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Friday, May 19th

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Hi Devlin Barrett take it to the next level talked to that are focused on throughout this offseason sister thing to keep Doug just from office and try to be better these days are said his office allows us to spread the ball on the road allows me to get on it's just got to take you go throughout OTAs minicamp I've always liked his offense is solid coach and they're each other and would you expect from the quarterback position. Continue to keep grinding away using a time that we have this available for us to be and just I'm so it was much knowledge as one of the mis quote patent. Within the last two years I've been around a guy like that wondered traders waited and so this is predicated on the face of them went on his offenses and watching the film. They were in Denver. Tyrod Taylor some of his comments as bills. Are together for old GA is voluntary OT JC's are about Rick Dennison the bills' offensive coordinator joined us last hour for just joining us hi. Happy Friday it's not just annual Friday. And it's not just any old day welcomed troops had a buck uncle Dan character from the mover yup he's going to be playing for Pawtucket tonight. We've got to talk about the looming crisis. On our tax line. The techsters Arian. All out crisis mode yeah. So I I are you feel on the same. We just we've had this discussion already talked about it whether it's clean slate opened mind how every one phrase it and I'm sitting there remembering thinking. It's gonna take every ounce of my fiber being all that strip everything I can possibly generate. To try and have an open mind about Taylor gossip about Tyrod and that softens it really. I'm trying to be fair I'm trying to be open and a talented Jeremy when I get to camp. I'm gonna be somewhat fatalistic when it comes to this offense until it proves me wrong which is it's not really healthy way to live. But I think I'm I'm not the world is coming to an end which I'm guessing some of the techsters are suggesting. I'm gonna have a hard time thinking this is gonna be something other than what I've seen the last two years. Well if you miss our conversation of the Rick Dennison define an on demand that what can you really learn from these interviews. Don't blood I like what is it about tyra trying to get the ball get the ball process that a bit problem that's gut that something and then he can coach and it's footwork and we can do that you know what I thought of was it like so with the guy standing behind Bledsoe with the horn. At training camp at blowing a horn I believe it was Sam why each Sam Weiss was it a yelling at him to throw the throw. Like they were about his internal clock out that Donovan yelled how that work not so much cared but I thought I flashback to the company's stock and about you know Tyrod can ball out on time but I like I like that he said. We looked at his take you know he's got to do guys out and avoid sacks and Ike and he's hitting coach that the work and his footwork it'll affect his timing and look at. And so so there were things I heard from him that I like quite honestly I just think he's in the same boat that Greg Roman and anti limber and you have a quarterback but limitation. Well we'll get some phone calls if you guys wanted to react. To what you heard from a tennis and react to these tax errors Orton say your feel the same or the people freaking out too much what what are some of the text that you hear they come. Once inside your tax because veteran give via credit up aquarium when closer to here. Woman go and order so that we talked to Rick Dennison we asked about Ron on the ball you know why I wanted to ask him you know what's what are you war. We like to do more to run at the pass and if you're offensive coordinator what are elected to any set I'm all lined coach which phenomenal like to run it sure. Much people are gonna sell right. And kind it's probably running is bad let's let's establish who got things running is not bad running the ball well is not bad. The fear comes with the bills have been doing that for a long time. This team has been running the ball well since the roe was here. And probably before that with chicken CJ Spiller was great and Fred Fred Von they've always had good Mitt you know McGahee was by Travis Henry they've always had good enough Marshawn Lynch was really good here to lake they they've been able to run the ball really well. For most of this drought so a it's not as if when you have this this knee jerk reaction to hearing in all on the line coach them elect to running and were on the northeast we're gonna run it. Yeah that's OK that's fine but it scares people here couple texts. OK if the bills are gonna are on the ball locked may least do it out of a three or four receiver set as the base offense please. Karl writes in how many seasons we'll take for a realize lead league in rushing won't get us to the playoffs. More texts power he checks all the boxes on offense I don't wanna watch. Nick Price checked all the boxes rep for yet. Now done angrily pounds the keypad and texts different staff same old story will all be screaming forever wanna be fired after a fourth and one pawns in game one. Another tax can Kaplan agreed defense hell can Yates Rita defense anyone regardless of talent projected tell at this point is better for me. Are we all the northeast I'm sorry. After all we're in the northeast so why would we need Brady your Big Ben such terrible weather while we need good receiving core of the hurricanes blizzards and tornadoes make them useless nick. Who was agitated eaten. I don't think Mike rice and Rick Tennessee comments. No home. And I and that's pretty much yet but let's face of the bills are hoping the for the rest until next year. When they can draft or for real franchise quarterback unless that is teetering its chance and turns out to be legit yet Selig for me connect. To hear Taylor's not gonna get a lot of line of scrimmage he's not gonna have a lot of you know have room to make plays but when he gets the line the regal tell what to do. With Taylor I want them not to protect him but let's do this in either. Either let it all hang out and show me if he's got all this play making ability and he can beat. A guy that is dynamic in great let's see it but not. Well we've got to be careful cause if we let him do too much we might lose yet you might lose anyway you know this is the time to just either. Let us see the whole thing yet. Or more fun you know water get off the pot I don't pretty mean and I'm I feel like Taylor would would wanna say this to like yeah and protect mean. Let's goal here. No turnovers and running the ball we've done that for two years and some of his better performances you know if you want talk about the Seattle game of the Miami game as the good games. They threw a lot soul. Show me more of those efforts and if you end up finishing six in ten or five and eleven well. You know so be it. I honestly think that's one of those things you will say I will say and fans will say but we're not paid to coach and we don't get fired but these guys aren't enough when they're not gonna get fired if that's part of what might be frustrating if they play. You know conservative protect the ball try to. What is it fire not a two year one hour we are not when your two week overall back yeah I but I still think that's ingrained in a coach. I mean a coach is always going to want to find a way. To take he's got to take what he has whether it's the sabres coach the bills coach or whoever. You're gonna look at Iraq you're gonna see which you haven't you're gonna figure out what's my best way of winning these games. And I believe. That the text you've got that I could relate with the most. Although I Ike I can feel where that person was that went. And I liked that one but. The one I related to the most was the sex where you read different steps same old story you know how am I feel how many years we have this discussion and and I think Anne and I don't. I don't necessarily. Mean it as a condemnation. Of this staff and a judgment on their coaching ability not mean and I as I think they're doing what they see they they're seeing what they have. And they're coming up with a formula believe is the best to try and win games right and they think maybe it's a combination with the other text the bills are hoping for the best. Until next year when they think maybe we can get a quarterback that. Another tax the fear of losing or making mistakes is insane at what point les professionals realize playing not to lose. Is not and never will be the answer I'm at my wit's end that's from Curtis. And Dave says smokescreen. Can't rule out like that's got that locker it's small throws per month thrown all over the place Sarah buffalo again I'm not trying to say it's a combination of the staff the other. It's just. If you're gonna do that you're gonna have bills fans that are gonna say. Okay. Slightly different version of the same approaches. Let's see how plays out in on the bold strategy cottonwood CL plays out my prediction seven and nine in the hunt a soul crushing loss to the chiefs along the way. Lose to the patriots twice now this is something we never experienced before right. 8030550. John F 888550. Q 515 you can text and you can tweet in we always love when to call in. So we get a chance to talk John. WGR go right ahead. Good morning the bullet here. It's like what Howard you're back here. I go back to Monday morning segment of where he where. You know hollered at commitments. Or. Yours what you weren't the only through it and you're depressed black people or aid you and you're dead segment with them and what calls. Into all of these. Though and I. Clean up I mean enough by you read that you would open and every way. Entire regular Nat you're in the ball whenever you people. Regular. Bed I mean it's sick sick like in your segment. Is in in my brain you'll never leave my brain I think Tyrod Taylor is two years he's 67 win. We heard this sort of where your ball you'll only got to cover half the field with a guy. I do don't know how different offer. Different coordinator it's gonna get his guide people all be all and it came two years. In my opinion. You'll ever running quarterback for one reason because the only bit it was going to ball. Otherwise they'd be going all over the field site in Kyra you're limited. I hope buying it better wrong. But I think yeah. We were trying to make. Upper big guilt we already know who is trying to make commitments something. Leo as I do so yet. Gary as long as you know with Taylor at the start. In a few if you track his psalm his successes there and the and really good games this. In his first ever game he plays the colts and they throw it on the field they hit Percy carbonneau were thinking of them are right this guy can play yeah. And from there you know we we work. Up and down year one was encouraging and off the seat. Maybe your two can be bettering your two was a ball I guess you could say. The same you might even say he was you you probably Casey was worse you're probably Casey was better because of injuries and a lot of things that happen real swat teams being out and the change coordinators but whenever he's close to what he did the first season. And if your three ends up a lot like years one until. And then year for at it as you see a larger sample size you're always gonna be in this little area you know this level of successful quarterback that's what's gonna cause units that to decide. Is this an offer me or is this not enough for me. And I've said this a few times you know I I am critical Taylor plotting if he is the quarterback for the next five years I bet they end the drought. If that's five years from just because. Eventually. In theory. Tom Brady won't be around in in eventually in theory you'll have a good year with a easy schedule you'll get a little. Lucky you don't have to be that good to make the playoffs we watched Houston make the playoffs who watched Kansas City make the playoffs and then. When they play the patriots what do they do they look just like the girls in all of the blown out yeah Kansas City coasted New England the only difference between the bills and chiefs is that the the chiefs get to get blown out. At Gillette in January. When the bills go it usually tends to be October or November. So when I see the other teams that make the playoffs matchup against the team that always steals the bills wants money they look just like the bills. If Taylor stays and is that guy and they have continuity I do believe he can be good enough to take its into the playoffs all 100%. But you know it just comes down to are they gonna always protect him or they ever gonna maxim out I Ana Figueroa EJ Manuel this way not to say that. Manuel could have been better but when Manuel got benched for more of right it immediately his next statement or is next time talking once you know fiber to back in there I'm gonna take I'm under more Rossum Almonte and I'm gonna make the throws I gotta make. And he never got that chance relief he sure he goes and against you know Cincinnati Jacksonville yes but coach Jackson put but the point is like at that point in his career so it. Well it's a good idea man but you're never gonna get that shot again it's funny you brought that up because the only thing I was gonna say Gary thank you for your call and I honestly I field where you are. The only thing I would add or say what you said. Essentially. Why would I think it could be different. The only Natalia is the it would not be different from what I heard from Rick Dennison I think it sounds like Rick Dennison is going to be. Don't take crazy chances we don't want turnovers limit the interceptions make the Smart play gets that read get that ball out. Woody it'll move the chains he said like this into a hockey coach the game is about possession we wanna possessed the ball we don't wanna give it away. So I think they're gonna wanna have him make that that that quick read get the ball out. Play it safe don't gamble don't take chances keep your picks down let's hold on the ball we got a great running game. The only thing I would tell you Gary is if it if it's going to be different is. What Jeremy just alluded to the agent that you have Tyrod Taylor who threw two years has been OK not bad I. I know sometimes it all out get tweets and emails that you know like I make it sound like he's the worst quarterback whoever played here he's not bet. I just one more I wanna see him take the next step he didn't last year the at the very best he stayed the same. And I want more than that and I'm not sure that he has more than that but you'd have to bank on in year three. He just becomes. Older more aggressive he is more comfortable he has two years under his belt and he maybe gets to report Rhee says. Screw it I need to make place you know his future in football is up in the air in ought he doesn't have a good year but that the bills to walk away from that contract. He's out looking for a job. Maybe he wants to you know show teams what he can do was a quarterback that he can that as he said yesterday he set I wanna take my game to the next level okay. When you gotta start making plays make bigger place Anthony treated and about the quarterback discussion in the treated. The bills run pass percentage is almost identical to Dallas and close to new England and Tennessee. People have to stop overreacting I don't care about the number Anthony. I care about the way the plays the quarterback makes first off throwing an out you just never even mentioned New England in the bills in the same sentence. But I'll I'll I'll zero in on Dallas I saw more of Dallas last year than it did at Tennessee. You can tell me the run pass percentages nearly identical with the cowboys and I'll tell you that press Scott made throws. And place and attempted throws and trusted guys to make plays and try to make India controls where. Receivers were covered any set I'm I've got one on one you make a play for me he made throws and did things that Tyrod for whatever reason. But it was him or the coaches. Didn't make. So the numbers don't mean anything to me. I'm Anthony it's how the quarterback is playing. And that press Scott was more aggressive and and made better plays and bigger plays in better throws than Tyrod Taylor did. And so Gary I'm just hoping I again your three he just some kind of light comes on he reaches EJ Manuel status and says. Payment might might future I'll fight for my job I'm fighting for job with the Buffalo Bills. And I've got to start making plays and I've got to become a better quarterback I've got to make bigger passes for us. And boom all of a sudden he just. Says not I'm not gonna worry as much maybe he just is I'm not gonna be tentative knock and be safe from knock. Yeah they're going to be simply XP you know what I'm up in my intercept might touchdown total. I'm going to be a better passer in this office this year and it just bomb it goes from there that's which I think you have to hope for you don't think the coaches are gonna have a different philosophy. You know the instant watch this year Alex Smith. What he'd do. Well he just said the other day triggers it it sounds like he said I'm in my last year with Kansas City he said I think the chiefs are committed to meet through this year and it's just the nature of it if you don't want their perform I mean coach Reid. And quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy a very honest you gotta go up there and do your deal will have to. Think about what would you do if you were Alex Smith here. You who are the starter here they just made a big player draft your replacement. And I would think that. What does Smith would have to have the self awareness to know his own shortcomings right he's not. Gunslinger he does he protects the ball he wins games. Will he change this year but wouldn't if I was him cause if you tried to do good a gunslinger in his game suffers. If I'm going on the market either way a whole way we are not talk about going on the market he's if he's trying to. Keep his job yeah. He could play well enough that they don't turn right Patrick more homes so it's the exact same thing was I was thinking zags Z got Taylor here with Taylor you've got. Commented demented do my thing and not this team has to draft picks next year there's funny talk about them want to draft a quarterback high next year I'm doing my thing on one up there a dominant omen to make it so they can't take a quarterback if your Smith how many years intensity and Alec point. Alex Smith would say to himself or his hat or subconsciously like all yearlong. In Munich could go one of two ways may be as great year. Or while Alex Smith and on characteristic you know seventeen picks this year what's been different and the thing that's been different is he's seen the guy behind him and thought. I must logo I'll try and I gotta go on swing and yeah I thought it would go the other direction I figured he believes. The writings on the wall. I'm headed out of this organization at some point I'm still gonna do what I do. Amen keep my interceptions down. On and make my plays on and get us to ten wins eleven wins on and get us in the playoffs and if they look at me and say listen Alex thank you for everything you did. We're moving in a different direction. Then I go out on the market off a playoff year in a successful statistical season and I get a job somewhere else okay how much you can oxman on me a lot and Alex with fan I would on the rim earlier part of my him go to the market you know how much a free agent market Rebecca. Well some team I am I don't know what watched 1570 whatever Brock cost from a dollar more a little bit he's again a stop gap yep and he. If if he has average year. Maybe in other team brings him in and says. Beat a team like the bill I was gonna give. Okay it wasn't that was an example what about a team like but first thought was Cleveland board about team like Jacksonville. Maybe portals doesn't play well enough this year they decide to move on but they've got enough parts in place they feel. We put Alex Smith in on this team will be a better football team and in this division we can make the plants I don't know I think he will not have. A problem finding a suitor and I think you'll get really good money meet partially it's not a huge Alex Smith and so I would not bring him into my team. I think there are I think Alex Smith is is the Tyrod Taylor discussion. There are limits to his game there's a ceiling I think we've seen it in Alex Smith. I don't think he's gonna get any better I think he has two year it's and if he tries to become a gunslinger this Ian I think that could be bad for Alex Smith. Personally. But I I think there would be a team out there that says. We that we we have to make a change quarterback we've got a pretty good team look we plug this guy he can get us you know he can play mistake free football we can get to ten wins. Brad Texan I'm we another text of this fix the defense not the offense I'll take another 26 points per game average. That's fine by. Scoring average does not. No this is not in all Rotisserie League. 46 and all of our games. There are garbage points to drive up your average there are winning going away they're scoring late mean the offense was okay. I don't think it was the tenth best offense in the league even though at the tenth most points per game I certainly don't think it was the tenth best offensively 80305. Fifty join us 888550. To 550 if you miss you to be Rick Dennison is already in on demand audio. At WGR 550 dot com or on demand audio brought to buy northwest make the switch northwest get back to living. Brayton is also tweeted it out on the WGA Twitter account to listen to it did you seen. Real life is stranger than fiction the international incident that happened yesterday that was like straight out of the movies. London may be not tally bow tie. And can't make this stuff up OPEC really happened 8030550. To join us on our Tyrod Taylor Rick Dennison discussions and whatever else is undermined this morning. It is stroke awareness month Catholic health remind you the best stroke center is the closest stroke center. Know the warning signs and act fast learn more at closer is better dot pork. Please skilled athlete. I think we're on to figure that one out he can run to do all the things effective at one point in time DB coach wanted to play corner we were kind of hurt -- corner he's held his Elway but he's could throw Horry got a good arm moves around obviously you'll but the biggest thing is he works I really wasn't plane and then I'm just trying to get from point a to point B at this point in time I always studying a lot of tell when we have a Baltimore and you knew we had to choose to be really good player in the NFL I'm just looking forward working with everything else. This bills' offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. How does not an hour ago talking about Tyrod Taylor that you were together briefly with the Baltimore Ravens when Dennis it was a member of that coaching staff and reunited here in buffalo the entire interview available. Cutter in on demand audio. Add to a WGR 550. Dot com. Your headlines the bills continuing OTA said that signed a couple draft extra Davis white NC Jones reached contract terms with the bills Jones by the way. Is now week to week suffered a sprained knee. The during the work out so is listed as week to week by the bills. More hires in the football ops side of things lake Dawson is now the new assistant director of college scouting. And the bills added a couple of national scouts Mormon Allen and Brian Adams no nothing. Hockey last night Nashville and not Anaheim so. Natural comes back they tied the game up in the final minute of play with the goalie pulled an extra attacker on. And then Corey Perry wins it for the ducks. He threw the puck to the net it goes in off the stick of and that's the game winning goal three tear ducts that series is tied at two Pittsburgh and Ottawa play game four tonight. Mike Sullivan has not announced who his starting goalie will be whether Alou who will stay with Marc-Andre Fleury. Or go back to that Mario world championships the US bounced out the quarterfinals at two nothing loss to Finland. Jack cycles tournament was eight. Eight games long he had no goals five assists for teen USA run rally had an assistant Canada's win over Germany the Canadians now move on to the semis they'll play Russia. Jason in Atlanta yanks lost to Kansas City the eyes and beat Syracuse Friday at -- tonight at the ball yard downtown Baigent and Pawtucket at seven. David Price scheduled to make a rehab start for Pawtucket and Pablo Sandoval rehabbing with the pop socks as well. Expected to play tonight game two tonight cap Selz. Those are your sports headlines next update coming up at 8 o'clock. Missed our conversation repentance and it is on demand WGR 550 dot com the chargers and rams stadium has been delayed because of rainfall. Record setting rainfall push back the opening a full year. So the charges a plane that stub hub stadium that small one for three year Ers 30000 sheets yeah and yet can't be happy about that I would think. Yeah you'd be very unhappy about the and it could jeopardize. The Super Bowl that LA was awarded that they I guess I have to get a waiver. You're not supposed to get a Super Bowl your first year at a new stadium they can get yet they can they can apply for a waiver to the NFL they could still get the super bullpen if a want to get in Rappaport has added that an NFL but come that they can still do that. So. It's the whole thing from the NFL here with the raiders moving to Vegas and the two teams Walid Al Lleyton. It it seems. Dirty. I don't mud you sure it's a money grab. It's. It seems unnecessary all of it is very unnecessary to think about the money. The program listen every other owner in this team all I don't seem receiving from those relocation I am well aware that you wonder if that money that you get paid now. If the the result of this I mean is Ellie gonna support two teams and a brand new palace stadium where I'm sure ticket prices are gonna go way often. You just and then you've got them all the sudden rely on Las Vegas to be another. Market for you. I think that's what I'd be more worried about the Vegas market should mark Cuban's comments on the bank he said this is gonna come back to haunt the NFL because the biggest market will not sustain pro football. It's too transient and it's just not gonna its long term it will not succeed in Las Vegas and forward about it there. Look they make money off the relocation fee and then I'm sure they're they're thinking. Both teams in LA will be a success when they get into new stadiums you can jacket ticket prices up. That's more revenue for the NFL the visiting owner shares in the gate some of the gate receipts. So I'm I'm thinking they figured it's win win we get money now on the relocation. And we'll make more money than we did in Saint Louis and San Diego when they're both in their new stadiums in Los and their new stadium in Los Angeles and the sharing the same stadium. So what internationalist and that I OK so is an international incident almost. The this is from. Wednesday. Or the East China Sea. Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted. A US air force plane. We told the over the rail Yoshi. The US crew aboard the US air force WC 135 characterized the move as unprofessional. These Chinese fighter. Jets did it in. On professional and the quote is that we don't investigating the incident. It's. Well basically what they did with these shut these fighter jets apparently did was fly over top of the US plane. Upside down from that clearly that just like with you may remember I was gonna say where's maverick but yeah. Yeah. I dragged myself. Stereo inverted. You know problem upside down that's on professional unprofessional. We learned from your movie you know why they did it did you just tell me was the 31 anniversary wasn't much this week or last week the anniversary of the movie coming out. Clearly they're big fans of top gun and to honor the 31 anniversary of the movie they decided to recreate missing. Who won BP and I thought I think it was an olive branch out right I think it's a piece on its its. Let's bridged the gap between our countries by reaching agreement over this fabulous movie that you produced. We're fans though. Right makes perfect sense. Fact I think if I was the ambassador the US from China this is I would explain it. Our pilots became the top gun you know plain talk is guided maverick it's it's they just do that. Funny story from last night I mean who knows it's actually going to be funny story but hey. When an international incident right about now in the worst that is is mimicking movie that's. Let's send him. I'll take that picture I don't know I had to not mimic the right movies can be far more severe now I have a very easy instant trivia for you would you like to and semi massage your brain yes. Okay an ego because women to get a mall right IC GQ should. It's easy and it short there aren't a lot of answers okay so I think it's pretty easy okay all right did you know. Since ninety NBA finals trip here okay since 1991. All but one NBA final. Has included one. Of a list of five players. So every final since 911 years the inception. One of these five players has been in the final each of those yet to I guess the five you've got to give me all five. Okay one of these five players in every final since 1991 with one year being an exception okay. LeBron James LeBron James is correct 2007. 111230405060. The most likely seventy Michael Jordan Michael Jordan 919293969798. Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan 99030507. Jack. Shaq 95 he was the only guy in the 95 finals. 2001234. And the other one is 06 in Miami which you might forget. He was the only he's the one guy you know six. And he was still at the Miami Heat at that point. Kobe and Kobe 2001248910. Okay now one year mentoring none of these guidelines it none of them and that's your bonus question for extra credit. Okay the one with none of them and it would have ban. I give you clues one team from the east and wanting from the west thank you for that clue about them and Erica did the Celtics play anybody. Celtics play the lakers which would have told be that if I feel like I give it is a year I give it away is there a certain Jason Kidd led nets team that played that Reggie Miller in the pacers lost to. I think I know which one it is. Is it. As the pistons in the six serves or somebody. It's a team what do you think it is I think it's accurate arm in the year but I know the two teams that played. The racquets and the knicks. Funding Ding Ding Ding yeah you'll accept a Gaby or given away the two years in between 11994. Yes remember the thirty for thirty. The OJ chase is going on while the knicks and rockets are playing in the NBA finals and if that is the bronco count reached all time great series to. There was a great series next set up. What we're in 32 lead gone back to Houston and up lose in the series but they terminal that lasted seven. But yet knicks rockets 1990 for the only time since the 91 finals that. The finals were contested without one of those five guys and which operate. Get the extra credit that's that's one of the only NBA finals and I remember we're just like. What two teams are playing. Have is it was a good series there was an entertaining but it carried great series kind of got its number I remember that finals now because of the OJ chase. And it's some of the vending machine that your that your sweet you just then what you want now often overlooked about 25 okay. I'm they don't real factor to join us 888550 to 550. Did you hear the hum the first and last but it's gonna say discussion but it's kind of goalie junior mostly do the show by himself. The one about how many games should they play now whether Golden State Cleveland. Well yeah. Should they play eleven best of eleven so they play best of fifteen instead of the in the playoffs they were suggesting that we should just have Golden State in Cleveland play an extensive series that last month he was talking also about what if it happens again next year in this could this get to the point where it's bad for the league of its Golden State in Cleveland again. And how this year's final. How is it gonna pop last year's final will be tough to do that. I mean the last year's final was that was in large part for me about Cleveland going for their first championship thing is throwing down 31 and they rally back. The great finals I'm not sure you beat that I think you beat it. I'm not that I'm more excited this year than it was last year are you really yes because not now what you have is. You know Golden State two years ago wins the title when Irving gets hurt and Kevin law assert and people wondered like uh oh you know are they really get the a team they could be. Cleveland if they were healthy share the next year Cleveland wins but remind green gets suspended involvement gets hurt right a couple things happen this year. Biz right now. Think we're both knocked out they're both healthy good good enough full strength death you've got the warriors as the team that's got a get revenge. And got to shed that 31 thing. And the best thing about it all is that curry and LeBron seemed to really dislike each other and that's great then drain on green hates everybody everybody hate stream on the and it's just by the weather should be show everybody straight month yet. And BA public a script together you can use that as a mark on NBA everybody hates straight night and everybody extreme yes. I love it I am I a keg is that I was worried about reaching the level it reached last year for this match up. I'm I'm I'm the stand judge is saying next year that can happen yeah sure. But this year auto mall in the for the warriors to be the team. That is they'll be a prohibitive favorite again. And LeBron it's it's like never bet against LeBron government against the warriors it's I. I'm thrilled for it and the one thing I'll be watching as much as any is. I just think curry does not play the same against the caps. He does not look like the same guy and last year in the post season he got that injury against the rockets and we had a couple nice games in between and that Oklahoma series he was he was good times. By. He he looks like he doesn't have his power some. When LeBron so there or carrier ring is is on amidst the cavs for whatever reason he doesn't step up. And I I hope that he doesn't will be isn't a tremendous series I hope that their bowl at their absolute freaking freakish best. So yeah this year I'm all about it next year. Well depends how this year goes is it controversial is it. Epic classic you know what what what story comes out of the series yeah last year 31 comes out of it dram on green letting them down comes out of it LeBron. Turning his announcing his career around but I saw. All takes Expos had twittered something from Collin cower last year about how you know the caps were dead in that series they looked dead. The vote the bill. The Warner's entire. Game plan last year was let LeBron shoot yes he can't shoot it and then. He sort of make it all this obstacle for yup he is he thought it went from the guy can't shoot from the outside near a really bad year shouldn't be outside to found shot again in a B chip and he was dominant and Irving hit big shots down the stretch them of course in Irving a forty point games. So it's yeah I'm all about it. All. I wanna like holiday coming up at the moment 8030550. To join us we have Rick Dennison on the bills up and supported this morning so we're talking about what your expectations are for the bills. Offense this season he misty and W it's available and on demand audio WGR 550 dot com. This won't. He's strong and this. Hey baseball life spoke I. Now what do you think happened last night in the Braves blue jays game. When Jose Batista came up for his first at bat they threw Adam yet. The funny thing is Julio Tehran the pitcher for the Atlanta Braves very first pitch in the top of the first inning to Batista. He throws inside he doesn't him. If you throw inside again because you have to hit him so he throws a 96 mile an hour fastball hits and some grumbling and who is above and whatever. But keep Batista just you know it is buying a cave that I expected it drops down the first base the empire does the obligatory. Let me warn both benches first off. Ulta also once again now. Comedic this is and very very immature of the baseball continues to look. When to throw the guy because he did a bat flip but anyway can I just bring up the fact that why does anybody thrown out you know what's coming up but he knew it was coming at the code. I will once again point out that I went to a Mets Dodgers game last year we know what cinder garden through a Chase Utley. Is he broke Rubin to hot his leg in the playoffs the year before. Through a Chase Utley it was immediately rejected from the baseball game by the home plate umpire no warning no nothing. Everybody knows. Tehran does get a throw it Jose Batista last night that's the code. No warning before the game no nothing. It's like well nerves aren't the company would have let me throw on them then we give the warnings to both benches because this is how baseball works. Should the throats in the Garnett matchup whatever whatever. If you really want to stop this stuff in baseball you go to both manageable for the game and say. Warnings on now first guy throws it anybody he's out and anybody throws and you're all out. Now they have to let him throw it but he's done. Now it's all done everybody's happy we can move all of our lives until the next time Jose flips about and then the next thing throws at him and we all move on from that as well. So I'll throw one and done I just thought it was baseball being silly and it's just getting more immature and immature as that it it is to watch the stuff. Well the fact that he didn't think he didn't give him the first pitch. He when he threw let me throw inside in the first pitched a look back and he didn't hit him he had to throw at him again to make sure yet. Coach not the code unless you hit the batter. So you sang the National Anthem last night. Per national Kelly Clarkson yes I saw she also excluded about it she she tweeted I didn't eat please win so people don't blame me. Well. Scot Colin asked who would be the biggest get for Nashville he asked that question last night via Twitter here on during the game like. Nashville's got this phone thing every time there's a home game which there will be a game six at least so you'll get some anthem singer. Will it peak Kelly Clarkson. You know Tim McGraw well it was it was what was it. Game three I don't know call these corruption there's Dirks Bentley I mean her church. This is like me just out of my realm this is recent outing names of guys that I know off. Anyway who is like vote considered like the biggest audit that country act rats Scott told was asking who is the biggest get it right. Alec Parton Garth Brooks is he's young age she does a duet. You know what could they get the rock. At the rock in there the rocks hitting the against get the rock. The rock can do no wrong whenever the rock is asked to do. Is good he can he can do well so the strike but is gonna fund. Well who is the hot yeah I don't know I'm I'm asking you like you know without his country's is Garth Brooks to the thing. And I and you're asking the wrong guy. Keith Urban drama and that's I think of this style so that's right I'm so far out of it out of an area here that I'd be just I've beat this badly wrong answers George Strait. She's still a thing. Dan thinks Elvis would be the biggest I actually was going to say that's right if you could bring Johnny Cash back from the dead that would be a huge and they've been very big get you know I and June Carter Cash mean that would be I think a really awesome get. I would tune in for the anthem for that game. Our wireline and as is always available over the weekend by the way if you see anything hear anything wanna complain about anything 8430234. The whiner line has brought you by the prayer group wind made easy the premier group one of the week is Hayes ranch red blend. Just 1499 for a 750 milliliter bottle. But only eight dollars between you by Q during premieres dollars. Also brought about premier gourmet Buffalo's craft beer destination. When we get back Kevin park. And a public apology he made last night actually the GM of the blue jays flew down to Atlanta. To publicly apologizes well on behalf of the organization for something Kevin Clark said we get to that in a moment on WGR.