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John Murphy she. The back of the show John Murphy and Donald Jones from one buffalo studio my daddy in the audience whether it's. On the radio and WG RR and joining us in studio the new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills coach Rick Dennison coach thanks for much about it thanks for having me trying to get a chance to me talk you better. A couple of months you've been busy for couple months yes triggered do a lot of things in evaluate talent first awful was what was here looking at freeagent. I received a drafted to play it we're together now work with colors how was it initial evaluation of the talent here I'm not good for grades but did you feel like you came into it. A pretty good situation in terms of profits yes I mean you know tell all across you know obviously. Polish on a very good player very good player I've had tyra before Baltimore. You know follow when it's really good players so we felt good about. The players that we had coming in just had to supplement and and try and blend everything together when you're evaluating these guys I was somewhat coy you know I mean everybody knows that some ointment do you still say an ABC. What display has Nolan law yet you certainly I'll always wanted to do that and and and how receptive as it is too coaching you know. And he's finger there all bring great everybody's eager to learn. Well wind do the right things so that's that's all part of it that's where we go through the different phase one phase two. The offseason. As it also liked Kate this is this players decide the way he's he can play in this scheme but maybe that it is much. Well I I think there's a blend in with the coaches from all over the league you know we all there was only two of us they came from Denver and there's. You know I've or coach was one other want and I know what he he knows of fraud you know and but we tried to blend a little bit of everything in and certainly. Not disregarding what kind talent you know we know we got a terrible weekend we combine to make it all work in and come up with the 2017 Buffalo Bills. With Rick Dennison the bills' offensive coordinator you coach and every played in Denver right now he appears for the Broncos yup he played linebacker. But how does a linebacker become an office. Well I was a college in college over an office supplier and position I was waters securitize them. While most of blocker it was intentional at all Alaska. But my transition to defense. It was a former coach was and a pianist count actually for your Buffalo Bills and and they come and try out as a lime. Charley Armey OK sure this and up you know we literally used you know one point time. He had me come out here we've backward and and wanna date myself but it. A long time ago and it was a rough transition from. From being receiver to a linebacker but it's been a few years trying and finally made it. Played a few years nine years in the NFL. Got out started doing some things and missed the game started coaching and teaching in small prep school in Connecticut. And then when Mike Shanahan took the job it the job Denver. Gary Kubiak we're teammates and and friends. He called me up said you know common thing try coaching in Munich quality control offense. Which is breaking down defense so that's how I started. Worked my way out and its and special teams which I really enjoyed it a lot of special teams and played and then I start work with the offensive line and learning in that system. Leave we were talking about a 12 X scores before we came on air and for me I've always been like I can look at certain players certain Gaza thoughtfully with. And I'm like Wendy's and vehicles like you can just a you just tell how Smart he is how quickly he can pick up a new system whatever you look at guys the same way that you coast. Yeah I think the guys that. Just like you said help pick it up but but but how fast they like. The concept sink in this mine you know it's not so much. Memorization to this concept that the easier way to play in my mind you know and that's that's kind of where I learned but that's I was an engineer. In school that's where I'll learn you know wasn't. Biology wasn't my deal had to understand what was going on in north couldn't memorize things so. You're right in some regards you know you concede that the guys that are that are really detailed and their technique goes of the guys have become really code thing. When you're quality control coach are you also. In the back your mind playing the role of the coordinator position coach Jimmy do you remember back then. Yeah we hear you're always trying to pick up any options in for me I was always trying to get a piece to coach you know that's that's which he started to do you didn't really have position. So I'd I'd steal some time in coach and special teams Richard Smith was a special teams coach and he he allowed me to take you know part of a line. In part of the Frontline in kickoff return and start coach and work and that but always trying to understand you know why were run on certain things you know on offense for. Why defense is trying to do certain things you're trying to find those angles. In. Use that men and hopefully your memorable Smith you know and and use in future future terms always feel like if you're not learning something new. I don't know loses in not grown to this day I mean I learned from. Players most of time in angels look like coaches clinics in him and now I I have not most of time mum on talk some of these coaches on staff is is it it's a great resource now because things that you'll come from different places and I've done different things. You know there's there's more. More ways to win and just the way you know and players all have always been great resource how do you see this play in what makes sense to you more. You know in your great insight from them. But there's still things in his game and of the game changes that involves a distill things sometimes that you see on tape and it's like you know clinical acts the defense of line close. Or what advantages do sure we gonna do all the time you know you're trying get a good exchange. And then again from defensive players DeMarcus Ware was really good about that in general last couple years she'd say you know. When I see this this is what I'm thinking when I see this this is so we help us with little bit to trade fair bit. You know it coaches have always been you know straightforward you know this is what we're trying to do we've seen this. But Jacksonville's offensive coordinator in studio whether you mention. Shanahan and in Gary Kubiak anybody any coaches that you think you learn the most from our great deal from over the course of your lower. You see Alex Gibbs he he's one between me and an offensive line and and play and work in his own teams so. Yeah that was a clinic every day so we've starter remembering Ian and and at night very late especially in training camp. But I think I learned a little bit from everybody and mean Joseph collier was my defense of coordinator when I've played it I told him one time I learned a lot from him recently coach office. It's it's. How he presented the material you know just just how we dealt with meetings in and certainly linebacker coaches are when I've had. Each one of those you try to draw a little bit from you know not just the material you're doing but how they how they present an amateur. Taught to respect coach here for companies that you know way way back. I'm Rick Dennison is what this tell us a little bit about them these three days of OT exit just wrapped up what was your goal going in and how did you do you feel you came through with it. Well our goal is is too to keep working our techniques and still teach in our content and I'm not worried about. You know. Just trying to get everything in so they can understand what we're trying to get so that in future and our goal was to teach them all the concepts of all the verbiage what everything means. And then we draw from that during the season so there's a lot of information. It's our goal was to get as much as we camp in them in their heads and get him to operate on on the field and I think we did. You know we're we're not where we need to be there's some techniques and there's some doubt you know so. Details that we need to get better but we will I mean it's just repetition and by the time you get to training camp I mean you know basically iron. Yes and that we would with the veterans right now they've. They've heard like the three weeks between two days of installation they've heard the first three days three times now. So in training camp will be their fourth the rookies we have to catch up in west catch up but will. We'll hit the second half of the install this will be the second hand me paper it is so we get to training camp will be the third time. And you know little sinking and hopefully if if we do their job coaching. Three years ago you were quarterbacks coach of Baltimore had Tyrod Taylor in the quarterback room then what you see from Tyrod now. Compared to where he was three years ago. Well I mean he's played a lot of football you know he's been successful but I'd I saw that I thought. That he had a good chance to be very good player in the NFL just just watching him work is his ethic is his humble we will leave it means a lot to him. You know he was Joe's back up but the two of them together Delilah a really good things you know they they talked outlook for Russians weren't how to get it done and and watched a lot of film together and I see him. You know continuing to watch film on his own meat you know he thinks about football when he's away from the building. Are there things you feel like you know parent can improve his game every player and media and I've talked to a you know I I don't I don't know. Need degrade the system and what they were coaching him but as to any sacks last year when you know he can avoid a sack but he doesn't need to. Make huge place you use these to knuckle backwards so you know second intend may not be as good as second in two but it's better than. Second and fifteen you know so he is just gonna have a sense of operation which he does and now listen to his feet we'll teach and timing and we'll get him. We'll get him to operate move the ball down field. An incredible athletic ability and the ability to sometimes make big plays from his feet did just detect that he maybe relies on that. Yes sometimes I mean and that's what we have him a ball poll were were convince them look you're you're just to talented. All on the ball as you are on and so trust pressurized not just your feet and in. He turned a corner when we worm an awful lot thought he did a good job and we'll get him in the system he really. I think he's really really wants to do well obviously. And I think he's got just a great deal town promised he'd detect last year and does not mean they went through a lot of different receivers. And just not trusting the guys out there too I really can't you know saying about that I know they had a lot of guys out there but. You know will get fourteen healthy and you know. Have some competition around and give to Vasquez that we'll have a good level and every this our trust what he sees Korea he's he's starting to and you know you know but. Even then the first you know just yesterday we ran a concept for the first time in the probably took too long stare in the concept down now he sees that he's he's tape all right I gotta get off of that in this state the defense gives me which. If he security guys that now you get that next time he gets you'll be fine. Did you go through film from last year meanest totally different scheme but he knows I'm I've we only went through the film just to buy with the talent disregarding any kind of scheme and you know because they did their deal so we're just look to see. What we have now we can adjust and in how we can blend their talent and our system together and now we're just start from scratch. There's a lot of attention to me the bills have led the league in rushing the last two years but. The passing attack is not been up near the anywhere near the top of the leak how much do you which try to achieve balance or is it just. Let's just win this week in the numbers. Are you always try to have balance I mean certainly a run the ball well here. And we have talent up front we have really good running backs will. We'll do that you know will will complement it with just on the field you know we'll do everything we need to underneath and and to figure out ways to move the ball and and make or first downs like ball possession I think that's an important part of an offense keep your defense from the asylum move the ball. You know. Richard related on the field disease that please sir you know. A lot of first downs if you're if you're on the field the defense isn't you know they they don't have time making these points for yards. When you think back to you linebacker days was Meeks an offense. Difficult to defend well. Getting multiple looks mean. Certainly I like use a lot of different person files but it. And you can teaches the same system on the same scheme of a lot of different personnel to be three ties and three wide outs that you still run in the same. Feel so they they hear the same concept. But to give multiple looks to a defense so they can't figure out what's going on. Everything's got to look the same raw and play action pass that should look the same to a defense that was the what. What I used to think was the hardest you know you're stepping up and he should be run back. Now when you look at this team you can put three wide receivers out there on the field do you feel like you and and run a certain place. You feel like you can do that with you know two tight ends on the field and have like let's just say a Charles clay out in the slot or out wise. Use him a little bit differently that's what we're gonna work for you know where or just had a third day in that we have a lot of competition on the team and we'll see who you know who steps up that's the big part you know we're. Guys may complain that told the CO the day guys that make plays will deserve play time so you know you start making plays and that's all on. On us preacher and right spot and make some plays and we'll pitcher on the field. You've been coaching mostly for what 2324 years now and stepped down back after a with some experienced guys we talk about Shanahan and Kubiak what makes you wanna come up here and work for approach your head coach on. Well. After I was let go in Denver he called me. And so it's come up for an interview so I came out I've known less for awhile I work with wants I've known him for a long time. Sat down talked to we talked about football what how to win football games just general concept so we're looked a little bit it taped together. Of some offense and molded around the to a smaller and I enjoyed the conversation that I really. I really believe when he's trying to do on talk and want talk in the lastly. Talking in my family you know was this something we want you would it was shot must have felt really good about so. We are great to have your coach Knight by your city to. That's what I do on the development act early and you know and a film solidified yet.