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Howard and Jeremy
Friday, May 19th

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How do we won't cut yeah. How excited and and Jeremy. Did it wrong that we have done it looked at. Good golf and worry about what a good two out walk through it but I hope not the world we love them I think she. Compliment people don't. And then we will win in the world go watch. Just like it hot that you want to let back Google. Let somebody like god did he really. Send us. In red event and those like in the event. It's. Not that help. That out plus the mandate that all look good. No good did that sought out the final drive no big Pittsburgh Betty Ford rolled through it I won't go go away product approach whoever I. About all of it loved it got you hooked up got the political road map where it ripped Blair's good dog show track. Done WGR. I'm unless. All the wives because they got screwed the end of regulation. It. Should at a penalty called against Nashville went Manson's cross checked on what turns out to be the game tying goal by the predators. After Nashville just out of five on three a few minutes earlier for ninety seconds he's on the clock defense and on the puck behind the neck it's cross checked no call they score. A verdict for national what I thought you got screwed royally screwed the game should have been over regulation so. Karma is a fluke eagle but I was kind of feeling glad for and I met by you I got really screwed at the end of regulation. Well you know me I never like goals like that I don't have an answer for them I'm not trying to change the game. But I think that that is what what happens last night is one of the reasons hockey won't ever be. Re the beauty popular sport mainstream I think it's because of that for proof look Eagles yes I us a whole game and a lot to like I'll. That not counts just as much is all the other ones and end okay what it is a fabric of the did you just throw the puck to the net I don't. It's become more of fabric of the game as it has become more about four world. Augusta National like is it's really hard to find shot lanes and get a clear shot to the net you know you do you just throw it out there and how many times in the plants have you seen what can happen the other day on while sometimes it is safe. A save on flurry goes off a vehicle skate goes back up a roller skating goes in the net and I would do the same thing in our bodies and tried to throw it and you have. No I do it's going to end up I have Knoll answer for it I'm not even saying they have to change it. You know I I've watched that in solved. I thought like if we talk about this will the super old school hardcore hockey guys tell me that that is a necessary part of the game. And I I'd like I just wonder if you're playing in a bar league in its your championship goes off of somebody's block any and you think. That's dom could not it would drive me nuts is all I'm saying I've did not play hockey to very high level I love the sport but. That's why when games get to overtime like that on last night I root for I didn't care who's gonna win I just don't wanna Bullock that if I want something that happened that was on purpose and you just feel bad for. And Corey Perry gets the old overtime winner in his stats column forty years from now some of LA eight. The Perry ever win one and overtime and well they'll see the box Goran thing. Yes he was that here is actually it was clutch I thought for you know you're watching you think wow Nate Thompson nice job he went to the net he's in front kidnapping. Given credit report and I look like they're great goal yes the first time through look like a great goal right. And it's still laws if PK Suva and was on the docks the nice deflection is that he had the bright position. And he did the right thing and Corey Perry is a Smart guy for doing what he did in putting the puck to the net especially. In overtime I mean I think and maybe maybe not any time in the class because it's supposed possession game you just don't throw pucks than that but man in overtime. You never know what's gonna happen just chuck it out there and hat and it can ricochet off three people and go in the net so. Those that I I thought. I felt bad for referred actually I want to win the series but I really didn't like the idea of that game going over time because of an oversight by officiating bill I know it's human element it's part of the game swallow the whistle all that stuff but. Having just called to penalties on the docks in the latter stages of the third that gave National League glorious opportunity they didn't score on. To me that's I got a defense and on the puck playing the puck behind the net protecting a one goal lead with a next to skater on in the goalie pulled. If I east cross check down you gotta make that call. I mean that's changing the plane you've got to make that call so I thought it was poetic justice in Anaheim won the hockey game now natural can still go on to win the series culprits now. Hope for its go it was loud their last night and they were doing some serious chanting. And it's overtime you're thinking if we score a goal here it's 31 yen weird I think you're feeling it's over data came and wish it what a swing and I'm on that bounce. And then I'm makes the final it'll be what they're division winner of their good team their defense is great. There's even less of a story Nashville's nothing but story right right well it is this team's fun to watch and they've got. Cool young stars in their city is really fun bet I'm goes. If you feel Zoellick well. What Anaheim and. Automatically add that that final. Granted we had a bitter taste in arm out because Otto had made the Stanley Cup finals that was one of those moments where or when you lose you don't you you find it hard to watch the next round two is very forgettable two Ed but that's why I was gonna say Anaheim Ottawa is one of the most. Nondescript. The worst matchups I mean it was just. Again I I'm I'm my judgement clouded because I would rerun of that space at that bad place at that point put my goodness. What a boring match up that was that was a terrible match up with the Stanley Cup finals and it fits our Anaheim motto again this year. Well you know I mean I'd I'd whatever I'll watch it's the Stanley Cup finals. But Woolsey they typically they will not go up on the same night against the NBA finals while I'll be able to watch hockey. If it went head to head with Golden State Cleveland forget it. You know out of a shot of Holden my interest no. In this really angry texts come from hockey fans appoint that I live and hockey market aim at all I don't know for entertainment no I'm looking for good sporting event I want SARS and story lines and we don't get those anger rods not getting stupid flu key baskets and stepped carries not get and in all three pointers that bank off three guys and go in. I want to I want a tremendous event if I'm sure they NHL wouldn't put itself up against the finals I don't think the average. No they don't they want and adding that you can call this a hockey town what it's been through the last couple years of the NBA finals draw better ratings in the end the NHL. The and the NBA will blow out the NHL finals it's even hear the biggest but that again off week we watch and everything right soccer. Porsche racing everything it does not matter that generating about for any event like a look at that Buffalo's number two yes. If they did the ratings for sailing I think it would feel like number one is you know and some sort of Martha's Vineyard there again rip and then Buffalo's number two. So America's cup is not a big sailing event right rats that every single event there ever is Buffalo's right near the top in the ratings which. I guess that means we'll exports. Like I thought about a for the derby and I thought well maybe it's because it was raining all weekend that the people we had anything to do. Did you sit inside. But yeah we watch absolutely everything. Which is great we're one of the better markets for the derby top five yeah outside of like Louisville island I forget where the other ones consistently near the top. Four of the World Cup for. Yeah all that stuff so. That's it that's that's buffalo we watch sports. Biggio the somebody played the top the our the update on Rick Dennison Rick Dennison talking about. What kind of offense he wants I'm on we have to play the game the game we always. Play which is does he mean this crazy have to say this is so you know before you play it back again he's going to be outlets in twenty ish minutes rate so will our mind that we'll talk to him does he mean this. Or does he have to say that well I'll suppose that which we are playing in the AFC east. The news to me some bad weather games where you have to on the ball. Does he have to say that yet constrictor it's added to. Karen and other coaches have said at one voice one buffalo other coaches have said it's. But you know what I'd like to you don't Margaret my my report report would be dude jets' coaches say these things. Do patriots coaches say these things do browns coaches Steelers coaches. I mean throw the grounds up with the Steelers and OK the grounds that no quarterback so but I'm just saying they were going for no actually have a quarterback in an old notice thought I'm going for our market. These other places that are also in the northeast. Ever talk about it my were toward my question it would have been I heard that yesterday and I thought okay I've heard other coaches this is not the first time refer to coach in this town. Or GM or anybody say. You know there's going to be some cold weather get said the same thing right when he got here. Billion times we have heard about how there's bad weather and in this area so my question would be if you're gonna tell me you know there's bad weather games up period got to run the ball. My would be you know there are good weather games up here you gotta be able to pass the ball at some point to like September and October for the weather turned bad. That's that's good weather games so pass the football on not even taken it that far I mean everybody bells attack is fine I just wonder if this is the the place where we get the most how bad the weather is her interview. Green is it because he's not been in town and he just imagine that every late game is is bad weather and you might have said the same thing in Denver you know he worked on the broncos' staff for a number years may be said to get you gotta be able to run the ball in December in Denver. Now. And I get snow in October and and I know they get worse weather than us telling us said the same thing and deserts but probably I think the only place that talks about it every day and and we don't talk about it we usually say it's not that bad why does every coach seem to think the weather here. Dictates that you must run the ball. There'll be the occasional. Pregame show I don't think it's that off and there's the occasional pregame show will be sitting outside the stadium here on before I am. And then and will be talking about the winds that day in Sao will command a malaska whether or not seem to be able to throw the football that day but it does this is that is often not unique to buffalo yeah this. We are not in one whether plane and the rest of the league is in a different wanted to throw Chicago when your list the windy city you know because it's cold and windy in Chicago area called and that's that's an issue at Soldier Field right the worst weather game I ever went to my life was in Cleveland and aren't most terrible action of the worst road game was in buffalo. The rainy one against the giants who have that was the worst that was the kind of cold windy directed it rained and then it froze him at this odd. So anyway I'm and kind of you know have a little fun at it reconnaissance expands and we get talked to him a few minutes of that scrape it. Man it's like you get the job in this this is your office. And here we wrote on his paper that says that prayer is read this it says it's buffalo soon after the you'll run the ball. Talk all the time I got to hear about high you have to be able to run it. At first he says he knows the ACE something Buick. Well Miami's in the east seed ought to run there it's true and the jets bills are swirling winds of the meadowlands that they did not the meadowlands anymore they move the stadium soda war the the wins stills runoff there with those world I would assume they do today's morning the winds are they leave the winds back behind in the same area. Yeah I mean it's all gonna be based on how that steam is aligned with them the jetstream and it's and try our take hold. Whether city New England is a cold weather city new York New Jersey rather Wear the jets play it's a cold weather area. Right so I think he's at and I I as that I I'm sure there are coaches and other cities that have said the same thing. I feel may be rec center when he got the job and all our coupons as well wrecked stuff Lewis said here you know I don't set and hear what he assuming you set it in New York to. When he walks in and inherits you know Mark Sanchez a word every out of time that he got the jets job now I think that's I think it's partly I think there is. I think it is it in part due to your quarterback situation if you're not sure your quarterback is you might tend to do that you do have LeSean McCoy you do. You're Rick Dennison you have inherited. LeSean McCoy and a very good running game the last two years. And you also have a quarterback who you know. Is a weapon was his legs. So I'm not surprised Saturday I as they set I I don't think it's a a buffalo only thing I'm sure there are coaches and other cold windy weather cities that someone that is said. Hey you know lately are you gotta be able to pound that ball away at the opponent. I've I've I don't know maybe Mike Tomlin said at some point in Pittsburgh who notes. But probably not. I'd be one of those things it's in the coaching handbook you know you know and a handout the coaching handbook when you when you get a job in the National Football League and give you the coaching handbook. They must have certain. There are regional hand looks like a regional Madden cover you know depending on what part of the country and you might every different player on a cover of a magazine or video game. Every July and books for example they won't hand this out in the west or the south. You know coach is down there don't have to say you know organ of some bad weather again after run the ball I think that's a northeast midwest regional coaching handbook for him. While. I that we of what one bad weather in this year and I have more and more and I've had a team passes throughout this I'm not sure what can we apply was there any bit. Last year was there a bad weather game. I'm just so probably I'm judging you on pregame shelves when it's like you know you know there was one day were I forget which game would have been. And it was really windy and crazy. Because that we were having issues in our pregame show and they sent stuff was getting knocked around and blown over and everything the rounds scheme were pretty bad Oca. But Miami wasn't bad right now Pittsburgh I'm trying to think. So you know. I don't think you you can go through season well having a really bad weather game. It it's sure it happens from time to time I'm courage to do here when he some of those that I was I was like in the transcript to sum his comments yesterday about. You know what are the plans for Tyrod and the passing game tyrants talking yesterday about. He's ready to take his game to the next level okay great what about the offensive coordinator what about the passing game can tire what is the next level for Tyrod Taylor. And how much. Responsibility will Tyrod Taylor have how much freedom will they have what they ask Tyrod Taylor to do. In this offense in terms of the passing game and I'm I'm more and did you hear about that I am pretty sure they're gonna be able to run the ball again. I don't think that's a big you know it's not that a problem of right it's not it's not like. A big bold prediction to say that it's still a run first offense. And LeSean McCoy showed no signs of slowing down last year he was still electric. And you know the offensive line is back almost in its entirety. Perhaps they have their right tackle from the draft this year iced it they brought in eight million fullbacks I'm sure there still gonna have one of the top running games in league. Can Tyrod take his game to the next level that's the big question in what is Rick Dennison gonna ask of Tyrod Taylor is Rick innocent smashes the Tyrod. Limit your turnovers. Probably should ask that from I should add that to my list. Well interestingly enough thank you to the Texas is set the worst weather game may be might have been Pittsburgh was a Pittsburgh OK get Pittsburgh the bills lost that game. And they tested better than they ran it. A here's the game that's noted McCoy had 27 yards on twelve carries. But Tyrod threw for 222 touchdowns. You know it's it's weird bloody on bell had a big day that day in 236. Three touchdowns and he can do that if it's raining you do that if it's nice out. Here's the biggest example of a bad weather game and the bills couldn't run it. They threw at them. So why I don't know I just it's one of those things and I was gets my antenna off like why are talking about this like you have that yet to be that way. But in terms of the offense and what it's going to be. I am. What I and that. Complete shrug I have no idea what to expect from this offense for the bills you know as they insult their systems Alice Dennison talk about. Tyrod here tyra talk already taking the next level it what is his next level what does it what does he think it is. What Taylor's. O'Leary take the next level if he if he could answer is tough answer right. What does that mean for you like gimme a stat line for that next level for the season is at 3800 yards in 24 touchdowns through the air. Is that seems like. The next level. Or is it just winning more games. Does he wanna turn over even the last make fewer mistakes be a mistake free quarterback whose blog the always take it to the next level and not. You know be if you see if you can I would keep saying about Taylor and with the Dennison system that I'm not giving them a clean slate and it's not exactly a fresh star. But I I do have to say. I am. Actively opening myself up to evaluating him in this offense and not evaluating who he spent the last two years and I know he's banned. And once I see a little bit this year in a gimme a bigger picture of who he is. But I'm not gonna after week why we grew one right it with the jets. If tyrant has won 94 passing infinity doesn't throw over the middle and they win a knock and be sitting here saying. Take clearly he hasn't figured anything out you can't throw the middle you're gonna you're good men because I I might some garlic bread man yeah I'm gonna give him the opportunity to Brooklyn to me in this. And you know I think that's that's the fair way to do it even if you are someone that believes they should have brought him back maybe they should go on the bottom and drafted a quarterback whatever that this is what they're doing. And ideally he's great in you don't have to draft a quarterback because he turns into the superstars superstars. I'd wouldn't expect that to happen. But I have to be open to and I have to be able to evaluate him in this offense as a new player in the soft. Yeah I'd like to see what they're asking of him. He's talked about a certain comfort level with Rick Dennison I did have a little bit of time together in Baltimore. He you know Tyrod yesterday brought up the the idea of you know getting out on the edge war being able to make plays out on the edge whether he's. Getting out there and then running run pass options may be are getting out of the edge and then being able to pass that's what he was he has been good when he has left the pocket. And he gets out to the edge ceased he doesn't necessarily give up on plays he doesn't run all the time he still can't. Look at the field and make some throws and I think he's been pretty accurate when he left the pocket and made some throws out on the edge so he brought that up yesterday I'd I'd be curious to see. How much their move in the pocket for him how much really stand back there. You know what what what kind of responsibility. Or freedom will Tyrod have with this offense how much they trust him. You know in terms of his decision making. How much they'll ask of Tyrod to do with this offense or. You know what exactly will the game plan B will be aggressive when it comes to Tyrod and passing and what have you they'll look there are a lot of questions in terms of the the passing game in terms of targets. You have Sammy and on Charles clay I'll throw in the tight ends as well Sammy blockage Charles claiming you've got. He got question marks all over the receiving and tied and groups. So I'm interested to see what what is Rick denizens approach in terms of passing because he might look at it and go. I got Watkins. A knock on what he's healthy anyplace sixteen games. I've got Charles clay and I think a lot of us like to see the role expanded for Charles clay in the passing game and after that. Who stepping up. You know is that they Jones is it Andrei Holmes is at Philly brown is it that I knew it was Dez Louis goalie here. McCain even name all the receivers that they picked up this offseason and they brought in. So I'm I'm I'm curious to see how much state. Allowed Tyrod the deal how aggressive they wanted to be or will it be we're gonna run the ball. And Tyrod we wanted to limit your mistakes limit your turnovers. And we're going to be Smart but our passing game and not ask him to just you know to make. To make any crazy trolls or she you know throw stuff that into tight windows or in you know that kind of stuff because it lets talk about going to the next level. To me that's the next level. I wanna see some more chances I wanna see him. You know be able to. Throw into some tight windows or take some real throw more often when a guy's covered one on one Richard trust him to make the play. That's the next level for me is is just. Becoming. A little more aggressive when it comes everybody wants in the throw over the middle of the field in Seattle football field for me it's a little bit more aggressive trust your receivers to make some plays for you. I think that's the next level and I couldn't tell if he's gonna be able do that until. September when he starts throwing the football in real games and it's off to learn anything in the pre season and training camp. Any other all new receivers for him he's got to you know he's got to build the trust level with these guys and and and there are that the chemistry and all these things it has to happen between a quarterback and his targets. He's got a lot of stuff to to learn about these guys and they have to learn about him as well in one more thing on all this when you talk about Watkins. Is it just me or does it seem to be at home about Watkins in the way they talk about him Dennison here's Dennison first. A whole lot we can do about that's the back or not so we're giving him every experience we can't I mean ask me questions and being make sure he's up task and he has done. The question today that was. A little look security answer to plot so he's been studied the work out so all we can do is give them all the experience we can video let. That's Stennis and Taylor goes on so like it be nice to work with Sammy the whole thing has the sound. Of a guy that's battling eight injury that is. Problematic now like yeah I mean won't get Emmental wraps Seattle. Think I don't know I just it was likely to go expected they're gonna see much of him this offseason yeah it might be get whatever you can in in the summer and then cross your fingers yeah. That's just the feel like get every every every common Eric conversation goes to watch games sounds like. They don't expect to have him there at least not consistently or if they. Do get him back they'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop like. And do our best and mental reps and I ask a question about the offense and he knew it like. That's that's. Concerning and it kind of lines up maybe why they didn't pick up the fifth year option because they don't really know what they're gonna get 803055888550. To 550 when we get back we'll be joined by the bill's new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison will talk more about. His college yesterday as plans for the offense Tyrod and all this will get your opinions hopefully this morning as well. As you join us to on WGR. We shot he's very open. You know this is just the way I think what you guys think in their week. Talking out we Kamal what if he grew. Decision but let's get this done this way and and it's been great for me is his conversations we've. I asked for a little bit more individual time he tried to squeeze a little bit there's a lot of techniques that we're trying to teach he tried to squeeze it. And then one time checking giving this Paula who will make do with spoke out so. It's really been a good give and take and have no lesson for a long time now. I just said look we're religious you are it's or not trying to win practice we're trying to do you are it's all. Those offensive accorded Rick Dennison coming up where less than just a moment. Bill signed prettiest wife ends they Jones Jones though has a sprained knee listed as week to week. The football department made some new moves some hires this is director of college scouting for the bills now is lake Dawson. And then national scales Bryan Adams and Marvin Allen. Who came over from the chiefs the right nor Allen came from. Hockey and I beat Nashville 32 overtime Corey Perry credited with the game winner Pittsburgh out of a game four is tonight the world championships a big goose egg for team USA after. Really great tournament getting the top spot to get knocked out by Finland. True zero Canada moves on Brian Reilly continues to play really well. And contribute for team Canada baseball Toronto beat Atlanta nine nothing yankees overcame city by dozens lost to Syracuse. And the buys as or against Pawtucket tonight is that. All home game yes pride and I've bash David Price writes beautiful weather scheduled to start tonight on a rehab start. Fantastic it and cavs and Celtics game two is tonight as well those are sports headlines. Next update on the way at the top of the hour on Larry AT&T hotline is the new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills for Dennis and witnessed here. On WGR Rick it's Howard in Jeremy good sir welcome to the shout. Good morning thank you very much for having me this might be the earliest we've ever had a coach John that this isn't the normal time for you to be awake. Yeah I've been away crow bit Nazi Europe early riser generally are of course you do those 4:30 AM workouts with coach McDermott. I have well I'd seen him in there a couple of times about terms like consistent or thirty edges wake up with so. Whenever I couldn't throw a couple earlier RC. I think I gave you credit for at least walking near the weights at 5 o'clock in the last 530 I think that that counts for something query your do some put in the morning to order. Rick obviously getting a lot of fans wanna hear about your offensive philosophy and what your plans are here but I think they're also wanna talk. Up or when I hear you talk about Tyrod so let's start there since you have some prior experience with him for a brief time and in Baltimore. Hum let's start there first before I catch up to speed with which you've seen here with buffalo. When you're with the ravens grit that he took like maybe half a dozen snaps in the regular season Flacco was the guy what do you remember in terms of Tyrod from practice from from quarterback rooms from from wraps whatever you saw him back then. Well certainly as skilled athlete. Did that they were on the figure there'll he can run it do all the things. Effective at one point. DB coach wanted to play quarter we were kind of hurt me corps and he's. Tell it that way but these he's these are good thrower get a good or. Boozer are obviously you'll but the biggest thing is he works that he knows. You know what to do when he worked really hard and you still had a great relationship they studied they worked practice. All the individual stuff some of substance known Dmitri go to techniques again it seems prepared to play as a starter. You know with Joseph writes there's so. In the same thing is true now his his work ethic is has been from embassy he puts a lot of hours suit. He studies tape on his own. And usually try to get to. Uh oh where he needs to get two rooms off. You mentioned the same thing about the work ethic. When you see him now whether it's you know of the rap she had with him Greta that's that hasn't been a lot to this point it may be looking back it is tape the last two years. What kind of differences or what improvements do you see from Tyrod and Baltimore and 2014 to Tyrod here. Well I I you know I don't see. I really wasn't playing and then I'm just trying to get it from want from point a to point B at this point time you know. I always studying a lot of count one when we have them Paul Morin and you knew he had it used to be really good player in the NFL and I'm just looking forward to working with the right now. Did you go back and watch his games from the last couple years in preparation. The only the only thing that we did was just try to evaluate talent so I watched. Basically just what he did by startled by a couple of things I don't know what he was atrocious and oh really wanted to what do you coached. The biggest thing is she's getting get the ball you can ball while in the world retirement met fashion. It with he went down to lead times and taxes for a his skill level of what they have so. That was the biggest discretion you know. Scheme taken out of that he's got to understand the whole time time clock Kidd and he will he understands. What I am asking him do what we're gonna ask you would do more offensive. In his it's the law while. Just distribute to the right person. Is the timing not only about avoiding sacks but also about getting it but will the receivers in this often have specific windows at the play will be designed to go somewhere and pass the come out on. You know his fifth step or else he's putting his receiver and a bad spot. Cracked piece he he'll carve it up with a C so. You know without getting too much into it you'll it'll all be carved up with a CC to tell when the ball close because it. And who's who who yeah right we will work. And that's coach of all Rick you can you can definitely do that with a quarterback user. What what it how much responsibility. And or freedom will tire on having your offense what would you trust your quarterback to do. Well don't get it favourite place. In certain situations. We'll trust you with the ball so. We we we don't. We don't ask the quarterback to do a great deal with the wars scrimmage feel like the pressure was taken to the right. Or his read we'll take him to take the ball to the right person. Excellent change very many things but there are some. Some businesses particularly in the run gave me get this right play it. And who work there but he'll have the freedom two. To make plays. Rick Dennison with a spills offensive coordinator on the AT&T hotline. In in terms of Tyrod. And your philosophy on offense you inherit LeSean McCoy you you inherit what has been a very good run game the last couple of years so is it still. A they run first offense if you could come out and you mentioned balance yesterday as as any coach would like to have balance on offense but you believe it's still. Hey I've got a really good running game and that's going to be the strength of this offense. Or certain certainly would as human emotion on and the guys up front I think it was talented group vote for a and then. We do play in the east at the door at least if it's going to be cold it's going to be. Sloppy at some point in time. Appears you have to do run the ball well. I trust that we will. We talked about that a bunch in the first hour that mean we've heard that a lot around here the jet to be able to run the ball well bill's teams generally have. If it when you look back to your career or do you have a like basilica first law what you love to pass it. But sometimes need to be in a little bit careful or do you love Toronto but sometimes need to be. I don't know where all aware to have to take shots to be more aggressive if you're looking at the offense. You know if you had your way is there any one way you do more in the other. Well I started. Quality control of office were to specialties of movement next Joe's office like was so. You tell little white competitive experience to run the ball. They'd rather control it but it what they're all out there you go revealed to us to cash custom field. When you come when you design an offense tricked you I mean are you coming in saying here's what I'd like to do offensively. Let's get it done. Or whether it's Denver or Houston or wherever your big whoever you've been now buffalo. How much do you look at who my players are maybe Mike quarterback is when you're designing what you like an offense today. No I think it's a bland I think Q. Base which you wanna do based on your experience that you also have to use which you so I think there's a boy and there I think there's enough. Experience with the staff we all got together you know we've worked it through August together in January. You know what have you done what does this look like. You know asking for everybody's input is. Really look at what we and we kind of blended all the cable for the playbook. What do you think you have when you look at your receivers you have. Sammy Watkins is a talented player hopefully he can stay healthy. But there's a lot of question marks after him on the depth charts are when you look at your we know we you know which have a LeSean McCoy what do you think you have in the receiver group. Well you know just think I think it is very talented group who are really good player. We've got to get him healthy so we get a period. He's doing all we can't you know study and he's his playbook. And we have. A lot of guys and in you know picked a couple of guys have for free agency there. I think have a good chance you know draft I was draft toward the work. It it's all gonna be it'll all take care of itself a threat so they go to Terry can't quit just try to treat trade right now you know OTA. Get everybody to the right spot. And they keep gore out there compete and just what the best players play. What about Charles clay. And what his role could be in your office what do you think you have been in terms of him and what do you think his ability is in terms what he can bring to your offense. I think he's tell the past catcher I think he look very good routes obviously his experience speaks for itself he's he's got some really good things give reduce. We can get the gig goers can use a lot of different personnel we'll we'll try to. Prosser on a personnel and and trying to find matchups and him being more you know forgive him out there and safety or a linebacker you have to cover mold production. Rick Dennison with a spills offensive coordinator a couple of things entire four let you go. The dean talk about competition a moment go get open spots on the offense when it comes to quarterback in Tyrod. Most everybody believes he will be the starting quarterback is it a competition for his job or is it a competition for the guys. Fighting for the number two job behind Tyrod Taylor. Well I think we're gonna throw all out there are a lot of mall compete you know obviously we think. I think a lot of Kyra but we're just gonna let everybody go compete and then find the best 53 you know was on them and laughter I went to games. So would you like to see other guys get reps with the number ones as opposed it's just Tyrod gonna be out there to get him ready for the season. And weren't made now just. We're gonna go out to practice that they he's still learn the system to play terribly also feel really good about it and it would just parked. So we negotiated will figure well after that you. When you talk to Tyrod about the flaw here off and you're talking a moment ago about you know with responsibility all that what's your message to him wreck because. You know is it pay. How important is limit the turnovers what's that what's that balance between I don't want you to have interceptions. But I wanted to be willing to take chances and try and make some plays what what do you tell your quarterbacks. Well first off the ball we have to possess the ball would never won a workable there's there's no risk reward. You think happened that you're you know it just sort of there were risk. You know flow of the game where we're trying to keep move the chains you know they'll be some shots built in but if it's not there for outlook cloudy. You he would take with a decent future and we keep move would change ball position is support. NASA when asked about a couple other guys on your quarterback depth chart what. If anything there have yet have you seen granted. You know mostly tape as opposed OTAs cartel Joe's Nathan. Well I think everybody's working really hard you know. It's. You'll or we're trying to get. Bell also wraps up between everybody in but make sure we get you know tyra trade it in give him. As many looks as we can't. But everybody's working really hard so that you know I've I've been impressed with everybody's. Effort and how much there interpreter get better you know. Some make a mistake one day and they fix at the next so that's the biggest thing if you perceive your coach bowl that year. You more than happy to work with them and given the opportunity well and and compete. Ulrich preachy given us some time nice and early on the show and good luck with everything you do with the bills. All right thank you very much. As the bill's chair that is the bills' offensive coordinator Rick Dennison joining us on our AT&T hotline talking about Tyrod and other factors on the offense to get a break. Talk about what we just heard from the OC won't hear from you this morning to we've been talking about Tyrod in the offense tired from Rick Dennison is well. But to get to your opinion on the discussions we're having to. 8030550. Join us 888550. To 550. By the way the bills are continuing OT days lot of stuff going around their front office hires draft picks getting signed say Jones is injured with a knee sprain. For all the latest information on the bills check out WGR 550 dot com Paul Hamilton was out at practice yesterday. And he has all that information available for you at our website this morning. It's the right play. In certain situations. We'll trust you move the ball so. We we we don't we will ask the quarterback to do a great deal of Dolores scrimmage feel like the progression will take them to the right. Or his read we'll take you to take the ball to the right person. Slept change very many things but there are some. So mrs. is particularly in the run game to get this the right play it. Or there but you have the freedom two. To make plays. Snag. Rick that is until those seats away are just a moment ago a couple of texts the owner Rick Dennison interview. The first struggles might. Mike worried texts in someone check on Jeremy. Don't turn the ball over we love to Iran the bald chairman of the blood vessel burst in his brand another one thing after listening to Rick Dennison. I don't know if only watched the season and I'll write down hey he's old school there's no question I I got a tweet from Aaron. Giving the guy Chansi sounds old school vote not excited about that he is definitely as he any set. Alan all I'm an old offensive line coach would expect me to say run the ball run the ball and don't turn it over. Move the chains take with the defense gives you that is easel school so that that's there's no question I think. I don't expect it I didn't expect much different from the bills' offense. And I definitely don't expect much different from the bills' offense I think he's also trying to learn what he's got. Terms of receivers and weapons if they are gonna be able to do anything different in the passing game but I'd I expected to be pretty much the same thing. Keep your intercept I'm sure they want tyrants interception total under ten that's probably going to be a really big thing for them. Well stored away right there have been on the brain plays coming back Rick Dennison tells us the bills will not asked Taylor to do a lot at the line of scrimmage you know what it reminded me of it almost sounded like. Of the college coach who says to his player. You know. Almost a little bit like we didn't have this conversation went around that time Greg Roman was fired Tyrod. Make that read before the snapped figure out who your priority target is what you see is open right away and get him the ball. Get it out on time get it out best get it to the right person. And you don't. Well what happened is they as much about whole field and all these rates let's get it out to ask you that somebody is open and let's let's have a positive play. When they fire Roman they dialed back how much he did it line yeah. Because it sound like he was willing to let Tyrod see if you can do something and that that's one of the reasons that win. That happened a week two last year I said like I'm dump this guy and I'm I'm coming off that because he's on the team and I'm gonna watch this team and I'm gonna wanna evaluate him fairly some coming off that a little bit. But. What this means is. It's another example it's another reason when you take away responsibility premier quarterback when you ask him to do lasts. And when that extends all the way to. Apple line of scrimmage. I'm not playing the same game that other teams are playing other teams the guys coming to line of scrimmage and has a lot of ability to change things the autonomy to make decisions the but Rio sees this defense checks out of this does that that is a big part of the game in the bills a will not be playing that game yeah. So old you just. That means you've got to your your coach has got to be. Sometimes clairvoyant and call the right play in the defense lines up. All right there's a read on this play maybe there's a better way to go to Arab something better and it right but Taylor will not be changing much. Okay. So long you know. And I think that's where they were a couple of years ago when then Greg Roman I I thought just based on what he had said us at training camp last year. He was willing to open things up a little bit more use a little bit more the playbook and and see what Tyrod could do. To steal Tyrod words from yesterday whether he can take it to the next level. And after two games the bills decided this is not a good idea and fire the offensive cord and I I think. When you don't have a top level quarterback you commending you do with the bills are doing. We have a good running game we have a good offensive line we're gonna run the ball we're gonna have this guy get the ball out fast get it to the first read maybe the second read. And but with just get the ball out on time don't take sacks limit your mistakes. Let's keep the ball and I think that's pretty much what they've tried to do for the most of the last two years and I and it sounds like they're gonna try and do the same thing again this year and play it six so to speak you don't have Ben Roethlisberger back to you don't have Tom Brady you have Tyrod Taylor. Yup we get some calls in 28030550. To join us. 888552. Effectively Adam is in Virginia. Manassas well. At a mere on WG jogger right ahead. Good morning how are. I'm regretful. Or heard about. What I heard brits and the faith conflict is that he entire route that got about seven. Earning and that if you look at but he did that and are in it and there. Aren't. Well I think he's the best option for the stock right now yeah I had I really think the whole idea that the thing about competition and all that. I think they should spend all their their waking hours trying to get Tyrod ready for the season at TJ Yates. Cartel Jones Nathan Peter meant nothing I mean I I think tyrant is the best option of the quarterback class that they have so I would do everything to get him ready for the season. Both texts in. I mean I'm quoting he starts and I mean which I like Alex and that. I mean how about the fact that there was consideration to move the quarterback in Baltimore and there is a good thrower. And when he put. Exclamation point question mark at the image of a question mark like ten times tonight do them. Yeah. Well out of all over him and events aback I think he's just illustrating that he's a really good at that that was about peace he said that after he said he's such a skilled athlete yep that in Baltimore are our defense of coaches were talking about maybe moving him to quarterback I don't think that was. That was more about his skill at. What a schism. And less about all my goodness this guy's not a quarterback where to we put him I don't think it yeah it wasn't a comment about its quarterback ability. 8030550. To join us in dating 550 to 552 when it share your thoughts on what you heard from those offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and what are your expectations. For the bills offense this season not necessarily stats if you wanna talk about numbers that spot but what what kind of offense you expecting to see how successful successful do you think. They can beat this season. You can. The bills played numeric field this season all you need to do is visit Buffalo Bills dot com purchase your tickets or call 1877. BB ticks.