04/18 Night Cap HR 2

Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Tuesday, April 18th

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Ethnic about how much time he has this then he's coming up with a workbook that. I've never heard the word oops that's that's very creative. On WGR. Can I just loved. Are back in the nightcap. The NHL announcing that. They are going to carry. The expansion draft the lie of along with the NHL awards ceremony. Sell. Outside the awards ceremony. To the expansion draft because you take something that nobody watches the NHL awards ceremony. And tied to something that everybody that's an NHL fan is actually going to watch named. You create some ratings. That's all that's on TV works he would tie those things together and all so densely. Hey check out our war shelved its a big hitter it is a big hitter. But yeah that's at what you said that's how TV works the magic of of ratings and everything like that. That might have been one of the few Smart things like air baton and and the NHL has followed. Like you right there in my accurate there's. Law hello we're on the sabres for a little while there are a move onto the bills and am going to keep talking about this comparison that I do between the two weeks in the sabres. No I'm not gonna work on that tomorrow bring it to tomorrow. Maybe even BVL even do something and toss on the website be really weird thoughts you writing things for them but so yeah now well. Things some change. Suns got changed around here around one to us. Or animal under the bills I guess. The big news of the day if you consider a big news is that Mike Gillis Lee has been offered she did. By the New England Patriots yes the team that stole Chris Hogan's son and eleven. From all the lovely fancier buffalo and B now trying to steal 280 Malik. Touchdown might mean no longer be on the field on Sunday as they offered him two years six point 4000004. Million coming in the first year. It's normal those contracts that it's trying to make it difficult for buffalo. To match. Seoul and there was report out earlier he was Jeff how from the Boston Herald. He reported that its sources were telling him that he does not expect the bills to match. I certainly do not expect the bills to match because then they would be putting an awful lot of money in the running back position. And quite honestly. I think the bills put original tender I'm Mike Gillis Lee in the hopes that maybe some team would offer sheet them. I really believe that I know that might be a little too savvy for some be out there where skeptics of the bills say that the bills are really thinking that far ahead. But I do I just. If the bills bills like okay we'll keep you firfer this price year and if a team. Wants to give you give us excuse me the fifth round pick for your services they wanna they wanna make it hard on us and give us the first round pick. Fifth round pick not first round pick I'd be absurd and awesome the would be awesome if fifth round pick for your services you know we're gonna take it only got six picks in this draft. We as many picks begun to deep draft acts many positions including running back and cornerback. Just I just don't see. I don't see anything to get up in arms over I really don't Gillis we know we had a great season. No had a great season before that Carlos Williams had a great season before that. You've got other running backs on this roster. He Mike Tolbert. He pretty much so he's not gonna be a full back is going to be a running back so there is year. Bowling ball type running back if you want chief of pacer goal line guy certainly know Mike deals because Mike you'll sleep. Is the put us on the ground went forward fast and just hit the holds are secret and just ran you know. They got Jonathan Williams who was a colossal project running back by. He was got those coming off injury. And you know moving forward with they meet in hours again that he might be facing some sort of disciplined for his incident last year over summer. We'll see where that comes down and then maybe they'd take a flyer excellently in the draft if this all didn't they could very well action. And got five days dimension. But I I just do not see that being the case. You said that they have by this matchup but there's another prisoner doesn't think that the bill's gonna match it looks like it's my deals. Arm on his NC Graham account he has some only way I'm looking back. Is to see how far okay. So he says mr. Graham yep. I'll like I think death thing like ilsley considers himself has gone yet he's feces get is gone and you know what I don't blame bills if they don't match. Jonathan Williams was highly regarded. Coming out last year. In a deep running back class. Someone that you know a lot of the bills were applauded for taking got a Jonathan wants even though they had ghostly and Carl Williams. There like this is a true definition of best player available good job bills so weird yet it is one of those things where. Jonathan Williams can be just fine as a running back to Mike told Richard bowling ball goal line situation guy. You have running back depth you don't even know. The people that are angry about this they don't even know that the bill still have running back depth. Also you got Mike he'll sleep off of waivers it's very easy to find running back depth in the National Football League. You get an extra fifth round pick. And then gore hadn't find someone off the streets. Or even take a running back with that freebie peck. Your work you work in house money. Yeah I there was I think Paul pact between the saudis works a lot with you be so. He's a little usual biased. But and in a model now local guy James Starks is out there who could be there there are bunch of guys. Back. And I thought running backs that could come in and fill that all I think if you get a fifth paper from like jealously. You like Mike gill sleaze player do you wanna keep your players around obviously do right by your players. But if if knowing one's willing to give this guy four million dollars in the first season to be one of their their Manny running backs I was taking a walk. At DOS box for Akron before we got obviously got its already. Mike Ellis Lee is tentatively on this last year with Micah asleep they've got five running backs and you heard of a law. Rex Burkhead who they signed just stock on a couple they gave him 3.4. He had a he's he's making and 1000001. You know he's he's got to campus of three point 15 opt. This this coming season Dion Lewis he's still there jeans a white who'd aid just extended for another three seasons as well. Brandon Bolden still there. Number that guy and now mindlessly. So they've just got like a stable of running backs that are just gonna be all. In the office gonna work in a rotation pretty much the James White and Dion Lewis are pretty much used for the same exact kind of running back. They always they just have the same kind of running back up go to all these guys and pretty pretty similar in their in their styles. Yeah. Yet not to mention that this might be one of those things like this offseason from the patriots signing all these running backs this might be one of those things that Tom Brady covers up because Tom Brady. Chris voting last year had very similar stats are inflated pay scale. Might Gilles he's going to have an inflated salary for probably the same statistics based on how many running backs are in the stable. Ought to pass first off that it's. You go ahead and tell me that. They're gonna work might ilsley for four point two million dollars worth of work this season going hadn't talked and I'm gonna call you liar and he. And like anyone tells me now and call him a lie I know you personally won't take you don't believe. I think the oval than I honestly believe that and why India others to fight for the believe I'm I'm innocent of those please put in command of being justified or correct. On a pass first offense knowing on there there's moves that the patriots make. That still aren't Smart moves sometimes they are literally control other teams to take talent away from other teams addition by subtraction. For the patriots when it comes to taking something away from the bills for example or. Furthermore something or maybe they sometimes just don't think they traded for Jonathan Cooper. That was a real think they treated Gemma Jones for Jonathan Cooper. And you couldn't tell me that all bill Belichick's genius for every move he makes this could go on. Know I'll think he's a genius for every move that he makes but he's a genius because. It's not every move but he figures are way too to make the roster work. No matter what that's part of his genius when I go to Joseph core ears all Corey was on with John Murphy show earlier today talks about the guilty situation and some other stuff going around the league. Shall Corey John Murphy Dow Jones right here. Joining us. On the subway for a state hotline to talk a little bit more about. NFL business we're happy to have former agent now CBS sports dot com commentator Joseph Coram alignment is Joseph thank you very much for joining us. John Murphy and Donald Jones reprieve she hated. We just you know weren't adjusting to the news of a might feel asleep signed to an offer sheet by the knowing the patriots still. What do you think of this deal and what do you think the patriots have in mind here to make the move like this. He means but I would care Bullock found people don't you resign. It bill don't match the offer sheet. And I got to wonder what's going out the bills and their offers each accused. The media only eighteen which really has consistently. Whether Kahne extending offers to restricted free agents seems like calm their traction when respect is Pete beat bill Belichick's treasure. Chris told him last year. This year you'll at least so I don't know what's going on there they need to do a better job properly evaluating. The tenders for their restricted free agent. Plus they undervalued senior under valuing their trash or maybe they just. I don't know what he's saying they under valuing these players that they're there. Aren't there and make a mistake on the Penders has hit the second round tender feeling wanna keep the guy could nobody gives the second round pick porn or restricted free agent had happened in several years if you have a low. Picked a third date picked or just matching rights that's an invitation fourteen to take your. And that's three off receipts in two years for building restricted free agents something's wrong. Until you know he Rappaport has reported that the patriots structured the might do mostly due to make it tough for the bills to match so do you call how. They are structured the decrease holding deal from last year and how can they make it difficult for the bills to match. Unreality that open guy where they're matching rights that that's what you guys did to get Charles collect from Miami is a transition guy you. Had a balloon payment in the second year Soviet. They wouldn't be matched. In would you like Chris Hogan supposed to make about one point seven last year and he was gonna make five point five in the first year offer sheet. He's not match at the. So he added you do you have by design to to Kuwait any real poison pills with the offer sheet so you have to brought load them. Or the a lot of guaranteed money in the air to reduce. Discourage teens from matching the offer. It dole let tell me what you think the the jealously offer sheet signing by the patriots. Does mean to the Garret blunt Eads said it means by biting him but that's been an interesting dance those two sides have been going through for the last. A couple of weeks now become just tell me what your analysis of that country dance that. Yeah he's gonna. They got to pay him 64 over two years are not final year bonds blunt after getting re expert or about three million. I don't want he better start. Com the Green Bay Packers. Two senior running back and you really you won't find a job before. The draft because it's in deep you're in the draft and once people start drafting back. Please don't change their opinion on your team needs and you may have a long wait. To get a job you know he was NFL in rushing touchdowns and eighteen and had over 100 rushing yards last year. How far apart were they know the the patriots in the Garrett blunt. Patriots play our bodies that will put you in settlement a couple of years ago he can generate any real interest in free agency. That's why he came back on it you'll averaging four point five million a year want played last year made one point seven concerns when your dealer million. So they had no incentive to go out and really. Give him some sort of huge offer maybe they would have suggested that someone forced it. But knowing that it was a soft market last year for him knowing that markets are generally for debt. They were gonna put anything out there and did he was gonna take immediately they're gonna make to work or another team was gonna have to force their hand. So when you see the patriots making all of all of the moves that they made in this offseason big contracts and things that you don't typically see from the patriots. During the free agency period what does that say to you about that's I guess their window that window when. They're loading up for Tom Brady's last couple years other times they catch it can market and everybody else I don't know when it's gonna be he says he can play 67 years. I'm very skeptical of that but I still think Bill Belichick explained checkers chess where about who else was playing checkers. Some of the moves he's made what I really what is the news once Brandon cooks. Option years do they finally pay a wide receiver the only latins here they've really never paid at a high level was ready mock. And speed in no way receive religious. Made him and go to the pay cut. Owe us an annual occurrence but that's like a rite of passage to. He sided dealer placed Wes Welker at six million a year that you be chopped that thing down to one side. You give me another million aptitude and turn back in incentives so but I was surprised it took Google. I'm Lima Joseph Corey former sports agent writes about NFL contracts in cap issues for CBS sports dot com. Tola who it who is we approach the draft. Which teams do you think it made the the most shrewd moves in free agency and not just who they sign but they've let go they've moved down from over the last 63 weeks or so. I think I was rooting interest being. Green Bay didn't really make a huge effort to resigning eighty lately seat when that was a problem last year. When he got hurt is Tyrone Montgomery. Converter from wide receiver to running back. I am I lights Jacksonville's. Moves in free agency in Guinea deeply into it Campbell we'll let you could probably translates in to win. Is there active in free agency every year but they always. He Depp having a top five pick in the draft that's really all I'm Blake portal shirt like the raiders going out didn't jeered cook. When he may have priced himself out of Green Bay who got Martellus Bennett did the best tight end available I like those. On the I would Joseph Corey former sports agent and out of recent post at CBS sports downtown jewel now approaching the draft. There is a track record that you point out about their recent draft history and first round quarterbacks I guess we all kind of intuitively knew this but. You've looked at what the last nine drafts and found that first round. Successful first round graphics recorded Becker are what less than 5050 proposition. Did it is is not Parikh is king's rule reached for quarterbacks just like they overpay for veteran quarterbacks there. Our work electric brought out while it might Lenin pol that category. If you've got a legitimate potential franchise quarterback. In the draft everything came and if you need a quarterback begin position to take him. If there's one not available like it appears to be this year. Don't reaching take one like it yet it's expected to act if you can take one of these guys take them late in the first round. Or wait till next year wind crop could be better will stand on moral and Josh Rosen potentially in LA school quarterbacks. Or I try to pride AJ McCarron oh wait that being able instant or second round pitch. Until now we do with the new CBA. These could these guys they get drafted in the first round don't make obviously like nearly as much money as they used to me back when let's just say Sam Bradford was drafted. I'm so when teams are reaching now in drafting these guys. You know how far back does it set the TI mean it's not that much money. Are you not panic at the top a top Arctic. Why do Andrew looker Cam Newton did you know the old system that was yielded an error in sixteen million a year so deep pockets seven million years the top of the draft. For quarterback which is the best value to these cute. I'm an only applies like that top 56 picks the spread not that different from everywhere else in the draft but if you get on a quarterback in that. A picnic you can use. Used to shall another position. And you don't go out try to find a quarterback instead and he could have a quarterback lead nowhere for the most part so it. Can really such a franchise back several years. And when you don't have a court wreck you're inclined to reach in the first round are you Jules I mean you you said. You know your invites a minute ago was if you nobody in this strip might stack up to be at. Project isn't as a good successful medical Corbett wait until next year. It's hard for teams to wait and and not take a flyer on a quarterback isn't it in the if they don't have one. Yes it is hard but I think you need to exercise a little patience with the position. Even though it's hard enough to win or when you have a quarterback consistently. And if so much harder you don't one boy it's better to be patient and to invest money on the wrong gap I don't know how he used to and. Found a way to mediate. Cleveland to take brought out laughter and nobody is not a commonality and unique basketball tightened. Here want to ship picked picked a guaranteed money that and it's stands out. But it. The moral of the story has always been you have a quarterback you're desperate you're winning you. Don't make the most rational. When your net position. And all that being said in your post that agents take on CBS sports factor I'm. He said it's from all accounts is probably gonna be what four quarterbacks chosen in the first round next week. I'd take at least three. Mitchell can be risky. John Watson Patrick my own definitely. Oh probably do when the first round animals eat the back in the first round of speed as well from California. Or this young guys are from Notre Dame sneak in the first round. But if it's not it's not a great quarterback a year as an average two point six per year past ten years. Don't take four in the first round is not a good year to year likely into a more like 2011. Cam was obvious no brainer number one. Which he had gotten like Jake Locker rooms the adult league for a couple shares Blaine Gabbert. And Christian Ponder who haven't really turned out its own terms starters its first round pay extra. Or you guys kind of reached for a guy in EJ Manuel. Got exactly what I'm talking about in terms of the pick quarterback hired in Asia. It's also when you look back over the it. News. I guess 89 years that you did in your in your posts. Which one was the worst dressed and let's take did the 2013 draft out just because you did meals with only wanna go in the first round. To go 2007. When he had JaMarcus Russell. And Brady Quinn can that Oprah to enter markets went number one and he was one of the reasons she got rid of the old Ricky system and you put it in the rookie wage scale which depresses. Salaries the top of the draft and he made a little over 39 point five million dollars over the three years. Where he was busted open one of the biggest draft bust in history so for JaMarcus Russell and I'm gonna go it 2007. Let's question for you to all we get back to the jealously deal and you know with the patriots of those numbers are correct six point four million over two years four million up front is now pointed out it's described as a deal difficult to match. What would it be Smart for the bill to attempt to match that a deal that knowing that was put on the table for my ghostly. Not that. That should this sale if you really want to keep you should put the second round tender on after two point 746 million instead though low tender for one point. 797. Notice about a million dollars difference. But he is a guy you really wanted to keep for the 2017. Season that was the route to go. Hey Joseph thanks for this repurchase. They're still corps read. The John Murphy shall we take a break right now is gonna get right brake on pretty early here anyway so you two break when we come back. Talk about their cars comments about the lovely people of Oakland. Raiders fans in general. So come back to next year goes and I kept Eric. Not car there cream over there and that was used their car because he'd be in buffalo and potentially cornerback future yeah I would chose their card to you definitely shored there are saved the broken leg. I I think you take eat I saw you you build a broke into it. Opera but yeah you. You log. That's true he's walking and yet he's gonna play football again it's fine now so yeah I do it shows their car you assured there are much part in the boards gates you know here's nightcap on WGR. This is about balancing gulf and that's not a cop out of an answer that's the truth then this is about making sound decisions for the Buffalo Bills organization and our fan base knowing now in the near future but in the long term as well so I'm gonna be responsible Doug nine in making the right decisions at the right time and that means the right player at the right spot. There's McDermott and his head coach of the bills that you know that's. I'm sure he did go. For some reason you. I'm over here on this computer. Usually bulldogs sincere our exits in this seat. And you know audio opening Newt I mean you can go like all of the things normally quicker and could come to come tap. The only you know let's Green Zone it's likely that if for some reason I don't know why the NHL dot com tab goes to law. The first day of the season. And I'm looking at the Austin Matthew's game scored four goals in you know one game first for the season began that they lost yet again they lost the senators four yes because I opened up this page and all of a sudden I'm looking at the top streaks I want to see the Pittsburgh score. And for some reason why is this wise is telling me that Saint Louis beat Chicago tonight fight to. And doesn't make any sense knew what the hell's going on them all Austin at the scores four goals Maple Leafs lose. Number that time guys that's on the Jack Michael. Injured his ankle a date for the season and the day of the season opens Austin Matthews scored four goals and and technical became forgotten by most of national media Aaron. I'm and a you do and we arm here. And right now thank you look at the NHL games readers up to 21. I'm the Montreal comedians that score so it's Pittsburgh. Yet Pittsburgh is currently not on the scoreboard and score. Meld their announced corporate Columbus has two or they get to nothing Blue Jackets looking to avoid the sweep. And I'd quite frankly I don't care which way that goes. I mean the Blue Jackets have dominated every first period of that season or series so we'll see what happens in the final two periods of that game because it looks like it pretty similar tale. Now anyway is Derek curry and I don't I would hope that people listening to me know that the Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. And Derek are today he EP sent some things just in general there was different. Players talking to the media all the players talking about just how weird it's going to be and Derek Karr had this to say. Quo where our greatest sport up like you've seen other cities do. We're not going to do things like that for the ones that do I don't really believe that they're true raiders fans. I feel there hurts I'm what do you I hurt too at the same time all in this together and we're just going to do it. I get it like. The sentiment of what he's trying to say. Is that like he needs for these next two years you know I go in the injured I need your guys' support. But it's. Derek when it comes down to not use their their car mr. Karr when it comes down to it. You're gonna move to Las Vegas and your owner is gonna make more money. And you're gonna get paid a huge contract because your franchise quarterback. And then all of those little people you're like oh I don't think. He these raider fans are true raider fans if they don't stick with the team when they move. There's going to be hanging out and Oakland just doing the same thing they ever did except going to. Raiders games on Sundays for a team that they've followed for years and only the raiders you know. Went from Oakland to Los Angeles to Oakland and in the future to. Las Vegas. But it's just such a little bad about her way to say what he was trying to say there like I know what you guys are hurting. I know all that's. We're moving. But idea for these couple years. And aged guys there for me and age guys in there screaming your hands off. But he's worried that the with the stadium situation in Oakland it's gonna be a clean environment. And he's not gonna get the crowds that. He should expect. I'm an Oakland fans. On those games. It's it's it's a lame duck situation where. It's it's an awkward phase three so awkward for them for the next few years secede. You know hey do we go out and support this team the one thing that makes you think maybe Ali yes for that is. Oakland does have a chance to represent the AFC in the super. They have a legitimate shot at it yet a few things they do meet Carter be hot against New England obviously. They've pretty good chance plus the closest team is that sift Cisco 49ers now and that's and Ellis Island nobody wants us. So. But if you kept out the the troop in common yet the handicapped so if you thought you sounded so much better he kept that. Part out. I don't really believe that their true raider fans. Like Derek Carr is the judge and jury and what is trophy and I'm not a good I think of okay the the Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns left to go to Baltimore. You think the Cleveland brown fans were beaten navy maybe they support Baltimore for a little bit. I doubt it I know I just think. And be likely never had to face the situation of the bills moving but the bills vote. I was not supporting the Alley bills or that term Ronald bills ultimately be supporting their team doesn't really create. I'm gonna find the I guess it's a little bit of a different situation the raiders haven't necessarily been winning franchise but. They're a team that made the playoffs for the first on long time and they got franchise quarterback now. I might be a little more willing to stick with that team and the bills team potentially would have moved but just imagine if your bills. You must people listening to the station probably are but imagine being a bill stand the bills finally. Get get it. And that and it's like the I'll remove Ella JK no word of god go to a to a place that's offering us more money than you guys would ever offer expert stadium Cecile later. That's all there is to live like if you guys would have offered us more money we could have stuck around with you guys even those who supported us for. 1213. Terrible seasons where we were never any gut it. You guys continue to support us but and we got off all the money. But you guys are true raider fan if you don't fall on. You guys archery or fancy just stuck with us when we were terrible and drafted JaMarcus Russell first overall. USC guys kept buying tickets and not true raider fans not sure raider fans of the dark side renew your season tickets for the final two seasons. Just so asserted that tried to walk it back a little bit. He went on to on Twitter. You know the place or people go when they make stupid comments do while yes of course I mean you go on Twitter to make stupid comments yeah as well. Just in case I was misunderstood. I love all raider fans wherever there for a home we are in this together always. Urged greater nation. You know if you said that instead of the original remarks there then he'd be like stop pre. Yeah it is the EU had to throw the word true. True raider fan in there and that's where that's where you just lose. People whom probably half of your fans that we're going to show up in the first place people have been paying money to. Go to raiders' games for a long time you're gonna sit there. I hate using the money argument because it's something I don't usually do. You're never gonna understand. As any NFL quarterback. I know he's not making huge money right now because he was second round pick and still pretty good money. Actually he's got a unique franchise quarterback tight money. You don't understand the investment that it is for these fans to go out there and spend the money for tickets. Parking. Concessions. Memorabilia merchandise. We get an ambassador for these people on the people invest their money in it because they truly love the team they love the community atmosphere that it provides. And you're gonna go up there be like on the and a IE they were never true raider fans. Just me you could have sent it worse because Chernoff senate. Worse it's beyond hurtful for fans that would you set upon the time in the money. Money is one thing times another. Time you never get back time you get it back you can make that money you don't get back time especially with terrible raiders teams that attracted Darrius Heyward-Bey over. The likes of Maclin and Crabtree. Off yes never forget. It's those things are yet you followed that franchise where you go paper tape of the jokes ever had to pick out the fastest forty time where the raiders. The jokes for so easy for that and that's coming from bill stance. Yeah the raiders were terribly. Tell her believe. Abysmal at their draft record for so long up until. 2014. Yet when they got car. The and that's just. And true raider fans a week you go from franchise savior and everyone loves you would to now saying those remarks and people are probably doing it in your home stadium. You're you're already like these these fans are already. So hurt by the move. Make there was no really great protestor anything from Oakland fans because that and just felt so inevitable. There was no stopping. And then you've got the the corner backward. You're Oakland Raiders fan just imagine the type of adulation that there congregate here if he had a season and he just had. And Denny comes out and says those remarks it's just essentially kicks and yet it's it's your already were punched in the gut. Maybe it took one in the job to and they just got kicked in the Nance to. And it and there are cars paired saying you're not true fan with some god connects to it's just. I'd say it rough comments the comments kicked. Rough life rough rough life in a 30551888550. To 552. Final spots last call coming up on the my captor Kremer ranking it's much party this WGR. All right only like ninety seconds here collapsed on the nightcap coming up tomorrow. Darryl Strawberry and beyond push open the Bulldog he's got it. A citing coming up at David Adams you can check outs and a pirate Burke all day long time. And I'll be writer east came out books so it's going to be a baseball centric show on show gambled on and as always I have no idea what's going on on the morning show. Well I mean hey I'd say a probably talk and people. Now Jeremy is probably an in out about. Jamie is probably going to be mad about the leafs it's very valid analysis and talking to people it's it's not a do here I imagine people imagine that. You're gonna probably be plan backed that's Darryl Strawberry for tomorrow's like up. Probably. That's probably guess that the statement. By Gary can use human releasing solemn some drafts yes and lead your website let's what's the latest latest it to collapse after we've got mom. You smiled and knocked totally daughter assault. Oh I like courtesy and it will come out of guide your face attitude you're freaked out by good. Beauty that you created you you hear your own voice you know it's not so. You know like Pete sometime people here they're out RE LE a mocked opium. Yet we got October PS up a pot unique period and myself and so far I remain unchanged with the bills taking Mike Williams at pick number time like Williams I think Mike Williams is wide receiver one. Kind of material stepped in right away making instant impact for. No I like about Mike Williams. He's big. He's figured he's big and he goes up and he gets the football and he makes plays on the football Waltz in the year and naturally he's nationally hype morning and that's a skill that you know can't really teach. All right cool keep an eye out for more mocks them for you by the whale. Friday is probably the next block or over the weekend it's I know that. You know insider's scoop I have to habits and it is Al by the end of the week. It's like chill and then of course the final edition of the roundtable mock will be. The 9 morning of the draft and draft so you you guys yes guy whose whose pockets of the past you know what that song I'm gonna have to bring up now. I figured Asia the action puts them and maybe maybe not necessarily mean they should be steaks on the mock. The media ate sandwiches like real stakes in each collage he buys stakes you grow them. And whoever as the worst mock cast. Growth states are must. Hello all we got its. NASCAR live coming up next. And I'll be back to win. He'll be let's talk more NATO playoffs. Draft. Strapped canceled talk about the draft it's her or called and participating texting tweeting. Has been fun here stay woke money. The years two years whenever. Right gates signed up on WG arsenic ma.