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Howard and Jeremy
Friday, May 19th

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Our AT&T hotline is the new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills for Dennis and witnessed here. On WGR Rick it's Howard in Jeremy Goode should welcome the shout. Good morning thank you very much for having me this might be the earliest we've ever had a coat on that is this in the normal time for you to be awake. Yeah I've been away probe of the Nazi Europe early riser generally are of course you do those 4:30 AM workouts with coach McDermott. I well I've seen him in there a couple of times about consider what consistent towards thirty I just wake up this so. Whatever it took me to throw a couple earlier received. I think I gave you credit release walking near the weights at 5 o'clock in the last 530 I think that's that counts for something. Very good competent warning that. Rick obviously getting a lot of fans wanna hear about your offensive philosophy and what your plans are here but I think they're also wanna talk. Up or when I hear you talk about Tyrod so let's start there since you have some prior experience with him for a brief time in. In Baltimore. Hum let's start there first before I again jump dispute with what you see here with buffalo. When you're with the ravens grit that he took like maybe half a dozen snaps in the regular season Flacco was the guy what do you remember in terms of Tyrod from practice from from quarterback rooms from from wraps whatever you saw him back then. Well absolutely just killed athletes that they would agree on the figured out about he can run to do all the things. Effective at one point in time on DB coach wanted to play quarter we were recovered McCord these. How does that way but these he's he's a good Torre got a good arm. Boozer on obviously you'll but the biggest thing is he works that he knows. He knows what to do any work really hard you duo had a great relationship they studied they worked practice. All the individual stuff but meant something to make treatment techniques together it seems prepared to play as a starter. You know with Joseph writes there's so. In the same thing is true now is his work ethic has been tremendous. Put a lot of hours it. He studies tape on zone. And he's really trying to get to. Where he needs to get to the room off. You mentioned the same thing about the work ethic. When you see him now whether it's you know of the rap she had with him Greta that's that has it been a lot to this point may be looking back it is tape the last two years. What kind of differences or what improvements do you see from Tyrod and Baltimore in 2014 to Tyrod here. Well crap I you know I don't see. I really wasn't playing and then I'm just trying to get it from want from point a to point B at this point time you know. I always studying a lot of tells one what we have a Baltimore and you knew we had to choose to be really good player in the NFL and I'm just looking forward to working with right now. Did you go back and watch his games from the last couple years in preparation. The only the only thing that we did was just try to evaluate the council's. I watched. Basically just what you do it by startled by a couple of things I don't know what he was coach that'll really wanna know what you coached. The biggest thing is he's gonna give the ball you can ball while in the world retirement met fashion. They would he went out to me times sacks for. His skill level of what they have so. That was the biggest discussions you know. Scheme taken out of it he's got to understand how little time time clock Kidd and he will he understands. What I am asking him do what we're gonna ask you would do more profits and any of it all out. Truce distribute to the right person. Is the timing not only about avoiding sacks but also about getting it but will the receivers in this often have specific windows at the play will be designed to go somewhere and has to come out on. You know his fifth step or else he's putting his receiver and a bad spot. Cracked piece he he'll carve it up put his feet so. You know without getting too much into it you'll it'll all be carved up with a CC to tell when the ball sports speak on it. And who's who do go right with the work that. And that's coach double Ricky Q can definitely do that with a quarterback user. What what it how much responsibility. And or freedom will tire on having your offense what would you trust your quarterback to do. Well don't get it in the right place. In certain situations. We'll trust you with the ball so. We we we don't. We will ask the quarterback to do a great deal of tour scrimmage selective aggression will take them to the right. Or his read we'll take you to take the ball to the right person. Excellent change very many things but there are some. Some businesses particularly in the run game to give us the right play it. And you know were there but he'll have the freedom two. To make plays. Rick Dennison with a spills offensive coordinator on the AT&T hotline. In in terms of Tyrod. And your philosophy on offense you inherit LeSean McCoy you you inherit what has been a very good run game the last couple of years so is it still. A they run first offense if you could kind of I knew you mentioned balance yesterday's as any coach would like to have balance on offense but you believe it's still. Hey I've got a really good running game and that's going to be the strength of this offense. Or certain certainly would as human solution and the guys up front I think there was talented group book slot and then. We do play in the east the northeast if it's going to be cold it's going to be. Sloppy at some point in time. Appears you have to feel vulnerable well. I trust that we will. We talked about that a bunch in the first hour that mean we've heard that a lot around here the jet to be able to run the ball well bill's teams generally have. If it when you look back to your career or do you have a like silica first law what you love to pass it. But sometimes need to be in a little bit careful or do you loath to run up a sometimes need to be. I don't know where it all away or to have to take shots to be more aggressive if you're looking at the offense. You know if you had your way is there any one way you do more in the other. Well I started as quality control of office were to specialties movement next Joe's office like was so. You talk a little like ethnic groups that run the ball. They'd rather control it but. What they're all up there yet revealed to to cash custom field. When you come when you design an offense Rick do you I mean are you coming in saying here's what I'd like to do offensively. Let's get it done. Or whether it's Denver or Houston or wherever your big whoever you've been now buffalo. How much do you look at who my players are maybe Mike quarterback is when you're designing what you like an offense today. No I think that's a bland I think you. Based what you wanna do based on your experience that you also have to use which you have so I think there's a bland there I think there's enough. Experience with the staff we all got together you know we've worked at some yogurt together in January. You know what if you what does this look like. You know asking for everybody's input is. Really look at what we have and we kind of blended all that and cable for the playbook. What do you think you have when you look at your receivers you have. Sammy lock into that counted player hopefully he can stay healthy. But there's a lot of question marks after him on the depth charts are when you look at your we know we you know which have a LeSean McCoy what do you think you have in the receiver group. Well you know just think six and he's very talented group who are really good player. We've got to get him healthy so we get about period. He's doing all he can't you know be sturdy and using this playbook. That we have. A lot of guys and in you know pick a couple guys appropriations either. I think have a good chance in the draft I was draft towards the work. But it it's all gonna be it'll all take care of itself a threat so we go to Terry Kay quit just try to treat trade right now you know OTA. Get everybody to the right spot. They can go out there compete and just what the best players play. What about Charles clay. And what his role could be in your office what do you think you have been in terms of him and what do you think his ability is in terms what he can bring to your offense. I think he's tell the past catcher I think he you know look very good route obviously his experience speaks for itself he's he's got some really good things you reduce. We can get the gig Dornan can use a lot of different personnel we'll we'll try to. Prosser on a personnel some in trying to find matchups and him being want you know forget about their. Safety or a linebacker you have to cover will be good kids. Rick Dennison with a spills offensive coordinator a couple of things entire four let you go. The deed talk about competition a moment ago you know for the spots on the offense when it comes to quarterback in Tyrod. Most everybody believes he will be the starting quarterback is a big competition for his job or is it a competition for the guys. Fighting for the number two job behind Tyrod Taylor. Well I think we're gonna prologue parallel mall compete you know obviously we think. I think a lot of terrible we're just gonna let everybody go compete and then find the best 53 you know with Sean. And laughter when games. So would you like to see other guys get reps with the number ones as opposed it's just Tyrod gonna be out there to get him ready for the season. And weren't made now just the we're gonna go out to practice that they parodies to learn the system to Flickr Leo feel really good about it and it would just go practice. So we negotiated will figure. Quit after that you. When you talk to Tyrod about the flaw here often through talking a moment ago about you know with responsibility all that what's your message to him wreck because you know is it pay. How important is limit the turnovers what's it what's that balance between I don't want you to have interceptions. But I wanted to be willing to take chances and try and make some plays what what do you tell your quarterbacks. Well first off the ball he we have to possess the ball would never wanna turn involved there's there's not a risk reward. You think happened but you're you're about to store up there for risk. You know before the game where we're trying to keep moving the chains you know they'll be some shots still to if it's not there for outlook cloudy. You need take with a decent fusion and we keep move would change ball position is important. NASA when asked about a couple other guys on your quarterback depth chart what. If anything's have yet have you seen granted. You know mostly tape as opposed OTAs cartel Joe's Nathan. Well I think everybody's working really hard you know. It's. You know we're we're trying to get. Ballots are wrapped up between everybody is but make sure we get you know current trade did. And give him as many looks as we can't. But everybody's working really hard so I you know I've I've been impressed with everybody's. Effort and how much there in triggered get better you know. Make the state one day and they fixed that the next so that's the biggest thing if you perceive your coach bowl that year. You more than happy to work with them and give them opportunities while and and compete. Though Rick appreciate you get innocent time nice and early on the show and good luck with everything you do with the bills. All right thank you very much.