind me and we went into the season. Everyone's like okay the the sabres they're going to be they're gonna take another step this year the sabres were supposed to be right around where the Maple Leafs. They want a 95 points is set up again while Obama during the offseason and then. There's the Maple Leafs 95 points in the playoffs now and the sabres are seventeen points behind so there's a lot of lot of speaks. Around buffalo which is already. An XT place to begin. And it's a lot of pain and it does it does kind of sucked at to watch have a team that has literally gone through that very same thing that you did. Men shoot it just past Ewing get into the playoffs there it's just one of those things are yet frustrating but the same time. Personally I'm OK with it because they're they're fun and exciting. And I'm all I'm definitely going to be looking forward to pay seriously should be real fun once that once the sabres can get that defensive problem taking care of. Yeah that is where I'm pretty much too. I'm not doom and Lumia when it comes the sabres sabres they're still. They earn a process. I know that's probably a buzz word for a lot of people process word mean. You look at the bills. And they have bits. On their walls in the stadium since on the mistaken all along with playoff caliber. These are the words that they're using in. And in the that the sabres are absolutely going through a process right now and it wasn't ever going to be. Eight quick and easy fix despite what you may have heard from some people mean even some of those people being on this radio station. Saying that. It might be quicker than you think and I never viewed that way I I know like you look at. Look at two totally dead. Yeah but Toronto was it's completely different situation Toronto did not strip completely down. To there blow enough. The the sabres won a stripped down they stripped on everything they stripped down. Their their veteran players yeah sure they brought in someone that's what they felt would be good. Again mammals sin and Brian Gionta and Josh George's if you want them. Did they did bring in some of those guys bought. You look at Toronto on what they did they did it. Any. And quicker way as I guess the only way to put it they. Trade fell counsel in the offseason word that he goes through Pittsburgh and what's Kyle. They trade Dion and off halfway through the season and get rid of two huge contracts right there. They trade David Clarkson to a team per retired player who they could just awesome and long term injured reserved. They they did things differently then I'll be savers around their bill now if you want to compare it and that sounds. Sure you can compare to that sense by. Like no way that they decided. To do it which I guess is why. There is always the there was argument last year going on with the media. That to be deletes data rebuild in the correct waivers is the sabres who strip everything down there was. You know he holier than doll Toronto media trying to be like. This is the right way to do it I think this is kind of what they were talking about yet. They're talking about him being. They still had a 1003. And Tyler those back and JV are on their team. They still had those players so was it was a different ways how these teams rebuilt the sabres. Cattle. Of expiring contracts. Aging players. And didn't see but white at the end of the tunnel with those players. And I think Toronto had kind of a similar thing. But they had younger players too when you think of James and green dike and not Cotchery. Like those guys weren't. Late twenties almost thirty acts like a lot of pomp and bill vanic Miller. Myers secretly Stafford. In those guys were all. They were later on in their careers so you had peace is already into Ronald were kind of younger ever gonna get the experience of going through a crappy season. But they were still fair and then they brought it and the coach that was spotted here and maybe. Oh better coach than what the sabres have. And things turned around and of course there's also all Austin Matthews and ms. Maher and winning a lot of and yeah you Lander so you've got the other piece is the young pieces that came in and shot the adrenaline right ER. Not to mention you bring up those three players there. You have to add in Morgan Riley today young core he was he was there for the last season that we see Zack hi there Connor Browne those are guys that you know they're all rookies that were drafted by the least. Who worked terrible leading up to it anyway. It's not like this was something that you know they were able that. You can rebuild right and over and just on like that I don't see right there are terrible team for a wild just like buffalo but like you set it in strip their court. The record down and the next scene all. Trials wondering themselves why are we that well might as well tank this one season see what the heck happened here. See if we wanna lottery pick and again the difference is that they do you granite. I don't think there's much of a difference there they get Warner to say a line name or Matthews. Just like how I don't think that buffaloes really. Too much farther off with getting Michael instead McDade and I said too far. Again I don't know about all that era 30550. 1888550. To 550 take a quick phone call here before we had to like Jeremy is very long list and yet you'll be able to hear the frustration in his voice but. Cologne what's this guy's name Mike. Alone. And who's both Collin Mike who's a little column like Willie Cologne. Colin Colin Cole like I calling Campbell yeah it's got a call Clinton a little like me. Or talk anarchy America on all these days ago. It's hardly goes let I just one of the State Street saying sport as far as caliber Sepracor and estimate touched on that in the meantime lost weight by. The one thing that coach. I don't think that many people out there that think that that act is say interior coached about small number two is we lost some. I think anyways we are the higher man games lost cops actually top four players. In the NHL we were born when the technically. Another team that definitely didn't meet expectations. But the but I think what we Wear what historically get collapse for two years in a row. I don't think that police did go through a rebuilding the same way. They had been at peace and a lot of guys you know the Bowes actually copper is more rallies Ari there that we don't have rest on Randall Reilly by. Not just came point one Harley plants are seven games or universe 82 everybody else. That makes a difference I think those compounds things will be a regional I can safely say next year eagle with same roster a little bootable bolstered the view I'm. We could possibly do ask. Yeah thanks for the call. Colin Cole and the addicts thanks Al's gonna house and a portrait of the athlete and accurate but I even my back gets. The sabres definitely have to improve especially on the Blue Line I think you you look at. Where the improvements will come from for the sabres you've got Brendan goalie who's gonna come into the league with high expectations. You figure. Rest don't McCabe are definitely going to be players that are protected from the expansion draft nanny got a kind of a question mark for for the last album. There's that that victory and keep then only be lurking around who just had an off awesome also home playoffs in the cage shell. So. You've got you've got pieces that are potentially. Coming in plus I'd eat my roster moves me in the offseason. The man games lost ark it's it's there but you look at us. Toronto. A very top five scorers missed. A total of ten games or something like that and l.'s most when Maher yet and you look at. I mean I don't even know how many games he missed but it was like fifteen to twenty Michael missed his twenties keen to mrs. While. So you've got you've got big chunks missing their from the top. But still it was certainly a rough season and going back to the Maple Leafs. Sense the 05 bird the yeah the 05 lockout of the NHL. There was only one other season there's one season that Ronald besides this year has made the playoffs. And that was the lock out shortens. 2013 season. So let's show us the sabres were good for two years and then they consistently. Pushed for a eighth seed. Until they decided to go through this process that they want to Toronto has just baton. A bat. And they never even really been close to playoff spots most of these years they've just always. Bad and that's like one the eighteen to 25 team that's missing the playoffs and not really getting a shot that topic. But they've been rafting in the top ten and the top fifty consistently. And eventually those players start heading. And they finally. We're kind of law where I mean new Lander was. What fourth overall I think whom we meet later he was like eight yen meal under originals and I think it was like 67 income like that on. And we've got some Carner who was aides morals for. Was four Marmol was formed because that was the unfortunate in my bowels of the article draft. OK and that now obviously Austin Matthews so he's got to take a look at. The difference of the rebuilds sure the sabres have only made the playoffs four times science. That lock out the 05 lockout but this is only the second time trial has made the playoffs so. They've been suffering for really long time just because they went down to the bottom. The taint they won the lottery they got the player that a candidate their sights set on. And it's made huge difference plus with the development. Also hundred players that have been making huge impacts in the lineup so far we're gonna head over to January and this is him and Howard Simon this morning. Right off the bat 6 AM this day they get going right into it here here's Jeremy hour. I try to figure out all the reasons that believes her and I was thinking about a lot a lot of them on the way and there are a lot of reasons. Number one that's supposed to be us right. Number two that's not supposed to be down right. Number three. They took the coach that we want and by the number four really that would stop right there that you get all the big numb all there's like ten and yes there ought to wait there's way more than they don't know lottery for that and they they wanna lottery yeah number five. You know I've realized this yesterday one of the major differences between the leafs in the sabres. The guys that were there both for all the new guys came in depth. That were bombs and are good now right look at and that's not true with the same verse rightly cut right the guy who had. Never really seemingly lived up to the expectations they had for him at a third eagle season right thirty goal season you know why needed that from Tyler ran and so what I needed Tyler Ennis to V. A older veteran guy that was gonna somehow just be the same that he was when he was good. And appreciate a more Tyler both backward looking animate at some point I think he might even have been their number one side of bank pose that got away with Pilar balls back as your top setter what it was that was sent five or four suggests it's thicker like on number six. Number six is that. The leafs always had. That Big Brother status to them. And we were going to be in buffalo and Toronto you know these two teams they come up together are really going to be something and then. Boom Big Brother moves in and knocks little brother thirty feet down the row. And nobody talks about how it's going to be really fun on the in the league since it because it's all about the stupid leafs. Number seven an accurate they're beating the freaking caps. Number 98 I lost that they've they've made it so I can't count anymore number ten. And everything about it is terrible that it can't Blu-ray key change change rate is there's another one number eleven it's Canada and a number twelfth. I thought about this today. You what are the worst stunning insert something got another one know just actually somewhat Canada. Leaks Canadians senators. All leading their series two games to 100 Montreal Ottawa Toronto in the sector rather oil forget Edmonton. Edmonton general that's right right noisy was challenged knocking him a number eleven. You know what else they get to do in Toronto. Up there in Toronto. For all that in fighting that they might have had they could to tell their anti tankers to shove it. Always the anti tankers in Toronto probably just shot up a long time ago they even get. I didn't have them. Right you'll I had old guys and. All you go to win does this Austin Matthews isn't gonna save us who cook who. What are allowed Babcock you shared your side and up for it's about build a culture and try to win. A little lottery another all I'd rather thankless part. If we ever ever say the word tank ever again because they did it. And now they win games all the time. So like I said when I set I was in a bad mood and the they've broken me it this is why because they get everything. And I mean everything. That we were supposed to get and maybe we get all that stuff next year. But maybe we don't. Because maybe we stick with the GM that has put this team in this spot. And maybe we stick with a coach that everybody in the room hates and maybe everybody is CC. That quick text number thirteen is dark guy over to our guys know what they got a famous band out of this were only three games into the series they gotta famous fan. I wish I could tell yeah. I wish I could do you decide to hold onto to make you feel better. Melvin bills take quarterback attend. And try and I'm sure they'll do that and never Ronald yell at us that they guys are any good because we're not allowed but we won't have the a pardon me this because we're gonna watch listen between now and the next bills went. Will we have a positive day. When's the next good day we have to win the next good one that doesn't involve somebody else being our broken micro he's tough way to lose leaves. Or whatever let's at least for the playoffs by the way have pretty heartbreaking loss involves another title last night and go too well on the Bruins fell when's the next time we will have a good day. That doesn't involve just being happy someone else had a bad day. 2027. Looked. That's a long time on knocked Ayman equip them to be done and I'm not gonna do this for that can't quit on all feel better not tell me another we're not years and there's no way no way not true. This will break me I will give up I will stop I gotta be honest with you. I am loving you right now could your pain makes me feel so much now welcome welcome to buffalo support. Looks like your good day came today right. I really do and I it's not a bad thing to say. I'm really sorry. But you know what that that's like you know this is what happens right when people call up or they text you on that on and the and a on the attacks line there are they tweet us. And they say hate you know you guys are great on bills football Monday you get me through the day you guys what ever way it went when some heartbreaking event happens. We talk about it people call opera let us know thanks guys you're getting me through this. Your getting me through this number thirteen. They even have a knee Lander allowing guys say aren't you learned her brood Muir and you sort of big goal last yeah in this and our guys in the HL which is totally fine yeah bought. Gotta be yet another thing about them that is awful and I don't awful. But they're young guys forget and seasoning some of them in the NHL when the sabres were still going through the tank. Bigger question for written and entered a goal of watching leafs games. New maybe. If he isn't even if the isn't should he care about the leafs are presumably you well you all you brought that up over the course of the regular season okay. And it was a valid discussion because the leafs were ahead of the sabres and look laudable hold beliefs and of going to the playoffs since they were. Miss the playoffs. Now the leafs are up two games to one over the top seed in the east that was a prohibitive favorite to make it to the Stanley Cup final despite there. Playoff history. This is I I bring it up all the because at some point this week the owner supposed to meet with the GM. And I just I'm just curious if if the owner had made his mind up to not make any changes. Is he now sitting there thinking oh crap believes really that team that team that passed thus his lead in the top seed these two games to one and now man I this just is this is not helping the case of Tim Murray and Dan file from a if your character goal when you're aware of what's happening in Toronto in the OC at certain. We can't have that for me it's my news files not always seen is this team with him we haven't seen this team with another coach so. That's one of the paralyzing. Fears here but it. That leads me to how do we know we don't have a ninety point team that's being held back by coach that just doesn't have it anymore you know do we know we would never help it. Because we haven't seen this team and another coach we've never seen Jack cycle play for another coach. We might not for another year or two or five if he stays. And maybe he's a good coach he's not the problem or maybe he's a bad coach and he is. But we don't we don't know all we do is like. You don't read the rule I guess and read what people saying Josh short of saying need to practice harder and be more committed and I don't think he's wrong probably but. We'll never know until they make changes and find out apple what's what's likely that they ditch files might go backwards. And it did its marine go backwards. I'm I just don't know why you know I thought a number fourteen and fifteen for leaks by number fourteen. Oh it was the fourteenth covered a number left off at thirteen unfortunate fifteen off most of fourteen is the Toronto media need to write this down and create this list rate of foot and go back to titled number fourteen is that from media. You know buffalo was an eggs was embarrassment that effort speculating right where you get today yet there. Buffalo was an embarrassment during their tank of Toronto celebrated during theirs and number fifteen is that Scotland said that eichel can't carry more Matthew skates. He was right obvious you're of course right because our last Matthews is wearing them in the postseason and he scored last night that in them. Sold very well. Well that things are great. Other than Nat yeah. We got more more tax some more tweets about the number of things to hate number sixteen we didn't get Wilbur. They got over first. And I want to sixteen I hit any else. The great list of whites why it's awful that Toronto is good right now I think we're at sixteen I might you skip one or two. I feel like I I electric only contributed like the top two or three and I had nothing your list was a lot longer than like I could have come up with a very impressed. It's true it's very simple nor need anymore good that the sabres aren't they have Babcock it's really that's all and you know I've met maybe. I would have thrown in and they won the lot number seventeen Brendan Shanahan. Who went from throwing Lou Lamoriello who went from a disregarding head shots in the league headquarters to running a team. Number seventeen the little girl LO US stupid rules about haircuts and en route. Whose time in New Jersey ends up being at the end that's erase the team in the lurch they're toast and he just jumps at our beliefs and they're good. What else. Or is that within 18 or 17 I am number nineteen. Nikita sites have just because just because just because. Connect. I've become that ninety reasons. Ninety recent arrest of its terrible. Number one he I'll take a steel is from a text or number twenty their legalizing marijuana before it's nationwide there begala wanna try getting entire country are gonna have not just Ontario into our culture right number point. Anybody else tactics have been put him in all the reasons that it's terrible. Dave number sixteen for him Georgia's refused to trade at least because of rivalries Montreal and came receiver instead of I forgot about that. Number. 41. Because they ran Phil Kessel uptown freeing hot dogs. Your honor roll number 22 home because nobody hits the fan can get in that building ever 123. They invade our building. Number. Two have a thought or I can't believe you have 23. And and we're gonna get stuff and Twitter just exactly like the 610 by the end of the day I I think I have one for 24 they idolize the dead raccoon in the middle of their city. I'm writing about now you don't know your probably right dead raccoon in the middle of the city yet and a bit of problem with cleaning out their the streets and sidewalks in the city. So there's a dead raccoon and that was there for like hours and people started putting light candles and cards and balloons and external links are for your loss. OK. Fine you do you 1253. Jerseys are the right version of their jerseys. Their pitchers don't think we donors we don't have the right to version of journalism and our and the regular blow elected testament texts or thank you text to make up their their good their blue is their right below yeah. There's challengers here. Tap about a point 501 element that was. That the text of QE a lot of texts. Number 26 because they actually possess the puck and skate and shoot and score as children there chart and there are young guys appear to be learning and they don't it took everything about their room right. They score goals the farm sorry did you throw their fun to watch throwing their fun to watch. All right there it is the list and he'd be long list and he wrote an article about it he shortened the list for the article version unit go to an out. WGR 550 dot com in if you think he messed anything well. Well listen via you know 30551. EEE 550 to 550 and man. I Caroline says we dark out of it. The dark I mean you know I think that it's probably one of the few reasons I'm okay of police in the playoffs right now is because of dark. If we had our own our guy here and be above dark dark guy aren't I today we don't have dark I we have dead spit. Yeah we have we have Dunston like dark IE he's he's there he's a good luck charm right now he's at the game they win in overtime. You know he gets he gets celebrated becomes the game last night. They went over time again they got to write dark eyes are as they can they got to write dark guy go all the way through the playoffs until they lose yes Sophia you're always keep bright and dark guy I know some people out there complaining about his fifteen minutes of fame should be up. Keep right dark including our own Britain while he just hates fun brain it's fun that's lol lol with green it's on there's just no way around you might be lucky that he's probably not. Yeah I definitely Alice and he has shocked. At least that's because for fun. In 0305 if you want EDE 550 to 550 I'm trying to dig into this. And the compare. All the leaves have their roster built in how the sabres are building their rao's term. Going through that process right now hopefully all that done in this in this commercial breaks I can talk about it. If not we've got got more stuff coming up shall Cory he'll be coming on he joined John Murphy today talking about the might jealously situation. We'll talk about Mike mostly as well and also Derek Carr making psalm. Crazy comments be asked me about readers stance is my campus is WGR. Alex islander we brought him up to play he knows he needs a big summer has issued its strength so it's not skill it's not hockey sense it's not how to play the game its strength and that's the easiest thing to fix soul if he puts in the time this summer I expect him to come back and challenge personal position on this team. There is sabres GM Tim Murray he's. Said that last week and you said last week around this time he should be getting. Down to Florida having a meeting with Terry Google he said next week Wednesday is that be tomorrow. So wall will he see if we hear anymore from Ken Murray coming up soon need to make a decision on the coach. Maybe they won't make a decision on the coaching mean never hear anything about the meeting. Who thought the sabres play the sailors have drama in the playoff season mean. Yes to that it's a bit of a reach but I'm taking it and the drama that were not the job you want but it's drama and drama for market can more landmark year on the campus there and score. You know that's a couple and first. I think Iran wanted to try and my beliefs and podcast all loans or we building. At the Chunnel tunnel like lawful order team out each angle nearly an hour. They looked old over at all action. And we strike it sold or awful scorched deeper. Into the Rochester Americans are an older apps. Our legal question about it but that's her decision bottle made. And looked awful had to do next year I appreciate your coaching change that I want to go and and it's heated takeover. I want a bunch of minded approach. And I know players after a lot of it without a plot. Slade Gordon a mural on additional programs. You know Michael Miley and I commercial port. Let it looks to try only let a women in the playoffs because they're letting. Players like a Matthews. And martyr loops there you know oregano hockey I think that's the way to fight this team in the future because. Ronald going to be good for a long time and Utley got to beat it to be built an acre rival to play the same way. Yeah I don't I don't disagree with a lot of accent I'm deathly with you when it comes coach I am looking for her. I feel like this it's outlawed in buffalo when it comes to. Mean that they're at and at a time of coaching changes with hockey team we've recently if you consider collect from the windy off to rolls into. Null into now I am miles month actually changed now. That's a lot of change in the past few years. You know they they were very study for a while when he rough. So it's government really criticism of the sabres and coaching staff media more of the bills. I want some more progressive thinking I don't want someone who is the old school. I guess systems coach which is what everything you care about the Viles is he preaches this system. Over everything else and that he. Ye hear Tim Murray's last week he doesn't connected as players. And it seemed an act of his players more I'm looking for someone that can. The deal more in personal relationships and I know that's not necessarily always the coach's job. But you have to make sure that your players are happy and they're being listened to. And if that's not happening right now I think it's a huge issue with within the locker room and might be part of the I guess kind in between. The older players in the younger players because you've got this this generation our mind there X generation here. Enter your audit 2728 yet our generation and maybe not twenty year olds I think you grow up. Once he hits it's like 23. Days when guys just behind me growing up you know like profoundly may. Yeah like Mike and professionally. Growing up and realizing. That. There's a way to conduct yourself. When you go into your job. And things like that I think there is about actually some people never learn some people certainly everywhere but there's definitely a line you realize like okay. There's a certain way that you're supposed to get the word yep professionally. Yet to act this or that way. And maybe the younger players having quite an area. But when it comes to. Agassi Jack Michael. But I mean Jack Michaels the kind of player that is so talented that he doesn't. Really have to do much more than just stay in shape and brings talent on the ice obviously cast a learned the thinking part of the game. And that's maybe part of the reason why there is now a little bit of a push back against the coach cause. Maybe that's how likely is maybe Michael wants to just show up to the rink and not he's not practicing. And watching practice like it's any of that. Bonds meaning he wants shoved the rink and he has his ideas in his mind a ball the way that he wants to play the game and he might feel bad. The system he's been playing in hundred miles ma has been crushing creativity. Is served them extremely well. Throughout his entire hockey playing life. And it's what he's relied on. And now we come as the average down you've got this guy it's like Heidi you gotta gotta be here you gotta be here you can't you can't do that kind of free roaming stuff. And it's. Crushing his creativity and that's aunts. That's Matt's hockey is one of the more instinctive and reactive sports at the wrist. And the best way for a player to be able to you know you talk about chemistry alive. Part of that is being able to read react based on certain line mates they're tendencies everything like that. Being able read off each other so sometimes systems aren't. The end all be all with hockey it's sometimes just being able play with a certain player and knowing that knowing how they work what they do best and reading off of that. I think it's morals things where you're seeing a guy constantly bashing a system. Into this team's had. That isn't best fit for the team either you're talking about eradicating a stretch passes defense of reads from their zone getting into the break out. When your team's biggest weakness was the blue. Yeah no I agree with that and you've got to be able to adjust to win if what you have been watcher working with. Now think the damn miles who has done a great job of that. I'm not need the change coaching bandwagon personally I think it would. It would send a message that this season. The whack of growth in this season was not good enough. And Tim Murray says that the press conference I'm gonna be the wonderful on the knife sword but every wanna call it. I think. Murray if he has his way usually not gonna be the one to fall on the knife in the sport is gonna end up being down files. Biting Murray's comments that he made last week. I think that if Murray. In his mind he wants to go down there and have a conversation with terrible about what the players have sat and I made this point my ass beat too because it was interesting to know. That's. Tim Murray. He just had this meeting with the players last week. And now and he gets his notebook for notes. And gets all of that together. Insides. Aren't gods of not what my players. And nominee go talk with the owner. And Darren. If I'm still here and if the coach is still here. That I'm gonna come back and have a conversation with our coaching staff. Which I think is really important to know. That to me means he's going down there with some type of agenda I feel the normal processes. You talk with your coaching staff and maybe felt it wasn't necessary to talk witness coaching staff of the talks with them every day he goes on locker room talks and every day. He's always taken around the locker room with a cup of coffee probably. But may need it feels necessary maybe thought he he knew. Most of what he needed to know from his coaches. I just thought it was super interesting that that was the the order of events that he was taking things and talking to the players. Going to meet with the owner while talking with players talking with the media going to meet with the owners and then after that. That's when the coach's comment I just think that order bounces really really interest and. And it did really can be one of those things like you said he could be the sending the message part here that this is not acceptable. And maybe that's what Terry Google says to him is that this was not acceptable. We have to send a message it's time to do that. Next thing you know you have yourself a new head coach and possibly a warning for Tim Murray saying. You put us here now it's your turn to fix it this is one of those things where it again the sabres have this chance really to be. There with the leafs we've seen this team play well against teams throughout this year. But at the same time. The next scene help the team wants step forward two steps back. It was all about consistency with them this year because against playoff teams they actually had a pretty solid record on of the stats in front of me. It was against the non playoff teams in the Eastern Conference at least that they eat really struggled against which points to. The getting offered teams that type thing we heard the complaints all your long as there's a piece up on WGR 550 dot com right now. That's breaking down the average season and a lot of convert complaints with the earmarks as the saying that. They were shot for some games some games players are likable okay Bert. Our top team in this league we can compete with any team in this league night in night out and there's other games were they they feel like they don't even know what they're doing. I think that's a lot of what happened with the sabres this year as well was they could find their game for one game play really well. And now and maybe even string together a few games like that they could not just keep it at the same level. For the entire season. Which. Is that maturity issue. Is that somebody that has to do with the coaching. I think there's a lot of nuance to what went wrong there. And you can also already and I'm not a big fan of the injuries but there were certainly times in the season where the top end talent. Was an out on the ice but they're also times one. I think of the post. Post break the post bye week they pretty much more completely healthy there and still against teams that they should be beating. Worse showing up so I have a lot of problems trying to use the the coaching it earned the injury excuse for for that stretch. Yeah you're talking about Colorado and Arizona two of the worst teams in the league last year not to mention. You know they couldn't find their groove even after that. Even after those losses they still couldn't get it back and that's when it was just dot. What you go ahead and loosen those two teams young players of a playoff team dependent they were still and it may still spiraled down. When they were. After a favorable bye week teams were losing the right teams are losing pay beliefs were losing during thereby during the buffalo bye week. And you couldn't take advantage of that and that's what a playoff team does so yes there's there's a bit of an issue there. When it comes and sometimes you know that's on the coach to bring up the bass and your players. At the end of the day if that's the biggest thing about your coach's job is you have to bring out the best in the players they have to respond to you and if they're not responding to. You got a big problem. Absolutely you know 30551888550. To 550 still working on my yacht comparison team bill comparison with the leafs. And the sabres bring that to you later on. And if your hang out on all hang out there we'll take your calls coming up next you'll Cory coming up soon as well it's the nightcap listen WGR. Are back here on the nightcap Torrey Mitchell scored the game tying goal for the Montreal Canadians so that's continuing the former sabres that are doing well in the NHL playoffs and he was used tray out from the tank team for a reason. Because these two guys right hello ball he's that is good enough. I'll get enough right yeah I mean he is used put no much larger role on the tank team but he's a great four points. And so it's nice goal to the other critical we got to Wayne to tell Wanda doing your in the nightcap there. They could ignite call arm no. I've been coaching I'll go and and seven years actually I coached they're all water or if you mom I'll point there. Yeah addiction under two years. But I heard your fifteen years who's gonna use instincts. On putting has put our hope is that somewhere where where he dealt. With this system is. His best round in so dependent on being able role or all right. And that's pretty well I'm Pittsburgh Atlanta and that hurt you now on a period. And it ain't got what all of that from the bottom. All four lines that Utley doing Alan Ball low it is this trying to find ways that you right patella across all aren't. We probably times where I am going crazy about teen. Indian error for wind after it was you played well our Michael and it just wasn't working and. It's not working now this is why you're gonna lose jobs. He and it he had a good a team that tell you anchor role or line. And would be up it should not that'll work what we have now I mean all that much for I think you diluted gotten as. For me what I like it or not because he coat I call eight Quinn I mean he's coaching a young talent. Oh yeah near decade you know you're about month program would be who we thought would call a national championship. And he had a lot and that he was younger players and Amarillo and getting you know personal relationships with your players go along way. He has a player like you hit it a good chance not a lot plate and I really feel that but. Right now with the young alt rocker and I'll hang up and. Next Elaine appreciate it and I agree with a lot of what you said there they go with what David Quinn I know that's the thing like the hot name come up when you talk about replacements for potentially a damn miles minds like hot name cozy. Work with Michael already. The young kids. Working with the young prospects in developing them. I think that is huge. For this team moving forward. Is gonna keep coming it's not like. The sabres have a lack of draft picks coming this year they don't have as many as they usually have they still have an extra second and an extra third rounder. They still draft picks that are going to be coming up through the system we are talking about cliff Peru. He's gonna be coming up. He got in Georgia last bond. He's gonna be coming out and all of these players who have really successful junior are still going to be coming out. And need to be properly developed and I think that's one of the places where the Maple Leafs. Are absolutely out doing the sabres. And their coach in the minor league Sheldon Keefe has gone and somebody some traction on this show as a potential replacement for him miles because the he's got the same thing he's worked with a lot of young players he's got the progressive all kinds of mines. And you've only like 36 years old so if you want someone who might be able to. You know get something out of young players can become a little bit better a younger guy is probably going to do it I don't think it's necessarily have to be McGee younger guy. I just think it's easier to cross that that's rational obviously. A 4647. Year old damn piles and was gonna connect easier Wednesday. What thirty Brian Brian Gionta 32 year old Josh Georgia's. And he's got the better on the NH army to bash these guys because they bank rate and age dollars and they know it takes to be in this league. So it's just finding a way. If there is that march. Fracture. In the locker room between coach and players in different factions of the team. You need to find a guy come in and be guys listen world as the guy. Zone they're they're camped for actions on this team and you gotta go across that as the coach you gotta be the guy that's. Making those relationships happen because. If it's not working. And you've got the piece that Paul Hamilton put up on WGR fighting. And CNET. The commitment isn't there. And you've got young players mocking Josh George's because he's the guy it's like Ali you work hard billiard not good enough when what's the point. There's got to be away to. Work through all those issues and as a coaching staff. You've got to be in tune with that. And be actively working to solve any issues like that I'm trying to make it seem like coaching staff has to be counselors. For these guys but he does have to be aware of what's going on your locker. Yet not to mention for soft line thanks for the comment. To few for life sentence for me. At the same time what you're saying though Ryan coaches with the development Sheldon Keefe. Chunky brought up guys like Zach timing Connor Browne cast ferry captain and these are three rookies that. Were not taken by the leafs early in the draft high in the draft these are guys that. Captain was traded to use a late first round pick from the anguish he second overall. And then you've got hot and less like a sixth round pick and you've got time in as well use not a day one pick guy now so. These are guys that you know. Through the helpful minor league coaching there is some help they're developing young players and young talent to deal stepped in right away in May make things happen for. I I think another coaching candidate though that you got to be looking at as the halls. Still house Phil Housley is a guy who's been doing a great job developing young talent. He's getting that he's getting things done helping out with the closures happened appeal that Peter Lothian yet. In Nashville. They're doing some great things with younger players that landing you've really heard. For the treads and again this is most things where it if you got a fraction barker I don't know what you do as a coach. It's it's is this is one of those things Regis got to think. If you party got it to where it's too far gone you might as will be going to. In 030551. EEE 550 to 550 will continue entertaining your calls. On the sabres we've also gradual Cory coming up I do wanna hit on Derek Carr and his comments need to raiders fans I think it's. Pretty ridiculous for voice so I'll we'll get to those coming up later on if you're on holding out there will take call we get back from break. It's my captor Kramer ranking it's much partying and out here on WGR.